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  1. George Costanza

    Other Football - 2019/20

    United's back 5 on paper should be decent but Chelsea found absolutely loads of space in attack. Pedro kept making the wrong decision & the youngsters look decent up until the final 3rd then toothless. Had they have had Hazard & Higuain they would have scored 3 or 4 today. Chelsea were missing some players but they looked naive as if the manager was an inexperienced idealist. Good win for United unfortunately but their whole attacking play seems to rely on a give & go pass and use their pace. Chelsea's defensive high line & an awful performance from Zouma played into their hands. They could struggle against teams that sit deeper & try to hit them on the break.
  2. George Costanza

    Donald Trump

    Well I am in constant hope one of the millions of American gun nuts assassinates this cunt only for the FBI/Secret Service to shrug their shoulders and say shit happens
  3. George Costanza

    The Rugby Thread

    Still a way to go but Ireland are my favourites for the World Cup. Their club game is in a strong position providing good depth to the national team & they have a single mindedness that England had in 2003 in how to win games. England should have beaten NZ last week but contrived to throw it away and also make stupid decisions in the last 2 minutes to throw it wide rather than keep it central for the drop goal. NZ finally look like a team that has lost its aura. Drain of the talent pool to the riches in Europe hasn't helped them but its the worst/most vulnerable All Black team in a decade. They are still a very good team & have some outstanding individuals but as a team they don't look as formidable. South Africa look to have got their shit toghether & they are a excellent team again. Pity De Klerk hasn't been allowed to play in the autum internationals as he was arguably the player of the tournament in the recent rugby championship. Australia look ordinary but always raise their game in tournament format. Looking forward to the 6 nations (bar the Italy games) as the level should be at its highest.
  4. George Costanza

    Boss Opening Credits

    not as good as Band of Brothers as a series but brilliant opening credits
  5. George Costanza

    Sharks (and all things oceany)

    Its quite surprising that a number of White Sharks are still so far north as winter approaches. Watched a fair few programmes on the Atlantic Great Whites and they thought they travelled north to Massachusetts etc in the summer & went south to the Florida & the gulf in winter
  6. George Costanza

    Ryder Cup 2018 Paris

    Imagine if Noren's put was to win it. what a finish that would be
  7. George Costanza

    Ryder Cup 2018 Paris

    Thought the course setup was exceptional. The rough was a proper hazard and I loved how much the water came into play. Adds that extra bit of drama. Made up for Molinari. How many players have won all 5 points. What a season it has been for him. Same applies to Tommy Fleetwood. Shame he couldn't quite replicate his pairs form in the singles. Poults & Garcia proved their captain right. Neither have to be in form they always raise their game for the Ryder Cup. Same can't be said of Phil & Tiger. Both pointless & even despite his amazing win last week it wasn't really a surprise. Neither of the Americans 'big two' have ever done that well at the Ryder Cup
  8. George Costanza

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    spot on. The Pacific was good but compared to Band Of Brothers it not at that level. Where BOB excelled the Pacific struggled in the individual narrative. That was more down to the style of combat across the Pacific island invasions. It was far more disjointed than the Western Europe campaign. People who watched the Pacific before Band of Brothers rate it higher because the expectation level isn't there. On its own its an excellent series but it doesn't match up well compared with BOB which is the greatest TV series of all time
  9. George Costanza

    The New Cricket Thread

    Root needs someone to give him a good twatting. He constantly gives his wicket away. He's so fucking talented but if he had an ounce of proper application he'd be scoring huge numbers. Its his attitude that constant throughout the batting. There's no fucker that makes the opponent work for his wicket. Thank fuck for the bowlers. Rescued the batsmen for years now
  10. George Costanza

    The New Cricket Thread

    England really cannot bat at all can they. Fucking awful
  11. George Costanza

    The New Cricket Thread

    The adventurous style has gotten us to #1 as an ODI team (at the absolute detriment to the test team btw) but we do lack discipline as a team. Hindsight a wonderful thing but Bairstow should have settled down after his 100 & looked to bat out the innings. The bowling from England was shocking though
  12. George Costanza

    The New Cricket Thread

    How does Willey still get a game. Did nobody watch his awful performances in the IPL to see just how bad his form is right now
  13. George Costanza

    NFL Discussion and Fantasy League thread

    Officials giving everything to the Patriots as usual. Might as well be tag football & no contact allowed
  14. George Costanza

    The New Cricket Thread

    Root is a terrific player but a fucking awful captain
  15. We are a bang average team with a loveable but limited manager