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  1. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Under-23s away to Chelsea, 7 pm: Kelleher; Hoever, van den Berg, Boyes, Larouci, Dixon-Bonner, Elliott, Kane, Jones, Lewis, Brewster. Subs: Atherton, Williams, Gallacher, Clayton, Duncan.
  2. alles ist gut

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 10-11 2019)

    Top, top Grealish analysis.
  3. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

  4. alles ist gut

    Chelsea (N) Super Cup Final 14/8

    "Istanbul", apparently, wherever that is...
  5. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    He was supposed to go out, dunno what the hold-up is. Dal Varesanovic, 18-year-old Bosnian winger/wide midfielder, we've technically owned him for 2 years, but he wasn't cleared by FIFA, then wasn't fit. As for Balagizi, all I know is that he's English, a midfielder, played for England Under-16s earlier in the year, and doesn't turn 16 til next month.
  6. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Meanwhile, at tropical Kirkby, the Under-23s are underway vs. Spurs... George ; Williams, Larouci, Boyes, Clayton, Dixon-Bonner, Chirivella, Elliott, Kent, Jones, Brewster. Subs : Atherton, Gallacher, Bearne, Varesanovic, Duncan.
  7. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Here's the offal version : https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/academy/360199-liverpool-u18s-blackburn-match-report
  8. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Opening game of the Under-18s season, away to Blackburn, we've scraped home 7-1. Team given as :- Winterbottom; Norris, Quansah, Koumetio, Savage, Ritaccio, Clarkson, Hill, Cain, Beck, Stewart. Goals credited as Stewart (2), Beck (2), Hill (2), Cain.
  9. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    A teaching moment, as they say.
  10. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    3rd minute of stoppage time, Jones runs through and crosses but Bearne, unmarked at the far post, can't get a touch.
  11. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Just went to sleep at the back post. Not good enough.
  12. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Jack Bearne on for Harvey Elliott.
  13. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Jones with the long-range shot, tipped over the bar.