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  1. Moctezuma

    How does your garden grow?

    Thanks for all the suggestions folks. Got a load of pots I tried Lavender but they are looking a bit peaky, probably because I watered them too much. I tried pansy like things (can't remember their name) and rosemary and that has worked out, is it possible to keep the later alive over the long term? Or would you have to take it inside? I got sun flower seeds that have grown, but have no head on them yet. There was a pre-existing Hydrangea and a rose, but the former is getting battered by white fly this year (really hard to get rid of, as it's difficult to get towards the back of the plant).
  2. Moctezuma

    Bradford (A) Friendly 14/7/19

    Can't wait while I have to wait for 6 minutes watching no action, in the freezing rain, in November, while some gimp waddles off and has a look at a T.V. screen to tell me a similar goal did/didn't stand, because "it's a multi-million pound business".
  3. Moctezuma

    Tranmere (A) Friendly, 11/7/19

    I agree on that evidence that neither of them are ready to cover Robertson, I would still go for Lewis ahead of Larouci as although the lad is more physically developed I think the reticence to use his left foot and fact he virtually never crossed when the option was abundantly clear makes me think that he would not be a natural fit for our side in that position.
  4. I'd pack it in, the game feels distant enough already without my own club being defiled with the ill gotten gains of some middle eastern aristocratic autocrats. I'm fairly sure I mentioned this in another thread a while ago, but a substantial chunk of the reason why Manchester City are playing great football and posting ludicrous points totals is because our planet is dying, in that the funds from oil and gas that are producing their team is also the root cause of environmental catastrophe engulfing our planet. If I was a City fan that would eat away at the back of my brain.
  5. Moctezuma

    Liverpool 08/09 & 18/19 Combined XI

    Mascherano is the best defensive midfielder I have ever seen play for the club, when he was on the park the likelihood of the opposition scoring dropped immeasurably, the amount of ground he covered tracking back, interceptions and great tackles he made was ludicrous and that was combined with a decent passing range and fantastic leadership skills. I think Klopp and the team now would love to have him anchoring the base of the midfield. There's a reason why he was Argentina's captain for years on end.
  6. Moctezuma

    Cover at Left-Back

    I think the club view full back as one of the few areas in the team local lads can break through into without having to be wunderkinds, which may mean it's left open for Lewis. Given in most of our games we monopolise the ball he should really only have to swing in some decent crosses and make correct infield passing decisions (easier said than done), A huge amount of his and other youngsters success depends on who we get as domestic cup opponents which has been brutal in recent years.
  7. Moctezuma

    How does your garden grow?

    Thanks for answering champ. Outside, it's a small concrete space outside the flat that is in direct sunlight so it gets really hot during the day. A huge amount of watering means-say my dyslexic brain will forget at least once in every two days, so watering one out of two or three days in the week.
  8. Moctezuma

    Donald Trump

    I've enjoyed this visit it has clearly delineated which of our establishment figures are happy to cosy up to the racist misogynist rape ogre gameshow host, which seems to be most of them.
  9. Moctezuma

    How does your garden grow?

    Need some help with this stuff, is there anything that can survive in pots in a reasonably hot environment without a huge amount of watering that isn't a cactus?
  10. Moctezuma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Just to add this is the thing that fucking infuriates me about the left, it's not the boring fucking speeches from old farts and melts at CLP meetings or the lads who know what Roy Jenkins had for breakfast in 1969, it's the lack of pragmatism. When you enemies are in power, do not give them more of it, just for some theoretical set of circumstances.
  11. Moctezuma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Aye the boy who is a member of the Labour party, unison, works for the NHS, whose folks come from Merseyside and who was born and grew up in Scotland, who lives in a subsidised housing association flat and has voted Labour/Green his whole life is Tory lite. Knock yourself out lad. Regarding your request for names of clients from 8/9 years ago I would PM you, but genuinely it's up to you whether I invest my time digging up that stuff from an old USB somewhere or actually carry on trying to get staff onto our wards/set up a sickle cell network in West London/ try and create a national ITP centre etc.
  12. Moctezuma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Like I said not living in the real world, if Johnson or Dominic 'Britannia Unchained' Raab win this leadership contest they have a genuine opportunity to take the U.K. out on a no deal and then set the terms of trade thereafter, regardless of the electoral calculus, also all those people who just 'eviscerated' them at the polls would come flooding back to their ranks.
  13. Moctezuma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Really can't be bothered responding to the above, I sit in meeting after meeting where people bitch nd moan about the working time directive and would have junior doctors imprisoned in wards given half a chance, in the same said meetings there are endless whining about the inability to now recruit from the southern European states and the huge gaps in our junior doctor rotas and nursing vacancy because of Brexit. When I was consulting, I sat at north east farmers tables (who were about as far away from millionaires as you could get) and worked through with them the planting of significant amounts of deciduous woodland instead of useless set aside, getting hedgeroes installed and setting up wind turbines to provide local electricity and to the national grid big chunks of the money to do that came from the E.U. locally directed by SEPA. All of this demonstrably improved the environment and has helped Scotland lead as a renewable energy providor. I remember discussions at my firm about westminster being annoyed at the level of ERDF being given to the highlands/islands and that they felt it was being spent incorrectly. How a gang of Tory pricks in London know what's better for people than those on the ground, in Edinburgh and Brussles I'll never know.
  14. Moctezuma

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    I'm sorry, but I'm going to be a dick here, if you could not see that Brexit basically gave/has given the conservative party carte blanche to turn the country into an even more right wing low tax/low spend hell hole then you are either not living in the real world or you are thick as fuck. I remember going to some meeting in central London where those on the left from trade unions to academia were having a debate about the merits of Brexit (post the vote) the glee of the lad flogging the morning star always stayed with me. That he was so happy we'd left this institution that protects the environment, backs science and technology, lays out basic workers rights and redistributes funds to economically deprived regions often against the wishes of national governments, when we had a conservative party in power who were able to set the direction the country would take and with the fixed term parliament act basically meaning we couldn't get rid of them, just fantasy land stuff. Personally having been involved in both renewable energy industry, environmental consultancy and having worked for the NHS for the last half decade, the legislation originating from the E.U. is often the only thing preventing people and the environment being completely exploited. People can talk about some left wing national take over as an opportunity brexit presents to reset where the country is headed, but the right have the press/media, industry, capital, external malefactors and a chunk of our democratic institutions sewn up. So all I would say is, good luck with that.