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  1. Colonel Bumcunt

    Cancel Culture

    I don't understand it, so I think it's a new way of repackaging hate speech. You can be a racist and say racist things, but you don't have the right to do that in a public forum without consequences. And that's in law, and has been for some time. if we're going to decriminalise it, ok, then do that, get rid of the Equalities Act. If you don't, then you have a problem. Take Twitter for example, it's THEIR platform, they get to choose where their line is. Same with a boozer, the landlord can chuck you out provided they're not doing something illegal under something like the Equalities Act. If you want 'a' social media platform to be racist on, then go to Parlor, which seems to be the only reason it's been set-up. It seems that a few racist/sexist/fascist dickheads feel that they are entitled to the world's attention. They are not.
  2. Kuyt would have been a great 9 in this team.
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    Last week the United Kingdom reported a total of 3,453 coronavirus (COVID-19) infections from Monday to Friday. This week, Monday to Friday totals in at 2,717 - A reduction of 21.3%.
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    223 people in hospital in London with Covid 19. 95% decrease from 8 April when 4,813 were in hospital.
  6. Catch 22 with Bobby. He is the number 9 but doesn't score a lot. Obviously, this means Mane and Salah score goals, apparently more goals than they might otherwise. But they aren't strikers, so they miss more than a proper 9 might. We could literally have been 4 up against Brighton, put the game to bed.
  7. Colonel Bumcunt


    Yeah, this. Plus, people have to save face, they can't just vote Tory 6 months ago and now admit they were dumb fuckers who were wrong. And even if they did and the polls swung, so what? Tories can sit on a 1% confidence rate until 2024 if they want, their 80 seat majority is a force-field. The only way anything changes before that? I think the death of the Queen, and coronation of a new King is the only way a new government will be called for before 2024. I dont think riots would change anything. I think they'd be happy to send the army in to open fire on rioters. Perhaps, perhaps...if Trump loses the election in the US, that may greatly damage the Tory/nationalistic approach if they can't buddy-up with them anymore. ykno
  8. Colonel Bumcunt

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    First question; why is Chelsea now seemingly this much-sought after destination for footballers? Is Abramovich just chucking money at players and hoping to steal a march on rivals and get back into challenging for the title 2 years quicker than it would normally take? But, their manager is Frank Lampard... And they have a back four of insanely shit proportions. Aside from that; should we be in for Havertz? Would love to see him in a red shirt, though don't know about his work-rate, haven't watched him enough. Our midfield 3 really do work their bollocks off for 90 mins. You would quickly notice holes develop if any of those players stopped covering the ground. How much more of Firmino can I take; not much. Yesterday was a prime example of us not taking our chances and ending up being in a real game for a while. It's laughable that Brighton were in that position. We should have racked up 5 goals in the first half with incisive finishing from a proper number 9. You see the amount of crosses come in from our full-backs and you wonder what's the fucking point.
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  10. Colonel Bumcunt

    Thiago Alcantara

    Couldnt give a shit where he ends up. 29 year old looking for one last big pay day.
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    Of fucking course this is going to happen. Those Track and Trace registers are going to be full of 'Ivor Biggun' gags, and just plain made up shite.
  12. Colonel Bumcunt


    Honestly, if you're going the fucking pub this week then you're a fucking dickhead. For many it will just be a statement outing, there will be swivel-eyed goons sat outside pubs with pints and trying hard to look heroic but relaxed, hoping you'll notice and shout "well done mate" to them as you pass by. Although I'm not sure how they're going to guard statues and go the boozer, must be some rota.
  13. Colonel Bumcunt

    Man City (A) 2/7/2020 - Premier League - 20:15

    It seems to that he tries to cover creative deficiencies in the midfield, and so he drops really deep to do that, and in doing so he leaves Mane and Salah which forces them to come more narrow to link with each other. I dunno. it just feels like he misses a couple of things in his game that would help us. Like, if he had a bastard of a snap shot from the edge of the area, or if he had a free kick in him, or if he was rapid and could knock a ball around someone and whip in a cross.
  14. Colonel Bumcunt

    Man City (A) 2/7/2020 - Premier League - 20:15

    Would have been nice to have seen us put on a decent display and for Salah and Mane to get a few more goals towards the Golden Boot. I don't really care overall about the result, or the manner of the defeat, because I'm going to assume that a few of our players haven't exactly prepared brilliantly over the last week for this, and that's understandable, though annoying. However, I maintain Firmino and Wijnaldum are replaceable in this team, in terms of their end product. Firmino just annoys me now. As for Gini, I'm sort of picking on him but I do really like him, but it's obvious that we miss that goal-threat from the midfield three a la Bruno Fernandes, the type of player you want up supporting an attack and waiting for the ball to break on the edge of the area. In this team, that player gets 10 goals a season easy. It should be Ox, but he never seems to get the nod.
  15. Colonel Bumcunt


    Was watching the Independent Sage meeting earlier. New case rates are no longer declining. Estimating 25,000 new cases a week. Interesting take on the 2nd wave given. There won't be a noticeable one, it will be a magnitude less than what we already experienced.