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  1. nimrod

    Tommy Leishman R I P

    One of my favourite players from our Div 2. I was kid just starting to go to games. What I liked about him was that he rarely went into tackle without winning the ball.
  2. nimrod

    Songs with great outros

    Steely Dan Hey Nineteen. The outro starts about halfway through the song. It's my ringtone. 'The Cuervo Gold' etc.
  3. nimrod

    Dog Pics

    The pic I posted above is my lovely Molly, we got her as a rescue from the R.S.P.A , she was in a shocking state, no fur and only 5 kilos. We fixed that. We had her for six years and it was guessed she was about six year old when we got her. That photo was taken in the morning before the trip to the vet. she looks well but she was in renal failure, we took her before the end game suffering began.
  4. nimrod

    Nike deal

    Why can't they just leave there shite yellow/green obsession off our kits. that's not a question btw.
  5. nimrod

    Glasgow Celtic.

    I thought you were that 'cool dude' displayed on your avatar, disappointing.
  6. nimrod

    Glasgow Celtic.

    Angelos "Ange" Postecoglou would be a good choice
  7. nimrod

    Klopp Out......

    Change the thread title, it's not remotely funny.
  8. nimrod

    Ian St John

    Another part of my youth gone. RIP Ian St John
  9. nimrod

    RB Leipzig (A) UCL - Tues 16th Feb 2021 at 20:00

    'Cheap wine and a three day growth'
  10. nimrod

    Xherdan Shaqiri

    Just to bring him on in tights, and do a Max Wall impression.
  11. nimrod

    Utd (A) FA Cup - Sun 24/1 - 17:00

    'We're all individuals here'
  12. nimrod

    Gerry Marsden RIP

    From Wednesday nights at the cavern to today, it's been a long connection. RIP Gerry
  13. nimrod

    Strange Hobbies

    In my case, they are pets sort of. I fantazised about racing, but really I just liked them and the kids loved them. it was a lot of fun just being around them.
  14. nimrod

    Strange Hobbies

    I've kept pigeons on and off since I was about 11, got my brothers when he moved out and that started the love of these birds. It's difficult these day's, neighbours complain about bird shit on the roof and the cooing, but over the last 20yrs or so we lived in a big old Queenslander, pretty secluded so was able keep my loft breeding most of the time. Things started to get tough though latterly due to the conservation of predatory hawk's, my best birds were being taken regularly. We've now living in a modern housing suburb, so keeping pigeons is out of the question, . . . I miss them.