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  1. Yeah, I think he does it to avoid panic amongst the fans. Frustration > Panic
  2. It was never a minor injury. Anyone falling for that shite clearly hasn't been paying attention. It was pretty much the same injury Alisson suffered opening day 2019
  3. Yes. Because we're really a shambles, and have no chance of winning anything.
  4. And while I'm here, their 1st goal was 100% offside. Shite decision
  5. What's your arguement? That because we let in a couple of goals in the champions league and dropped points to Brentford, that means we'll continue to 'struggle', and therefore not win anything? It's scientifically nonsense, dear boy.
  6. We haven't lost in 21 games. We've scored 3 or more goals in our last 8 aways. We have the best player in world football. We have the best centre back in the world finding his way back after 9 months out. We have the second best centre back in the world. We have the best keeper in the world. We were missing Fabinho, Thiago, Jones and Elliott from the midfield today, and we still beat the Spanish champions in their back yard. Chelsea couldn't manage the game versus Brentford, and needed a massive performance from their keeper to win there. City have dropped points to shit teams like Southampton, and will struggle to break down teams this season, despite "managing the game". You made a claim that tonight proves we won't win anything. It's quite the opposite, dear boy.
  7. m0e

    Liverpool All Time 11 - Forwards

    Kuyt got more goals than those 2???
  8. m0e

    Liverpool All Time 11 - Forwards

    How has Kuyt made that list ahead of Heskey or Crouch? Baros even?