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*Shakes head* Everton again.


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6 hours ago, Anubis said:

I haven't been on GOT for a while and I'd forgotten just how mad they are on there.


Who is the biggest backer of the PL, SKY.

Both have a mutual interest in muzzleung us, both have 100s of millions riding on the mirage that the PL isn’t rigged.

Sky was always going to censor any talk of corruption, they are the PL best customer and their own profitability is based on presenting the PL as a high profile competition with sporting integrity. They want no party of out protests.

We need to look at what they did on Sun and counter on Sat.

The PL, Sky, PGMOL all in bed together to rig the product that makes them all money. They’re all as bad as each other and have done no favours to Everton as a club (we’ve been bad enough without their assistance as it is but that’s besides the point)

How many times do you ever hear that Everton are the 9 times champions of England in commentary? Never.

All the stats that pop up about us are always negative and mostly pointless. The coverage of our players even the good ones like Pickford who is England’s number one goalkeeper and has been for a while is disgraceful. Sky effectively act as a propaganda pulpit for a succession of kopite pundits and commentators to consistently chip away at the image of Everton to a worldwide audience.

It’s an absolute disgrace it’s been allowed to stand that we can have Liverpool and United ‘legends’ commenting on Everton games season after season. Why the F haven’t Carragher and Neville been moved on yet? It’s because they’re well in bed with these institutions justifying all the bent calls from PGMOL and ensuring the PL and its big clubs are protected at all times by dominating the media narrative.




Ah, I wondered when we'd get back to it all being our fault.



I've lost count of the times when Everton play live the commentator reverts to a line abut how many years it's been since we beat the opposition.

I dont think any club gets its poor records thrown at it more than Everton.

Without going all tin foil hat it is undoubtedly the case that a policy exists to degrade Everton.

Their audience is kopite subscribers, so they have inevitably created a product that plays to them, it’s practically LFC tv, in fact it’s gone so much that way that we’re starting to see more and more anti United content also because it pulls in more eyeballs than positive United content does.

Arsenal go top of the league and it’s barely mentioned and then Carragher is sent out to tell everyone why they can’t win it. They’ve almost been waiting for Spurs to slip up and were giddy at the sight of it. Villa are a complete irrelevance not even being mentioned.

Trent Alexander Arnold meanwhile was called the best right back in PL history and given man of the match in a game he got torn to shreds in. Van Dijk has been called the best centreback of all time by these clowns. There was a video of Darwin Nunez’s goals after 7 games of the season. Last season when Liverpool won nowt and missed top 4 there was barely a negative story about them.

Growing up I can never remember football pundits from the studio being co commentators. Now it seems that Neville and Carragher are covering every key game in both commentary, punditry, and then podcast and column inches after it. Anything to try and control the narrative to influence the outcome.

Sky is bent, PL are bent, and PGMOL are bent.


That St Domingo blert is one of the worst on GOT. I don;'t think he ever posts and it's not about Liverpool. Just pure bitterness and of course the absolute lies he spouts. I reckon he's that taxi blue from the other night. Completely obsessed. 

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2 minutes ago, 3 Stacks said:

The "sky 6" thing, is any braindead fan of these small clubs aware that none of Man City, Chelsea, Man U, Spurs, Arsenal and us were actually trying to leave the Premier League? It had nothing to do with that whatsoever, it was about not playing in European competition.


Doubt it, Neville, Carragher and Sky in general managed to get that thoroughly obfuscated.

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Everton trying to breakaway to form a Super League & 1 of 5 to spearhead the formation of the Prem. With a much bigger cut of TV money compared to the rest. Hypocrites 


During the 1980s, major English clubs had begun to transform into business ventures, applying commercial principles to club administration to maximise revenue. Martin Edwards of Manchester United, Irving Scholar of Tottenham Hotspur, and David Dein of Arsenal were among the leaders in this transformation.[21] The commercial imperative led to the top clubs seeking to increase their power and revenue: the clubs in Division One threatened to break away from the Football League, and in doing so, they managed to increase their voting power and gain a more favourable financial arrangement, taking a 50% share of all television and sponsorship income in 1986.[21] They demanded that television companies should pay more for their coverage of football matches,[22] and revenue from television grew in importance. The Football League received £6.3 million for a two-year agreement in 1986, but by 1988, in a deal agreed with ITV, the price rose to £44 million over four years, with the leading clubs taking 75% of the cash.[23][24] According to Scholar, who was involved in the negotiations of television deals, each of the First Division clubs received only around £25,000 per year from television rights before 1986, this increased to around £50,000 in the 1986 negotiation, then to £600,000 in 1988.[25] The 1988 negotiations were conducted under the threat of ten clubs leaving to form a "super league", but they were eventually persuaded to stay, with the top clubs taking the lion's share of the deal.[23][26][27] The negotiations also convinced the bigger clubs that in order to receive enough votes, they needed to take the whole of First Division with them instead of a smaller "super league".[28] By the beginning of the 1990s, the big clubs again considered breaking away, especially now that they had to fund the cost of stadium upgrade as proposed by the Taylor Report.[29]

In 1990, the managing director of London Weekend Television (LWT), Greg Dyke, met with the representatives of the "big five" football clubs in England (Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham Hotspur, Everton and Arsenal) over a dinner.[30] The meeting was to pave the way for a breakaway from The Football League.[31] Dyke believed that it would be more lucrative for LWT if only the larger clubs in the country were featured on national television and wanted to establish whether the clubs would be interested in a larger share of television rights money.[32] The five clubs agreed with the suggestion and decided to press ahead with it; however, the league would have no credibility without the backing of The Football Association, and so David Dein of Arsenal held talks to see whether the FA were receptive to the idea. The FA did not have an amicable relationship with the Football League at the time and considered it as a way to weaken the Football League's position.[33] The FA released a report in June 1991, Blueprint for the Future of Football, that supported the plan for the Premier League with the FA as the ultimate authority that would oversee the breakaway league.[28]

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1 hour ago, Creator Supreme said:

Formal appeal going in by Friday.


I hope they dock them 10 more.

Everton's legal team believe that they have solid arguments to overturn the points deduction. 


They are currently painting a few bed sheets with threatening messages to put on the office next door to the Premier League building. 


Their six point legal framework is based on the following points:


1. Worrabout der sky six?


2. It's just not fair even though we admit we broke the rules. 


3. Yes we laughed when City were winning stuff to stop der redshite but its affecting us now so it's just not funny anymore. 


4. Heysel


5. Sky edited our booing out on Sunday. Therefore there is a cover up. 


6. Corrupt Cartel 6 colluding with Sky

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1 hour ago, Lee909 said:

It'll get halfed with the other 5 suspended I reckon


There's no groundswell of support for them, no-one gives a fuck and most people are laughing at them. So there's no pressure on the PL to back down. I think the punishment will stand.

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The worst thing they're doing is trying to cost up with everyone else outside 'the sly six' looking to gain support. Absolute pricks. Saw some of them trying to ingratiate themselves to Wolves the other day because Wolves are (justifiably) kicking off at how they keep getting shafted by VAR.


There is nothing remotely similar about what's happening to Everton and Wolves. It's cringeworthy the way they're trying to curry favour with other clubs.

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