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    Liverpool 1 Crystal Palace 1 (Aug 15 2022)

    Not for me, Clive. Regarding Trent, he was virtually playing centre forward at one point. Also noticed there were times when Robbo was centre forward, and that was when Darwin was on the pitch. Did anyone see from our kick off to start the 2nd half where Robbo lined up and then ended up? Whatever the plan was there, it didn't work because Milner almost lost the ball and we went backwards. We were defo up to something though, so something to watch out for in future.
  2. Mentioned it in the match report, but hadn't seen it when we recorded the pod.
  3. I agree it wasn't anything particularly bad and I agree it reflects badly on Nunez. That wasn't my point and I wasn't saying it to defend Nunez, I was just adding context to the red card by saying it wasn't an isolated moment where he lost his head, it was part of a simmering feud that was going on. The thing he saw red for wasn't as bad as the two that he didn't connect with. The needling was happening all game and he was getting more and more worked up by it. It wasn't even that bad, mostly just little shoves when the ball was nowhere near them, and I assume the odd stamp on the foot, verbals etc I saw the swing he had at Anderson and he's lucky that didn't connect as it was probably even more stupid than what he was eventually sent off for.
  4. When you get to my age time goes that fast that 12 years is basically three, so my point stands.
  5. He used to be "our man in the Lisbon" when he lived here.
  6. Watch the video of them throughout the game. And that wasn't even all of it. There was more to the sending off than just that moment and the couple of seconds before it. Anderson played Nunez like a fucking fiddle all night, niggling him the whole game and getting him more and more riled up until he eventually snapped and got sent off. That isn't a criticism of Anderson (if anything it's a compliment) and it's not a defence of Nunez in any way shape or form. I'm just adding the context that you're overlooking.
  7. I don't listen to Rihanna music. In fact, I can't stand Rihanna music. The fact I'm aware of it and can make jokes based on the lyrics is what makes me hip and cool. Have to stay up to date with the trends, kids.
  8. Yes! Fight them with stats Stu. I could get used to this having a nerd helping me fight battles by throwing nerd stuff around.
  9. dave u

    Hall of Fame - Class of 2020 (Results)

    Yep, he better go in next time. His record is genuinely incredible and isn't talked about anywhere near enough.
  10. He's just doing a bit. He doesn't believe a word he says.
  11. It's only you in denial of it. Funny thing is, you only saw me play a handful of times anyway because your fitness record makes Thiago look iron man.
  12. dave u

    Hall of Fame - Class of 2020 (Results)

    Likewise the lack of Elisha Scott votes. Sky generation fans *shakes head*
  13. He might not hit it long like Virgil, but he doesn't play safe either. He's always trying to thread the needle and fizz passes into the feet of the forwards. Around 85-90% is what I'd expect from him normally. I remember one year Phil Babb led the league in pass completion with something daft like 95% because he used to just roll it to Ruddock or Bjornebye and let them get on on with it! I still hate Phil Babb.
  14. Ok I take it back. Again. I'm riding with Monty. Screw all of you Joel haters.
  15. Nice one mate, glad to be of service. A few people have corrected me on Matip now so I've probably got that wrong. It's Monty's fault, I was already thinking Joel had a good game and then he came steaming into the chat saying how Matip was head and shoulders above everyone else so it reaffirmed what I thought.
  16. dave u

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Pretty sure I remember reading that before Chelsea signed Lukaku, they went for Haaland and were quoted 750k a week. Totally agree there's no way he's 'only' on 350k a week at City.
  17. dave u

    Fulham 2 Liverpool 2 (Aug 6 2022)

    Ok not great but... 1) he plays so many progressive forward passes that this is an occupational hazard. Mostly he was very good and had some nice Joel forays forward. 2) it still should never have led to a goal when its a forward as slow and limited (at dribbling) as Mitrovic running at Virgil.
  18. dave u

    Fulham 2 Liverpool 2 (Aug 6 2022)

    If you think I'm dissing my boy Joel then you haven't been paying attention! (seriously, I didn't even notice, I'll watch it back now and report my findings!)
  19. dave u

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    He's as bad as those twats who jumped ship to LIV Golf. @redknight said it best I think. Anyone thinking of taking the Saudi money should be made to go and attend the public executions and if after that they still want to work for them, fine. We'll all know exactly what they are and they can't plead ignorance.
  20. dave u

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    The big difference is that SC don't own the club and aren't his bosses, FSG are.
  21. dave u

    Fulham 2 Liverpool 2 (Aug 6 2022)

    Was hoping for a top, top Jumanji deaths analysis but that'll do!
  22. My aunty Mary despises Harry Kane because "you can tell by his face he's definitely a paedophile". Even my mum never went that far.
  23. Tell your mum I apologise for the swearing. I can't speak for the others though. Especially Brownie, he's got a bad potty mouth.