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  1. I reckon it'll be picked up elsewhere, Netflix or some shit.
  2. I think for any audience it would always have had to be something pretty big to legitimise sons and an entire family wanting to cap a motherfucker, if it was purely down to business the characters wouldn't have been sympathetic at all.
  3. Bland as fuck city, there's no soul to them at all, no identity, no passion in the stands or on the pitch, they're a crossbow at an archery contest.
  4. How come there's loads of mixed race people in Dublin but no black people? Same with Love/Hate, Samantha Mumba and Phil Babb. I can't do the maths on it.
  5. That chemist bird situation was a little too close to home as that was basically my 20s summed up. Wake up after a night out thinking I had a new bird only to discover she'd left the country/was dead/had never really existed.
  6. What opportunity is that then? The one that comes when you're still in opposition? I don't know if these people genuinely don't get politics, or haven't been paying attention to where they've grown up, or they just like to lob shitballs. It's a bit mental. "We're the left", like the left is all one big gang and everyone else isn't in the club. Owen Jones's left and a Garston docker's left are probably not very similar at all.
  7. It's boss the way the Irish call the coppers the guards. Call the guards darn tootin' they've shot me daa.
  8. Imagine being from Balackpool, which is bottom of nearly every health and social stat in the North West, and voting Tory. Absolute, unabashed, 110% lunacy.
  9. You love that other Tory though, the one that looks like Roddy McDowell from planet of the apes, I can't keep up with you you crazy cat.
  10. Must. Not. Fap. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2024/feb/20/canada-93-tory-sunak-critics-extinction-level-election-result
  11. Had a dream the other day me and the Mrs were stuck in traffic at Speke boulevard and some woman came up standing on massive, 50ft wooden stilts and started shouting at me in Spanish, so I pushed her and she fell back and cracked her head. I said to the Mrs I was getting off, got out the car which was still stuck at the lights, and got an uber to the airport just in time to see the police turn up. No idea, although I have been rewatching Narcos.
  12. People living in Notting Hill, west London, received more in capital gains from 2015 to 2019 than the combined population of Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle according to an analysis of capital gains tax
  13. Reckon that Badenoch will be toast soon, she's accusing the post office bloke she fucked off of all sorts and being a liar (most of this via twitter) but he's kept records of it all apparently. Like Raab and Patel, she's that horrendous combination of arrogant bully and absolutely thick as fuck. About as cunning as a fox who got a third class honours degree in Cunning from the university of Salford, then was turned down for a Masters in cunning at the open University even though she was willing to pay all the cash up front.
  14. And to think the GF is struggling to attract young blood.
  15. The Tories are starting to remind me of a dog after it's shit in your shoes, then tilts its head quizzically because it doesn't understand why you're not over the moon.
  16. I agree, but my beef over that isn't with Starmer, it's with the Murdock/Rothamere press, and the lizard brained mob that puts the Tories in power, again and again. People are attacking the wrong target. Corbyn was comprehensively destroyed for going down that path, as was Miliband and Brown. As I've said before, I hate the game and not the player. I can't put into words how utterly in despair I am of the British public, you only have to look at the likes of Dennis Skinner being thrown out on his ear. I'll stay here and vote for Starmer as it's my only option, if I had the choice I'd be driving up and down the west coast of Australia on a Triumph motorcycle as the owner of not one, not two, but three barber shops, and would happily eat popcorn while I watch towns like Bury, Burnley and those other B places sink into the swamp of economic and social oblivion.
  17. Absolute SHENANIGANS! https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2024/feb/19/scandalous-if-uk-watchdog-role-left-empty-when-rwanda-plan-starts-says-inspector The UK’s chief inspector of borders and immigration has said it is “scandalous” that his watchdog role could be left vacant while the Rwanda scheme is introduced.
  18. Yep, slowly cooked on the inside.
  19. Never trust a man with a girl's name.
  20. Always think Akehurst looks like a cartoon depiction of a tumour, like if you had an advert for kids about stopping smoking.
  21. It was the Tory membership that foisted Johnson on us first time round and then Truss for good measure, they're twats to a man.
  22. He's not a bad guy Jones but he's not a journalist he's an opinion writer (nothing wrong with that, but it's not the same). He launched his own YouTube channel a couple of years back and YouTube depends on you having subscribers and the best way to get them is through knowing your audience. I used to watch a couple of pop culture/sci fi YouTubers but don't watch them now as they've gone down the whole incels, "disney is woke" rabbit hole. It's monetised fume. Jones knows his audience, it's the same as Skwarkbox and the like. I just don't see the point of it at all. Jones hates Blair, but how many lives were made better under new Labour compared to what had gone before and what came after? My happiest times living in this country were under Blair nationally and the Lib Dems locally, both "centrist" by any measure. Perfect, no, better than this shit, absolutely. I saw someone, possibly Jones, posting a michael foot quote recently. Michael foot lost.
  23. I think we're in broad agreement generally, I don't know if Starmer believes anything, I don't find him inspiring at all, I just view him as a means to an end. Starmer’s labour might be Cameron lite, I don't know until they're in power, but they're not gangsters. We're literally run by gypsies, tramps and thieves. People who profiteer off pandemics and social strife, then brag about it on their own GB News channels. The difference between Labour and Tory now is the same as Democrats vs Republicans. One is centrist, the other is a collection of thieves, liars, flat earthers and abject scum. What absolutely bakes my noodle though is that there's people out there claiming to be left wing who'd happily see Starmer’s labour lose. They can't claim to care about ordinary folk and hold that belief, they just can't. There's lots of people out there now, people with blogs, YouTube channels and all that bollocks - bums generally - who if they weren't obsessing over all this, it'd be lower league football or steam trains. They rant and rave in their own echo Chambers. Owen Jones makes money out of Starmer the way Alex Jones rants about gun control, monetised fume to the already initiated. But 99.9% of people through don't give a fuck, they just don't want to live in a country that's falling apart around them. I'm one of those people.
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