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  1. My grandfather worked for the MDHB in the the early thirties, there was a lot of development going on with the buildings on the waterfront. He was walking on the pavement when he was struck a glancing blow by a steel girder dropped from above, the object continued down and severed half his foot off. he was unconscious in the ambulance and the nurse held this tongue with some forceps, this damaged his tongue. He was in Walton hospital for a very long time. His head and foot injuries healed but his tongue never did, sadly after a couple of years and operations to remove the damaged parts of his tongue, he was diagnosed with mouth cancer and never recovered.
  2. I'm a Lefty, never even look at the sewer media, but I agree with the general theme of what you are saying. people posting images of the mails front page, oh the irony. the same posters that post GOT moronic posts and prattle about the lack of 'class and dignity'.
  3. Ask around for a bar with Coopers on tap, Their bottled beer is top draw too, this is my Coopers 'Real Ale' home brew , superb.
  4. nimrod

    Who is your guitar hero?

  5. nimrod

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    You're on the up mate, keep at it.
  6. nimrod

    Who is your guitar hero?

  7. nimrod

    One Night In Bangkok…

    Don't stay at a cheap hotel, they spike your drinks and get into your room in the middle of the night and rob you.
  8. nimrod

    Personal news

    I feel for you Dave, family bereavements are a harrowing experience, dealing with your own grief and that of other family members and trying to stay strong for the sake of others. Deepest sympathy for your loss.
  9. nimrod

    Memories of the first game you attended

    An older kid (youth) came up to me when I was playing -Tin can at my feet, kick it down the street- and asked, would I like to go to a proper football game? A word with my mum and off we went. We got on a bus, it was packed, I had only ever watched game on local parks. I had never seen so many people in one place around this massive edifice. The big lad ushered me through a turnstile and disappeared. It was scary,there were masses of snot nosed rag arsed kids. What a nightmare, it was the boys pen at Goodison and I didn't know the ropes, all the big kids were standing on a low wall with railings, got the odd glimpse of the pitch miles away with little dots moving about. It was Everton v Sheff Wed with Tony Kay, Peter Swann and David 'Bronco' Layne, I learned later. The game ended at last and I was swept out of the gate by the crowd, fair enough the lad was there waiting for me.
  10. nimrod

    Washington DC recommendations

    I stayed there once, wanted to go to NYC but the wife's sister (our host) preferred DC, so that's where we went. It was closed. There had been some rain and everything below broken pavement level was flooded. Anything of mild interest was shut. We wound-up hanging close to the White House in the pissing rain coz there was a lot of security activity, helicopters coming and going and G-men in wrinkled black suits all over the place, eventually a blacked out stretched limo with military escorts came speeding past, and we we went back to our self catering apartment and ate a microwaved pizza. Wot a day.
  11. nimrod

    The GF book thread

    Just read Suite Francaise by Irene Nemirovsky. picked up free from local book exchange, about the fall of Paris and plight of those fleeing the Nazis. A real work of literature written on the run. she was sent to Auschwitz and died there.
  12. nimrod

    Dog Pics

    Yeah, so could I. I'm still coping dog-less but weakening. They have started advertising bargain flights to UK again. it would be the first time in many years that we could travel together due to dog commitments. Must stay strong.
  13. nimrod

    Nike deal

    That crest always looks great no matter how it presents. I vowed that when we won the league I would get an LFC tat and needed a sample for the local Tattoo artist to replicate so took a photo off my kit shirt. I didn't use it but liked the pic, it was/is beautiful' and now graces my p.c. screen as 'wallpaper' I got the tat,