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  1. Moctezuma

    Climate change - how arsed are you?

    The whole IPPC we've got 8 years to act is a load of rubbish, we're fucked already and we're well and truly into feedback loops with; methane release from permafrost, lack of carbon sequestration in the oceans, reduction in the albedo effect from melting Artic/Antarctic and substantial fires in our carbon sinks. I remember thinking when Bush beat Gore for his first term that it would be difficult to avoid, most of this stuff really has to come from a government level, which is always why I laugh at those who advocate for small government and laisse fair capitalism as climate change mitigation is going to require so much state intervention they'll be shitting their pants. People will call this period the great delusion, when pretty much everyone in the scientific community could see what was coming but through a mixture of PR, propaganda and vast amounts of petro dollars the truth was hidden from the public. Listened to a debate yesterday on Brexit, the number of times people were saying 'this is the number one issue of the day/our times etc.', was bizarre given how much of a greater impact climate change will have on the world currently and over the next few decades.
  2. Moctezuma

    The Showdown: Who should fuck off the forum?

    I'm voting to ban beans on a fry-up
  3. Moctezuma

    Have a rant thread

    Are you in the U.S.? Over there it's pretty much de rigueur.
  4. Moctezuma

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Good stuff, thought they'd allowed their eye to go off the ball for a second.
  5. Moctezuma

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Yup, aren't we due another round of Anti semitism bashing sometime soon? Or will it be that Corbyn did some evil pro Soviet work in the past? My relatives were telling me Labour are going to stop all air travel the other day, something they must have got from faceaids or the Daily Heil. It's great the older population of this country are starting to live in a different media environment than the rest of us.
  6. Moctezuma

    Boris Johnson

    When these bawbags come round everyone is pressganged by the higher ups into towing the party line and being subservient information relayers. There is also the hope that if you promote what you are doing you may be able to squeeze an iota more money out of the DoH or commissioners (I.e. looking for patronage).
  7. Moctezuma

    Napoli (A) Champions League 17/9/19. 20:00

    Sick of playing these, technically excellent, tactically proficient, snide, great defence and goalkeeping unit and tonight the referee decided to help them out when we were starting to dominate proceedings. Actually a bit bemused why Napoli are so consistently far away in the league, are Juve that much better than them or is it a squad depth thing?
  8. Moctezuma

    The Scottish Football Thread

    I never quite buy this, you'd have to be living under a rock* not to pick up on that stuff and plenty of Rangers English players have got caught up in it in the past. * perhaps a gated community where the most substantial external societal presence is X factor on T.V. amounts to this.
  9. Moctezuma

    The Scottish Football Thread

    It's a pity Scotland isn't producing the requisite talent (outwith our current left back) as Liverpool have seriously benefitted from it over the years GK: Lawrence RB: Nicol LB: Robertson CB: Hansen CB: Yeats RM: Cormack LM: Liddell CM: Souness CM: McAllister F: Dalglish F: St. John Manager: Shankly Subs: Raisbeck Busby Stevenson McDougal McQueen Gillespie
  10. Moctezuma

    The Scottish Football Thread

    I was probably of a generation that was on the boundary of the activity to passivity change, when I was younger we would play football all day, towards the latter days of school the advent of Pro Evo/Fifa and Championship Manager had started to dilute that time. Scotland's climate I reckon plays into that, as does parenting that sees paedophiles and 'stranger danger' everywhere.
  11. Moctezuma

    The Scottish Football Thread

    This documentary put together by Hugh McIlvanney on Busby, Shankly and Stein is excellent and I'd encourage all to watch
  12. Moctezuma

    The Scottish Football Thread

    I think what has happened to Scottish football is emblematic of what has happened in society in general with the aggregation of resources with the richest leagues and richest clubs. This means that Scottish teams can be cherry picked from easily which dilutes the quality of players playing in the league, this has happened to a sizeable chunk of other European leagues as well. Champions league money in particular seems to be distorting competition in the smaller leagues making them predictable and non-competitive, which is something UEFA need to look into doing something about and which has benefitted Celtic colossally. Scotland has also suffered from the globalisation of the game, in that the English leagues can bring in capable players from all over the world and not just north of the border, that and other national teams have improved considerably. In a European context the break up of Yugoslavia and Soviet Union has not helped Scotland in that it created large number of similar if not larger countries with more technically proficient footballers who have outcompeted the national team fairly regularly. One other issue Scotland has had has of course been the decimation of heavy industry and the communities and environs associated with these. Some of this from an epidemiological perspective has been beneficial (outwith the wave of substance abuse that occurred when people needed an escape from hopelessness), but it has hampered the development of football players, most of Scotland's better players in years gone by learnt their skills in large scale street football games. Indicative of this change in playing environments is the fact that a lot of football pitches require a deposit to play on now, which is an immediate barrier to poorer kids. The thing I've never quite understood with Scottish football is that football doesn't have to be good per se to be 'good' i.e. that the quality can poor to indifferent, but emotional investment and the time you are having with your friends can make this null and void. Ever since I can remember I have heard fans express that they want a bigger league so there is more variation in the teams that they play, yet the authorities adamantly hold onto the model of ensuring that Rangers and Celtic playing the smaller teams every 3/4 times a season for the financial returns. Only Celtic have a standing section, something that should be universal across all Scottish grounds. There is still a ban on consuming alcohol in site of the pitch in Scotland as well, which for some of the lower category games could be binned. Scotland's football set-up could easily ape that of the German leagues fan first feeling, but instead fans are treated poorly and often with outright hostility. I've had police officers stand in front of me recording the stand for an entire game because I was in an away section, which leaves you with a sense that they see you as the enemy not a fan/someone who enjoys the game. Prices have also crept up, when I used to frequent Pittodrie and Tynecastle a ticket on the gate was substantially cheaper than it is now.
  13. Moctezuma

    Other teams you look out for

    Tranmere- My mums lot are from New Brighton and are attached to them, been to a few aways of theirs down here in London/South East and the playoff finals Aberdeen- Where I was born and grew up, my pull to them has grown more as I've grown older and got further away from home Hearts- lived just down the road from Tynecastle when I was a student and tickets were incredibly cheap, also an excellent ground to watch football in and situated right in the centre of densely packed streets, feels like what a football ground should be. Loved it when the streets would get clogged after 5pm and rugger types/people not interested in football would be stuck in their cars pulling faces. Can't feel any degree of warmth for the southern clubs, though QPR and Brentford have both done awareness and charity raising events for the hospital department I work for and the people from the clubs I've dealt with have been pretty decent.
  14. Moctezuma

    Relegation wishlist

    If I had my way it would be the club's that are in a false position due to significant amounts of external funding I.e. Chelsea, Manchester City, Bournemouth On a more vindictive note; Palace as it would be great to see Hodgson relegated, Newcastle because the dreadful way Mike Ashley treats the supporters and the club, Villa because of their irritating behaviour around the time they beat us in the cup semi-final.