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  1. Free bets are one of the more commonly found bonuses available at online betting venues. Typically, these will be found within the sportsbook section of a website, but they can also be found in live casino sections too. They are a useful way by which you can bet on your favourite sporting event or live dealer game without the need to wager your own money. If you are based in The UK you can take a look at Betpal.com which is dedicated to explaining all about how these free bets offers work and how they can be claimed so you can get out there and start enjoying betting for free today. What Types of Free Bets are there? There are two varieties of free bets you can find at online betting venues, these are: Free Bets The way a free bet works is pretty straight forward with the name being a big giveaway for how it works. Essentially, it will give you the chance to place a bet using funds that are provided by the casino as opposed to the value coming out of your account balance. 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Odds and Limits of Free Bets Before you go out into the world of sport betting websites and start making use of the many free bets on offer, you should know a few things concerning odds and limits imposed on free bets. When it comes to odds, for example, there will usually be a set minimum odd imposed on the free bets. This means that you cannot just bet on match-ups that are a “sure-thing” and there still needs to be some level of risk involved when you are using free bets. Another thing that will quite often be in place with free bets is the fact that there will be limits on the amount you can win. As such, if you were to place a free bet with the limits being $1000 then it will mean that even if the odds and bet you have put in place exceed that amount that you will not be able to actually claim that. Also, like any other bonuses, you must also get wagering requirements attached (this is a requirement from the UKGC) or any number of other commons T&Cs which you should always be aware of before you claim them.
  2. Liverpool’s hopes of winning the Champions League back to back might be over. But looking back over the last couple of years, few teams have been able to achieve what Jurgen Klopp and his men have done. First, it’s a plethora of records that range from the most away wins in a premier league to most wins after 21 matches. Then there’s the seventh UCL trophy last year, and inspiring developers to created games inspired by the club. That’s right. If you play casino games, there’s a new machine called Liverpool Football Club slots and some sites are willing to let you play the game free of charge. But first, here’s a review of the game. LFC Slot: Overview LFC Slot is a machine with five reels, four rows and 50 pay lines. The game feature’s the iconic Liverpool logo and Anfield stadium as its primary image. If you look closely, you can see the club’s players lined up to match to the stadium. However, the game’s developer, Aspect Gaming doesn’t have the rights to show images of real LFC players. Instead, it uses images of fictional players wearing Liverpool jerseys. Players aside, the logo, scarves and all other references to the club are true. Low Betting Limits You can bet on the game with as little as fifty cents and even adjust your coin sizes whoever you see it fit. Precisely, you can configure coin sizes from 0.01 to 10 although you can only wager one coin per line. On the flip side, you can bet as much £500 per spin. But before you do, this game has a 94.24% payout rate and a medium variance. So, while you might want to hit the jackpot and change your life for good, the game pays moderately. Tour Around Anfield to Win For a game inspired by LFC, you can’t escape a tour around Anfield. And sure enough, one of the features you need to find the Anfield’s gate. Trigger three of them and you’ll get ten free spins instantly. Trigger them again and you’ll get five more spins. The game's wild is not constant. Precisely, you need to spin the player's wheel to determine which player gets to be your wild. For reference, these are some of the featured players: Van Dijk James Milner Adam Lallana Simon Mignolet Robert Firmino As mentioned, the game uses fictitious images, and as such the image used to represent Van Dijk, for instance, doesn’t resemble the real him. That said, the wild symbol replaces all other icons to help you form winning symbols. The slot machine also features a stats section where you can view your recent gameplay, wins, bonuses triggered and the number of losses. It's an excellent feature to help you keep your budget in check. Spin the Reels of LFC Free If you are excited to play the new LFC slot machine but you don’t want to gamble your money, you have nothing to worry about. You can still play the game for real money without risking your cash. Here’s how that works. First, you need an account at a casino offering a no deposit bonus. Of course, you want to join a site that provides the LFC slot games. Once you login to your new account, head on the bonus section and claim the welcome offer. Most casinos with no deposit offer also tend to provide bigger rewards when you make your first deposit. But let’s say you’ll cross that bridge when you get there. In the meanwhile, try playing the game with a no deposit offer. How to Find a Casino with LFC Slots In case you are wondering, you can quickly find a dozen casinos offering the LFC games online. Unfortunately, very few of them are based in the UK. So, to ensure you find a reliable platform, use these tips: Verify Available License Aspect Gaming, the company behind LFC slot, is based in Shanghai. It’s not licensed to provide games in Britain but it works with many casinos based in Malta. The MGA is a trusted casino regulator. However, ensure you verify licenses listed on casinos by clicking on links attached to each license number. If it doesn’t direct you to the MGA website, it’s not a genuine license. Use Trusted Review Websites The easiest way to find a casino that offers the LFC slot is to search on search engines. Precisely, read the reviews of these casinos to objective casino comparison websites. You’ll get recommendations of the best platforms quickly and save your time. Online forums can also help you know which casinos to join and which ones to avoid. What’s more, they can enable you to learn about many games before you play them. Read Crucial Bonus Terms As mentioned, you can play LFC slot game free of charge. But to avoid casinos that take advantage of new players, don't pick just about any bonus. Be selective by choosing offers that have favourable terms. To expound more, avoid bonuses that require you to spend large amounts of money to withdraw the money you win playing a bonus. Also, generally avoid casinos that have high minimum withdrawal limits. Games Library You might want to play more games besides the Liverpool FC slot game. As such, also find out what other games you can play at a casino beforehand. If you love football, find out if the site has more football-themed slots. If you prefer to play bingo, poker or roulette, ensure these games are provided. It’s essential that you can also play casino games on your smartphone. You might be a fan of desktops, but you can’t rule out using your mobile devices entirely. To Conclude The new Liverpool Football Club slot machine everyone’s talking about is the product of Chinese developer Aspect Gaming. It’s a regular video slot with five reels and four rows. But as you would expect, it’s made by someone who loves the reds targeting LFC fans. You can play the game free but use the tips mentioned above to pick the right game.
  3. Saturday Mar 7: L 2 Bournemouth 1 The result we needed if not the performance we wanted. It wasn’t bad and we deserved the points, but on the way home I was thinking how mad it is that a team that is so far ahead and has such an incredible record, has hardly battered anyone all season. We seem to win by a single goal all the time don’t we? I’m not complaining of course. I just think it’s funny how things have worked out. I think we all expected that when we finally won the title it would be dramatic, heart stopping and would probably go down until the final kick of the season. That’s how we tend to do things after all. So this is weird. The biggest lead any team has ever had at the top. The title could even be wrapped up already in the unlikely even that City lose their next three games. So, from that perspective it’s been a stress free ride, right? Wrong. We don’t have the stress of the overall race (just the stress of whether we’ll all be allowed to finish it) but we’ve had a shitload of games that we haven’t been able to enjoy because they’ve been tight! We needed the heroics from Milner to preserve the points today, although I do feel that had that been a goal we’d have rallied again and won it. This shouldn’t have been as close as it was, especially as I was under the impression that VAR was brought in to help us win the title. Where was it today when Wilson shoved Gomez in the back? Absolute farce. Thankfully we forced a couple of mistakes and that was enough for us to overturn the deficit and record our 22nd straight home league win. What an incredible achievement that is. These last couple of years have been unreal. Man City set a bar that was higher than anything we’d ever seen, and Klopp just pole vaulted right over it. Three more wins now. Two actually, as City won’t beat United tomorrow. We’ve broken City, they’ve given up and aren’t playing with any intensity at all in the league now, plus United’s negative, counter attacking style has given City kittens twice already this season. Almost there now. Almost there. Also today, there was a good interview with Harry Wilson on BT before the game where he spoke about the decision he’s going to have to make this summer. Ordinarily I’d be happy for him to make that decision himself and for the club to just go along with his wishes. I don’t think it’s that straightforward though because of some unusual circumstances. Firstly, if Mo goes to the Olympics then we’re short on the right wing. Shaqiri will probably leave and Elliott is probably a year or two away from pushing for that starting spot. Secondly, we’ll be without Mo and Sadio for 5-6 weeks in the winter due to AFCON. We’re going to be short handed and personally I’d keep Wilson around even if it means he won’t play much when everyone is available. It’s not fair to him but needs must I’m afraid. Something else from today that I didn’t notice until watching the highlights tonight. The handshake