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  1. Baresi


    Yeah, you're right. Jeez.
  2. Baresi


    Anyone know when tickets are being sent out? BTW, £9 special delivery is a piss-take.
  3. Baresi

    Elden Ring

    Now I have the two (2) and can upgrade
  4. Baresi

    Elden Ring

    Buy from here
  5. Baresi

    Elden Ring

    This may help… i require 2 red (0) smithing 1’s to upgrade
  6. Baresi

    Elden Ring

    It’ll have what you require in the top left.
  7. Baresi

    Elden Ring

    This may also help - https://www.polygon.com/elden-ring-guide-walkthrough/22981151/bell-bearing-location-map-smithing-stone-merchant-twin-maiden-husks
  8. Baresi

    Elden Ring

    When you go the blacksmith, it states what you what you need to upgrade when you select the weapon. You may just need smithing stones, not somber, as they are different. You can buy them by trading in bell bearings and speaking to the twin maiden husks in roundtable hold.
  9. Baresi


    I’m all booked and can’t fucking wait.
  10. Baresi


    I have acquired a ticket. Just need to try and get there now.