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  1. Moctezuma

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    Agreed watched this and found myself especially with the commentators (Arlo White and Graham Le Saux) not wanting to buff my gurka knife
  2. Moctezuma

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    Of the front 3 currently it only really feels like Sadio is in form the other two were poor today but are so vital to the way we play that they are close to being undropable. I'm going to need defibrillator on stand by for the rest of this season if we keep on bumbling away like that. I actually think the vast majority of the rest of the team were good but the lack of clinical finishing is hurting us.
  3. Moctezuma

    Fulham (A) 17/3/19

    A decent victory here would be great for the psychological boost while everyone is away. Then after the international break we can play the under 18's given our players usual capacity to pick up injuries while huffing and puffing for their national sides.
  4. I find the overuse of 'Empower' irritating, a lot if the time it feels like it is directed towards the notion of individuals having to make more choices do the running rather than things just being sorted for them I.e. the onus is on you instead of the rest of the company/ society to be there to help out. I would have a moratorium on it's use unless directed at allowing underrepresented groups* a chance to be heard. *within reason no fascist/rascist bawbags
  5. Haha fair enough, it might be interesting for a trial though. I agree on the point of promoting local culture I think it's important that bands/music from Merseyside get played at the game, though maybe during half time.
  6. Moctezuma

    Is football dying

    I do feel the sites demographics are probably playing a part in this (i.e. that those using forums are getting older in comparison to other social media platforms) and generally other priorities start becoming more significant. For me the thing that is really starting to get to me is the realisation that we may amass a huge points total this year and next, but could be eclipsed- as we have been in the recent past- by a level of financial doping which is getting to the point of tedium, you have to go back to Arsenals 2017 FA Cup win for a top level domestic English trophy that was not won by a significantly financially doped side and even then they had huge amounts of money coming through from the T.V. contracts with billionaire foreign owners. We are currently competing against not a team, but one of the worlds richest nation states, every time I see City score it reminds me of where that wealth is derived from and that within about 30-40 years huge areas of our planet will be uninhabitable with associated ecosystem collapse due to the climate change our carbon economy has produced, something that Abu Dhabi have been at the core of and have benefited from so substantially . Now you can always point to money having effected the game whether it be the numerous clubs who have held the title 'Bank of England club' or Millionarios of Colombia in the early 50's (the clue is in the name haha) and Franco's political vehicle in Real Madrid in the late 50's. However the level of money pumped into Chelsea and City's charge to honours has been grotesque. As others have said I can block out the paraphernalia of modern football, but feeling the league slide towards the domination that other leagues suffer from is tiresome (I'm well versed in this having a side-line of a diddy team in Scotland outside the ugly sisters). The other thing that is a bit of an issue if the paucity of football on 'terrestrial' t.v. I grew up with the champions league being on ITV during midweeks, which inevitably dominated classroom discussions for the next couple of days. There is now an assumption that you have to live in a household that shellacs out a minor fortune each year for subscriptions let alone attending exorbitant matches, I wonder what this is doing to the game in hard up economic areas, talking to some of the kids round my way at a football practice my brother in law runs you get the sense that the FIFA games now stand in as a proxy for the actual sport. This may have some serious ramifications for the sport in the future and the way clubs are followed particularly those that are less glamorous. I'm not sure what point I'm entirely making, but the money does feel like the game is making me feel less involved.
  7. Great thread idea stig. Though sometimes I wish we could scrap all the music in the run-up to the game (with the exception of You'll Never Walk Alone). So that a general hubbub could build up and given the way the team are playing at the moment you'd probably get some individual players songs from the crowd. I reckon the P.A. actually flattens our atmosphere, especially that stupid fucking premier league jingle that's played as the players are lining up shaking hands.
  8. Moctezuma

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    "I tell you my dear Watson it's elemental, you must take in the environment, the geography and the deportment. Everything points to an opium addled evertonian"
  9. Moctezuma

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Actually that is almost unfair on facists as historically they were associated with inward investment and provision for majority groups.
  10. Moctezuma

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Yes, let us use as an anchoring point a country that is sliding into outright Fascism... The anglosphere has wonderful effect on people's brains.
  11. Moctezuma

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    By European standards we do, there's a reason why in the European parliament the conservatives sit in the European Conservatives and Reformist grouping rather that the European People's Party.
  12. Moctezuma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Loving Tusks needle, hopefully it'll cause much frothing at the mouth and a few hypertensive episodes over the next day or so.
  13. Moctezuma

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Or alternatively loan out your second choice right back for penny pinching purposes
  14. Moctezuma

    January 2019 Transfer Thread