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  1. lebron

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Media in complete Solskjaer/Man Utd overdrive over here in Norway, Utd winning games they have no right to win, much due to shameless biased refereeing. If it weren't us topping the Premier league , I'd say the late 90's were back
  2. lebron

    Brighton (a) 12/1/19 EPL

    Agree with the sentiments about formation. One of the reasons Salah was so insanely good last year was that he was always matched up against a fullback, with him normally being stronger in the duels. He thus provided us with a valuable outlet whenever we wanted to get the ball upfield quickly. That just doesn't happen with CB's the size of Dunk/Duffy. For all of Salah's strengths he's not an in between the lines player of Silva's ilk. He needs to be able to take on players, and that's not happening through the middle (enough at least). The formation doesn't get the best out of Firmino either. For us to continue playing with the same formation, one of the 6s MUST be able to carry the ball through the first line, and Henderson can't and Wijnaldum doesn't seem like he wants to. Us passing the ball around their midfield and endless lofted balls over the top isn't the solution, that much I know. Hopefully Jurgen sorts it out. Keita on for Henderson would be me preferred choice if we don't change the system/positions. I know he doesn't really deserve it, but we need goals, and we aren't getting any this way.
  3. lebron

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Every time I see one of the traditional no 9's in action I thank God for us having Firmino.
  4. lebron

    Brighton (a) 12/1/19 EPL

    After watching the "Sunderland til I die" series on Netflix, I was sooooooo hoping it would be Jason Steele between the sticks for them tomorrow. I'm guessing that Button character is still some way off their first keeper? Hoping for an Allison to Mignolet drop-off. In that case we will put 6 past them. I'm going for a measly 4-1 win to remain on the cautious side.
  5. lebron

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    I think so too, but Kane better bring his shooting boots this time, he's been abysmal against them when I've seen them against each other.
  6. lebron

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Well, extra incentive for us over here in Norway (not that it's needed) for the Mancs to lose. The newspapers and telly are going completely over the top with their coverage of OGS and Utd, much like they did in his time there as a player. It's horrendous, and as much as I think Poch is a better candidate for them, I'm starting to lean towards them getting him rather than OGS staying on. The channel with the PL rights has already moved heaven and earth to show his home debut, and Utd games will now be shown live if our games are opposite each other on Saturdays. This in spite of us being league leaders. In short, I want Spurs to win tomorrow, and OGS to show his not so nice - sore loser - side.
  7. I get that. I just don't think it's a bad pass at all, neither did Milner, otherwise he WOULD have booted the ball out of play. If you are playing cm for a top club you should be able to control it with one foot, play it with the other. If Gini was the recipient of it it would be a bogstandard pass. He would either take it away from Jimenez or make Jimenez make contact with him and shield it from him like he does a dozen times a game. Milner fucked it up, Fabinho's rash tackling attempt compounded his error. If we can't play that type of pass in midfield we won't evolve. We'll probably have to agree to disagree here...
  8. If the pass was so awful why didn't Milner just boot it out of play then? I'll tell you why. Any midfielder worth their salt would expect to control the ball and make a pass out of it, or at the very least shield it and suck up the pressure applied to them. Milner just made a meal out of it, just like Gerrard did out of Sakho's. If we're going to play an expansive passing game, our midfielders must be able to do these kind of actions under pressure, and especially the defensive midfielders (or 6's if you will), it's actually the the minimum requirement. Milner not being especially good at it is also one of the reasons why I put a decent sum of money on him being booked once I saw where he was going to play. For all his other remarkable qualities, he's not technically skilled enough to do this routinely, neither does he have the pace to recover once making mistakes. He's smart enough to make the cynical fouls needed in a situation like that (much like Lucas was), unfortunately he had already (needlessly) made one of those earlier in the game. Xabi was comfortable with men pressuring him (for his lack of pace he nearly never lost the ball in those situations, and Fabinho seems to be able to do much of the same), and would be hacked down getting a freekick if he wasn't making a pass out of it. I think Gini is by far the best of our current squad, as he's much more comfortable with the tempo than Fabinho (so far). Fabinho's passing range seems a bit better, so I expect him to perform as well as Gini once accustomed to the tempo. I don't want to see Milner there again though, preferably not Henderson either. They just aren't technically good enough, and while Henderson undoubtedly has the legs for it, he lacks the bravery and awareness. PS! I went back to check on the pass to see if I could have misjudged it, but I have to say that has to be one of the poorest sequences of play I've seen any Liverpool midfielder complete for the last few years. Someone like Lucas would probably have received death threats over that. Milner actually Cruyff turns the ball into the path of Jimenez. The less said about his attempts to recover the better. Truth be told, Fabinho doesn't really do a good job either, neither does Mignolet. Moreno is blameless my view. People will scapegoat though, no doubt about that.
  9. I think most of the players yesterday would be fine if they came into our normal set-up, it's just that whenever they are playing they are thrown together as a completely new unit. There's no rhytm as Klopp would say. I'd actually trust both Moreno and Keita to do a good job with Mane as their nearest front player. When Sturridge is your go-to passing option though, you tend to look worse than you really are. I know it's the wrong opinion to hold on here, but Moreno actually did ok yesterday, and I have no qualms with him being Robbo's back-up, and when playing at Anfield against some of the lesser sides. He's fast, aggressive and whenever someone get past him he usually makes the ground up for it. People blaming him for the pass to Milner are the same complaining about Sakho's to Gerrard... Speaking of Milner, I'm comfortable with him not playing too much in the run-in. He looks shattered.
  10. So we'll probably see something like this? ------------------Mignolet------------------ Camacho - Fabinho - Lovren - Moreno -------------Henderson---------------------- -------Shaqiri --------Keita----------------- Lallana--------Sturridge---------Origi----- with the front 4/5 being relatively fluid with regards to the positions they occupy. If I'm honest I think we'll struggle then... Can see this being 0-0 for quite a while. I'm fine with resting players, it seems the league is THE priority this year, and it will all be worth it if we succeed. Guessing all our front 3 will travel/be on the bench, ready to step in if needed.
  11. lebron

