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  1. alles ist gut

    Liverpool 2 Sheffield Utd 1 (Oct 24 2020)

    Top, top “pointy little face” analysis there, Dave.
  2. alles ist gut

    The Big Football Podcast - TLW edition

    Who would chair the discussion?
  3. alles ist gut

    Midtjylland (H) Champions League - 27/10/20 - 20:00

    Travelled? It’s a home game.
  4. alles ist gut

    Hijacking off the Isle of Wight

    Apparently they planned to run it aground near Southsea, causing potentially millions of pounds of improvements
  5. alles ist gut

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Yes, indeed we do.
  6. alles ist gut

    Featured: That was the week that was (17-23 2020)

    Top, top “Steve Howey is still alive, and getting paid as well?” analysis there, Dave.
  7. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Full time 3-1 An admirably hard-working performance throughout that got the result it deserved.
  8. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    3-1 Chelsea awarded a penalty after a scramble in the box. Jaros dives the wrong way.
  9. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Change : Larouci on, Bearne off; Larouci will play in the front three, at least initially.
  10. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Jaros saves at point-blank range from Baba Rahman. Still 3-0, 20 minutes left.
  11. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Change : Williams off, Ritaccio on (Clayton moves back into defence)
  12. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Chelsea should have scored with an unmarked player at the back post from a free kick, but the chance was spurned.
  13. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Half time 3-0; a fairly even game, for the last 25 minutes, I suppose - you couldn't say that their midfield has done much, considering it has a League winner in Drinkwater. They haven't attacked our full-backs (a slow central defender and a very slow midfielder respectively) enough. Our pressing has been excellent.
  14. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    3-0 Millar from the spot. (I missed the tackle that conceded the pen, sorry)
  15. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    In general, not eye-catchingly good, or bad; today specifically we've had most of the ball so far.