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  1. Moctezuma


    Correct, that is why he has been installed as the health secretary by a government that doesn't give a shit about human life. Other than their own.
  2. Moctezuma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I concur Gnasher, but it would be great if the country hadn't told them to fuck off which is what a decent chunk of them did*. Also from memory wasn't there some block of around 4 to 5 years imposed on EU nationals for accessing services as well? *In our departments it was less the established bunch i.e. the senior clinicians and professors not far off retirement and more the up and coming junior doctors and younger consultants who left/stopped coming. Has definitely changed the structure of the workforce, far more people from the sub continent/war torn parts of the Middle East now with shorter training stints and less experience, oh and less of them, with it taking longer to get them registered and costing more to sponsor their placements. Can't even lay the blame with the GMC they have worked flat out over the pandemic and with Brexit to try and help.
  3. Moctezuma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Comin ova ere helpin care for uz! That's right uz not dem!
  4. Moctezuma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    No nurses of course mentioned in the above as we've been ransacking the Philippines, India and Ireland for them. While cutting the bursary for our own people.
  5. Moctezuma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Wish we could get the doctors and pharmacists back who we lost due to Brexit. Oh well, hopefully in about 20 years time when the baby boomers have died off the clinical workload might be enough for British trained people to cover it... :0) Unlikely that the endless Conservative imperium is going to invest the amount we need for an effective functioning healthcare system and if they do decide to shuffle a few coffers towards there, it'll almost definitely be coming from earnings rather than assets (can't upset the gentocracy).
  6. Moctezuma

    Your top 5 rewatchable movies?

    I think Starship troopers is a satirical masterpiece, I think Verhoven basically made the type of film a future fascist society would create; the vaunting of military prowess, citizenship through military service, removal of sex replaced with human athletic aesthetics, the endless propaganda, the managed opposition, othering of foreign enemies that you initiated a war with, gratuitous violence, the imbecilic attractive lead characters. Reviewers didn't really get it at the time, but in a post Iraq war context it's incredibly on the nose.
  7. Moctezuma

    Geordie Arabia

    I vaguely remember (I think it's was one of the journalist Cockburn brothers) being relayed on the radio that an altercation had happened in West London when the security of a minor Saudi royal had beaten up a guy on the street, he had intimated he was going to call the police to which they replied 'what are you going to do about it? We own the queen', which I remember laughing at.
  8. Moctezuma

    Geordie Arabia

    I hoping that this acquisition will mean the words Al-Yamamah deal will become better known in the UK, 'the most corrupt transaction in the history of the world'. The red in the face little Englanders like to think that Britain is a proud nation but the country has been pimping its services out to every tinpot dictator going. Flight capital indeed.
  9. Moctezuma

    Your All Time Non Liverpool XI

    Agree on the right back issue Cafu was better than Thuram in that position. I also think some people are underestimating Cruyff's ability to play in multiple positions in midfield, towards the end of his career he was incredible as a deeper lying central midfielder.
  10. Moctezuma

    Other Football 2021/22

    To be fair it's well on the way to being that currently, the league has been incredibly lucky that Klopp has come along otherwise it would be different shades if blue swapping the domestic trophies, with an occasional United victory in the future.
  11. Moctezuma


    What I don't really get about the passports is that surely they will be time limited as antibody levels start to drop off after the 5 month stage (particularly for older men)? Unless they have some peer reviewed data on t-cell response?
  12. Moctezuma

    The BBC

    That feels like a outlier, were there other personal stories of how the cut would effect people or was that presented as emblematic?
  13. Moctezuma

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Fair point, having a Tsimikas for the right back slot would take a lot of the burden off Trent to constantly be available and playing at a high level. I do think the club sees it as one of the few areas of the pitch where you can ease younger players in. There was a camera shot at the Porto game of the bench, virtually everyone looked happy other than Williams who from his facial expression you could tell was fuming that he hadn't been picked. Hopefully he uses that anger to push on and claim the back up spot as his away from Milner. Klopp may have played him had the City game not been on the horizon and it probably indicates where they see his place in the team, i.e. 4th choice right back behind Milner and Gomez in the big games. More suited currently to league cup run outs and lower intensity premier league matches.