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  1. Colonel Bumcunt

    Takumi Minamino

    Decent. Not world class, but decent. Problem is, if we buy a worldie then it shuts the door on Brewster, Jones and Elliott. This way we all win, and the door is left ajar for those 3 to step-up.
  2. Colonel Bumcunt

    General Election 2019

    I'm feeling it. I did a polling station inspection this morning, bumped into a few people, didn't hear any 'get Brexit done'. I did hear a few 'this fucking government' from old people.
  3. Colonel Bumcunt

    General Election 2019

  4. Colonel Bumcunt

    General Election 2019

    Diane Abbott 'jokes'. "Ha ha ha, look at that fat stupid black woman"... FFS, really?
  5. Colonel Bumcunt

    Salzburg (A) Champions League - 17:55

    Well, obviously that ended well. That said, I still saw enough of him to think he's capable of being a 30 goal a season striker. He's quicker than I thought, he's fucking strong, but it's his movement and the way he takes the ball in his stride. There were little glimpses of a young Torres.
  6. Colonel Bumcunt

    Salzburg (A) Champions League - 17:55

    --------------------------------------£66m--------------------------------------- £0----------------------£20m-------------------£75m---------------------£8m --------------------------------------£20m--------------------------------------- --------------------------£23m------------------£52m-------------------------- £40m------------------------------------------------------------------------£34m --------------------------------------£29m--------------------------------------- £0 £0 £0 £35m £10m £13.5m £0
  7. Colonel Bumcunt

    Salzburg (A) Champions League - 17:55

    This Haaland cat has intrigued me. If he knocks us out, fuck me, I won't even be mad. It takes some player, and some balls, to chat shit and then deliver against the best team in the world. Have to applaud him if he does it. Obviously, I hope Van Dijk spends the entire game shoving a finger up his arse and giving him sneaky nipple-cripples, and Haaland ends up leaving the pitch with his shirt over his head, crying. I don't like the idea that Solksjaer might nab him, with the Norway connection.
  8. Colonel Bumcunt

    General Election 2019

    Here's a thing not many voters are talking about that will impact them; social housing rents are going to increase year on year for the next 5 years, by inflation + 1%. https://www.socialhousing.co.uk/news/news/government-confirms-annual-cpi1-rent-increase-and-extension-of-rent-standard-to-local-authorities-60341 https://www.trowers.com/insights/2019/may/social-housing-rents-from-april-2020 I think there's around 4m in such homes, and a further 1m families on the waiting list.
  9. Colonel Bumcunt

    General Election 2019

    People are stupid. My essay. Millions of Germans after WW2 were like "whoa, how did all that happen, that was crazy, sorry about that Earth", but the reason they turned into a geopolitical incarnation of pure evil was because they voted for the head of it, not caring what the tail of it would look like. My old man buys tabloid shite, it's none of my business, but I was around theirs this weekend and caught sight of the Daily Star, and on the front cover was a small circle or star, with the words 'Election Update - zzzz' written inside. There is the political discourse of an election, and then there is the framing of one. We have problems with both. How do you make people care about their own lives? It seems like a mad thing to ask, but it's seemingly true. Oh, they care alright, you try and build a shed that blocks out an inch of sunshine from their property, they will care all right. But for whatever reason, they seemingly can't connect the dots between the politics and their own lives, unless it's spelled out in a catchy headline in a newspaper. Now, this is a diminishing problem, newspaper circulations go down each year, only nonces buy newspapers in general, and those over 45. There is a nosedive in sales over the last 10 years. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_newspapers_in_the_United_Kingdom_by_circulation But where the newspapers stop, the tv begins. So now we see the incursion of tabloid journalism into tv news. And no, there's no headline to feed off, but there is a tone and context being inserted where it once was not. Unfortunately, I think we're at a point where a section of the poorly educated over 50's are only going to learn by living through the consequences of their terrible logic. And yes, most of them will be tucked up with a house they owned by buying Council stock, at insanely low prices, and have great pensions, and no longer have kids in school. And yes, the ills of what they have voted for will not be as profound for them as they will be for their children, but their thinking is "they'll be alright, cos we'll leave them the house when we die". So, their logic, they're happy to watch their children struggle to raise their grandchildren, and for society to nosedive into a racist hot-bed, for 20-30 years until they die. We're in a difficult place. The TV is the perfect medium to educate people. That's where the BBC licence fee is supposed to provide us with everything we need to make informed choices. But no more. Many of the less-intelligent public are just plain burnt out by the coverage. And that's been on purpose. It's been classic Russian techniques or pumping out information on all subjects, in all directions, 24 hours a day. We've had this not just for this GE campaign, we've had since intense politics-heavy news cycle for 5 years. Brexit, backstop, NI, DUP, Barnier, trade deal, No deal, 2016, Cameron, May, Boris, Corbyn, Trump, Bercow, all these things have been shoved in people's faces for 5 years, in any order, on any topic seemingly, without anything happening, nothing tangible, just words for 5 years.
  10. Colonel Bumcunt