thing was excrutiating to watch because the players didn’t know what to do. Instead of scrapping it altogether they made them go through the whole routine only without shaking hands, so what you got was a load of lads looking really uncomfortable and not knowing whether to make eye contact with each other or just walk past. The Bournemouth keeper was wanting to make eye contact and you could see him looking at all our lads as they went past, and if anyone looked at him he gave a little nod. Everyone else just looked embarrassed. I was telling Adrianna about it and she said “that’s nothing, you should have seen what happened at our game this morning”. Her footy team played but I couldn’t watch because I was at Anfield. So she tells me what happened and it’s fucking hilarious. Just like the PL teams, they didn’t do the handshake, but just like the PL teams they still went with the charade of one team having to walk past the other. Where they differed was instead of just walking by, they were told to touch boots instead of a handshake, and it made for absolute carnage, as they had to hop from player to player and half of them ended up losing their balance and falling over. I wish I’d gone to her game now instead of Anfield. Sunday Mar 8: As I expected, City lost again, meaning it’s now just two wins required. Unless Arsenal actually do something worthwhile for once in midweek and beat City, which would mean we only need one more win. So yeah, two more wins then. Always nice seeing City lose, but not so much when it's United beating them. I'll take it of course, but I was enjoying the misery of United fans and this little run they've had has got them all chesty again. Meanwhile, Werner is dropped by Leipzig amid claims it’s because he keeps fluttering his eyelashes at Klopp. Surely a more likely explanation for them leaving out their top scorer is that they’re keeping him fresh for the Champions League game with Spurs on Tuesday? That doesn’t make for a juicy headline though, I guess. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
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  5. Report by Dave Usher It’s hard to wrap my head around this one. To play as well as that and not only go out, but to actually somehow lose the game, it’s hard to believe. Ultimately it was a tale of two keepers. They had one of the best in the world and we didn’t. The performance was everything we wanted and the only thing lacking was that we couldn’t get the second goal in normal time. It wasn’t for the want of trying. We had chances but we had to work really fucking hard for them. Atletico didn’t buckle or wilt under the intense pressure they were put under by our team and the crowd. They stood firm and made us fight for everything. And fight we did. We threw everything at them and every outfield player was bang at it. We couldn’t have asked for more and this game had so many ingredients that you’d normally have in one of those legendary Anfield nights. For instance, if we’d come away with the result we deserved then we’d be talking about the performances of the likes of Wijnaldum and Oxlade-Chamberlain for a long time to come. We didn’t get the result we deserved though because shit happens, especially when you don’t have a reliable ‘keeper. It’s one of those things. I just think we were unlucky as nine times out of ten we go through with that performance. This was the one in ten where we didn’t but we can’t complain too much after the run we’ve had in Europe under Klopp. In four years of playing in Europe under Klopp this was the first time we’d lost a two legged tie. It was always going to happen eventually, and unfortunately we came up against the most awkward bastards in Europe. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  6. Not the most interesting of weekends this, but City lost again and Everton were humiliated at Chelsea, which was nice. Both of those were on Sunday so I’ll get to them in a bit. On Saturday Arsenal had an undeserved 1-0 win over West Ham at the Emirates. The Hammers were the better side and even Arteta admitted that. So far I don’t mind him, he seems alright considering some of the dubious company he’d been keeping before taking the job. There’s absolutely zero chance his hair is still naturally that colour though. It’s so black it’s almost as shiny as his mate Pep’s chrome dome, albeit in a different way, obviously. West Ham were coming off a much needed win last week but they’re still in big trouble at the bottom. They could have really done with a result here and if they knew how to finish they’ve have got one as they had so many chances. Bowen hit the post, Haller wasted a great opportunity due to a dreadful touch and my boy Antonio somehow put one wide from a yard out. He was also denied by a great save by Leno and all those misses would come back to haunt them as substitute Lacazette converted an Ozil nod down. Initially it was given offside by Sian Massey but VAR correctly over ruled it and gave the goal. Moyes said afterwards, “we had one of the best referees in Europe and two excellent linesmen (his mates Keys and Gray will be proud) who had very good games today, so I’d have been happy to trust their decision and I don’t think we needed to go to someone else”. WHAT??? He wasn’t joking either, he was deadly serious. What a piece of work he is. That’s one of the most ludicrous, not to mention hypocritical statements made by any manager all season. Let’s just completely disregard the VAR if it means the wrong decision goes in your favour, eh? We’ll see how happy he is to ‘trust their decision’ when it goes against him, the crying twat. How come Lacazette is only on the bench these days? He’s lost his place to that Eddie Nketia kid, which seems odd as it’s not like Nketia is some wonderkid is it? He’s alright but he’s not that good. Obviously Lacazette isn’t either. He should be so much better than he actually is. He’s underachieving massively, so he’s at the perfect club really. Arsenal’s midweek game at City was then postponed because some of their players quarantined themselves amid fears they’d contracted corona virus. I know this isn’t a joking matter but I’m not even joking when I say if you’d told that there’d be one team unable to play a game because of a situation like this, then Arsenal would have been number one two and three on my list. Someone probably sneezed at training and before you know it Mesut Ozil is like the fucking ‘boy in the bubble’. Turned out the players were all fine but Arteta has it, which was a bit random like. Several players throughout the league have since tested positive for it, which seems a bit disproportionate doesn’t it? There aren’t THAT many cases nationwide, yet there are about half a dozen premier league players / managers with it. Kind of suggests that football is quite high risk, yet they don’t seem to want to put the league on hold for $om£ r£a$on. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  7. A tournament crossing the boundaries, bridging the gap between cities and countries, UEFA Euro 2020 is finally here. UEFA Euro 2020 is hosted by not one, not two, but twelve countries this year. With cutthroat competition, UEFA Euro 2020 is expected to have an impact all over Europe. Erik King, an expert in casino guides, currently the Editor in Chief of Zamsino.com, shares his ideas on Euro 2020. Here are some of his viewpoints: King's viewpoints Coronavirus impact on Euro 2020 With the worldwide outbreak of Corona, the virus is expected to have an impact on Euro 2020 as well. Italy, currently in Group A, has been severely affected by Corona. With 34 deaths and more than one thousand cases, it is sure to postpone matches. Hungary is the only EU state partly safe from Corona. Keeping this fiasco under consideration, Erik thinks that Corona is sure to kill the excitement of Euro 2020. Euro 2020 was supposed to bring Europeans together and celebrate football, but the terror of Corona is forcing people to stay inside. The matches in Italy are predicted to get postponed, and several cities in Italy are quarantined. Thus, Erik thinks that Euro 2020 is going to be a challenge for organizers and die-hard fans of football alike. Economic Conditions Euro 2020, connecting 12 countries, will largely change the economic dynamics of Europe, keeping Corona's impact aside. If the situation settles before Euro 2020, Europe overall will enjoy massive financial success. With 12 countries on board, the prize money is over €370 million this year. This shows that it already has huge funding. Thus, Erik says that if the condition prevails, Corona might be the cause of a considerable loss. There is a chance that Euro 2020 might be called off completely, just as Formula One canceled Chinese Grand Pix 2020. In the above scenario, economic conditions will worsen in Europe. Significant capital has already been invested in this league. Hence, any negative development will cause the euro to fall, and the stock exchange market to crash. Health Threat As most of the countries have already reported cases, continuing with Euro 2020 might put thousands of lives in danger. King thinks that even if conditions tone down, Corona will still be a looming threat. A large number of Europeans are expected to travel all across Europe for the said league. A person carrying Coronavirus does not show symptoms until 14 days, so such a person at any match is equivalent to an enemy's soldier. King thinks that proper safety precautions are mandatory. People attending the matches or going to public places need to be screened, for which huge capital and funds are required in order to fulfill health requirements. Turnout Corona has inculcated fear in people all over the globe: people are hesitant to go outdoors, they are seen wearing masks, taking precautionary measures, avoiding public places. Many are even scared to eat out. King thinks that this king-sized terror and fear might cause a low turnout all over Europe. People are afraid to go out in public, let alone go to matches crowded with thousands of people. Games like these could be a hub for the spread of Corona, and any sane person would avoid going to such crowded places. This will affect the organizers and the spectators equally, as die-hard fans have already bought the tickets. Thus, low turnout and low revenue are expected. In conclusion, Erik thinks that Euro 2020 is quite dependent on Corona Had it not been for Corona, Euro 2020 would have seen unbounded success. But, with the Corona epidemic, it is better to be united and save as many lives as possible. King says that we still have time, so we should be hopeful, but also be prepared for the worst.
