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  1. Moctezuma

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Is Klavan playing regularly for calgiari? Could we get him on short term loan? At least he knows how we play.
  2. Moctezuma

    Peter Thompson

    My dad's favourite player, an exceptional part of that Shankley side. Hope he passed peacefully and his family are doing well.
  3. Moctezuma

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    If we win the title I will be absolutely over the moon and probably out on the town for a week. The feeling would be absolutely incredible as Liverpool have never won the title during my period of cognisance on this planet, can only really remember dad dancing around the kitchen in 1990 listening to the radio. However I criticise now as when Rodgers looked at his bench during that Chelsea game and Klopp against Sevilla and then Madrid last season and saw the paucity of options that was almost entirely down to naivety/incompetence of those above them, so if that occurs again I will far less than suprised.
  4. Moctezuma

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Don't worry too much, it's the FSG way: get yourself into a great position around January and the secure no further attacking resources so that when the manager looks at his depleted bench in April and May there is no one of sufficient quality to bring on.
  5. Moctezuma

    Do you like Christmas?

    To answer the question, Yes it's fantastic, Merry Christmas everyone
  6. Moctezuma

    Sunderland documentary on Netflix

    Though Stig it's a bit of a weird one with Rodwell as it wasn't him who signed off on the ludicrous contract which he may need in what is ultimately a short career that can be reduced even further by injury, plus the club should have been approaching it from a disciplinary route far earlier on to try and sack him. However I'm not sure if I would have stayed at a place where granted even if I was getting an excellent deal basically everyone hates you and thinks you're a shyster.
  7. Moctezuma

    Sunderland documentary on Netflix

    Watched this a few things really stood out for me: First the film makers have slightly tiresome aims of trying to create narratives, this is especially prominent around the notion of Chris Coleman coming in and saving the club (which ultimately doesn't work out), though he and Kit Symonds do come across pretty well as they try and install some positivity into a moribund organisation. Secondly the series was probably meant to be a puff piece for Martin Bain the chief executive, but even though he has limited resources due to the imminent sale of the club by Ellis Short to another consortium he comes across poorly. He has a deliberate style which has been clearly cultivated for PR purposes but this gives the idea that he is never hurried or actually works that hard. In addition it's fairly obvious he hasn't set-up some easy and fairly fundamental processes in particular around the acquisition of players and scouting. Alongside a particularly dismal flip chart presentation to the players by Simon Grayson the meeting where Bain is filmed with his chief scouts looking over reports is probably the most identifiably incompetent element of the series. In the meeting he basically rubbishes the scouting but makes it abundantly clear that at no point previously did he actually give his scouting network any parameters in terms of the level and costs of players required which basically means they are set-up to look stupid while he grins like a Cheshire cat. As an aside the club also seem to have a ludicrous number of staff a lot of whose job is not overtly clear, I would envisage that the new owners will probably be making some 'efficiency savings'. In terms of the players; Aiden McGeady comes across as a bawbag who lacks vision, Jason Steele is demonstrably crap and has a ludicrously inflated opinion of himself, Lewis Grabban has a level of self interest that is almost admirable if a bit grating and I hope Jonny Williams gains more confidence through the use of sport psychologists but it seems like he might be too delicate a human for a industry that is as brutal as football. Perhaps the series makers didn't concentrate on them much or their influence was more prominent in the dressing room, but O'Shea and Cattermole seem pretty quite/lacklustre as leaders. It's notable that both of the foreign players featured come across as brighter and more articulate and capable of talking emotionally, which perhaps points to education issues among British clubs academies in producing rounded resilient people. The other thing that is palpable is that the divide between the professionals and the fans is colossal, this may in part be due to the clubs poor form so there isn't much positive bonding between the fan base and players, but it seems a general truism that professional footballers view fans as somewhat demented weirdos who shouldn't care so much.
  8. Moctezuma

