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  1. Colt Seavers

    Man City - the new bitters?

    He's been chatting with Moyes....you don't have to sell out a stadium to sell out a stadium but they "sold out" a stadium
  2. That must be fake because all the media are Liverpool fans
  3. It wasn't really him being a cunt though I think he felt he didn't deserve it after going off injured. He is obviously very hard on himself which is why he is so good
  4. Absolutely that pass was..well sublime. Diaz just lacks that bit of end product hopefully he will kick on next season like Suarez did
  5. He had a moment when he defended exactly like the goal against Villarreal then he produce a world class clearance towards the end. He only seems to deal in the sublime and the ridiculous no middle ground luckily there are a lot more sublime moments
  6. Origi should have been the sub not Bobby as he would have had more impact unless we were taking it to pens
  7. Just watching the grandstand build up to the 86 final on YouTube. I didn't realise Bob Paisley was still involved with the team and he took charge of things whilst Kenny was playing. Emlyn Hughes was saying Bob would take care of any transfer dealings while Kenny was away with Scotland over the summer
  8. Colt Seavers

    Tottenham (H) - Sat 7th May 2022 (7:45pm)

    To be fair we can't complain about Spurs. They have taken points off City not just us so it's not like they just turn up against us like other teams. We are spoilt at the minute top of the league(ish) 2 cup finals to come and 1 in the bag yet this morning I'm in a terrible mood over last night's result.
  9. Colt Seavers

    FA Cup draw

    What does restricted view mean? Am I sat under the Man City flag?
  10. Thing is he just stood there, made no attempt to go for the ball. What was he thinking, it's one of the worst pieces of defending I've ever seen
  11. That was pathetic from Trent at any level. I can't get my head round him just stood there, fucking clueless
  12. Colt Seavers

    The world of a woman.

    "Didn't you ask Tony how Sue was" "I don't ask Tony how Tony was"
  13. Colt Seavers

    FA Cup draw

    Are you part of Leeds supporters club Scott?
  14. Colt Seavers

    Other Football 2021/22

    I don't think goal difference will come into it would need a loss for them an a draw for us by my reckoning. Best we can hope is they draw and we need to win the lot
  15. Colt Seavers

    Other Football 2021/22

    Was it shitty fans singing Bobby song then? (Obviously not about Bobby)