  8. Report by Dave Usher Back on track then. Kind of. It wasn’t vintage by any means but perhaps it was unrealistic to just expect the lads to go from horrible to brilliant in the space of a few days. Maybe the return to peak form is going to be a more gradual process? This was miles better than Watford and considerably better than Chelsea too. Granted, that’s a low bar, but still, improvement is improvement and this was a step in the right direction. Not the giant leap we wanted, but it’s a start. We’ll need to step it up considerably if we’re to beat Atletico but you could see by Klopp’s reaction at full time just how important he felt this win was. He even brought back the triple fist pump. And he did it TWICE. So yeah, we can play much better than this but the three points are most welcome as it nips in the bud some of the absolute bollocks being spouted about us after a few bad results. We went from being “the greatest team ever” to “not being as good as everyone thinks” just because we lost to Watford. I’m not even exaggerating. That debate was taking place in the media. “Maybe they aren’t that special” just because we lost a game. So we weren’t able to emulate Arsenal’s “Invincibles” but this team already has more points and more wins than they managed, and we’re only at the start of March. This win set a new club (and top flight) record of 22 straight home wins. That’s incredible. Yet it would seem that the lads have become victims of their own high standards. Talk that just winning the league isn’t enough and they need to do it with a record points tally and by retaining the Champions League or the season would be ‘disappointing’. The world’s gone fucking mad. I sort of understand the sentiment a little bit, because if we were to lose every game between now and May but won the title because City also dropped points, then yeah I’d be disappointed to some degree. But the season would still be a roaring success because we’d have ended the 30 year wait. Being disappointed with ‘how’ we won the title is something I’m sure we’d get over pretty quickly! The players are obviously aware of the talk because Virgil commented on it this week. I imagine they’re pretty baffled by it really, and rightly so. We’ve lost three of four but to add context to that, one of the defeats is only half time and one of them was with an under strength line up in a competition that frankly, if we’re being honest, Klopp really doesn’t give a toss about. So the Watford defeat is the only one that really counts as a genuine loss. It was a bad one and it was humbling, but we’ve played 29 league games, won 27 of them, had one draw and only suffered one defeat. So you can take you “maybe they aren’t that special” talk and stick it right up your hoop. No team plays their best football for an entire season, which is why Arsenal are the ones to go through a season unbeaten (and even they had a million draws). Form comes and goes and recently it's deserted us, but Watford are the only opponent that has been able to take advantage of us being below par. We’ve got a 25 point lead over Man City in second. TWENTY FIVE FUCKING POINTS. Imagine if someone told you back in August that as we hit the beginning of March we’d be 25 points clear of City and would have won NINE more games than them. It’s beyond all of our wildest dreams. Once again we saw why the talk of a weak league is an absolute steaming fucking pile of Zlatan. I’ll say once more, it’s really fucking hard winning games in this league because the teams at the bottom are capable of beating anyone. Norwich have beaten some of the big boys, Watford beat us and some of the other sides down there like West Ham and now Bournemouth have given us really tough games as well. Brighton at Anfield was hard too. We’re dominating without being that dominant, if that makes sense. We’re running away with it points wise but it’s not as though we’re smashing everyone all over the place. If winning games in this league was so easy, then why isn’t anyone else other than us doing it? This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  9. Saturday Feb 29: Watford 3 L 0. Wow. If you’re going to lose an unbeaten record, may as well do it in stye I suppose, with an absolutely fucking brutal performance and a 3-0 spanking to a team in the relegation zone. I wasn’t shocked we lost because this was a tricky looking fixture given our current form. I never dreamed we’d lose like THIS though. Every single player was shite. That’s really hard to do as even in the worst performances there’s usually one or two who you can say were alright. Not this time though. They were all shit. Even Virgil. Even Robbo. Pure shit. So what does that mean? There has to be an explanation why everyone is out of form as that just doesn’t happen without a good reason. It’s no co-incidence that any time we have time off we come back looking like shite. Usually we get knocked out of the cup and go for warm weather training, and when we come back we start dropping points all over the gaff. This time is wasn’t warm weather training, it was the winter break. It’s the same result though, we come back looking completely undercooked. Watford smashed us everywhere today. They were faster, stronger, hungrier. That hardly ever happens to this team but we were shit against Norwich, Atletico, West Ham and now today. What I can’t really process is that we’re getting worse. If we’d put a performance like this is as soon as we got back it would be easier to understand, but we’ve had four games to sharpen up and instead we’re getting worse. Thankfully we’ve built up such a huge lead that it doesn’t matter, but the Atletico game is next week so that’s a worry. The unbeaten record going is a bit of a bummer like, but on the bright side it will make the rest of the season far less stressful now that we’ve got that defeat out of the way. And far better it be Watford beating us than City or Everton. They’d have loved to be the ones to ruin the record, but tough shit. Sunday Mar 1: What’s this shit with Besiktas’ twitter account taking little swipes at us? The other day they were taking the piss about the time they knocked us out of the Europa League and today they’re going on about how they (and Arsenal) are the only 'invincibles', and they’re tagging LFC into their tweets. These are the same cunts we beat 8-0. Get back in your box your fucking nobodies, trying to make a name for yourself at the expense of the Mighty Reds. Meanwhile, we’re being linked with “Eton Educated Jack Grealish” again today. Lallana is attracting interest from a few clubs and it seems to have all but been confirmed that he’s off at the end of the season, so the press are putting two and two together and coming up with Cantwell. I’ll say it again. Fuck that. In other news today, City won the League Cup again. Surprisingly Villa put up a fight and made a game of it, but it wasn’t to be as the football Gods are still paying them back for this…. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  10. Report by Dave Usher All that good work from the kids to get us this far, only for it end like this? With a fucking whimper. This was a chance to get back on track and prevent a wobble becoming a slump. After this? Yeah now it’s a slump. There’s a danger of over-reacting and I’m very conscious of that. It wasn’t our strongest eleven and Chelsea away is always tough. The first half performance was alright other than some pitiful finishing. So all of that comes into play. But that second half was so fucking shambolic that it’s hard not to be concerned about just what the fuck has happened to us recently. If it was just Origi being shite, Lallana being off the pace and Minamino completely vanishing in the second half there’d be nothing to worry about. It wasn’t just that though. The key players are the biggest worry. This was a chance for some of them to put Watford out of their system, but instead they’ve just added to the sense of unease. Fabinho was dogshit. Robbo wasn’t much better. Mané cut a frustrated, irritated figure all night and I thought he was going to get sent off after the final whistle when he lost his shit with the snide that is Azpilacueta. Even Van Dijk’s standards have plummeted. He was so fucking casual he may as well have taken to the field with a dressing gown and a pipe, while Gomez was worse than all of them. Maybe they’re all still unsettled by Lovren on Saturday? I’m glad Lovren was nowhere to be seen this time because now people have to look at what the real problem is; it’s not one player, it’s all of them. And I mean, ALL of them. Nobody is playing well right now. Not one of them and I defy anyone to tell me I’m wrong. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  11. I really had to force myself to stick match of the day on and get stuck into this. Usually I quite look forward to Thursday’s and doing the Round Up, but this week I didn’t really want to do it at all. Because we lost a game. I didn’t want to sit through MOTD even though I knew at the end they’d be showing a league table with us 22 points clear at the top. Talk about split. This is the first time this season that I’m writing a round up in a week when we’ve lost. Shit, I’ve only had to write one time after a week in which we’ve drawn, and we’re in fucking March! Although it hardly ever happens, losing really doesn’t feel nice and I’ve not handled it particularly well this week. That seems pretty bad on the surface. Fans of everyone else have seen their team lose plenty and draw even more. Out of curiosity I had a look at the league records of the top teams in the there divisions. Championship leaders West Brom have lost five and drawn twelve!! Second placed Leeds have lost eight and drawn eight. In League One leaders Coventry have only lost three but they’ve drawn 13. The top team in League Two, Swindon, have lost eight times. We’ve lost one and drawn one, and I’m sat here struggling to motivate myself. In a way it’s a good thing as there was a time not so long ago when it happened so frequently that I was becoming used to it. It’s much better to be over-reacting to a rare defeat than to just be shrugging it off as “yeah we lost again”. That being said, it’s time for me to man the fuck up and just get on with it, so without further ado, here’s what happened last weekend. I’ll start with Friday night’s game at Carrow Road where Norwich pulled off an upset win over slumping Leicester. That Iheanacho cunt had a goal ludicrously disallowed due to that terrible new ‘attacking player handball’ rule. The ball comes off the arm of defender and brushed Iheanacho’s hand before he runs through and scores. I hate that new rule, it’s pure shite and goals like that should never be disallowed unless a) it’s Wolves, just because it’s funny, or b) it’s Iheanacho because he’s a fucking scumbag and any goal he ever scores should be disallowed purely on the basis of that. He wasn’t happy about it but tough shit. If he wants to score goals so much then he shouldn’t have deliberately missed that chance against City last season then, should he? Cunt. Norwich won it when their full backs went all Trent and Robbo, as Aarons crossed to the far side of the box and Lewis lashed one into the bottom corner. Lovely goal that. