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  1. First time ever I've watched Rabiot and saw a decent player in there. I'd take any of the Austrian players this summer. Kounde is a top defender.
  2. Well, it all makes sense when you consider that Southgate got the same number of caps as Gazza. Emile Heskey got more than Glen Hoddle. Danny Welbeck has more caps than Steve Mcmanaman. Phil Jones got more than Robbie Fowler. Mason Mount has more caps than Ray Kennedy and Steve McMahon combined. Fuck England and fuck their pundits.
  3. Looking forward to Austria tonight. High press v France is going to be interesting.
  4. Romania getting an absurd run of the ball now.
  5. It doesn't seem clear that England are playing a double pivot, could be a 532 or 541. If they are playing a 4231 then fine. The thing is, he gets slated for absenting the right back slot for us, but that's not the case here, someone else is right back. He's just allowed to cook, what's the problem? Serbia have a decent team, the problem won't be in midfield, it'll be the centre backs dealing with 2 very good and powerful forwards. Don't see Stones and Guehi looking forward to that. Which is why I presumed Walker would be the 3rd CB.
  6. Here's a simple rule that can improve the game, simplify it, and stop cunts. If you put your HANDS on a player then it's a foul. There's no legitimate reason to put your hands on anyone. If you do then you're either holding them or pushing them, foul.
  7. Make it stop. Erikson? Seriously, Soccer Aid has more tempo than these games.
  8. Standard here is fucking awful TBH. Refs set the tone a bit I think. Suns out, not many yellows given, not much intensity, star names missing. How the fuck is Depay getting away with being a dutch international in 2024?
  9. Maybe Notting Hill Arts Club was best. Probably different now to when I frequented in back in 2004-2006, but it was just a blast. You'd bump into random celebs all the time, there's probably tons I didn't recognise also. Actually, KOKO in Camden was fucking boss. Multi tiered, multi bars, was top class, saw Justice there.
  10. Ukraine interest me as an outsider. Lunin in goal, Dovbyk up front, fair few familiar names in defence, it's just the midfield that has a lightweight feel though Tsyganov from Girona is a wildcard.
  11. That's be a big problem. We need at least 2 top keepers, maybe even a third. Kelleher is excellent in terms of playing out.
  12. De Ligt has always failed to live up to his hype. Amazing agency work to get him two big moves.
  13. It's a bit shit, isn't it though. If he ends up having a bad time and we sack him down the line, this story of the botched introduction will be seen as a sign that we should have known it wasn't going to end well. I don't write stories, I read em.
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