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  1. The reason the government ministers are clueless is that running the country isn't their real job, their real job was to stay in power while their mates raped and pillaged. Now they've had their fill they're off.
  2. "I voted for Boris last time." "It's terrible round here now. They didn't do anything." "I won't be voting this time." Jesus fuck.
  3. I wish she'd put some pants on.
  4. It's poor form, you should only really do stuff like that for watchdog style stings, the whole point of cornering someone like that is to catch them off guard in the hope they'll do or say something stupid.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/business/article/2024/jun/13/tesla-shareholders-approve-elon-musk-pay Tesla shareholders approve CEO Elon Musk’s $45bn pay package Billionaire tells shareholders ‘hot damn, I love you guys’ after retaining largest-ever executive pay package at US-listed firm
  6. Some don't like him though as his record on supporting Corbyn and the antisemitism smear campaign was 'quotes/unquotes' 'far from unblemished'. https://skwawkbox.org/2024/06/11/exclusive-left-wing-jews-fury-over-jones-renewed-attack-on-black-jew-jackie-walker/ I reckon if a Corbyn government had ever formed the factions would have descended into factions, as would those factions, all trying to out faction each other. Five years later some clone of Margaret Thatcher would have been put up for election by an alliance of ReformUK and the Klingon Empire and we'd have had perpetual fascism forever.
  7. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=508638328158164
  8. Are you kidding? New Hope: Nearly gets beaten up in a bar, gets clobbered by the sand people, nearly gets eaten in the trash compactor Empire Strikes Back: Nearly gets eaten by the snow creature. Escapes then passes out and is rescued by Han. Gets his ship rescued by Yoda, gets absolutely trounced by Vader and his hand cut off. Return of the Jedi - saves friends, beats Vader but gets battered by the Emperor and saved by his dad. Luke's is the perfect hero's journey, spotty kid to Jedi Knight over the course of three films (four years in real time). By contrast. In A Force Awakens alone. Rey fixes the Falcon, flies the Falcon, uses mind control powers to escape, rescues the blokes trying to rescue her (who're lost because they're blokes) beats Kylo Ren in a sword fight. By the last one she's destroying Tie Fighters with summersaults and destroying airborne transports with force lightning.
  9. It's brilliant, forgot how good it was. Although we stopped at around the fifth season just cos other shit needed watching.
  10. The problem with a lot of these shows is the characters may be female but they're also overpowered and usually pretty bland. We rewatched the X Files recently and Scully is every bit the equal of Maulder but in a realistic way. She doesn't beat the shit out of people she uses her brains and she's still pretty fearless. If the X Files was made now she'd be able to do kung fu and would regularly rescue Maulder from the shit because he's a bloke. She'd write the themetune, and sing the themetune. And she'd definitely be a lesbian (just because). The wholesale character assassination to depict 'nerds' as misogynistic and racist is just a smoke and mirrors trick to make up for the fact these people can't write. In the early 90s nobody ever, ever had a problem with Ben Sisko as a black lead character on a Star Trek show, or as Janeway as a female captain. In 2024 they did have beef with Michael Burnham being captain of the discovery because she's shite - she cries in every episode and in every series she literally (literally) saves the universe single handed.
  11. Few people I know who were pro Corbyn and don't like starmer become pro SNP at times like this when the SNP have a dig, but aren't they supposed to be pretty right wing?
  12. They all are, you'd think they were in charge.
  13. Mordant looks like Theresa May got shot in the face and given a face-lift like in the first episode of Knight rider.
  14. They're pointless these debates, I actually think they turn people off politics. Another shit American export.
  15. Anyone quibbling over Labour's caution hasn't been paying attention, like, ever. Or just doesn't like this latest incarnation. "Labour blasted for not being bold enough." "Labour's tax hike will scare off wealth creators." "Labour's open door policy will let in Albanian rapey lads." "Labour's immigration plan branded "inhumane" by human rights campaigners." "Britain's security not safe under Labour" "Labour wasting money on white elephant trident replacement."
  16. He's like an inverted Frank Lampard. Lampard would be walking around the club gym demanding litter is put in bins, would wear a club tracksuit around the house and watch thermal imaging footage of the under 18s having a shit while holding a stop watch - and still get sacked after three games.
  17. Lib Dems and Greens shouldn't be beefing in Tory Britain, what would Cyrus say?
  18. Have seen a few clips of the Jedi doing kung-fu. The fuck.
  19. Young people are racist now I think, something to do with TikTok.
  20. The Conservative Party. May it rot in hell.
  21. It's genuinely difficult to see what comes next for the Tories. There's no heir apparent except for Mordount who's a moron. The rank and file has been decimated of any experience or 'talent', Johnson really was the enemy within for that mob.
  22. British journalism basically consists of a bunch of birds called Jemima and Polly who, even though they work at papers on either side of the spectrum, probably have exactly the same views and all move in the same circles of friends. "Jemima what did you think of that?" "I thought Rishi looked a bit unsure of himself." Yeah thanks for that Dan Rather. It's not hard to see how we ended up where we are politically.
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