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  1. m0e

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Alaba will sign for a team he's guaranteed to start in. That's not here.
  2. I'd play Hendo Wijnaldum and Fabinho together in a back 3. At least we'll have them together again. Thiago and Milner in a 2 man midfield with the front 3 as normal. That way, we'd geggen press the fuck out of them.
  3. m0e

    Thiago Alcantara

    Don't remember a cunt wearing blue taking Rob Jones out at the knee, to be fair.
  4. m0e

    Villa (A) - FA Cup - 8/1/2021 - 19:45

    Have we ever lost 2 games on the spin under Klopp?
  5. There needs to be a bit of perspective on where we are, and Klopp and the squad have definitely earned the right to not be subjected to reactive nonsense from some of our fans. At the end of the day, goals change games, and Ings flukes one in while we had no such luck on the other end. Yes, the midfield selection was poor. Yes, Rhys Williams in there with Hendo further forward wouldn't have made us much worse. Yes, we were very poor first half. But we were playing 2 midfielders in central defence. We saw the players heads drop the minute Matip pulled up against West Brom, and it seems as though they may now be feeling sorry for ourselves. And who can blame them? We had to overcome the injuries to VVD and Thiago. Then the shock defeat at Villa. Then the injury to Gomez. Then the injury to Alisson. Then the injury to Jota. And all of those at vital, testing times. And my, how we overcame these. Clear at the top of the table. Clear favourites for the league title. Matip was probably the straw that broke the mentality monsters' collective back. It was the most obvious injury to come, but the last one we would have wanted. What happened before Matip was always going to catch up with us at some point, even with the best of luck. Lady luck then put on her strap on, and shafted us big time. And to have the table tilted heavily in Southampton's favour from the get go from an incompetent, and perhaps corrupt, official, was clearly going to have an impact on how we performed. Aside from what's been spoken about already, I particularly enjoyed how their gormless keeper kept fouling our players and getting free kicks for the pleasure. I can't imagine how deflated the players must have felt after every shocking decision was quickly followed by another. We're in a good position still, and although we need a bit more luck, and possibly a signing or 2 to get us back to our dominant best, I still believe in Klopp and this squad.
  6. Are referees not allowed to give us fouls anymore?
  7. m0e

    Mohamed Salah

    True. You could add Suarez to that list. Fuck me, he missed loads. Difference is, we were shite then, and he got better and better.
  8. m0e

    Joel Matip

    It doesn't matter who's injured and when they're coming back, we're playing the best number 6 in the world at centre back, for fuck's sake. Get 2 or 3 new centre backs in and stop fucking around.
  9. m0e

    Thiago Alcantara

    You're right, he's not all that. No idea what the fuss is about.
  10. m0e

    Mohamed Salah

    Mad how such an amazing player gets so much grief off his own fans. Owen, Fowler, Rush all missed tons of chances.
  11. m0e

    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    Easy solution to this malarkey. A 24 hour clock. Should be made into universal law.
  12. m0e

    Newcastle 0 Liverpool 0 (Dec 30 2020)

    The final sub will, when the game is in the balance, always come on in injury time. Klopp talked about this when he was complaining about the 5 subs, saying he'd have to leave at least 1, and maybe 2 players on the bench in case we pick up injuries. Best get used to it.
  13. m0e

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Not sure which is worse...
  14. We're so fucking sloppy. Must be fatigue. I also think our heads have dropped since the Matip injury. These know how bad the options are now and that must knock the stuffing out of you. It's the same thing with Adrian.