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  12. Report by Dave Usher So there it is then. It had to come eventually and I can’t say I’m massively surprised that it came away at Watford. I was certainly shocked at the manner of it, but this was always the type of game that we could easily lose if we weren’t at it. And we weren’t at it. Not one player was. The performance was just wretched from start to finish and Watford thoroughly deserved their win. We’ve had quite a few of these types of performances but usually we’ve turned it around in the second half. For once, the second half display was even worse than the first. Klopp said 3-0 was a bit harsh on us but I disagree. It could easily have been worse. There was nothing acceptable about the performance. Every player performed badly and when that happens you’ve basically got no chance. Most teams struggle when they have five or six off the pace but we've been able to overcome that. Eleven though? The only way you can survive that is if the other team are as bad as you. Unfortunately Watford's players were terrific. We had one shot on target, from Robbo in the first half. Other than that the only time we went close was a half volley from Lallana that hit the outside of the post. The defensive side of the game was just as bad. Watford scored three but could easily have had six, despite losing their best player to a horrible looking knee injury in the first half. It was just a proper shite performance at both ends of the pitch and it was an unfitting way for the run to end. Going through the entire season unbeaten was always unlikely, even at this advanced stage with on;y eleven games to negotiate. Between Champions League and possibly FA Cup commitments (if we can get past Chelsea this week) it was going to get harder and harder to stay unbeaten because with the title wrapped up Klopp was going to have to do much more rotating to ensure his strongest line up was fresh for the other competitions. So I thought going unbeaten was going to be a tall order, but equally I expected that if we did eventually lose it would be a blood and thunder, throwing everything at the opponent and just narrowly missing out type of loss. I didn’t imagine for one second that we’d get spanked, but spanked we were. This had nothing to do with bad luck, contentious refereeing or anything else. We were just well beaten and were second best all over the park. Watford won every single individual battle. Every one. Not one of our players can say he had the better of his opposite number. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  13. Saturday Feb 22: Hahaha Timo Werner is a case isn’t he? As if the interview the other night wasn’t enough of a hint he doubled down on it today in an interview with Sky Germany in which he hailed Klopp as the world’s best coach and then insisted that everyone knows he’s a perfect fit for how Klopp likes to play. What’s next? Breaking out in Allez Allez Allez maybe? This is even more blatant than Torres sending us a come and get me plea by wearing an armband with YNWA on it. More transfer speculation as Alex Bruce - son of Steve - reckons we’ll sign Todd Cantwell and he compared him to Jack Grealish and James Maddison. All three have something in common in that they look like massive twats. Where they differ is that in the case of Grealish looks can be deceiving, but the other two are exactly what it says on the tin. And the tin says ‘Twat’. Diving twats, although Cantwell is marginally less of a twat than Maddison. We’d better not fucking sign him though. Speaking of Grealish, he was asked about rumours linking him with us and United. “Of course it’s nice. Who doesn’t like to be talked about in a nice way? But, to be honest, I try and take everything with a pinch of salt. I had it all five years ago when I broke through and I was getting talked about a lot. I was 19 years old, going online reading about myself and I couldn’t believe it. “I was in the papers all the time and they were asking: ‘Is this the new big thing?’ Then just one thing goes wrong and it all comes down on you like a ton of bricks. It is nice to read and nice to listen to, but I don’t let it get to me too much, because I know how quickly it can change.” “I can’t help but think of playing for England because that is what I want to do. I hope I have done enough but I also think I can perform better and that is the God’s honest truth. People on the outside might say I am doing well, but I know for a fact I can do better and score more goals and get more assists.” “What will be hard at the moment is with the position I am playing in at the moment, people would probably say I am playing as a winger. If you look at England’s wingers, I doubt I would have much of a chance of starting in front of [Raheem] Sterling, [Jadon] Sancho and [Marcus] Rashford, who are all unbelievable players! “I’ve always said my favourite position would be playing in midfield. That is where I would love to play for England. It is where I would want to play for Villa, but it just so happens at the moment I am playing well in the position I am in and it is better for the team.” I really don’t want to like Grealish but it’s proving impossible not to. I love his attitude and he’s just not the wanker I always thought he was. I don’t think we have room for him as I wouldn’t want to impede the progress of Jones, but if another spot opened in midfield (if they decided to give up on Keita for example) then I’d be well up for us signing this lad. Who’s with me? Anyone? Sunday Feb 23: This Barcelona thing is mad. They’ve signed someone called Martin Braithwaite. I hear that name and immediately think “lower league Yorkshireman, probably plays for Rotherham” but this is Barcelona so obviously it’s not. So I assumed he must be one of those random South American lads with weird English sounding names. I assumed wrong. He’s actually Danish. He did play for Middlesbrough until fairly recently though, and he’s 28, so he may as well be some lower league chump. But Barcelona have signed him. And that isn’t even the maddest part. They signed him while the window was closed due to a loophole that allows you to sign players if you have injury problems. So the mighty Barcelona signed him from lowly Leganes by activating a release clause. And that still isn’t the maddest part. The maddest part is that Leganes are not allowed to sign a replacement. How fucked up is that? Barca have got Messi and Griezemann and that Fati kid who is meant to be the next big thing, but they’re allowed to take the best player from a relegation threatened club who aren’t allowed to sign a replacement because they don’t have an injury crisis. What a fucking joke. Just what the fuck has happened to Barca’s famed academy though if they can’t promote someone from there to sit on the bench? They must be in even worse shape than I thought they were. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  14. The Formerly Fat One got the better of the Formerly Special One again as Chelsea thoroughly outplayed Spurs at Stamford Bridge. The 2-1 scoreline was a travesty really as Spurs were never in this game and their goal was a last minute fluke that went in off Rudiger. Chelsea completely dominated and played some lovely football at times. Mount was excellent and they looked a much better side with Giroud leading the line. There are some things he doesn’t do as well as Kevin Abraham, but big handsome Olly is a good player. He’s far too good for the bench role he seems to have occupied for most of his time in England anyway. He’d start regularly for at least 15 teams in this league and he’s one of those players who always seems to play well against us. He opened the scoring with a crisp finish and Alonso added a beautiful second. That was such a nice goal all round that. Alonso is such a contradiction as he seems to have two or three efforts on goal every game he plays but he’s an absolute liability at the other end. You can't say he's shit, but equally you can't say he's good either. He's both shit and good. You can’t really get away with playing him left back in a four against anyone decent, but you’d want him in the side because of the goal threat he poses. He scored one great goal in this game, he also hit the bar with a brilliant free-kick and was a yard too high with what would have been the goal of the season had it gone in. A right foot volley on the turn from 25 yards. Then three days later he got himself sent off against Bayern in the Champions League, and even before the red card he was getting the absolute run around from the Bayern forwards. Alonso might be the hardest player in the league to evaluate. I think the best way to sum him up is excellent footballer, terrible left back. The result keeps Chelsea’s grip on a top four spot still relatively tight but they’re losing so many games that you can’t be completely sure they’ll hold on. They should do, because in terms of squad talent they’ve definitely got more than anyone other than us and City, but they’re wildly inconsistent and we still don't know yet if Lampard knows what he's doing or if he's a complete chancer. The main talking point after this game had nothing to do with Chelsea’s nice football or Mourinho continuing to turn Spurs into everything they weren’t under Poch though. No, it was VAR. Again. You all know how I feel about VAR and I’d scrap it tomorrow if possible. That being said, VAR should not be criticised for what happened with Lo Celso. If anything, that incident shows exactly why VAR ‘should’ be a good thing. Michael Oliver didn’t see the incident clearly and that’s where the video should come into its own. Instead, we have some fucking clown watching the screen in Stockley Park and making a monumental fuck up. Cue everyone kicking off about VAR. The technology isn’t the problem, it’s the morons who are using it. Saturday was plagued with shite VAR decisions because the guy who was making those decisions must have been drunk or bribed. How else can you explain the Lo Celso non-red, or the disallowed Bournemouth goal (I’ll get to that later), or De Bruyne getting away with one of the most blatant handballs of the season? They don’t want the refs going to the screens themselves, but if they keep allowing the YTS ref to make it up as they go along on VAR then they deserve every bit of criticism that comes their way. They’re making a fucking mockery of the game with this shit. If you’re going to use VAR, then use it properly and if someone performs as badly as this David Coote jabroni (one just for you there Roger) did, don’t let them near it again. In fact, just ban them from even watching football altogether, let alone refereeing it. Mark Clattenberg was on the radio this week and he was talking about how on field refereeing and VAR requires a completely different skill set and that being good at one doesn’t mean you’ll be good at the other. Sorry, but that’s absolute fucking bollocks. Not everyone can referee a game. I’ll be the first to admit I couldn’t do it even if by some miracle I had the required fitness levels suddenly bestowed upon me. Refereeing is fucking hard. Really fucking hard. Not anybody can do it. I get that. VAR though? I could do that standing on my fucking head so any qualified ref should be able to do it too. Any one of us could look at that Lo Celso stamp and immediately know it’s a red card, yet because of this daft process they have where the on field ref explains his view and unless the VAR vehemently disagrees with it and can say it’s obviously wrong, they stay with the on field call. Except for the times when they don’t. And that’s the problem. That’s why you get Son sent off for kicking someone in the balls, and Harry Maguire allowed to get away with doing the exact same thing. They’re making this shit needlessly complicated. The VAR ref should have told Oliver that Lo Celso needs to go, or at the very least he should tell him “that looks quite bad, you might wanna take a look yourself and decide what you want to do”. Instead he did nothing. An absolute disgrace really. It didn’t impact the result because Chelsea won anyway, but that can’t be allowed to go unpunished. Lo Celso should be retrospectively banned and so should David Coote, the clueless twat. Apparently he’s a Championship referee. The Championship has my sympathy then, because if he can’t get easy decisions right with the benefit of numerous replay angles then what chance is there when he’s out there in the middle with no help? Of course Mourinho continues to moan about having no strikers and a tired squad. I don’t remember who said it, but I do recall a famous quote from a manager about how if you keep telling players they are tired they will believe it and it gives them a ready made excuse. In Mourinho’s case, the ready made excuse is for him. He’s a busted flush and instead of crying about not having any strikers, why not promote Troy Parrott, the talented kid who people are raving about? What have Spurs got to lose at this point? He says Parrott isn’t ready, and maybe he’s right. But how many times have we seen young strikers who have been thrown in and provided a spark to their team? Playing like this Spurs have no chance of finishing in the top four this season and while Mourinho will continue to deflect all blame away from himself, the fact is they look worse now than they were before he got there. Spurs were so close but they couldn’t take the final step and now they’re a million miles away with a manager who plays a prehistoric style of football. For a ‘shrewd businessman’ Daniel Levy sure does fuck a lot of things up. