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  1. Colonel Bumcunt

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Why is anyone is going to buy Luis Alberto for £69m? Not even remotely plausible, possible, or probably legal, and definitely not ethical or moral. I'm convinced that there is some sort of mafia-based fantasy-football thing going on, where the sons of mobsters get to be professional footballers who just become these journey-men loan signings forever. "Yeah sure we'll take your son on the books, but we can't guarantee we'll play him, and he'll be on low wages". Case in point, this bloke. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Davide_Di_Gennaro Anyway, Italy is full of Covid bastards, are we looking at a possible fire-sale situation about to happen in Serie A if players feel their contracts are a hazard to their, and their family's, safety?
  2. Colonel Bumcunt

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Cantwell has the Dele Alli vibe about him. Just a rangy midfielder with goals, but not especially adept at any single thing. I'm not especially bothered about him, think there's too much ego in both of them, but if Klopp wants a side project for £30m then do it.
  3. Colonel Bumcunt

    Alisson Becker

    Obviously people haven't seen this song, based on Eleanor Rigby. If they had, I'd have had loads of reps. But now I've reposted my own post, it's not the same.
  4. Colonel Bumcunt

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Hello, I have two points which I wish to raise. The first is around Jadon Sancho. We should purchase him this summer, prior to the Euro Champs, even if we pay a premium. He is quite simply outstanding, both in terms of creating and scoring, and yes there is room to improve. Would he come here? I don't know. People seem to assume he would, I don't get that impression he's gagging to move back to England, and if he did, does he still have City allegiance, or perhaps an ambition to live in London, we don't know. He signed a massive contract with Dortmund in the summer. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/49420133 As such, this one would hurt. I'm talking £120m+. Plus, wage structure, not sure how do-able this is. The second is around Coutinho. Seen a lot of noise around his return, but I put that down to a quiet week for us, and his agent and the media. Would welcome him back provided Klopp was certain he would train 100% and accept being moved positions. If he was available around the £60m mark, I'd pull the trigger. Basically a Shaqiri/Lallana upgrade, can play wide or central, he would safeguard us against a loss of one of the front 3 should it happen, and it might be that he's just providing cover while we buy someone else. Does anyone want to ask me anything?
  5. Colonel Bumcunt

    Tunes that are just fucking ace.....

  6. Colonel Bumcunt

    Alisson Becker

    Alisson Becker Picks up the ball in the box where the striker has been He is a dream Waiting and watching Wiping the dirt from his gloves as he makes a great save He's big and he's brave All the other keepers Where do they all come from All the other keepers Where do they all belong AHHHHHLISON BECKER IS OUR KEEPER
  7. Colonel Bumcunt

    Alisson Becker

    Would love to see that flag
  8. Colonel Bumcunt

    Alisson Becker

  9. Colonel Bumcunt

    Alisson Becker

    It's like we literally have Jesus in goal. https://talksport.com/football/665743/liverpool-alisson-fred-wife-goals/ As opposed to City, who literally have Jesus in attack, or on the bench, but it's not same, at all.
  10. Colonel Bumcunt

    TV presenters/weather girls/soap stars etc

    Complete this link. I beg you.
  11. Colonel Bumcunt

    Tory Country

    Yeah, seems likely. That said, let them. Can't pick a fight in an empty room. People need to know when to walk away from these twats. The crime figures will speak for them. I mean, under these new plans, the Streatham lad would have served 2 more months or something. And then killed some people.
  12. Colonel Bumcunt

    Tory Country

    I love the rise to the top of these hard-working gals, nothing to see here. Smith was born in Ashford, Kent; NORMAL her family moved to Norfolk when she was three years old.[4] NORMAL Growing up in Stoke Ferry,[5] NORMAL she attended comprehensive schools in Swaffham and Methwold; NORMAL after a gap year working for former Conservative Education Secretary Gillian Shephard,[4] "ITS JORDAN FROM DOWNTOWN..." she read English Literature at the University of York.[5] NORMAL She undertook summer work for Bernard Jenkin "GERRARD COMING IIIIIIIIIIN"
  13. Colonel Bumcunt

    Neco Williams

    Amazing what Klopp has done since coming in. It's blatantly an intensity thing in training. We don't train like normal teams, we train like lunatics, and you see these young lads just fizzing around the pitch, doing the basics but doing them at speed. We're here talking about our right back being the best right back in the world. A youth player who was a midfielder until 2 years ago. And who replaces him? We're talking about another youth product showing the same attributes. Other clubs can bang on about money and luck all they like, but they need to get themselves down to Melwood and have a look at the 99% of work in the background that goes into the 1% they see of us on the pitch. We're so German. Auf Wiedersehen Pep.
  14. Colonel Bumcunt

    TV presenters/weather girls/soap stars etc

  15. Colonel Bumcunt

    The BBC

    I love the BBC content, for the most part, but i just can't justify the fee structure model. In some ways, the BBC are lucky, because they haven't had to prove to execs that there might be an audience for their content, they already know their figures and what works, and advertisers would queue up to be the first to advertise with them. I would also support the licence fee if they offered much, much more. IE, no more big name presenter salaries, merge BBC2 and BBC4, and scrap almost all political output. I am very uncomfortable with the BBC having such broad political programming, it's one output feeding another (the news), and it becomes this incessant circle-jerk. It also will always be accused of taking sides, by both sides. It can end that bollocks by not having opinions on politics, and just reporting the news for a change. It's only political 'output' should be broadcasting live debates on BBC Parliament, which needs no commentary or analysis. Moreover, I want to see the BBC do more with schools. I want to see children given the chance to learn how programmes are put together, and how to make their own content. I want the BBC to offer a channel that is simply educational, a la the Open University lectures. Use the platform to help educate on the basics, like maths, like science, like English. But if it can't offer these things, then it can get back in line with the other broadcasters and make its own way in the world, using advertising revenue and learning to budget appropriately.