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  1. Red74

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Apparently Jeff Stelling has said they got loads of complaints from the loons cos they never made a big thing of them going top for a few hours last week
  2. Red74

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I don’t think the mosh has got the appetite for building this ground if they have to go it alone. You could understand the eagerness to get on board when diamond Joe was selling this as a legacy from the commonwealth games bid that wouldn’t go unused and be a millstone round the cities neck, however, once that went tits up, the Ev should have just walked away. Now they’ve allowed themselves to be backed into a corner by not wanting to lose face with what went on in the past with their other failed ground moves. Wouldn’t surprise me if they were deliberately sabotaging these planning applications knowing that their deranged fan base will look to blame anyone (us) but the club if it gets knocked back. Should it go ahead, then the income it produces will just about meet the interest repayments as the 50 year old scruffs won’t be giving up those child season tickets they still go on and hopefully this will be the thing that finally sinks them.
  3. Red74

    Sadio Mane

    If he didn’t get that Achilles injury, John Barnes would have fucked us off to play in Italy
  4. Red74

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They’re the ex bird you can’t remember why you split up with who started hanging round with mings you couldn’t stand and started getting banged by them to make you jealous while not realising she was just getting abused by them instead. Whereas you stayed true to that boss bird you got with next and got the dream house, job, car, kids etc and had a great life. Edit: you do remember why you split up. she was a fucking divvy who wouldn’t shut up
  5. I’ve said this for years when arguing with them. Other clubs enjoyed their own success yet there’s was diluted because it was all about chasing us down.
  6. Red74

    Chelsea (A) 20/9/20 - Premier League

    Annoys me how Salah gets brought up by these pricks in other games when someone goes down without being touched. Never habitual cheats like Sterling or that little cunt Fernandes
  7. Red74

    Chelsea (A) 20/9/20 - Premier League

    Anyone think we’d have got the pen Werner got yesterday? Salah got brought down in the 1st half and carra couldn’t wait to say it looks like he’s gone down too easy there yet we never got the chance to see it again.
  8. Red74

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Get a back up in for Fabinho at centre half then we’re good to go.
  9. Red74

    Best James Bond?

    Fassbender would be brilliant and would carry on the Bond being a top red theme.
  10. Red74

    Diogo Jota

    I couldn’t have picked this lad out in an ID parade 2 hours ago but after watching his goals compilation vids, I remember him enough now to be confident to point him out to the feds
  11. After enduring series 3 of The Dark and The Fall, I’m more than happy Netflix are driving 2 series shows now
  12. Red74

    Elevator bird in Liar Liar

    She delivers a tour de force in a little movie called Bound
  13. Red74

    Elevator bird in Liar Liar

    Guess this was posted before your promotion to King Arthur’s table