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  15. Report by Dave Usher I’ll be honest, after an hour or so of this I was thinking that this might finally be the game where the streak ends. Not necessarily the unbeaten streak (although that did cross my mind), but the 17 game winning run felt as though it was in real danger. It just had the stench of ‘one of those games’ about it. We were below par, the opposition were performing well above themselves and it was a cold, windy horrible night. With the title already wrapped up barring the formalities, the stakes weren’t especially high and if we had dropped points it would have made no difference to the outcome of the title race. And yet it felt horrible. The idea of us dropping any points, let alone losing a game, was horrifying. Games shouldn’t be stressful when you’re this far ahead, but they are. It’s almost as stressful as watching us during us last year’s title run in. The feeling when watching our games is exactly the same. The only difference is this time we don’t have to suffer through City’s games as well. Doesn’t matter what they do now, they’re an irrelevance. It’s just about us now. Some of you reading this will say you’re not bothered about going unbeaten. Some will argue that once the title is won we should be resting players for Champions League games (assuming we get past Atletico) and even the FA Cup. My head can go along with that, but my heart is a different matter. I don’t just want to go unbeaten, I don’t even want to draw any games. It’s greedy, unreasonable, perhaps even unrealistic. But there it is. That’s how I feel. Irrational as it might sound, a draw would feel like the end of the world at the moment. You know whats great though? As much as I feel like that, it’s nothing to how the players themselves feel. Take how I feel about us dropping any points and magnify it by a hundred and you still won’t match how the players feel. None of them will say it of course, because it would sound cocky and be seen as disrespectful to the other teams we face. That’s how they feel though. They don’t have to say it because it shows in how they approach every game. So many times this season they could have settled for a draw or even accepted a defeat, knowing that it’s “not a big deal” given how far ahead they are. They never do though. They’re desperate to win every game and I bet you that in their quieter moments some of them look back at that draw at Old Trafford and fucking fume about it. It’s that relentless drive that keeps seeing us through when things get hairy. It’s a cliché but this is a game we’d have lost a few years ago. The last game we lost at Anfield was 2-1 against Palace and there were a lot of similarities with this game. The big difference was this time we found a way to win it. That’s what we do now. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  16. The weekend kicked off with a controversial game at Molineux as Wolves found themselves on the wrong end of another bizarre VAR decision as they were held to a goalless draw by Leicester. When Willy Boli headed in there was not a soul inside the stadium (or watching on TV) thought for a second there was anything wrong with it. Usually you have an inkling that VAR is going to take a look. It doesn’t always mean the goal will be ruled out but usually you have an inkling if something might be looked at and it's enough to make you hold off on the celebrations. Sadio’s winner at Norwich for example. I didn’t think it was a foul but I knew they’d be looking at it. This one though, there was hint of anything and not even the Leicester players appealed for a possible offside. For all the cryarsing about it though, technically it was the correct decision. You can argue all day about whether goals morally should be disallowed for that, but by the current laws of the game that was offside and Wolves don’t have a leg to stand on. Nuno Holy Spirit handled it with his usual good grace, and Conor Coady handled it with his usual arrogance and bitching. He remonstrated with Mike Dean as they left the field at half time and the ref admitted he didn’t know who was offside or why, he was just going by what he was told in the headset. Seeing Coady continually whining about VAR decisions this season has been a guilty pleasure of mine. He’s arguing about black and white shit. Offside is offside, regardless of whether he likes it or not. He was crying about the one that was disallowed at Anfield, and also wanting a handball when there wasn’t one. I’m sick of him spouting off when the officials have gotten the decisions right. What does he want them to do, ignore the rules just to suit him and his team? The disallowed Boli goal was a bizarre one but when VAR looks at it and puts their little lines in and the player is offside, there is no other option than to disallow the goal. Do we want to see goals disallowed for THAT? No, of course not. It’s ridiculous and there are probably at least 20 goals this season that have been disallowed that would never have been ruled out in the past. That’s a problem but haranguing referees over it is stupid as it’s not their fault. I'm all for giving them shit over their own mistakes, but this isn't that. The law definitely needs to change but until then VAR can only enforce it as it is, and like it or not (and I don’t think anyone does), Neto was offside. What does Coady want them to do, ignore the laws of the game just to make him happy? Fair play to him though, being in a shot with Mike Dean where you’re the one who is more arrogant and full of yourself is pretty much impossible for most people, but Conor pulled it off. Ronaldo might be the only man on the planet who can beat him on that front. Not gonna lie, if I had my way then Wolves would be on the wrong on VAR every week as I find it funny as fuck, albeit I do have sympathy for Nuno as he’s a top fella. Anyway, in summary Wolves had the better chances but couldn't score, and Choudhury finally got a red card that’s been months in the making. Reckless bastard him. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  17. Saturday Feb 15: Norwich 0 L 1 Another win churned out. Wasn’t pretty, we weren’t anywhere near our best, but the result was never really in doubt. It took us 78 minutes to score and yet I always knew it was coming eventually. That’s the mark of how great this team is. You can keep us at bay for a while, but you can’t do it indefinitely as eventually we’ll find a way. Not sure we would have if Mané hadn’t come on mind, but we’ll never know. Sadio is fucking incredible these days isn’t he? That goal was stunning, but we’re so good and we score so many great goals that ones like this are almost run of the mill now. Norwich played like a team who knew they hd no chance and just wanted to keep the score down. Stark contrast to the fresh faced, enthusiastic, innocent side who came to Anfield on opening night and went down swinging. It’s a better league with them (and Daniel Farke) in it, but unfortunately their days are numbered. Meanwhile, on this day 19 years ago we beat Roma 2-0 in the Stadio Olimpico. I know this because the excellent LFC History website tweeted it out. Nothing from the club though, which goes back to what I was saying last week. It’s ridiculous. You can’t airbrush Michael Owen from our history, not unless you want to remove those trophies from the trophy wall that he helped us win. That night in Rome is something he doesn’t get anywhere near enough credit for. I remember interviewing Carra a few years after it and he was saying how Owen wasn’t supposed to play because his ankle was fucked. Heskey was meant to lead the line but was complaining about some minor knock and to everyone’s astonishment (and in some cases disgust) he ruled himself out. Houllier had to then to turn to Owen and he played through the pain to win the game for us. We went on to win the trophy that year, and no-one contributed more to the cause than Owen. For the club to completely ignore all that is just fucking weird to me. Sunday Feb 16: Todd Cantwell? Fuck off, not on my watch. Firstly he’s not that good. He’s not bad, but he’s no Curtis Jones. Secondly, I can’t stand even looking at him. His face winds me up and I don’t like the fact his hairband is white. I also don’t like how he wears his socks, how he runs, how he talks, I don’t like how he’s called ‘Todd’ because outside of America nobody called Todd has ever been famous for anything. Most of all, I don’t like his diving. If we sign him then all the titles and Champions League in the world won’t be enough to spare Jurgen from my wrath. Tory looking Jack Grealish. Steer clear. Meanwhile, Tim Sherwood, my guy, went full on yer Da when talking about Klopp and his use of a specialist throw in coach. I like Tim, he’s a funny guy. Even that made me laugh. Of course he’s talking shite and embarrassing himself, but he’s done it in a way that amuses me. He always does. Chris Sutton has a similar thing going, only he’s far more better at it. He’s up there with Partridge and Goldbridge. Sherwood isn’t alone in his mocking of the throw in coach thing as Stevie Nicol was even more scathing about it. I don’t understand why you’d be so closed minded about something like this. Granted, the gains from it are only ever going to be marginal, but if you get a shitload of little things right, a lot of marginal gains add up to something significant. Sherwood sounding off like that just made him look like a Sunday golfer sat in the clubhouse after shooting 104, loudly mocking Rory McIlroy for spending half an hour a day practicing bunker shots. It was genuinely embarrassing and did him no favours whatsoever. I doubt Klopp even knows who Sherwood is, but if he saw that I can only imagine what he’d think. Some nice comments from Sturridge today. Mike Gordon should call his bluff and offer him a job selling hot dogs. Seriously though, it wouldn’t have taken much for Sturridge to remembered as a legend here. If we’d won the league in 14 or if his team-mates hadn’t shit the bed in the Europa League Final after he’d scored one of the greatest final goals in club history, his legacy would be a lot different. