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  1. Colonel Bumcunt

    Scones - Clotted Cream - Jam

    One of the most overrated culinary experiences known to me. Sure it's fine, but it's no lemon meringue pie.
  2. Colonel Bumcunt

    Ray Liotta - RIP

    That's a well-lived 67 years.
  3. Colonel Bumcunt

    Boris Johnson

    Uncanny how Tory voters are loving the socialist solutions to rising costs. It's almost as if most of the voters don't really know what socialism or capitalism is, they just like being given money by the government and paying low taxes.
  4. Colonel Bumcunt

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    Fair play to Gervais in his standup. Funniest woman? Eddie Izzard. Good boy Ricky.
  5. Colonel Bumcunt

    Mohamed Salah

    In some cases it's just curiosity to try a different way of life elsewhere. They aren't like you and me, particularly in Salahs case he's a bloke that's lived in Egypt, Basel, London, Florence, Rome, Liverpool all before the age of 30, he's got people to move his shit for him, all school stressors sorted for him, I'd move all the time probably.
  6. Colonel Bumcunt

    viagra and all that

    Is it worth taking just to see what it's like? Is anything different to normal size wise or owt?
  7. Colonel Bumcunt

    Another US Shooting

    I think Biden is going to take on the NRA. He's an old man, this will be his only term as president.
  8. Colonel Bumcunt

    Boris Johnson

    He's been 'gifted' a totally complicit BBC News department, and Cambridge Analytica. He's a fucking rank arsehole.
  9. Colonel Bumcunt

    Boris Johnson

    Why were any of you watching it? You all sound somewhat disappointed that Laura K is a good friend of the Johnson's? I think the programme duly delivered what it promised, that Laura K would deliver some soft evening telly which would end with the Tory voters being able to go to bed safe in the knowledge that they are still geniuses for electing Johnson, and therefore they are still right, like always, and they don't mind paying the license fee because they say things they like now.
  10. Colonel Bumcunt

    Boris Johnson

    I thought Laura the slag was toddling off to a new job? Likely Tufton St. Fuck the BBC News team. Am hoping to see monkeypox claim all of them wretched cunts.
  11. Colonel Bumcunt

    Adidas Trainers

    Pardon me, I meant...ou est le trabs...my good man
  12. Colonel Bumcunt

    Adidas Trainers

    Where do you buy your shoobs from?
  13. Colonel Bumcunt

    Other Football 2021/22

    Call me Johnny Conspiracy, but I think City manufactured this last day 'miracle' story for what would otherwise have been a mundane league win. Something not quite sitting right.
  14. Colonel Bumcunt

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    That Sangare looks half as good as Tchoumani. Reminds me of Soumare and Bakayoko. Google them... Id like a better look at Maxwell Cornet now Burnley have fucked off our of the league. Was impressed with him, not least his workrate and attitude to go to a place like Burnley and knuckle down while still being an expressive attacking threat.