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    Probably my favourite programme on terrestrial TV these days, it was ace tonight, Shami Chakrabarti was going apeshit about Milliband's soiled-pants performance in the whole US Intelligence/torture affair.
  2. Section_31

    Katy Perry

    Looks proper randy
  3. UK debt interest bill will rise to £70bn without action, says David Cameron | Politics | guardian.co.uk Quality.
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    Boris Johnson

    With my head still spinning from the fact someone had been jailed for three months for posting nasty comments on Facebook and no news organisations seemed arsed, I turned on the telly to see that at some point over the last few months - without me realising it - Boris Johnson has turned into the English JFK. Yesterday I heard him described as 'blue Viagra', 'a future Prime Minister' and 'a political rock star'. Heard how journalists love him because he 'remembers their names', 'tells jokes' and 'is a character'. It seems obvious they're maneuvering to get him to replace Cameron for the simple reason that he'd make good news stories owing to the fact he's an utter, utter buffoon. I just couldn't handle the shit yesterday. I felt like I'd climbed out of a car wreck and then been hit by a bus. What's going on in this country, seriously? A year from now Mitt Romney and Boris Johnson could be leaders of the western world, the dole might not exist, and people will be getting sent down for making inappropriate jokes about those facts on Twitter.
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    Liverpool's Hidden Gems

    A thread for restaurants, bars, attractions, parks, anything really that you like but that's off the beaten track a bit and maybe a lot of people don't know about. I'll kick off with a couple. Woolton Cinema - a traditional independent cinema tucked away in Woolton Village, went again recently for the first time in about 20 years and it was class. About six quid for a ticket and they still have an intermission in the middle where you can buy a Cornetto, highly recommended. Rococo - Coffee shop on Lord Street next to BHS, it's unbelievably easy to miss as it's basically just a small doorway. But walk upstairs and the place is ace, a big sized coffee shop with a corridor that leads back and lots of little rooms with couches you can sit off and chat.
  6. Section_31

    Small pleasures?

    (1) ASDA prawn crackers, a finer example of oriental foodstuff is not to be found this side of Macau. Fact.
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    Star Wars

    Just been for a mooch around the market and spotted some Return of the Jedi stuff, made me propper nostalgic, I'm gonna watch them all tonight now! One obscure scene from the films that always stands out for me is in The Empire Strikes Back, when the AT-ATs are advancing on the shield generator and the commander asks for 'maximum firepower', however. just before shooting the generator he shoots a rebel in the back who's in the process of running away. Every time i see it it has me in stitches, what an absolute cunt!
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    Old School

  9. Some new girl band called The Saturdays, the two on the left used to be in S Club Juniors. * bangs head against wall in 'sack parry' style
  10. Section_31

    Best possible threesome

    Its not simply a case of picking two fit women from celebrityville, they should compare and contrast favorably, and both bring something to the table, IMO you obviously need the 'randyness' factor as well, although I'll leave that decision to you. These two bring everything to the party, blonde & brunette, varying shapes and cleavage, one a bit shy (Pinder took years to get her baps out propper like) and the other an obvious whore. Aye, there's pretty. Lucy Pinder Denise Van Outen
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    My milfs of choice are: Susan from Neighbours, got her hair short now though. The President from the new Battlestar Galactica...
  12. Section_31

    Red Dead Redemption

    What a beautiful game this is. I rarely play games but loved it when it came out and ended up selling it. But I bought it again recently and just fancied something I could pick up and play, and it's just stunning. I can't think of another game where you can just sit there and look at it the way you can with this, but the sight of Marston on his horse just wandering through the prairie is jaw dropping. Love this song too, from when you first get to Mexico. Also, what did people make of The Strange Man? Do you reckon he was Marston's conscience or the Devil/Fate?
  13. Section_31

    Tory Country

    Quite a few on here lean left like myself, but it's easy to forget we're very much a minority here in England. Just watched something about the local elections and the Tories have got roughly twice the councils and twice the councillors of Labour. It's also wroth noting that the Tories ruled through some of the toughest years in our lifetime and yet were only ousted by a Labour Government which could best be described as 'Tory light'. Worrying shit. "My boy, we are pilgrims in an unholy land."
  14. Section_31

    Best crisps: The return

    This has been discussed before, however i recently purchased pickled onion space raiders for the first time since my bollocks dropped - top stuff. I'm preasantly torn between them and cheese squares. (indeed, it could be argued that I'm undergoing a renaisance as far as crisps are concerned) All of this new fangled foil-packed posh flavour tomfoolery with Charlotte Church in the adverts, bollocks to it. Why don't they make cheese hula-hoops anymore in the cheese coloured packet? Rather than the cheese and onion? Anyone remember when McCoys first came out and were just plain Cheddar? Ahhh those were the days etc etc....
  15. I've always 'known' that Jenny Frost from Atomic Kitten is a cunt, I've no reason to think it and haven't read any stories about her behaviour - but when I look at her I just think 'Aye she's fit, but I reckon she's a right cunt'. I also get the same vibe with Kim Marsh/Ryder/whatever and Hugh Grant for some reaosn too. He comes over all 'gosh' but I reckon he freaks out about daft shit, like if you were working in a shop and you didn't stock the kind of water he wants I reckon he'd start doleing out loads of abuse and calling you 'a stupid silly man'.
  16. Section_31

