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    Keir Starmer

    I'm not inspired at all by Starmer but there's a lot of weird shit going on in wider society that I'd say is beyond his control. The 'wartime mentality' of Covid coupled with the post Brexit general weirdness of vast swathes of the working class electorste. You only have to look at some of the voter interviews around Hartlepool. They weren't pillorying Labour for not being left wing, they were slagging them off for nonsense shit such as the local hospital being understaffed (?!).
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    Keir Starmer

    I think it's good in theory but in practice it can throw up problems, such as the labour MP being 'held to account' by the relatively small number of people who control the CLP, rather than the tens of thousands of wider voters who put them there. During their tenure rather than pushing the agenda of the constituency they end up trying to appease what is usually three or four people. 'you didn't vote X on our Punjabi amendment at conference, your work on the local bus station replacement buys you no favours here.' I can only speak from experience but the shot callers in the CLP of the labour MP I worked for didn't like him for the simple reason that they wanted one of their family members to get the job but they were never selected. They'd wanted them in post so they could get jobs with them. As a result, they didn't campaign for him and looked for any chance to undermine him. He was a decent local MP though IMO and popular with the wider electorate. There can be a lot of power games at CLPs, bullying and abject cuntery. Good people sure, but often drowned out.
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    Boris Johnson

    With my head still spinning from the fact someone had been jailed for three months for posting nasty comments on Facebook and no news organisations seemed arsed, I turned on the telly to see that at some point over the last few months - without me realising it - Boris Johnson has turned into the English JFK. Yesterday I heard him described as 'blue Viagra', 'a future Prime Minister' and 'a political rock star'. Heard how journalists love him because he 'remembers their names', 'tells jokes' and 'is a character'. It seems obvious they're maneuvering to get him to replace Cameron for the simple reason that he'd make good news stories owing to the fact he's an utter, utter buffoon. I just couldn't handle the shit yesterday. I felt like I'd climbed out of a car wreck and then been hit by a bus. What's going on in this country, seriously? A year from now Mitt Romney and Boris Johnson could be leaders of the western world, the dole might not exist, and people will be getting sent down for making inappropriate jokes about those facts on Twitter.
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    Liverpool's Hidden Gems

    A thread for restaurants, bars, attractions, parks, anything really that you like but that's off the beaten track a bit and maybe a lot of people don't know about. I'll kick off with a couple. Woolton Cinema - a traditional independent cinema tucked away in Woolton Village, went again recently for the first time in about 20 years and it was class. About six quid for a ticket and they still have an intermission in the middle where you can buy a Cornetto, highly recommended. Rococo - Coffee shop on Lord Street next to BHS, it's unbelievably easy to miss as it's basically just a small doorway. But walk upstairs and the place is ace, a big sized coffee shop with a corridor that leads back and lots of little rooms with couches you can sit off and chat.
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    Women in Sport - The Hottest - prob NSFW

    They had some old footage of Jessica Ennis on the other night. Lovely. Talked too much but what a piece she was, great ass, and game as they come.
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    It was based on something that really happened I think, the FBI in new York buzzing off someone getting whacked. "This is a reference to former FBI supervisor R. LindeyDeVecchio, who said the same thing when he was told Lorenzo "Larry" Lampasi had been shot to death in front of his Brooklyn home. DeVecchio was later indicted for providing the Colombo family with information that led to four murders, much as Harris provides Tony with information leading to the death of Leotardo."
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    Yeah it's slim pickings when it comes to getting help from GPs, 'have you tried exercise?' is always a favourite. Dunno if these are any good mate. Might signpost you to someone. https://www.suffolkuserforum.co.uk/
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    Shite. Where abouts do you live mate? Are there any local charities that offer advice and counselling?
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    You had to be there, he was a bit of a geezer.
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    My milfs of choice are: Susan from Neighbours, got her hair short now though. The President from the new Battlestar Galactica...
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    Remember some bloke passing out once having his bloods done, was funny as fuck because he was such a Billy big bollocks. They used to do you two at a time in our walk in centre, I find it quite interesting so I was watching her do mine, then this bloke in a suit walks in giving it 'alright ladies, oooh I'll roll me sleeve up, busy morning for you eh? Next thing he just seemingly went to sleep in the chair. Nurse was like 'ah, he's passed out'.
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    Yeah uptake in the southern states is predictably poor apparently.
  13. Section_31