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I was going to make a trite observation about him consistently failing upwards, but if you actually look at it it's not that bad especially given the teams he at, it's really only the very poor spell at Southampton following on from his poor form at Stoke at the end that indicate he could be a busted flush. QPR when he was managing them were relegation cloggers and a farce at boardroom level so I'm not too surprised he didn't do well there. People talk about him as if he is the worst manager of all time when he is mediocre to poor. I think the level of coaching ability in the premier league now feels seriously high, especially comparatively with previous era's around the mid table and lower reaches when you consider people like Rafa at Newcastle, Rudi Garcia at Watford, Mourinho at Manchester United and Pellegrini at West Ham which makes plodders like Hughes look even worse.
  9. Moctezuma

    The BBC

    A million times this, of the folk I know working there they basically all fall into that camp (this includes some in the news room at broadcasting house). I often get sent via whatsapp and email, memo's that they send around to their staff which show criticism of the corporation from the left and right, where all the responses underneath are along the lines of 'typical, getting bashed from both sides'. Invariably the critiques from the left will pertain to some economic misreporting or perceived bias around the way policy decisions are reported, while the moaning from the right will almost always be about a cultural issue 'too many gays/blacks on x,y,z show', however this division is virtually never realised. I find it notable that the vast chunk of the bods I know working there are also from middleclass or even wealthier backgrounds, this would chime with what Section was saying. It was particularly notable when they had more of a presence at White City, as you'd walk through the estate towards the tube and virtually everyone there was BAME and hard-up and you'd go past their building and virtually all of them were white, well dressed in their 20's* and healthy looking. I too agree on the prevailing government ideology effecting them, but with our press being pretty right wing I think that exacerbates things as the editorial line of the organisation for the day will often be derived from 'what the papers say' and is usually set out by the Today Programme which the conservative Sarah Sands edits. I also note that as an organisation their investigative reporting now almost entirely seems to sit in radio with the online and TV offerings just being churnalism of a sort, in particular the website front page is embarrassingly close to a yahoo home page on occasion. The quality of programming on the TV channels has also notably dipped, I used to consume a fair amount of BBC 4 but there are a lot of re-runs and repeats on it now. *A lot of this I think is what I call -Jemima Jobs-, shite like; 'A research assistant in central London for 23k per annum', 'online content coder based near oxford circus for £21,500 PA, 'exciting opportunity for young reporter scheme 19k WC1'. There's basically no way you can do those sorts of wages with the required academic backgrounds and intern experience unless you have a couple of parents who are willing to provide for you near the centre of town.
  10. Moctezuma

    Do you like looking at maps?

    Population as 3d terrain https://pudding.cool/2018/10/city_3d/
  11. Moctezuma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Thanks for this Cloggy, your correct it doesn't fit in with their 'everyone is becoming a right-wing populist' narrative. Do you reckon GroenLinks have a chance for electoral success anytime soon?
  12. Moctezuma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    To be fair she made some decisions on the hostile environment, those vans and deporting brown people who had been living here for 50 odd years. Plus was happy to start implementing huge cuts to legal aid. Dealing with the brexiteers of the hard right must be like talking to dementia patients; unable to comprehend everything, forgetting previous things they have said and failing to understand that some things are not possible or attainable with all of this resulting in anger and emotional turmoil.
  13. Moctezuma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I really don't understand this line of thinking he may get castigated for his position (In particular by future generations) and I too find it irritating, but the actual political mechanics of rejecting the referendum result where you basically say fuck off to more than 50% of the usual electorate is mind boggling.
  14. Moctezuma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    It sounds like they are about to implement the big media frenzy on how May has achieved a deal and how it's been a 'stunning success' , will be interesting to see whether this will convince the DUP and Brexit headbangers. Also the 27 may get a bit miffed if this incorporates future relationship stuff.
  15. Moctezuma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I always suspected those Britannia Unchained headcases were thick as pig shit can't think why...