    The Irishman

    Was a blast to watch, great performances, nobody overplayed their character, everyone had that subtle menace. Pacino the exception, he needed to project an alpha character to others, that was Hoffa's schtik, he was a leader in a world full of 'men', he had to be alpha. My take on the ending is that 'the Irishman' by the end of the film had somewhat lost sense of who he was, and who he is. His relationship with his daughters was something he never challenged until in his later years, and by that time, when they speak of how he made them feel, the fear, he couldn't reconcile that man with himself. Due to the pills he was on (which he earlier said were making him lose his mind), he gets to the end and he's basically afraid of the man he was. By the end scene, he leaves the door open a crack, and everyone surmises what that means. For me, he's hoping and praying to get whacked. He wants someone to find him. He's made his peace with the priest, he does so all the time, he's ready to go. After all, he's telling us the secret of what happened to Hoffa, this stuff gets you whacked. But it seems like all the old players have died, there's nobody else left to do it.
  11. Colonel Bumcunt

    Election 2019 - The TV Debates

    It's largely pointless anyway, the focus will be on Corbyn burning jews to death in his back garden. On that topic, do Jews not look across Europe at the rise of the far right, and the attacks on Jews rising rapidly, and think "oooh fuck, I hope we don't have a far right government here"? Because they should. It's just a matter of time before the beast rises again, like the days of Moseley and Lord Rothmere and the old Tories who wanted to join forces with Hitler. There were swastikas drawn on a bunch of jewish graves in France this week, for example.
  12. Colonel Bumcunt

    Holiday's 2019.

    Anyone been Turkey in Oct/Nov time? Some amazing resorts, and villas, I just wonder about the weather and the general state of affairs there, are they friendly, what about mozzies, are the beaches nice?
  13. Colonel Bumcunt

    General Election 2019

    Indeed. You can pretend you're some sort of 'woke' and politically aware maverick by voting for Lib Dems, but in reality you're too stupid to understand how the system works, or you DO understand how it works and you're using it as a proxy to vote Tory. Either way, you're not impressing anyone, and you're enabling a fascist government to get even more fascist, which apparently, Lib Dems are opposed to, or something, I dunno, who knows what being a Lib Dem means. It's a party that's reinvented itself a few times now since the 1920s when it was last relevant. But of course you know that, you're well into politics and stuff... The only thing stopping the Lib Dems being relevant in the election is the Lib Dems themselves. They can't create a narrative that supports what it is they are that fits between Labour and Tory, that's so different to either party that it necessitates the creation of a new party. And 6m of you seem to fall for it. Their flagship policy to cancel Brexit is retarded logic. You can't just ignore the 2016 referendum, because you will create a subset of millions of people that fucking hate you forever. How the fuck is their flagship policy going to work unless they win a majority? Neither the Tories or Labour will entertain the idea in a coalition or supply and confidence arrangement. So, what then? You've lost your flagship policy, its gone. And then you're left with what? Oh, roughly the same policies as Labour. But you've just rammed Labour off the road in some seats, so what are you left with? That's right, a fascist government in bed with UKIP and Brexit Party. You've also just helped elect loads of new Tory MP's, some of which are hardcore fascist bastards, who will look to implement things a lot worse than Brexit. We'll have the death sentence back soon, that's for sure. We'll probably also see legislation which will prevent mosques being built, and will start leaning heavily on measures to push Muslims out of the country. The police will batter black lads, with no recourse in the crumbling court system. Judges and QCs will have more death threats, many of which will go uninvestigated by the police. The army will step up recruitment in all schools, we may even end up with national service as it will be more cost-effective than recruiting soldiers at the current rate of pay. None of this is wild. This is the type of shit these people say, each day, on social media, and in the Homebase car parks, and down the pubs. And you're about to let them in, because you're too short-sighted to see how bad this can get, very quickly, as a majority Tory government drives through Acts in the next 5 years. But well done for making your point about the 2 party system. Very clever.
  14. Colonel Bumcunt

    General Election 2019

    This is the killer; 40% of working households have practically no savings.70% of households have less than 10k savings.60% of households can only survive 2 months without a wage. We practically rent a life, and we leave nothing behind. The Tories say we don't work hard enough. Oh, while trying to eradicate inheritance tax, and keeping tax evasion/avoidance loopholes open. Ha ha ha. Don't worry. Win or lose this election, there's change in the air. Can't wait for the summer riots.