    More antibodies than Wolverine if he'd been bummed by Mark Fowler. I think numbers of cases is a bit of a red herring to be honest which is why I don't understand why the media are concentrating so much on it. Vaccines don't stop you catching it just like the flu vaccine doesn't stop you catching flu, but it hopefully stops you going to hospital. The yanks reckon 99.5% of their deaths now are unvaccinated.
  14. Section_31

    He-Man: A Tribute

    So utterly depressed with all this bollocks I thought I'd start a thread about the most powerful man in the universe and how I wish he was real. That's all.
  15. Section_31

    GB News

    Arlene Foster joining apparently. Interesting one that as, despite it being called GB News, most of the gammon brigade are English I suspect and I'd imagine many of their views towards NI would be.... questionable.
  16. Section_31

    The Space Thread

    Love this stuff. For anyone who's interested... relief map of Mars showing Olympus Mons volcano (top left) which is 16 miles high and 374 miles across. The lowest (blue) areas are also where some scientists believe oceans once existed, note the 'inlets' and apparent coastlines. Any more?
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    The fuck? This could have gotten you into hot water had you come to Liverpool on a night out.
  18. Section_31

    Family Strife

    Need to get this off my chest after this weekend and wondered if anyone can relate. I've never had much of a family, I don't really bother with the extended family as they're all turds (the kind of people who were arguing over who gets to take the flowers and sausage rolls home from my nan's funeral, despite not paying for any of it themselves). I lost my granddad when I was 17 and nan when I was 24, they were amazing and like a second set of parents, but after that I wasn't left with much in terms of the blood's thicker than water stakes - I had about five family members at my wedding, two I hadn't seen since I was a kid. I'd kind of come to terms with it, as far as I was concerned, my family was my immediate family that I lived with. My mum's fella is a set of empty clothes, I've never got on with him and have long suspected he's a genuine sociopath, he stays in his room now mostly listening to Bible tapes and walks around in his boxies. My sister supposedly has autism, but I've never been that convinced. She dropped out of school when she was about 11 and has what I'd say is a very young mental age (probably about 13-14, she is 21. Because of her supposed problems my mum has developed an almost obsession with these problems. She excuses everything she does, absolutely everything, and puts it down to her 'problems'. Since I moved out though with my wife, I've come to realise that my family home was an absolute madhouse and almost certainly made me ill when I had a bout of severe anxiety. When I go back everything seems so negative. Nobody works, nobody does anthing, I prompt (and have got my mum involved in things like a writing group) but beyond that they never do anything for themselves. I love my mum to bits, aside from my wife she's all I've got and she is and was the most caring person you'd ever meet. But my sister is highly manipulative and selfish, she thrives on chaos. Anywhere they've ever been as a family, be it a group, a church, anywhere, has always ended with them leaving under a cloud after my sister got into a row with someone - but, according to my mum, it would always be their fault. A couple of years back my mum had a breakdown. She used to lie in bed crying and he would go to church and leave her there. My sister though, tried to do everything she could to make the situation worse. One night she feigned illness saying she needed to go to hospital, I calmed her down and she ended up sat in bed eating cheese on toast. When that didn't work, she got her nose pierced the next day. When that didn't work, she started a row with her dad over some sweets of hers he'd eaten - and at this point I flipped (think I called her a c'unt') I managed to bring my mum back from the brink, made enquiries for her with the DWP (the reason she'd had the breakdown was because they'd though they'd overpaid her 16k and wanted her to pay it back, turns out it was their mistake and they apologised. I also took her the doctors and got her some treatment. But it was heartbreaking seeing her in tears and at one point she said she'd wished she'd gone to sleep and not woken up - imagine how that feels to hear? A few months later though, I myself had an anxiety breakdown - and I'm fairly certain it was largely because of all this. My sister thrives on chaos. She likes texting me when something bad has happened, and will usually time it for when I'm out having a meal or something. Since I've moved out I've tried to have them involved. Invited them over for boxing day etc, where my mym was great but he sat there all night with his coat on and my sister sat there texting. We had a barbecue the other week they both sat indoors. They came around again last week and my sister had a gob on and said something which was quite off. I raised this with my mum at the weekend. We'd taken flowers to my granddad's grave and I took her for a brew. But she did what she always does, said my sister 'can't help it' etc and walked off, saying she was going to get the bus home. I calmed her down, took her home and she started crying en route, saying she was sorry but that she's 'so used to having to defend her'. I feel like my mum is a lost cause now, her belief that my sister has been wronged by society is seemingly deeply psychologically entrenched, I realised this weekend there's no going back and my sister will continue to exploit that for all it's worth. I can just see her getting dragged further and further into their world and there's nothing I can do except watch. I also think it's a matter of time before my sister tries to drive a wedge between me and my wife and them, in fact she's probably working on it Operation Barbarossa style in her room as we speak. Every time they make me angry though I feel instantly guilty and think 'but they're my family'. I don't think my Mrs likes them either because she thinks they'll be the end of me. She's probably right. Either way, this was the weekend where I started to feel like I've got no family left at all.
  19. Section_31

