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  1. alles ist gut

    Managerial sack race

    They have onion juice. ONION JUICE
  2. I thought he had a much better game Wednesday than, say, against Barcelona.
  3. alles ist gut

    Serious things you shouldn't laugh at

    He’s going to have to be in solitary for a while, isn’t he? I mean, Ordinary Decent Criminals tend to take a dim view of that sort of shit
  4. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Spurs made it 4-0 in the fourth minute of stoppage time, and that’s how it ended. You don’t have to be Tokyo Joe to hate Spurs but I hate Spurs.
  5. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Another red card, this time for the home team. Also Jack Bearne, who came on for Elliott, has been replaced by James Norris. Not clear if those things are connected.
  6. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    And now 3-0, another pen apparently conceded by Chirivella.
  7. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Ten minutes into the second half, there’s a red card for Morgan Boyes, and a second goal from the pelanty spot for them.
  8. alles ist gut

    FIFA Club World Cup 2019

    The quote from today’s press conference doesn’t hint at anything of that ilk...
  9. alles ist gut

    Other Football - 2019/20

    B. Rodgers signs new contract at LCFC until 2025
  10. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Still 1-0 at halftime.
  11. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Elliott has been subbed off. Not clear yet if that is an injury, or as a precaution so he can cover for whatever fitness issues Jürgen has had with the first team.
  12. alles ist gut

    Youth Team/Cup

    Under-23 action! Away to Spurs, 12 noon (no TV, because they’re odd like that)... Kelleher; Williams, Gallacher, Clayton, Boyes, Chirivella, Hill, Kane, Christie-Davies, Elliott, Longstaff. Subs : Atherton, Norris, Dixon-Bonner, Varesanovic, Bearne. 20 minutes gone, Spurs lead 1-0, according to FlashScores.
  13. alles ist gut

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Quietly cementing his reputation as a lower-League manager at Fleetwood.
  14. alles ist gut

    Your Greatest Contribution to TLW?

    Also the word ‘Toberlone’