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  18. Report by Dave Usher It’s been so long I’d forgotten what a defeat felt like. It’s not nice. I don’t like it and I’m not taking it too well. I actually started writing this immediately after the game, which is not my usual approach as I normally like time to reflect before I do the report. I need to get stuck into this just because it’s cathartic. There’s a lot to get off my chest here and a shitload of things I need to vent about. Currently I’m trying to decide who I’m most angry with. Is it the ref? Their shithouse players? Simeone and his jack in the box shite on the touchline? Maybe it’s Steve McManaman. Yeah it’s Steve McManaman. He did my fucking head in all night, completely buzzing off Atletico, Simeone, Diego Costa… you name it he was kissing the arse of it. I see loads of Reds ripping him after our games but until now he’d never really bothered me (other than the ridiculous over pronunciation of any word ending with ‘ing’). Tonight though, Jesus Christ I wanted to strangle him. But if we’d played the way we can then I doubt I’d have even noticed how massively irritating he was. That’s the main thing here really. We didn’t play well enough and despite all the other things that got right under my skin, none of it excuses our lack of goal threat. We sometimes have games like this away in Europe. I can’t explain it but it’s definitely a ‘thing’. We’ve lost six of our last ten or something, which shows you it’s a ‘thing’ because domestically we’ve lost one game in the last hundred or something mental. I don’t know, I’ve lost count. This wasn’t one of those horror shows like we saw last season in Naples and Belgrade though. The performance wasn’t bad in a lot of areas but we just never looked like scoring. No shots on target apparently, although I’m not sure how they work that out when Mo had a goal bound shot headed away by a defender? I guess it only counts as a shot on target if the keeper saves it. They defended well and they’re probably the best in the business at that sitting deep and frustrating approach. That’s the reason they were the last team in the draw I wanted. I still expected us to go through comfortably enough and nothing has changed, but they are fucking horrible to play against and them scoring so early was the worst thing that could have happened. Proper fucking spawny goal it was too. I thought it was offside until about the fourth replay when I finally saw that it had come off Fabinho. Things like that can happen though. All it takes is one lucky ricochet or fortunate bounce and any team can concede, no matter how strong they are defensively. This is just a teaser, click here to view the full report Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
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  20. Report by Dave Usher Not the most convincing of scorelines but at no point did I ever feel that this result was in doubt. It always felt like just a matter of time before we eventually broke through their eleven man defence and it never looked like they were going to score. It was top versus bottom and the it was the biggest points difference ever at this stage. That says more about how great we are than it does about Norwich being weak in my opinion. They’re probably the best bottom placed club I can remember in years. They deserve credit for making us have to work for the result but I was a little surprised at how they played. I’ve enjoyed watching them this season and I thought they were boss at Anfield. They got hammered though so presumably Daniel Farke decided that all out defence was the way forward this time. They only lost 1-0 so I guess he’ll view that as being worth it. I did think they might have seen this as a free swing and thrown everything they had at us, but it was clear from the first minute that wasn’t going to be the case. It’s not like that approach works against us anyway, but defending doesn’t work either. It’s a case of pick your poison I suppose. If they’d attacked us it wouldn’t have ended well either, but that’s how they play and I expected them to play their football and go down swinging, like Southampton a couple of weeks ago. It was a good time for them to play us though as it feels as though we’re never any good when we come back from a break. I don’t have the stats to back that up and it might not be true, but the impression I have is that we’re always lacking sharpness when we’ve had a week off. The performance against Norwich was fine for the most part, but there was a distinct lack of sharpness in the final third. We dominated the game, looked strong at the back, passed it around well, but the clinical edge just wasn’t there until Sadio came on and transformed the game. The first half wasn’t that good as I don’t think we adjusted well enough to the weather conditions. You can’t hit those long passes over the top of defenders when the wind is as strong as that, but we kept trying it anyway. Klopp said the problem was that the midfielders weren’t expecting the defenders to hit it long and as a result they couldn’t get in position for the second ball. That changed after the break and we looked much more cohesive as a result. I’ve said before that’s one of the least talked about impressive things about us. The ability to analyse what isn’t working and how to fix it during the game is massive. It literally is a huge game changer because it’s changed countless games. We always seem to play better in the second half of games and this is a big reason why. It’s also because we just wear teams down. It’s hard to keep us at bay for ninety minutes as eventually the tiredness keeps in and the pressure we exert usually pays off. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that Match Reports are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  21. It really never has been a better time to be a Liverpool fan, current European champions and all but set to land the Premier league title. Liverpool are in the process of producing a record breaking season, that already sees 25 points clear of defending champions Manchester City in the title race. This means the wait is finally over for Liverpool fans who will land the Premier league title for the first time this season and their first top flight success since back in 1990. A remarkable achievement for a side who will go down as one of the greatest sides in the history of the sport. Another key question amongst many Liverpool fans is whether they can defend their Champions league title this season. They will be looking to further extend on the English record of six victories in the competition, and are now the joint favourites to do so with Manchester City. The viewing figures continue to be very high on the side in each of their games and you can also watch the Cheltenham streaming online, which is an upcoming event that brings in much interest. On current form, it is surprising that Liverpool are not the outright favourites, as it is difficult to see any side beating Liverpool over two legs. This is why they will also be expected to reach the Champions league final this season, which would be for the third year in succession. The first of this run saw them beaten by Real Madrid in the final, before their victory last year. Liverpool produced that stunning comeback over Barcelona in the semi-finals, that saw them face off against Tottenham inside the Metropolitano. Liverpool went on to claim the title with a 2-0 victory, which meant they also pushed to the outright third position for the most Europe titles, behind A.C Milan and Real Madrid. Liverpool have progressed through to the knockout stages this campaign, following topping Group E. Napoli followed them through, with FC Red Bull Salzburg and KRC Genk being knocked out of the competition. Liverpool finished with 13 points from a possible 18, winning four, drawing one and losing just once. This turns out to be one of their only defeats, in which they lost away at Napoli in the opening match of the competition. Next up for Liverpool will see them take on Atletico Madrid in the round of 16. They will be expected to progress through but Atletico are always a tough team to beat and strong at the back. The opening fixture between the pair will be taking place in Spain on the 18th of February, before the return leg back at Anfield on the 11th of March. It really is an exciting period at the club, as they are without a doubt the leading side in Europe at present.
  22. Saturday Feb 8: The wives of Hendo and Mo both gave birth in the last day or so, pretty much exactly nine months since we beat Barca at Anfield. The first thing that came to my mind was fair play to Hendo considering the absolute state he was in at the end of that game. Mo had the night off so obviously he was full of beans, but Hendo collapsed in a heap at full time, his knee was in bits and he’d been pumped full of pain killers, so that’s a proper captain’s knock that. Milner took to social media to congratulate Hendo and quipped “assist by Origi” and hash tagged it #cornertakenquickly. What a man. Meanwhile, the investigation into our supposed ‘hacking’ of Man City’s scouting database has been closed. City will be livid but there’s fuck all they can say, publicly at least, because they accepted a £1m pay off with a legal binding agreement on both sides to make no comment on it. City weren’t arsed at the time because we were shite and posed no threat. Then, a few days after a meeting of the PL clubs in which some, including us, asked the PL just what they were doing about City’s blatant breaching of FFP rules, this story resurfaced in the Times, six years after the actual incident. Some co-incidence that, eh? The investigation was dropped by the FA because of the amount of time that has passed and because City had already accepted a settlement. Liverpool admitted no wrong doing, but because they coughed up a million quid that sort of implies guilt. From what I’ve been told, there was no ‘hacking’ and that’s a proper disingenuous way of putting it. The way these scouting systems are set up, the higher up the chain you are the more access you have. So, if you’re Michael Edwards for example, you’d be able to log in and you’d have access to all the scouting reports from everyone beneath you. If you’re one of the scouts on the lower rung of the ladder, you only have your own reports. Dave Fallows left City but he never ‘hacked’ anything to get back in. If he could still see the reports from the scouts who worked under him, it’s clearly because they never revoked his access. It’s claimed that he was looking at the reports for players they were scouting, and I’m sure he was because why the fuck wouldn’t you? It’s unethical and you can argue it’s poor form, but it’s not exactly crime of the century is it? Which is why we gave them a million quid by way of apology. The only reason it even reared it’s head again is because we became dead good and also because City were wanting to deflect from their own cheating. Classic case of ‘whataboutery’. Sunday Feb 9: Man City’s game is postponed due to the weather, meaning we might have to wait a bit longer to wrap up the title, depending on when that game is rescheduled for. Be funny if they stick in the middle of their winter break. It’d be even funnier if they were actually in a title race and could cry ‘conspiracy’. Difficult to do that from 22 points behind, although I’m sure that won’t stop the loons on Blue Moon. Saw a tweet today from Pedro Chirivella in response to something the clubs official account had put out about him. I had a little look at the replies and saw some fella saying he’s not going to make it here because he doesn’t have the physicality and he’s a yard slower than the other midfielders. That’s probably true, but what possesses someone to be tagging the player in on something like that? If I ruled the world, I’d find out who he was and I’d send the boys around to give him a kicking. It winds me right up. If he wants to tweet his opinion on Pedro and say he won’t make it here that’s fine. No problem at all as we all have opinions and social media gives us a platform to express them. When you tag the player in though, seriously, what the hell is wrong with you? Not just any player either. A young lad who has been sensational for us when he’s been drafted in for these cup games. I had a look through his account and Pedro often replies to fans who message him, so that tells me he reads his mentions and will have seen what this goon was saying. I’m sure it won’t have bothered him, but it bothers me as there’s just no need for it. So many people in this world are just fucking turds. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that the Week that Was is only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.
