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  1. Moctezuma


    Just want to note that Simon the lead consultant in this is one of the nicest most decent human beings I've ever worked with, it's pish his team are having to go through this. The same is true of Melanie the nurse interviewed on the BBC's piece last night. Managed to process and round-up 326 for the vaccine clinic today. Hopefully can get more done next week and start eating into the high risk patients. I hadn't seen the sky report when I asked about the NHS question earlier, good to see some of the issues on the paediatric side being highlighted to the public.
  2. Moctezuma


    Just to check what is people's view of where the NHS is up to in the effected areas? Had a call yesterday with a number of senior professors that at the end descended into idle speculation as to the way the pandemic is being reported. Might not be the best group to ask as most of you are politically engaged.
  3. Moctezuma


    Haven't had much time to post or lurk on the forum, but please encourage relatives who are offered clinical trail enrolment if they are in hospitals to get onto them, we're currently running at a 50% rejection rate. It's often the quickest way to get people drugs that could potentially help them.
  4. Moctezuma


    People can use phrases like 'counter narrative', but frankly a lot of this stuff is just outright lying. and it virtually never gets challenged due to the nature of the press in the UK
  5. Moctezuma


    Last night on my run I saw two lads rummaging through a bin near a block of houses, normal I thought... This morning on the Tube I saw our transplant coordinator who can't get back home to Ireland to see her folks due to the travel ban, she has seen them for one week this year, that's pish I thought... Got told this morn the number of Covid positive cases in the trust is up to 151 having been in the 120ish range last week, great I thought Outwith a couple of footballing peaks this year really has been mince, I really hope all of those who have been hit economically get support from the government, but I don't see that happening universally or indefinitely I would imagine they are probably already gearing up the 'scroungers' discourse again for another bash at austerity.
  6. Moctezuma


    Our consultants got an email around yesterday asking 'who has prior experience of giving vaccines' with the idea being that ICU and other frontline staff are going to get the jab next week. Which is presumably out of the 80k you've just mentioned Barrington.
  7. Moctezuma

    Fans back in stadiums

    Have they given you any specific instructions? I'm assuming face mask, distancing, no singing and hand washing.
  8. Moctezuma

    Other football - 2020/21

    Back of a fag packet I have it as 0.8% so less than 1 percent likelihood, though I suppose each year is 30.1% so while entirely possible next year it would be extremely unlucky for it to happen again.
  9. Moctezuma

    Other football - 2020/21

    Has anyone counted the statistical likelihood of us consistently drawing premier league teams in this round for the past 4/5 years or however long it's been?
  10. Moctezuma

    Scottish Independence, yay or nay?

    Nah let's just go down the azerbaijan Nagorno-karbakh route and just strap grenades and haggis to inexpensive drones and fly them into the all of the expensive English hardware and buy loads of mid range skuds off the Iranians and fire them at central London. The Non-doms and tax exiles would tell the conservative kleptocrats to call it off immediately, couldnae have all that high end property getting damaged.
  11. The lack of introspection from the BT imbeciles as to why all of these injuries are occurring if fucking staggering.
  12. Moctezuma


    Agreed, I remember the levels of disbelief and incredulity in the department at the time lag to implement the first lockdown. The tube still heaving with construction workers and other non-essential professions after they had reduced the services.
  13. Moctezuma


    I'm tired my colleagues are tired, yes there is a 'new normal' element to it, but the endless disruption it is causing to services and the attendant attempts at pushing through huge changes in structures and working patterns are not helping.
  14. Moctezuma


    The thing that is really concerning me is the idea that the vaccines wont have been widely disseminated before we hit the third wave which was projected by NHSE to be around June (though that may need to be brought forward given the second wave started peaking earlier than projected in early November), and that we end up in a situation where the public completely abandon any attempts at keeping the virus under control via behavioral actions in anticipation of the vaccine arrival.