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  1. Le Duan

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    So why haven’t the Blue Noses asked Brian Glanville to investigate and prove the alleged bribery by LFC? It’s supposedly much worse and more obvious. Surely you would want to expose us if you were as peeved as they seem to be?
  2. Le Duan

    The shitness of modern football

    Agreed - the only difference in tone of colour, was the sleeves (pale blue). If they’re claret, then the Kits are almost indistinguishable-anyone watching in black & white would be lost. And maybe that’s the test that should be applied....how different would these look like in black/white?
  3. Didn’t Steven Gerrard say he was the strongest player (physically), that he had ever seen or played with?
  4. A possible player of the year-PFA or Football Writers, or both?
  5. And said “miracle” was entirely due to a VAR fuck up in their favour.
  6. Le Duan

    The shitness of modern football

    Two clear examples yesterday of away teams unnecessarily changing their kit. Watford and Norwich - both play in bright yellow for fucks sake - unless they’re playing each other or Wolves - why do they need to use their all-dark second kit to play Newcastle and West Ham respectively? So fucking cynical and clearly aimed at ‘selling’ yet more shirts. Premier League need to rule on this to prevent it.
  7. Le Duan

    Burnley (A) 31/8/19 Premier League

    Shaqiri looks fucking terrified!
  8. Le Duan

    Burnley (A) 31/8/19 Premier League

    Oi’d like to go to Legoland with Robert Firmino, and then take him for a noice lamb lunch
  9. Le Duan

    Virgil Van Dijk

    So according to Ferdinand VVD was a worthy winner....but he shouldn’t have won it? And according to Cole, only forwards should be eligible to win? And why would anyone listen to Ferdinand anyway, following that embarrassing OGS outburst? No credibility whatsoever
  10. Le Duan

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Have any of Steve O’s predictions come to pass at all?
  11. Le Duan

    Burnley (A) 31/8/19 Premier League

    I’m not a member but if I was I would rep you for the Alan Partridge reference - well done sir. I look forward to your zombie prank with a shower curtain and various sundry hotel room items.
  12. Le Duan

    Pinched Nerve in Shoulder

    Spot on - worse at night, even worse waking up. I’ll try the exercise and ball - cheers mate
  13. Le Duan

    Pinched Nerve in Shoulder

    Might invest in one wasn’t sure if they worked or not - cheers