  23. The thing I’ve enjoyed most about Jamie Carragher’s podcast is the incredible forthrightness of the interviews. The shared context, friendship and experiences with his guests provides an incredible platform for honest conversations – far exceeding the cookie cutter Q&As we hear in the vast majority of interviews conducted by actual journalists. Carra’s standing, and aversion to sugar-coating anything, enables him to frame questions in a way that would be downright insulting coming from a reporter. It’s what made the recent episode with Michael Owen such a startlingly brutal and uncomfortable listen. If you came out of that interview still unwilling to bury the hatchet with Michael Owen and finally welcome him home, then I’d advise you to contact someone with a stethoscope. Michael’s story, as told on The Greatest Game, sounded like the clichéd sports movie, charting the incredible highs, then the depths of despair. It was set-up for the final act – the inevitable, uplifting redemption, but in Owen’s case, there is no feel-good ending. If the Robbie Fowler story could draw comparisons to Rocky, Owen’s could be likened to the end of Raging Bull. Put it this way: Michael Owen, who scored 158 goals for his club and thrice tried to get back home after his initial departure, now feels intimidated when he walks into Anfield. “Any Liverpool fan has the power to break my heart,” he said. Jesus, I don’t know about any of you, but hearing that just about broke mine. It’s not right. Owen brought as much joy to the old stadium as any individual in the last quarter century; that much is indisputable. Yet, as Carragher brutally pointed out, Owen gets no love, his career and contributions are glossed over. Or, to use Carragher’s word “dismissed”. I’ll be honest with you. Michael was my guy. At the time I’d have argued “Michael over Robbie” with anyone. My best mate and I still joke about it to this day (how lucky were we to have those two to playfully argue over by the way?). I’d never really resented him for leaving, but it did break my heart. I never hated him for signing for Newcastle because I was privy to information he desperately wanted to come home and was distraught to be going there. I wasn’t among those screaming “where were you in Istanbul?” in his face, because what was the point? It wasn’t even as if I felt signing for United was unforgivable given his predicament. For me, a fissure tore into a gaping crevasse the day he scored the winner in that Manchester derby (as unreal a finish as it was). I hadn’t seen him celebrate quite so exuberantly in a decade. I hadn’t seen that joy since he was a teenager and, as he raced behind the Stretford End goal, hadn’t seen him run that fast either. How could he be that happy doing that, there, for them? At the time when we were in the utter depths of the Gillet and Hicks era, with Rafa’s tenure coming to an end, it was an absolute sickener. For many, it confirmed what they had felt all along. It was the first time I believed it too – that Michael Owen cared only about Michael Owen. It didn’t matter which shirt he was wearing. On that day he was happy for himself, not for Man United. And now, in the context of his interview with Carragher, it’s a little bit easier to see why. Many will still feel like Owen got what was coming, that he made his own bed and thus doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as other Liverpool greats. That’s fine. But there’s also a staggering hypocrisy here that’s bothered me for decades. It seems you can be terrible, as a man and a footballer, but as long as you’re pushed out of the door, rather than leave on your own terms, you’re welcomed back to Liverpool with open arms. The ovations afforded to a returning David James down the years, for example. Here’s someone that made an absolute mockery of us, his manager and the entire club, quantifiably costing us a title during his time on his PlayStation, or modelling, or whatever else he was doing while flailing around between the sticks. James and Owen both broke my heart. Michael for leaving us when he did, James for being abjectly terrible at his job and causing us to lose football matches. One of the two feels intimidated walking into Anfield for fear of abuse, the other would probably get a standing ovation if he turned out for one of those Liverpool Legends games. More recently, the reverse is somehow true. It seems a player can force his way out in the most egregious manner and still be remembered fondly. His recent roasting at Anfield aside, the esteem in which Luis Suarez is held absolutely staggers me. Carra mentioned this too. Some of my best mates have him in all-time Liverpool five-a-side teams. I can’t scream this loud enough, but to Hell with Luis Suarez. This bloke went on strike to force a move to Arsenal (to Arsenal), bit opponents and racially abused others. Our reputation is yet to fully recover from our association with that ‘loveable little scamp,’ as evidenced by the recent, long overdue apology to Evra and the coverage it received. I feel ashamed for supporting him at the time. Between Owen and Suarez, which is the club annually falling over itself to wish a happy birthday? Here’s a clue: It’s not the one who ran himself into utter physical degradation before his mid-20s, while wearing the red shirt. Nor is it the one who won a Ballon D’Or in the same year he helped us to a cup treble. Owen’s contribution to the modern history of Liverpool far eclipses Suarez’s season or so of giving a damn. Even Stan Collymore enjoys a higher standing than Michael Owen among some Liverpool fans on social media. Seriously. Even the aversion to Fernando Torres has faded these days. Everyone seems alright with him again with the club often commemorating his contribution more and more often. I promised myself I’d never love another footballer again after he went to Chelsea; then Klopp’s lads came along and now I’m besotted with the lot of them, but that’s beside the point. Speaking of Chelsea, remember when Steven Gerrard tried to force a move there? If Gerrard’s explanation for how that situation came to pass (Papa Rafa didn’t show him enough love, etc.) is understood then why can’t Michael’s reasons for heading to Real Madrid, when all along his plan was to just “do a Rushie” and come back after a year? The answer’s rhetorical, if we’re honest with ourselves. After developing an Alan Shearer-like reputation for bland, guarded interviews during his playing career, Michael has been an open book since his retirement. Especially regarding his injuries and his self-professed rapid decline. We’ve had a window into Owen the person. Maybe that’s what has me warming to him again? The fact that, away from his horses, his millions and his media career, he’s a guy with insecurities, with regrets, with fears and apprehension. It’s a great leveller. I don’t know how the current impasse changes. Maybe it starts with the club affording him the same respect it does to other, less deserving folks, through its constant content output? If they can get off Suarez’s lap for five minutes that is. For all their talk about the “LFC family” they aren’t half choosy about who is treated as such. People shouldn’t need reminding just how good Michael Owen was, but if that’s what needs to happen, it should. There’s no reason for this continued antipathy or, perhaps even worse, utter apathy. That might be the hardest thing about this for Owen. Right now, he doesn’t matter. He’s not loved, nor particularly hated. Just irrelevant. Some will say that’s his punishment. After listening to his side of the story, I’d counter by saying, “for what exactly?” Carragher brutally pointed out that, while he finished his career with a guard of honour and a Kop mosaic, Michael went out coming off the bench for Tony Pulis’ Stoke. Wasn’t that punishment enough? Enough is enough. It’s time to recognise Michael Owen’s contribution for what it was. On the stat sheets, to the numbers on that increasingly-active “Wall of Champions” and in our mind’s eye. “One-nil down, two-one up, Michael Owen won the cup.” Remember that? Like many others, the story isn’t straight forward. There are complications. But Michael Owen is unquestionably a Liverpool great and deserves to be spoken of as such. It’s time to end the story in the right way. Chris Smith @ByChrisSmith View full article
  24. This Saturday sees top play bottom as the Reds make the trip to East Anglia to take on Norwich City. Despite their current position on the table, the Canaries have held their own against some of the big hitters in the division. Video producer for Total Football NR @ben_ambrose23 gives a detailed rundown of their season to date and explains why Daniel Farke is still seen by the fans as the man to lead them up the table. It has been six months since the two teams opened the Premier League season, so how have assessed your campaign and what has been the high and low point so far? As crazy as it sounds, I have been genuinely impressed with Norwich this season. If you look at the table you’d naturally assume that I’d be slightly more negative, but for me to assess the campaign so far you have to look deeper than that. The performances of the pitch have, in the majority, been excellent from Norwich. You look at games such as Newcastle at home, Man City, Spurs, Chelsea, Wolves and a few more and our performances have been superb. We’ve played with confidence, created some free flowing attacking moves that are very easy on the eye and scored some fantastic goals. But sadly not enough, which I’m sure I’ll speak about more later on. Beating Manchester City at home has got to be the highest moment of the season for me. How could it not be? This was a Norwich City team plagued with injuries, most noticeably with only one fully fit centre back. But, very fittingly, Norwich showed no fear and took the game to a Manchester City side that had just dominated England for two seasons, and quite comfortably might I add. The game was the best atmosphere I’ve ever been a part of at Carrow Road. Norwich set-up to play on the counter, but with style, and they absolutely nailed the plan. Obviously there was some luck in Man City wasting a couple of decent chances, but it was a fantastic and deserved win. For me, the lowest point was losing by a goal to nil away at Aston Villa. The game came towards the climax of what was a really unlucky spell for Norwich where we would take the lead in games, but not see it out. Of course, in that game we created some fantastic chances in the first half, some of which leaving me scratching my head as to how we didn’t lead by three or four at the break; again, much like the games prior and a few following. Given where Villa were at the time, it made it hurt more as it was a sign that we couldn’t even beat the teams around us. Fans closely dissect decisions made by their manager on a game to game basis, so how would you view Daniel Farke's performance across this season and has he maintained the faith of the supporters? If there’s one thing 99% of City