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  1. Moctezuma

    Man City (A) 2/7/2020 - Premier League - 20:15

    I think last nights result actually illustrates what an amazing achievement winning the league has been against the state backed financial behemoth that is Manchester City. I note significant sections of other fanbases are enjoying the result, would they be enjoying it if City were on course to pick-up their third successive league title with no end to their domination in sight? I saw from the Swiss ramble yesterday that during the last 4 years Liverpool have actually turned a profit on transfers, which is absolutely astounding. While Neco Williams looked good last night and Curtis and Elliot will probably be good prospects over the long haul it would be good to see the club invest some money into the team this summer to enable greater competition and a freshening up of the squad. If Manchester City are banned from the champions league next year (I will still be amazed if this comes to pass) I think a lot more emphasis needs to be put on the cups (domestic and European) as I think they will concentrate their efforts on the league (with significant rest periods) and unlike other teams who have been hit with European bans I think they will find it relatively easy to retain their players due to the financial packages they are on.
  2. Moctezuma

    Keir Starmer

    The notion that police forces in the United States have been trained by IDF members/ ex-IDF members as to how to undertake choke holds.
  3. Moctezuma

    Keir Starmer

    I suppose the optics here are the interesting issue, though it does mean members of the Labour party (and particularly those on the left of the party) will have to be particularly careful with regards what they say about foreign policy and in particular the State of Israel. I wonder if Starmer will bother to appoint anyone from that wing of the party to replace her in a sop to the base, I doubt it.
  4. Moctezuma

    Keir Starmer

    https://www.amnestyusa.org/with-whom-are-many-u-s-police-departments-training-with-a-chronic-human-rights-violator-israel/ https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2020/06/palestinians-deadly-police-tactics-200611004902866.html
  5. Moctezuma

    Keir Starmer

    https://www.independent.co.uk/arts-entertainment/films/features/maxine-peake-interview-labour-corbyn-keir-starmer-black-lives-matter-a9583206.html “I don’t know how we escape that cycle that’s indoctrinated into us all,” continues the 45-year-old. “Well, we get rid of it when we get rid of capitalism as far as I’m concerned. That’s what it’s all about. The establishment has got to go. We’ve got to change it.” Born in Bolton to a lorry driver father and care worker mother, Peake is strident and expressive; if religion wasn’t anathema to her, she’d be perfect in the pulpit. “Systemic racism is a global issue,” she adds. “The tactics used by the police in America, kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, that was learnt from seminars with Israeli secret services.” (A spokesperson for the Israeli police has denied this, stating that “there is no tactic or protocol that calls to put pressure on the neck or airway”.)
  6. Moctezuma

    Do you like looking at maps?

    Website with historic maps of Liverpool https://historic-liverpool.co.uk/old-maps-of-liverpool/
  7. Moctezuma

    Do you like looking at maps?

    Glasgow Tram routes, circa 1938
  8. Moctezuma

    Do you like looking at maps?

    Fast communications map between Paris and the rest of France 1882
  9. Moctezuma

    Do you like looking at maps?

    Game hunting map, USSR 1939
  10. Moctezuma

    Do you like looking at maps?

    Map of geographic boundaries of the Welsh language in 1750
  11. Moctezuma

    Crystal Palace (H) 24/6/20

    Tyler's start to the second half where he indicated that the premier league was somehow a completely different competition to the top flight that preceded it's creation was outright bizarre and almost the pinnacle of Sky and their attempts to state that football started in 1992. Completely agree on Klopp, the work he has done to overcome the blue wall of money has been unbelievable. I really thought we wouldn't be able to surmount City and Chelsea's resources. There have been numerous games where they have been able to bring on players from the substitutes bench who would basically be guaranteed starters in other top 4 sides who must be in receipt of huge financial packages and the feeling I used to get was this is insurmountable, but he has proved me wrong and for that I'll be forever grateful to him.
  12. Oligarch cheats vs Oil cheats, I'm hoping for a 0-0, freak thunderstorm torrential rain, multiple injuries and red cards. With the knowledge of both their supporter bases that we are having a great time.
  13. Moctezuma

    Crystal Palace (H) 24/6/20

    Fantastic performance, really, really enjoyed that. Neco played well when he came on too, which is encouraging.
  14. One of their best decisions was listening to fan discontent and sacking him.
  15. Moctezuma

    Picking at the relegation carcass

    Agreed, though he has signed a contract extension until 2023 and given our owners penchant for filling squad positions with players who they have bought for 47p and a tube of smarties it suggests it's unlikely he'll be making his way back to Merseyside.