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  1. That's my hope too. I'm only up to the second episode but fell asleep mid way through last night. Quantity over quality ever since Disney got their hands on it. Most of the TV series have been below average and although there will always be the meganerds who cherish anything Star Wars, they really need to branch off into more varied aspects of storytelling. Having said that, I am looking forward to the rumoured Holiday Special reboot.
  2. As I'm unsure of your politics I'm assuming that you class Northern Ireland as Ireland A? Sorry to be that guy if it's a mistake.
  3. At this rate most of the country will be singing Fuck the Tories. Lovely stuff.
  4. This is the key word here. Pre Thatcher that is broadly what we had. 45 years later and we've gone full circle.
  5. That's a great read, thanks for posting. Who wrote it?
  6. I'm seeing a fusion of Alien and Aliens, so jump scare horror and rootin' tootin' action. Cautiously optimistic, but remember all too well the disappointment of Resurrection and the 2 AvP films. I liked Alien 3, except for how they handled Hicks and Newt.
  7. I know why you're saying that but get to fuck.
  8. I still think the giant douche will overcome the turd sandwich.
  9. Interesting that there is absolutely zero coverage of this reasonably big story on the BBC Sport or News apps. Women's Euro qualifiers of greater importance.... I sincerely hope that the tribal element of football fan bases realise that if they win this it's an absolute outrage and that we should join forces in solidarity to keep the game from these absolute fraudulent, despotic cunts. I won't hold my breath. I do however think that the clubs will stand up for it, which may improve the chances of the above happening.
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