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  1. m0e

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Origi went out on loan and then straight onto the transfer list. Best offer we got was €14 mil or something, which is why we kept him. He then turns up in injury time against the blue shite as a last throw of the dice, halfway through the season for his first appearance and the rest is history. "A decent season" is pushing it massively. He scored 5 big goals in 4 games, and did fuck all else during that period, and since.
  2. m0e

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Fabinho, Matip and Joe Gomez is a better collection of centre halves than 95% of football clubs have. We'll have to change our game slightly with VVD out, and will definitely be more susceptible at set pieces, but this is a part of football we have to accept.
  3. We swarmed all over them. Totally dominated every area of the field. They had to take out our best centre half and rely on a manc doing VAR finding an elbow that was offside to avoid giving a blatant penalty and an even more blatant red card. They had to wait until we made a misplaced pass before even attempting to attack us. Even then, they caused us minimal problems, and only because they were up against a makeshift centre half pairing, with Matip playing his first game in months, and our second choice keeper who's confidence is shot. They retreated, cheated, and played dirty. They then took out our best midfielder and got punished by him with a superb goal, only for the manc doing VAR to find another elbow that was offside. And what do they have to show for it? One measly, fucking point. One stinking, shitty, good for nothing point. They had a clean bill of health, are the highest they've been on confidence since the 80s, have a World class manager, while every single decision went their way today... And they got EXACTLY same thing we got from the game. Our boys were magnificent and it was the exact response I wanted after Villa. We're going to batter a hell of a lot of teams this season. Fuck you Everton. It won't be long before we're a long way ahead of you again.
  4. He was much much better than he has been.
  5. m0e

    Project Big Picture

    This is one of my favourite parts of the proposal, and where I think us and the mancs saw the real opportunity. Investors want a 'level playing field where possible so that their expertise and ability gets rewarded rather than the depth of pocket. It's the reason a cash poker table has a cap on what you can start with when joining a table. Doesn't stop the rich fuckers going all in and topping up, mind. But its still better than nothing.
  6. m0e

    Project Big Picture

    Some fair points on the dangers of what may happen, which will be subject to how the terms are written. Yes, they can vote to take all the perks away once they get the power, but what's the alternative? The government taking control instead? We're never getting a handout from them, so its not a point worth discussing. And that's not even going into the likelihood of Tory cuts at every level possible due to the pandemic. In terms of the league cup, its become a bit of a farce, and none of the big leagues in Europe (if any at all) have a second cup competition. In any case, the proposal, as far as I can tell, aims to fund the lower league clubs in a much more balanced way than a good cup run would. The entire resistance to this seems to be based on a load of what ifs, and a general distrust with these types of 'establishment' proposals. I'm cautiously open to this, and definitely wanting to here more about the arguments against the proposal from those in the know. On the footballing side, I'm also in favour of all the proposed changes.
  7. m0e

    Project Big Picture

    So what would happen if this proposal wasn't put forward? And what's the alternative? I'm not disagreeing with your points, Barry. I'm just trying to understand what should or could be proposed instead. Because as far as I can tell, this is a progressive move to get things back into some sort of order. For far too long, the big decisions were being made by corrupt opportunists. This (though it could be argued is much of the same) at the very least brings these decisions to some of those directly affected by the decisions. Not to mention those who have incredibly large fan bases, who will as a result, also have an influence. And as I read it, its not the top 6, it's the top 9 of which 6 need to pass the vote. 6 from 9 who are most impacted from the PL and where the money goes. The other 11 often chop and change, aside from the clubs boosted by sovereign funds. And as long as they lose out, I'm all for this.
  8. m0e

    Project Big Picture

    I'm not sure what the issues are with this. Maybe I'm being a bit thick. I like the sound of almost every part of that proposal and I'm happy to be shot down so long as there's a clear argument against whichever one you don't like.
  9. m0e

    Karius or Adrian?

    Karius is the worst keeper I've ever seen. People have short memories.
  10. Worst performance so far since Spurs at Wembley. Keita is like a diet Wijnaldum. No point having them together in the side, unless Gini is in the 6. Gomez has been awful and Fabinho not much better. Bobby is getting worse each week. Get a Gomez off, Fab at CB and get another attacker on. I've gone from the almost perfect squad to probably needing a proper CB, a backup keeper, and another wide player, all in the next 24 hours.
  11. m0e

    Liverpool 0 Arsenal 0 (Oct 1 2020)

    Origi needed to be sold after his purple patch in Klopp's first season. The fact he ended up back here to score that 96th minute Derby winner was an alignment of the stars. He was then involved in 3 of the most important goals in our history, and will rightly go down in history. But aside form that aforementioned purple patch in 2015/16, he's never shown anything to suggest he's food enough at this level.
  12. Decent half. They're shutting our wide men out very effectively. Defense looks good, although that will change if VVD comes off. I like Grujic. He's got a bit of presence about him, and is composed on the ball. Wilson has nothing to offer in open play, either out wide or in midfield. Minamino had a weird half. He's done some good things, and some not so good. The chance at the end wasn't as easy as some are making out I'd get Origi on and go 4231.
  13. Neco Williams should, and will, play. This is the exact type of fixture he's replying on, and anyone who thinks it's not the right move has clearly not been paying attention. Go on Neco, lad. Show 'em who's boss.