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  1. And another thing, not only is the acting, scripts, effects etc bad, the musics absolutely chronic
  2. Bullseye, but that’ll be parked up soon. Instead of acknowledging their fuck ups, they’d rather go out of their way to antagonise those who want it to succeed. Remember the discourse after The Last Jedi disaster. They told everyone they were gonna give Rian Johnson his own trilogy instead. Absolutely deranged
  3. I know there’s been loads of books and computer games made after the OT but I’ve never thought there was a genuinely big enough audience for any of the characters to go solo (no pun) as the story had been told and they weren’t really that interesting away from the main storyline. I’ve tried reading some of these books and the graphic novels and everyone of them will still use the OT’s quotes or poorly rewrite a scene as a get out and I just can’t finish them after seeing it. I don’t think they’ll recover from this. Each one’s been a disaster. Andoe & the Mandalorian was good but that 3rd series was a joke after guess what, they turned it into a woman’s struggle to regain her rightful throne. No one’s rewatching anything that’s gone before and with the exception of andor 2, everything they’ve greenlits been cancelled. They’ve already had to shut down the hotel in Orlando as they got that catastrophically wrong and the park they built is underwhelming. Disney would be better off packaging this up and trying to sell it to someone who can reboot it all from scratch cos they seem all out of ideas now and everyone’s laughing at them .
  4. Omar Shariff had me howling when he’s with the street magician and then when he comes back from being crushed in the taxi. Fun fact: the prosthesis they used for Peter Cushings face with the magnifying glass scene was found in the studio when they were making Rogue One and that’s why we get to see Grand Moff Tarkin again.
  5. There is no audience for this shit so who are they making it for. Even the coloured hair internet weirdos who just can’t wait to pile on to anyone critiscising these terrible series don’t watch it so what the fuck are they doing. Female strong movies regularly tank, the Japanese would rather watch nuclear lizards smashing up Tokyo every other year and I read that Disney have to remove / minimise black characters for the China market, the gay community couldn’t give a shit and modern day kids won’t go near it. They wasted a massive opportunity to cash in on those who were around for the original trilogy as these were who put it where it was yet they’ve gone as far as they can to alienate that audience.
  6. Top Secret - 1984 Early Val Kilmer flick by those who made airplane with him playing an elvis type superstar who goes behind the iron curtain to play a concert only to be drawn in to an East German plot to destroy the wests submarines that he has to help stop. Now this was a film that I loved as a kid when it first came out. Never saw it since but there’s been loads of clips doing the rounds on Twitter lately that have had me chuckling so I thought I’ll have to watch this again. Some genuinely laugh out loud scenes in the early part of the film but runs out of steam halfway through and the 2nd half is taken up by Vals character singing song after song to kill the running time. Turns out they released an album of these songs on the back of the movie. 6/10 prob best left in the past.
  7. Im happy with that at the start of the tournament.
  8. I was just sorting Abbot, Raynor and a weekend in the Feathers hotel for you there but you can forget it now ungrateful arse.
  9. Godzilla minus one. Normally avoid these type of movies like the plague but it auto started on Netflix and I couldn’t be arsed stretching for the remote. What a boss film. So glad they never ruined it by adding that godzookie nobhead. 8/10
  10. Mordant and Truss. Penthouse suite. Adelphi
  11. Was there any doubt the bullies mate wouldn’t sign up with these.
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