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  1. In 1999, The Independent newspaper journalist David Conn unexpectedly coined the nickname "The Grand Old Lady" for the stadium when he wrote "Another potential suitor has apparently thought better of Everton, walking away on Tuesday from the sagging Grand Old Lady of English football, leaving her still in desperate need of a makeover."[25]
  2. He’ll sit down & give one last interview with LFCTV. All the stuff he hasn’t been able to say, will be said. PGMOL is gonna get it, big time.
  3. Always been a shit finisher? Let’s not rewrite his history because he’s spat his dummy out. 346 games 210 goals, a goal every 132mins. Dont score that amount of goals if he’s a shit finisher. Clinical in his 1st season (17-18)… 44goals. This season, his finishing hasn’t been great but in his 6 season he’s scored 30 or more in 4 of them. Shit finisher? C’mon?
  4. Villa 6pts behind us & have us to play. That’s where I’m looking now.
  5. Can’t stand the miserable cunt. One of the worst ‘pundits’ in a sea of shite pundits. Really really really gets on my fucking tits.
  6. Hysterical? Blaming one player? Don’t think so mate. You absolute top level tool. I made an observation, didn’t ‘blame’ him & i’m far from hysterical. You prick
  7. Awful that, swanning round like it was a pre season friendly at 2-1, it was so comfortable. Quanseh is starting to believe his own hype, so sloppy at times, trying to be too clever in his own box. Gutted. Might mean the Derby gets played in Semi Final weekend now.
  8. Let’s buy Everton when they go into administration & go down. Turn the sewage farm into a car park, we’d get our money back within a few years.
  9. I reckon he’d go Munich before here. Win the League this season, move to Munich where he’d probably win the League next season, Then Madrid whenever he wants.
  10. Not sure how you can build a team around a player where we don’t even know where to play him. It’s becoming obvious RB isn’t that position. Why though? He was a good RB a few years back & much better defensively, is it his ego? Maybe if Alonso came in, he’d play as a wing back, seems to me he wants to play in the middle & sulks if he isn’t though. The performance we seen today is happening too often but he usually gets away with it with a few obscene passes. Too much of a luxury for me. Either he sorts his attitude out or fucks off.
  11. Gravenberch to have a stinker & be dragged off after giving the ball away sloppily about 50 times.
  12. Reckon Jurgen will end up at Atletico Madrid, a proper club, a challenge, somewhere he’ll be given a time. The Real or Barca jobs aren’t for him. I’m surprised we haven’t been linked with this Iraola fella at Bournemouth when you see some if the names in the betting. Not advocating it like.
  13. Absolutely gutted, feel as bad now as when Kenny stepped down, only I’m 53 now & thought I’d be able to handle something like this better. I can’t. Things will never be the same again. What a fucking ride we’ve had. I just can’t see anyone getting out of this team what he does.
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