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  1. Peter Cormack

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    What a stupid deluded arsehole, any sensible person reading this must be thinking it’s a guardian printing error, or the rantings of a lunatic; every other team has us first or second. He should be sectioned.
  2. Peter Cormack

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Never heard a blue talk about Bolton’s goal that should have been given. Two faced twats
  3. Peter Cormack

    Rodgers to Leicester

    Rogers has the arrogance of David Cameron and the management ability of Theresa May, he’s up there with with Ryan Giggs for showing loyalty. Looking forward to a Paddy Power advert from Pasco and co.
  4. The original sweeper keeper was the late Tommy Lawrence, though his sweeping often involved body checking the advancing forward. The Flying Pig Was an often unsung hero in Shanks‘s first great team, Clem followed in his footsteps and refined it: was he our best ever keeper?
  5. Peter Cormack

    Top Ten Overrated players

    Harry winks -scott parker syndrome Eric Dier - aptly named
  6. Peter Cormack

    Bob Paisley

    Clough was a massive admirer of Sir Bob, he wasn‘t alone in believing Sir Bob should have been knighted. Quite simply the greatest; he had the ruthlessness that Shanks lacked to go with tactical genius. Listen to Souness talking about him, Souey clearly thinks he was the best ever and I wouldn‘t argue with Mr Souness. Herbert‘s book argues Sie Bob wasn‘t the nice uncle depicted in the media, he could be as nasty as Slur, but it all stayed in house. RIP Bob, we owe you so much.
  7. Peter Cormack

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    First club to hound their first black player out of the club. Cliff Marshall, and I was told that by the brother of a then current everton player.
  8. Peter Cormack

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    And before that Davey Wilson, Peter Thompson‘s supposed replacement
  9. Over: Eric Dire dogshit on legs not that I‘ve heard anyone sensible rate him under: Robbo
  10. Peter Cormack

    Klopp: Nations League is a senseless competition

    He’s not wrong; all international games are shite but these are shite squared, friendlies shite cubed.
  11. Peter Cormack

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 21-22 2018)

    Nothing on slobbering Àrryˋs dive to win the free kick before the pen. Cheating twat, Sky, of course, did everything to make it look like a foul, it was two dives to be honest. East German judge gave it 9.0 for artistic impression.
  12. Peter Cormack

    Leicester 1 Liverpool 2 (Sep 1 2018)

    Everytime Bobby got the ball outside their box Maddison and two others were into him, tactic certainly worked. Puell,or whatever his name is, certainly has worked out how to nullify us. Is this the first time we’ve beaten a team managed by him? What are the odds on Gomez getting crocked on international duty? Internationals - pointless shit, we always lose a player once those worthless bastards running England get their hands on them. One thing Slur got right was keeping players back from international call ups.
  13. Peter Cormack

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Didn‘t he say I grew up watching Man Utd and Chelsea twatting Everton on TV
  14. Peter Cormack

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Days 14-15)

    Last para is spot on, mikel‘s twice the player Dire is and Mikel is shite
  15. Peter Cormack


    Pele did it in three world cups, the one where he didn‘t perform he was kicked to death, mostly at goodison by Portugal. Worst kicking display I‘ve ever seen totally brutal. Today Portugal would have ended up with four players and seven red cards. Maradonna‘s number two Pele the best of all time.