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    Of all those deals, the Kevin Stewart one still stands out. Has there ever been a poorer player transferred for that much money? I get that he was a hard-working player, but he had virtually no strengths to his game apart from that. All the others had something about them that made them stand out at one point or another, and forward players are generally much more expensive. Smith at 8m is close, shocking the amount of money we've recouped the last few years, Edwards is certainly earning his money.
  12. lebron

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Lazy, no, but he might have some of VVD's nonchalance. That suits the big man better at the moment, but is something he's been criticised heavily for during his career. I love it though, wish more of our players (Hendo, Lovren) looked as comfortable. The wrongness in claiming Trent is "slow as fuck" must be some kind of record on here though!!! I'd argue only Walker is quicker among the right full backs in the league (Gomez too perhaps). EVERYONE going up against Sane will fall short in that regard. Said so to my Spurs' supporting mate at half time. One's not a yellow, and arguably not even a foul, while the other is way worse than the one "everyone" wanted VVD sent off for against Napoli. The only reason Salah has his feet intact today is that he jumps 30 cm from the ground, Kompany still catches his foot! Unbelievable. I warned about him before the game, and in my mind there's no doubt Taylor is biased against us. Look at the delight he takes in showing Lovren the yellow, it's up from his pocket instantly, while there's much more hesitation to book the City players. I actually think he needed the linesman's help in that regard with both Laporte's and Kompany's bookings. There was another incident too when one of our players were hacked down, and he wasn't even going to give a free kick in the 1st half. Shocking from him again. And don't even get me started on Fernandinho, who comitted 3 clear fouls in the opening 5 minutes, two of them possible yellow cards, and only got a free kick against on the one where he hacked Mane from behind. The only thing that consoles me today (I can sense my anger building as I'm typing this) is that it was the blag Mancs we were playing. Imagine how shit we'd be feeling today if it was the other Mancs we were fighting.... Agree with the mental part, he's too scared all the time. The only time he crosses the ball is if we've the entire 16-yard box littered with our players. I disagree on the ability part though, he takes too much time telegraphing the passes, and then hits them with too much air under them, which means it'll probably be broken up most of the time (might not have been this time around). He's just a mediocre player with mediocre mentality but supreme dedication to his profession/fitness etc. I've said so time and time again, for all his flaws and attitude problems, we'd be better off keeping Shelvey and selling Henderson, in the sense that he COULD have become a real player for us. Combine the best of their qualities and you would have a great CM, both ultimately too flawed though. Yeah, complete no-brainer that. Klopp's biggest/only? fault so far with us not recognising this... Some might argue giving Lovren a 5-year deal...
  13. lebron

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Nah, that was at Lovren, who instead of spreading the ball wide to the fullback for an angled cross, decided it was better to hoof it out of play with no angle on it at all.
  14. lebron

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    He does his best, problem is Klopp keeps picking him for these games. It's like every poor Milner/Hendo midfield combo game is erased from his memory after every poor performance. I understand the thinking behind having two English "warriors" out there, but when they get outmuscled/outsmarted by Fernandinho and the two Silvas keep running rings around them, a change would be nice. Don't really think he's a squad player either, as soon as he loses Captain status (which he should) and a relatively regular starting spot, his confidence will dwindle and he'll be even more of a hindrance to us.
  15. lebron

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Sick to my stomach, and haven't got time to read all posts. Quick summary: We're as good as City now, genuinely. They have a better midfield, we have a better defence. In attack it's pretty even. Being 4 points in front with over half the season gone, I'll take that. Only Utd left out of the traditionally most difficult away games. Allison didn't have his best night, 2 shots, 2 goals. Superb finishes, but on a good day he saves both, his distribution seemed off as well, potentially because of the pitch. Lovren - hopefully Matip and Gomez are ready soon. He just oozes panic doesn't he? I've said before that I don't want to see Henderson and Milner in midfield together, nothing today to prove me wrong. Milner leggy, and Henderson his usual cowardly self in these games. Wijnaldum our best MF by far, Fabinho did okay when coming on. Klopp - has gotten a lot right with his match management the last few months. Today was a bit of a shocker. Keeping Henderson on and taking Mane off, then putting Sturridge on and playing hoofball for last 10 mins. Anyway, onwards and let's keep that 1st spot. Tough game coming up against Wolves, would rest Firmino and Salah for that one, possibly VVD, Wij and Robertson too. Hopefully the Wolves players need a break and play a weakened side too.