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  1. Josef Svejk

    Premier League Round Up (May 1-3 2021)

    "Sure, Tuchel looks like a paedo but..." is the perfect opening to almost any conceivable sentence.
  2. Josef Svejk

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I anticipate a substantial offer from Norway...
  3. Josef Svejk

    The Rugby Thread

    Sexton has barely played since. And he's had serious concussion amongst other injury issues. Ryan was beaten up against La Rochelle at the weekend. And that's a pretty shit dress rehearsal for South Africa. Gatland has confirmed exactly the above concerns today. Ringrose simply isn't playing well. And Gatland has obviously gone for a more physical centre. Who played well at 12 alongside Henshaw at 13 in the England game you mention. Not that I'd have selected Aki myself...
  4. Josef Svejk

    The Rugby Thread

    From an Irish perspective: James Ryan and Gary Ringrose have been dreadful this season. Sexton looks like a danger to himself. Aki is a walking red card these days, so a bizarre selection...
  5. Josef Svejk

    Man Utd (A) - Thursday 13th May 8.15 pm

    Will we not receive more TV money as a result of the United game going ahead? If so, you can forget demanding a walkover as a matter of principle...
  6. You can't get the ball off Firmino as an opponent? How about you you stand five yards away and wait for him to pass it to you?
  7. Josef Svejk

    Other football - 2020/21

    Kicked out of the competition before reaching the final. It's a beautiful story, worthy of Hollywood. Starring Steve Buscemi as Pep Guardiola. And that mutant who plays Gail Platt's son on Coronation Street as Phil Foden.
  8. Josef Svejk

    Man Utd Fans

  9. Josef Svejk

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

  10. Josef Svejk

    Man Utd Fans

    Look, if you want to interpret drunken violence as political protest (like Neville, unlike Souness), fine. If you want to discuss the cause behind that fantasy of political protest (and thereby to justify it - like Neville, unlike Souness), fine. But then you're discussing something at best distantly related to what was actually happening then and there (like Neville, unlike Souness). Personally, I don't see why we should be so charitable to that gang of Manchester United fans - or indeed the Sky Sports agenda voiced by Neville.
  11. Josef Svejk

    Man Utd Fans

    We should get behind Valencia fans' attempts to get rid of Neville's billionaire pal, fellow Salford City investor, and former employer, Peter Lim. Any thoughts on that, Citizen Neville?
  12. Josef Svejk

    Man Utd Fans

    That's absolute bollocks. Never in the history of broadcasting - while live mass violence is ongoing, in part directed at the actual broadcasters - have people thought: You know what, ignoring all that abuse and those flares and any potential threat to the safety of all those around us, we really ought to consider the legitimacy of these drunk fuckers' supposed grievances! Souness wasn't having it. And even if he talks shite about the Man United ownership, he's under no obligation to take seriously the idea of just peaceful protest in that instance. Neville and Carragher were cultivating that lie for their own reasons. But it remains a fucking lie. As all available footage illustrates. And Souness was the only member of the Sky team who questioned it.
  13. Josef Svejk

    Man Utd Fans

    The key issue was the protests taking place right in front of him. He questioned whether they were to do with the nature of ownership (as opposed to lack of success) and when they were taking place (before a relatively insignificant league match as opposed to a European semi-final a few days beforehand). I imagine if a bunch of pissed up losers are directing abuse at you, you have a good sense of whether it's a serious political protest about the nature of ownership or not. You can choose to believe it was (and that Souness is wrong about the owners in question). But all of the video evidence I've seen makes it look like a bunch of piss heads enjoying a riot in the Bank Holiday sunshine.
  14. Josef Svejk

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    That's 31 year old Ben Woodburn.