    Annoying Americanisms

    The way they say sports instead of sport. "Hey do you like sports?" Macaroni AND cheese instead of Macaroni Cheese. There's just no need for that extra word, no need at all.
  17. Section_31


    The bloke in a chippy down the town is about 5ft and Chinese, barely speaks a word of english, but we call him Jason Donovan. The reason being that two of my mates once saw him walking in town with a taller blonde fella, and one of my mates said "he looks like Jason Donovan" to which the other replied "which one?" Also, we know these two birds, and one is fairly fit and sound, the other is a munter and boring as fuck, so her nickname is Hopkirk, because when the other one's there - she might as well be invisible. Any others?
  18. Section_31

    Panda Outrage

    Top class! Pandas are so shit they can't even maul someone to death but actually GET BITTEN by people and then put their heads in their paws and cry.
  19. Section_31

    The Weakness of The Working Class

    This is a pretty gross misrepresentation of both what I said, and the way I behave on this forum I have to say, I expected better from a poster such as yourself. I've never had a problem with contrary opinions, if I wanted an echo chamber I'd go on Twitter. SD's political views are pretty much the polar opposite of mine, yet he probably gets less shite off me for those views than he gets off 95% of the forum (some of whom are Rico's mates, ironically). SD's views are honestly held, consistently argued. Rico just seeks to disrupt threads, it's as simple as that. If someone posted a thread entitled, say 'Thatcher and Militant', and you saw Rico's name next to the replies you'd already know what you were going to get. Something along the lines of 'Oh so Thatcher's bad but Saint Jeramy of Cobyn isn't? Christ, you lot'. And so forth. Followed by response after response from people all just being drawn into the same old shit to the point where the eye AIDS is reposted and reposted, and even if he's on ignore you have to glance past it. So you look at it and you think, 'nah fuck it' and go and post on the Eric Cantona thread instead. It's the absolute definition of trolling. Also I didn't call for him to be banned, I said it was a shame he was never pulled up for it purely because he's got mates here. Let's remember someone was banned not too long ago simply for constantly posting about his blog. Rico knows what he's doing - as he does with his now 'ooh you want me banned' martyr act. People who don't mind him know what he's doing and are seemingly alright with it too. But as I said, it's not conducive to the longterm health of the forum. Simple as.
  20. Section_31

    Your favourite old mobiles

    Was quite late to mobiles and wasn't really that arsed about having the latest ones (the whole Nokia thing passed me by even though virtually everyone I knew had one) but I've had a couple I still remember fondly. The Motorola V50. It was one of the first flip phones and tiny compared to most. Some bird in concert square was buzzing off it it was that ground-breaking at the time (I did not receive a hand job). It came with a leather holster which I used to clip on the back of my belt during my uni days and would take it out and flip it like captain Kirk. The Sharp GX10i was another favourite and solid as fuck, really chunky and would open with a satisfying click. It also had one of the first colour screens but thankfully no polyphonic ring tones which were annoying.
  21. Section_31

    Lib Dems

    I see Umuna will take to the stage today at the Lib Dem conference, the day before the High Court rules on whether Johnson misled the Queen, to attack Jeremy Corbyn's record on antisemitism and call him an apologist for Russia. There you have it. They see Labour as a direct threat for the remain vote, they don't like it because they want another carload of MPs at the next election. Zero genuine interest in stopping Brexit, no interest in stopping a right wing, barmpot Johnson government. Absolutely true to form. But hey, this is a party where its ex leader - despite Cambridge Analytica's shenanigans in Brexit - went to work for Facebook as its chief propagandist. That's the calibre of forked tongue you're dealing with.
  22. Section_31

    Bruce: Firmino has qualities similar to Cantona

    Was Cantona actually 'that' good? Serious question as I find it hard to judge looking back. He was one of a very few foreign players in the league but didn't seem to be respected in his own country or internationally. Most of his media and advertising appeal seems to stem from the fact he's bonkers. You also have to view everything through the prism of the Mancs' marketing and PR machine too. Sticking your collar up and having Jim Smith tell the Mirror you're better than Zidane I suspect wouldn't cut it in 2019.
  23. Section_31

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Been watching Top Boy and it's class although somewhat depressing. Didn't know it was on years ago until the Mrs told me. Well worth a watch.