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  1. liverpoolsno9

    Huddersfield(a) PL- match thread

    Superfan here. Is the midfield is a massive problem? Level on points with the all conquering City. 7 wins 2 draws. Whilst we’ve not been at our best, especially with the front 3 not being ‘at it’ the emphasis is on the midfield, but we’re winning. Problem? I’m just a superfan on his high horse though.
  2. liverpoolsno9

    Huddersfield(a) PL- match thread

    Bad performances happen, it’s the extent of some of the criticism by certain posters. I remember this time last year, the likes of 1892-LFCwasborn and Funnnee were extremely OTT in their criticism, the former even wanting Klopp sacked!!! It’s when the criticism isn’t constructive and is totally OTT that it gets frustrating. Fuck all to do with being on a high horse or being a superfan. Whether we like it or not, some of our fans are self entitled, Sky generation knobs.
  3. liverpoolsno9

    Huddersfield(a) PL- match thread

    I am absolutely incensed that we are 2nd in the League and unbeaten. We are shit, our counter attacking today was shocking. Our midfield was shit. We were carrying 2 passengers, maybe 3 in Studge, Lallana and Milner was prob still injured, how I hark back to the days when Mane didn’t play and we didn’t win and our defence were shit. Could have a right proper, justified moan then. Probably be better supporting City, they do it with style whilst we’re just shit. I’m turning into a proper self entitled, sky generation, dummy spitter.
  4. I’d like to see Bobby play the no 10 against the dross, and then have Sturridge (I know) or move Mo up top to make a place for Shaq. Think we did something similar last season v Brighton at home, Bobby as a 10 with Solanke up top.
  5. Deeply. Really DEEPLY concerning. Where do we go from here?
  6. I’m deeply concerned. As I’m a fanny.
  7. Fuck off you knob. We’ve played Chelsea twice, City and Napoli away you drama quim. Deeply concerning my arse. You should be one of them helmets presenting the phone in or probably calling in calling for Klopps head.
  8. Looks like some of the hysterical fannies will have a stick to beat Klopp with if we lose. If Trent plays and we lose, they’d beat Klopp for starting an out of form player too. Hysterical fannies gonna get hysterical no matter what.
  9. You really have to ask that? He’s been quite poor of late.
  10. Yeah, it was ARdja that mentioned he was worried about De Bruyne. Apologies. You’re still wrong over the Sqaq in a midfield 3 though! I’d like to see Shaq start though, at the expense of Mane.
  11. You’re worried about them bringing De Bruyne in and then advocating playing the Shaq in our mid, he played well for the 45 mins he was on v SOTON but the midfield as a whole looked shit, that shit Klopp changed it. This is City FFS. A midfield of 2 plus the Shaq would get reamed by City. I hope De Bruyne and Mendy play, Mendy looks ace going forward but he would leave acres of space if he were to play his normal game, De Bruyne has Only played 30 mins this season, coming back to pre season late after his World Cup, he won’t be anywhere near upto speed, especially in a game like this.
  12. liverpoolsno9

    Napoli (A) - 3 Oct 2018

    He didn’t out perform then, he was part of a team that beat them. Played well too. Doesn’t mean he’s better than them. I remember the Swansea midfield out performing him when we lost last season. And your point is? Ox looked decent but let’s not over do it.
  13. liverpoolsno9

    There is nothing wrong with our midfield

    So our midfield has gone from being one of the best, with strength in depth to being shite again! Maybe with our 1st choice defence last night, we’d be talking about how good the midfield looked. The midfield is of absolutely no concern for me, the concern is the depth of the defence. Any side with Moreno and Ming in will put the midfield under pressure straight away. He did ok Ming too, he just puts us under pressure with his diabolical distribution. Add to that giving Lovren his 1st run out after the World Cup and his injury problems, our ‘1st choice’ midfield might have struggled last night. Bring Allison into that game, VVD composure and passing from the back and Robbo we’d have seen a very different game. The midfield is of absolutely no concern.
  14. liverpoolsno9

    Chelsea (h) 26/09/2018 - Carabao Cup

    Anyone have any decent streams/sites to watch this?