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  1. lebron

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Unless penalty keeps his form, I think Utd will be about the same as last year. Chelsea will be about the same I reckon. I don't think we've ever really relied on Bobby for his goals, so I don't see the same issue there as others. In our system, the onus will be on the wide forwards to be more clinical. I think both Mane and Salah will have benefitted from their extended break, and Jota should be fresh as well.
  2. On paper I'd probably agree. I think most of their strength in depth is in the front third though. Their backups in the middle are about the same as ours, and our CBs are much better.
  3. lebron

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I don't think it'll be that competitive.... Us and City will pass the 90 pt mark. The others will languish 12-15 pts behind.
  4. lebron

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I honestly don't think Jurgen wants to work with a squad that big. I think he sees having 22 full internationals as a conundrum more than he welcomes it. I'll also gladly sacrifice our cup runs (like all other managers than Guardiola are doing) to compete for the big two. Unless you pay silly money to keep the bench-warmers happy, you'll be stuck with quite a few unhappy players if you keep playing settled sides like Klopp likes.
  5. lebron

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I think long term injury and injury proneness are terms that are going to be looked upon differently under the ever-revolving football calendar. What you'll have is physical freaks like Salah, Ronaldo, Mane that are able to play more or less throughout the year. Most other athletes' bodies are eventually going to succumb to fatigue and injuries that last for 6-8 weeks. The difference is how quickly they are able to recover from said injuries. In our squad I'd say these are players more susceptible to injuries than what is "normal": Keita, Ox, Matip - these have all suffered minor injuries that take abnormally long time to heal. I'll place Gomez in the unlucky category, even if I know people think he's injury prone. All his major injuries are impact injuries apart from the last one, and even there the waters seem a bit muddled. If you look across the other clubs in the league, they all have the same problem with the congested fixture list. Players get injured. That's it. The only way to circumvent this is by paying obscene amounts of money to world class reserves in every position (aka City). That's just not doable if you're not cheating and/or cooking the books. I'll make a possible exception for Utd, even if I think they are treading a thin line in regards to how much they're spending on wages over the next couple of years (they'll probably have to sell Pogba).
  6. lebron

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Yeah, if you don't believe in the concept of players improving under (our) coaches' guidance, I can see why people get worked up when no (or few) transfers are made. I've been advocating this point to most of my fellow supporters of LFC where I live. Without fail, everyone go into panic mode as soon as one of our rivals strengthen their squad. I've been guilty of this many times in the past myself. Why am I so indifferent to the mega-transfers these days? I have total faith in Klopp's (and his coaches) ability to improve the players and the team (also the team spirit/bonding). Look at Jordan HendersonI have to admit, I had completely given up on him, to the point where I advocated his selling (preferring Shelvey instead). Look at what he's achieved under the guidance of Klopp. Look at Andy Robertson, Trent, Salah, Mane. The list goes on. I think coaching is shockingly underrated in the sporting world. A good set of coaches will make your team good/very good. A great set of coaches - and in particular a coach/leader as charismatic and likeable as Klopp - will work miracles with players that others have given up on. I will worry when Klopp leaves, I'm completely honest with that (much the same as when Ferguson retired, I was dead certain their domination was over). Until then, I have the utmost confidence that we will be right at the top in both league and CL.
  7. lebron

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I'm going to make a controversial statement in the transfer thread.... I'm happy with what we have. I also think we'll be City's main competitior for the league, and we'll go deep in the CL. Reasons for this? 1. We've got the best (or 2nd best) manager in the league, definitely the best at working without an unlimited budget. 2. We still have the best starting eleven in the league when everyone is fit. 3. The crowds will be back. 4. The ONE area of the field that completely decimated us last year has been repaired and strengthened. 5. Our players and leaders on the field (as well as the manager) will be hungry as fuck to set the record straight. Also, apart from City, who has better depth than us? Assuming Shaq is leaving, I guess this would be our two best line-ups. I personally prefer Gomez to Matip because of his pace, but as he's been out so long, he'll probably have to wait for his chance. ---------------------Allison---------------------- Trent-------Matip--------Vvd----------Robbo ------------------Fabinho----------------------- ----Henderson-----------Thiago-------------- Salah--------------Firmino-------------Mane --------------------Kelleher--------------------- Williams-----Gomez----Konate----Tsimikas --------------------Milner----------------------- ----------Jones------------Keita--------------- ----Elliott---------Ox/Origi----------Jota------ I'm comfortable with all the players not in bold playing 10+ league games for us. Ideally we would have kept Gini and sold one of Ox/Keita, as that would have given us fewer days on the treatment table, but all these players know the system well by now, and should be able to contribute when given the chance. Nothing to worry about then? Well, I hope that whinging supporters on social media and in the stadium don't take us back to the days when Klopp had to will the supporters to SUPPORT the players from the stands. Hopefully the days of groans and sighs will be replaced with enthusiasm and a belief that Anfield is still a fortress and our players, manager and supporters are "back to normal". On the field, the usual suspects in black (or whatever colour they are wearing these days) completely fudging up the rules of the game is the only other thing that really worries me. Let's get behind the boys, and hope for a fast start to our league and CL campaign to get the doubters back on the believe train again!
  8. lebron

    Other Football 2021/22

    They'll never play Pogba in a 2 with Fred either...if he stays that is... I hope they do though, he's an absolute calamity when playinh in front of the back 4. Annoying that they've gotten Varane, he should be able to cover for Maguire a lot better than Lindelof and Bailly. Here's hoping for some hamstring issues during the colder British winter.
  9. lebron

    The Open Championship 2021

    Went with Spieth First round leader and tournament winner. 1 back on Thursday and 2 back overall...not pleased. Good to see him back near his best though.
  10. lebron

    The Open Championship 2021

    Seriously annoying this, those two last putts from Morikawa might have won him the tourney. Need Spieth to finish birdie-birdie to make it a playoff...
  11. lebron

    The Open Championship 2021

    Finally a bad break for Morrikawa!
  12. lebron

    The Open Championship 2021

    My man Spieth right back in it! Let's sink another long one at 15, Jordan!
  13. lebron

    The Open Championship 2021

    Still think he'll win it, he was scrambling for his life most of yesterday. Reckon he will hit a few more fairways (or semi-rough) today, and sink a couple of more putts. Go Jordan!
  14. lebron

    The Open Championship 2021

    Rooting for Spieth as usual.... He will take some beating, especially if the wind kicks up a bit over the last two days.