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  1. Vector Sigma

    Nike deal

    This is an outrage. We're supposed to defending he PL title in that gear? Very disappointing and can't believe some of that shite got through their focus groups or was approved by the club.
  2. Vector Sigma


    Just to add to this, she's married but it's been barren for 5 years and divorce has been on the cards for months before I came on the scene. Her husband is a die hard, Scouser hating Man Utd supporter. So not only is he having to put up with our victory last week, but his hot ex wife is going to be getting some proper Scouse loving!
  3. Vector Sigma


    My only advice would be to look after you first, second and third. Get yourself in a good frame of mind by any means necessary and things might just naturally fall into place. Good luck fella.
  4. Vector Sigma


    I was diagnosed Bipolar 2 almost 2 years ago now. I had everything in my dreams and lost it all, or rather those I lost didn't accept I was ill. At Christmas last year I was hours away from suicide. There is much more detail, enough to write a book, but let me just add the recent positives in my life as a message to anyone who feels they are lost and without hope:- I'm 2 months into a steady job. All is going well. My divorce is almost complete. No drink for two weeks, 10 days on Intermittent Fasting diet and 8lbs lost so far. No cigs since Saturday. I even abstained last Thursday and over the weekend and just got high on seeing the unbridled joy around the city. My cheat day is roughly when we will lift a certain trophy. Met a girl online a week ago and we get on like a house on fire. She's gorgeous. I drove to her town earlier and we walked her dog and chatted. The flirting was top level and her dog loved me too. When it's safe we are meeting up again. When I got home I told her via WhatsApp the entire warts and all story of the last 2 interrupted years of my life. My heart was in my mouth when I said I was diagnosed Bipolar 2 and I asked her 'are you afraid?' She said no and thanked me for my candid honesty. It made my whole week to not be judged. I'm not manic or hypomanic. I'm calm, considered and rational. No delusions or random spending, racing thoughts etc. I'm just actually naturally happy for the first time in 2 years. Stay strong and never give up on yourself.
  5. Vector Sigma

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    To be fair to the cunt he should know about combustible buildings what with Woodison and all that.
  6. Vector Sigma

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    He is the heartbeat of the club. With every word he utters he goes up in my estimation. I never thought that were possible but his eloquence and humility elevates him to amongst the greatest football managers of all time. I hope he stays long beyond 2024. He could shag my bird and I'd just sit there with a big grin on my face and roar him on.
  7. Vector Sigma

    Shit players that had worldie's against us?

    The state of that two footer from Redknapp!! My word we had some dross there, Stewart, Walters, Piechnik compared to McMahon, Houghton and Hansen. We really did unravel very quickly in the 90s and saw some dreadful stuff served up. I think it was Ipswich who beat us 1-0 in 93 or 94, some no mark twat with a thunderbolt. I just missed out on the glory years but put the time in through the dark days so am revelling in our current position.
  8. Vector Sigma

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Simple my good man. Micah Richards is a know-nothing bellend and just chats shit.
  9. Vector Sigma

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    So now the inference is that Reds have concocted a fake false flag narrative and have used an innocent Blue's FB profile to lift the image from?
  10. Vector Sigma

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    Only a lean could improve that image.
  11. Vector Sigma


    Good work Stig. Woe betide anyone who fucks with the winning formula.
  12. Vector Sigma

    The 30 Year Wait

    It's like you read my mind but put it into much better words. Bravo mate.