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  1. I thought Kewell and Carroll were going to be class, and I thought Torres was going to be wank. I also thought Suarez would never get us more than 15 goals a season.
  2. m0e

    Crystal Palace (H) 19/1/19

    Put a decent manager in there and they'll challenge for top 7, I reckon.
  3. m0e

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    I think there are several factors to why we'd take a punt: - budget constraints (mainly on long contracts) - the English quota - longer-term targets currently unavailable - longer-term injuries - high-salary players out on loan - inability to sell players at 'market value' With the last two points, we knew it would be tough to sell both Origi and Sturridge, who are both on hefty salaries. There's no way our model allows for another top signing up front with those two still on the books. Hence, why I see Barry's point, although I'm not sure it's as black and white as that for the reasons I outlined above. For example, Shaqiri is another 'punt'. One that happens to be working out nicely for the time being, and won't be a huge problem if it fizzles out.
  4. m0e

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Isn't that the hope on most transfers?
  5. m0e

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    He came on when we were chasing games or winning comfortably to give the front 3 a rest. Who do you think he was ahead from those available in the squad?
  6. m0e

    Klopp: We are not divers

    That was Bournemouth, wasn't it?
  7. m0e

    FSG are not shit

    Haven't read this thread, and I'm not particularly interested in going over old ground while things are progressing so well now. FSG have learned and have improved their stewardip under the guidance and influence of Klopp. That's as clear as day to me. Anything they did pre-Klopp that anyone claims was part of the "project" plan on the football side, is quite frankly deluded. In fact, I'd go as far as to predict that if they had Klopp in earlier, they'd have made the same mistakes and Klopp would have suffered. Timing is everything in life.
  8. m0e

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Solanke was given the same chances Gerrard, Fowler, Carragher, Sterling, Origi, Ibe, Woodburn Trent and Gomez were. Some work out, some don't.
  9. m0e

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    He's really stepped it up in this new role, which takes away any pressure on him to add to the attacking side. In fact he's been nothing short of fantastic, particularly with Fabinho in a 2. The competition has probably helped and he's clearly matured. He's really good in the #6 too, with a 433. Remember, he was only back in the team when we had everyone else out injured last season. As a wider midfielder, he's still average, and I'm delighted we don't need him there much nowadays.
  10. If City claw back the 7 points, they'll end up with a better goal difference than us, with a minimum swing of 5. Agree with all the rest :)
  11. m0e

    Premier League Round Up (Dec 15-16 2018)

    Richard Gough and David Weir are both in graves?!??
  12. m0e

    Andrew Robertson

    Worst corners ever. His crossing was decent, as per the minimum we expect. Everything else was ace. Big up Andy Robertson.