    Family Strife

    I went to see a counsellor about 10 years back and one of the things that came up was how I was with women. I had an intense, almost volcanic sensitivity to rejection and in hinsight was often beaten in my mind before I'd even thought about making a move on a woman. If a woman acted anything other than 110% interested I'd completely shut down. The ides of 'pursuing' someone was anathema. He reckoned it was because my dad had left when I was two and that it'd given me a thing about loss, so I was averse to relationships. I was alone, but being alone was 'safe' he said. Throughout most of my life I've always found relationships tough, I'm fine with friendships but anything deeper and I tended to set fire to it early doors. I'd told him I don't remember my dad, but he reckons at age 2 I would have done. I told my mum about all this only recently and she said I did and often used to say 'where's daddy?'. It's amazing the influence a parent can have on you, good and bad.
  20. Section_31

    Family Strife

    I always think people who don't bother with their kids/grandkids must have faulty wiring, it's one of nature's most primal instincts. Animals don't do it.
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    Small pleasures?

    (1) ASDA prawn crackers, a finer example of oriental foodstuff is not to be found this side of Macau. Fact.
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    Oh look.
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    The human race is basically divided into empathetic individuals and a smaller percentage of psychopathic, ruthless cunts who'd blow a city up to make a million quid. They're parasitic and manipulate the former, larger group to get what they want, via force or by politics or the media. Whether you're Al Capone or Boris Johnson, an HR manager who pushes the button on a thousand redundancies and doesn't bat an eyelid or a banker that knowingly destroys an entire housing market to secure a bonus so they can buy a car, it's the same relationship between them and wider society. It's all about how they can use and manipulate to get what they want. But these days, because of social norms and because they're outnumbered they have to shroud their true selves. They can't exist without the former group though, if you put them all on an island together they'd be dead within 48 hours because they're incapable of cooperation or of keeping a lid on their own wants and desires in favour of the group. . I'm sure like one in 100 people are psychopaths, they're not human in many ways, their brains are wired completely differently. It pays to remember that a lot of these people at the top simply don't think like most of us, they don't care whether you live or die. Once you realise that, a lot more about the modern world will make sense.
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    These are the people Johnson and Cummings created. They fed them after midnight on talk of treachery and crushing saboteurs.
  25. Section_31

    Family Strife

    Or you could respond like TJ Hooker.