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  1. liverpoolsno9

    Rate the last TV Show you watched

    Oh look at me looking to be offended, you fucking PC tit. There was absolutely nothing untoward to his ‘real woman’ comment. Do Fuck off. The World is a twat of a place already without you and your ‘look at how pc I am’ brigade. It was a throwaway comment, don’t read so much into it.
  2. Don’t know if it’s been put on here and I’ve not heard anything in the media about it. But just been speaking to a mate who’s a match day steward and the club have paid him upfront for the remaining games. Nice gesture. Let’s hope they don’t take the Daniel Levy stance with the full time employees.
  3. Pretty sure Jurgen wouldn’t allow this. The importance, togetherness and respect he places on every level of the staff is massive.
  4. liverpoolsno9

    Trivia question

    Michael Keane it might be but when did him and Sterling path cross?
  5. liverpoolsno9

    Trivia question

    Who am I? ive never won a premier league but 3 of my former clubs have. ive been named in a PFA team of the year my current Prem team paid almost 30m for me team mates have included ings, sterling, delph, wellbeck, walcott, drinkwater, zouma, Harry Kane and trippier, managers I’ve played under include steve mclaren and Nigel Pearson
  6. The prize money pot would have to be voided too, no teams would get anything. Pretty sure the tv companies wouldn’t pay monies owed or due and that pot of money is shared amongst the clubs, each club receive equal shares from that pot and the rest is performance related. Huddersfield got 96m for finishing bottom last season. Maybe the relegation threatened clubs would agree to it being voided for the financial promises of staying in the Prem, but most clubs wouldn’t want to lose that sort of money. Even the Blueshite (received 130m last season) with there last accounts being so bad, losing that sort of money could be disastrous. The season will have to be finished, never mind all these cunts in the media and ex pros talking shite, money and TV will ultimately decide what’s happening. The twenty Premier League member clubs received a total payout of $3B (£2.46 at 1.21 exchange) for 2018/19. With a new three-season rights cycle kicking in it is expected that the overall payout will increase by more than $220M (£180M). What is really interesting is that domestic rights dropped by $484M (£400M) but the sale of overseas rights more than made up the shortfall. Foreign broadcasters stepped up and added $1.33B (£1.1B) to the pot over the three-year cycle. However, there is a change in the allocation of the prize money for 2019/20. Up until 2018/19 any revenue from foreign rights were distributed equally over the 20 teams. Effective this new season equal distribution will be grandfathered to the 2016-19 level but the increase for 2019-22 will be allocated based on merit i.e. finishing position in the league. Although the Premier League formula will remain the most equitable of any of Europe's big leagues it won't be quite as equitable as before.
  7. It does matter, lose hundreds of medical people every 2 days for 2 1/2 weeks, even if that would happen, the games wouldnt be simultaneous, they’d probably be staggered so there’d be games on every day, losing vital resources every day for those 17-18 days. Even without that, to play a game every 2 days until it’s conclusion, it maybe alright for us as we have it won, but there’s more than just us. To do what you’ve suggested, just from the players POV is totally unworkable, 9 games in 2.5 weeks? You say it’s quite likely, I’d say it’s impossible. If it were to happen, it’ll be over 4 or 5 weeks.
  8. 9 games in 17 days? Around 94 games in 17 days for the Prem, Never mind the rest of the Leagues. Even if they’re behind closed doors, medical people will have to be on duty for every one of them games, which would amount to hundreds on duty at any one time whilst the NHS is struggling like fuck. And you think that’s quite likely?
  9. liverpoolsno9


    And there’s no point announcing it in the night as there’s probably more in the morning, no point announcing it in the morning as there’s probably more in the afternoon..................etc etc etc etc
  10. liverpoolsno9

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Our 1947 League Title being brought into question now..... ToffeeDan Player Valuation: £70m 4 minutes ago New Add bookmark #78 They fluked it in 1947. They didn't hand it to Wolves or Stoke who had to play more games in a short time frame after the Winter fixture pile up did they ?
  11. liverpoolsno9

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Our 1947 League Title being brought into question now..... ToffeeDan Player Valuation: £70m 4 minutes ago New Add bookmark #78 They fluked it in 1947. They didn't hand it to Wolves or Stoke who had to play more games in a short time frame after the Winter fixture pile up did they ?
  12. liverpoolsno9

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I wonder what the Blueshite fans views would be if our places were revered. Well, I think I have the answer.............. Yarrgh Player Valuation: £60m 50 minutes ago New Add bookmark #1,136 This is Everton. We'd do the right and take the lead and offer to concede any claim to the title. Everything to benefit the greater good. Like Quote Reply Report Gwladysstreetlad Player Valuation: £50m Today at 3:20 PM Add bookmark #1,114 I can honestly say that if we where in that position I'd be laughing saying "Everton that!" and I'd of accepted that the season would be void because there is absolutely no way that the premier league or media or anyone else would fight for it to continue for us like they have for the RS. What's more I'd actually be pretty disgusted with the club if we did what the RS have done and tried to make this all about us while the country readies itself to go into lockdown and people died. Like Quote Reply Report Reactions:Amw79, Kev The Rat, Tommy Chong and 6 others
  13. Used to love Blackadder. I don’t think it’s aged well though. Watching the repeats and it’s just not as funny as it was. Fawlty and Only Fools has managed it though imo .
  14. I voted inbetweeners, I haven’t watched Peep Show, partly because I can’t fucking stand David Mitchell, But I’ve only ever seen him on them panel show comedy programmes. I take it it’s worth watching having seen this thread, looks like I’ll have to put my hatred to one side and give it a go. Not gonna be easy.
  15. Fawlty Towers is the best of all time with Only Fools a close 2nd.