fans agree on, it’s that we love Daniel Farke. The guy has come into this club, and worked absolute wonders with his colleagues on and off the pitch. His style of football, for me, is the way every team should strive to play, consisting of being brave with the ball and playing through the opposition, rather than over. That said, he’s not immune to criticism, of which there’s one piece I and a few others continue to give which is his substitutions. For me, he leaves them too late. If you look at the context of some of our defeats this season you’ll notice that we concede in similar periods within the second half, which has been costly this season. To address this I think Daniel needs to be looking to make more proactive substitutes to prevent this from happening, rather than reactive subs in the 80th minute and sometimes even later. You could argue it’s because of a lack of depth due to our financial situation, as well as the injury crisis that I’ve already alluded to. But every manager is open to criticism. Overall, Farke has our full support and will continue to for a very long time.. Can you talk about some of your players, which have greatly impressed the Canary fanbase in adapting to Premier League Football, and perhaps a couple who you need a lift from? There’s a handful of players that have impressed. You’ve got the likes of Emi Buendia, Teemu Pukki, Tim Krul, Ben Godfrey, Todd Cantwell and Max Aarons. I’ll pick out Buendia & Pukki as the two for me, for the same reason. That being they're two fantastic footballing minds. They might play in different positions, but the way they read the game is something that I haven’t seen with my yellow glasses on for a while. Their movement on and off the ball is what has been fundamental to the scoring of goals both this season and last season. Buendia is definitely up there as one of the best dribblers in the league, when you see him with the ball at his feet you get the sense that the man is destined for greatness. It’s almost crazy to think that he’s still only 23 years old. If he could add finishing to his game a little more, he’d be one of the best attackers in the league. Players who I think need a lift? That’s a tough one. Onel Hernandez would be one, and also Marco Stiepermann. It’s tough to say that as they’re both players who were so important last season and two of my favourite players coming into this season. But that said, it’s just not really worked out for them this season. Both play with little confidence, which shows on the pitch as they don’t look to offer the team much at this point. However, it can be argued that neither have had a fair run in the team, as well as enough time to be able to adapt to what is the biggest step up in football. Is there an opposition team that have impressed you more than anyone else this season and if so, what made them stand out? Well, I could take the easy road and say you boys; that I shall not and will instead opt for Sheffield United. Chris Wilder has done an unbelievable job and it’s important to stress that it’s no fluke either. For the past two or three years they’ve been knocking on the Premier League’s door and they finally find themselves here and my God they are taking advantage of it. Some of the business has been key this season, but it’s worth noting that before the season started most would’ve called Wilder crazy for some of it! You look at £15m on Mousset, who’d never scored in the Premier League and Oli McBurnie who was bought for £22m after a decent season in the Championship. But they’ve proven to be decent signings. Although, the most impressive aspect of their team has to be the players who’ve been kept in the team from the championship and done so well. John Fleck, Dean Henderson, Ollie Norwood, John Egan, George Baldock. It’s a credit to both themselves and the manager for finding a way to, not only adapt, but to thrive in the Premier League and I genuinely wouldn’t be surprised to see them finish in the top six by the end of the season. Any promoted team will testify to how difficult life can be in the top league. So in saying that, how do you view the performance of Sheffield United and do you think they can be the template for teams coming from the Championship on a seemingly low budget compared to their rivals? I wouldn’t say Sheff Utd have a low budget, as they have splashed out on a few aforementioned names, but they’re definitely a team to study and to learn from. I’d look at the way they play instead, in that their speciality is not conceding which at any standard is vital; especially in the Premier League. Wilder quite clearly focused on that in the season, which saw them promoted, and they are reaping the rewards of it now. They have a clear no-nonsense approach to defending, which is as simple as the fine balance between clearing the ball and playing your way out. It’s as simple as that. It was then a matter of if they could add goals and with a few decent signings, they have. Currently seven points from safety, is there a belief among your fans that Norwich can produce the great escape? ‘The great escape’ is a phrase ringing around Carrow Road both in the mouths of those with genuine belief and those who mock the idea. Football is a funny old game and it would be naive to just write Norwich City off, despite no team ever coming back from this position before. Although it’s worth mentioning back in the 04/05 season Norwich almost pulled off the unlikely in the PL until we got battered on the final day of the season at Craven Cottage. However, given our consistent conceding of cheap goals I think it’s fairly unlikely, although that said if we were to take a few more of our chances, which is easier said than done, then I couldn’t see why we wouldn’t have a good go. What are the games left on your fixture list that you have earmarked as potential 'six pointers? Every single game for the rest of the season is a must win, given our position. It’s as simple as that. While many would see this fixture as an insurmountable challenge for Norwich, it can also raise a team to inspirational heights. What you you like to see from your team and from those supporters wearing yellow and green colours inside Carrow Road on Saturday evening? From the team, I would love to see bravery on the ball, much like we saw at Anfield, back when the sky was more blue than grey. From the fans, I’d like to see relentless support through a fantastic atmosphere. Of which is a given. Norwich’s support at Carrow Road over the past two seasons has been the best it ever has. I genuinely believe we’ll see another fine display from the fans in the ground, as well as a performance to match it on the pitch. Best of luck to you guys for the rest of the season, you deserve everything that you’re going to win this season. View full article
  25. Not much of a weekend as all of the relevant teams had the week off due to the winter break. Ok, I said ‘teams’ there when I really meant ‘team’. We had the week off and no-one else really matters now. No-one else is relevant other than Man City, who are still just about clinging on to relevance, but their game fell foul of the weather so both Match of the Day shows this week were pretty grim. So grim they had to lead the show with Everton. Imagine giving the Blues top billing. Jesus. They did their best to hype them up by pointing out that over the last ten games the only team to pick up more points than them are the Mighty Reds, but they failed to quantify that by saying that since Don Carlo came in they’ve played the Dog & Duck, Slapdick United, Jabroni Albion and Nomark Athletic. And Crystal Palace, who I’ve been telling you all season are fucking dreadful and had been in the falsest of false positions. Palace being in the top half is like Boris Johnson being Prime Minister. You look at it and go “just how the fuck is this happening? That can’t be right.” Sadly, Johnson is still Prime Minister and will be for some time, whereas Palace have long since dropped from the top half and are back in something approaching their rightful place. One day Johnson will be in his. Burning in hell with Thatcher. But anyway, to get back on topic. I imagine this week will have been MOTD’s lowest ever viewing figures, but those who swerved it missed out on yet another Jordan Pickford ‘moment’ as well as an event that has become so rare in recent years. No, I’m talking about Bernard scoring. No, I’m not talking about Walcott setting one up with a great cross either (yes, that actually happened). I’m referring to Benteke finally getting a goal. It was a strange old day at Goodison. As I said, Everton took the lead through Bernard from a Walcott cross. No-one could have predicted that but good old Theo at least reverted to type soon after by going off injured. He was replaced by Sidibe, but not before he had to make a quick dash back to the dressing room when he realised he was missing a sock. Seriously? How the fuck does that happen? I know I say this all the time, but I could never be a manager because I just couldn’t tolerate that kind of shit. How hard is it to put a fucking football kit on? I don’t understand how you can put a kit on and forget to put on a fucking sock. Did he not realise when he put his boot on, that the foot he was putting the boot on didn’t have a fucking sock on it? He only realised the sock was missing when he went to pull it up and grabbed a handful of nothing. He was stood next to the fourth official ready to come on, and he then had to run back to the dressing room. I’m irrationally livid about this. Really, it shouldn’t matter to me at all, yet it does. I’d never play him again if it was me, but that’s as much to do with the fact he’s shit as it is the missing sock. If he was any good I might give him a second chance, but then again I might not. Can you imagine James Milner doing that? Exactly. It’s inexcusable. Anyway, Benteke equalised when his tame shot went right through Pickford. On a day of so many rare sightings Pickford’s howler was the only thing you could have predicted beforehand (along with Walcott’s injury of course). Fucking clown. I’ve got to hand it to Benteke though. For one thing it’s impressive that he even remembered what his celebration was after all this time, but the thing I really need to tip my cap to him for is that he was acting like this was perfectly normal, just another day at the office. He’s a £30m striker who hadn’t scored for a year. If that’s me, I’m probably going down the route of the Newcastle fan at Oxford. Not Benteke though, he’s like “yeah, just gonna bust out my old shitty thigh slap celebration. Nothing to see here, just me back in the old routine”. Have to admire his chutzpah. Maybe he felt that it wasn’t a big deal because it was only against Pickford? Probably felt like scoring against one of his kids in the back garden. This is just a teaser, click to view the full article Please note that PL Round Ups are only available to website subscribers. Subscriptions cost just £2 a month (you need to register first) and can be purchased here.