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  1. lebron

    Liverpool 0 Real Madrid 0 (Apr 14 2021)

    Main causes for our disastrous season (where we still got to the QF stage of CL and are still favourites to get CL qualification), ranked; 1. Season-ending injuries to ALL three starting-caliber CBs (notice that we were top of the league until all three went down) 2. Inability to react to said injuries due to tight finances (during a pandemic, or on a whole) 3. Lack of supporters at home (a factor for all teams, but hits us more than most) 4. Other players injuries and loss of form, possibly Covid-related 5. Unprecedented run of shit decisions by VAR and refs (especially from Nov-Feb) 6. Profligacy in front of goal, Firmino and Mane being the main culprits, even if Salah misses his share too. 7. I'll be cooperative and put Klopp and some of his decisions here... Fair to say I disagree a bit with your statement...
  2. lebron

    Liverpool 0 Real Madrid 0 (Apr 14 2021)

    I agree he's been off form for a while, but as I've said in previous posts, he's probably the player sufferiing THE most from not having our CBs there. He becomes a lot less effective when we can't press in pockets/compacting the pitch. It gets harder to justify his place in the team then, as he will never have big scoring numbers playing the way we are. Points-wise, we would probably have been better off points wise in the league sitting deep playing counter attacking football with Ox, Mane and Salah. I like that we haven't deviated from our plan though. It's something that Guardiola has taken a lot of stick for both at Barca, Bayern and City. Not having a plan B when going behind etc. I think it's much better to have a set identity and sticking to it. That will serve you best in the long run, much as it has for City this year when they've gotten their CBs back in shape (and bought a good one to add). In bold, yeah, that was a shocker. He telegraphed it too, which made the pass look even worse. Still, Benzema had one just like it for Real in the 2nd half, Sometimes these things happen. It only becomes a big issue when you're not scoring/winning though.
  3. lebron

    Midfield creativity

    He's been very good, he actually looks like the Keita we thought we were getting!
  4. lebron

    Midfield creativity

    When we had the two fastest CBs in football covering for us, we allowed one of our midfielders (as well as both fullbacks) to go beyond our false 9, creating a lot of havoc in the box. These days the midfielders are needed to cover for our super-slow CBs, which also means we win less of the ball further up the field.
  5. lebron

    Liverpool 0 Real Madrid 0 (Apr 14 2021)

    I see Milner get a lot of credit for this (as he should, probably his best game in 2021). Firmino (as always) is the catalyst for this though, and while other will no doubt pounce on his missed passes/layoffs, surely absolutely no-one can have watched that game and missed what impact he had on Real's play, especially first 20 mins of 1st half and 15 of the 2nd? For me he is still one of the first names on the team-sheet if we continue down the path Klopp has set for us with his gegen-pressing. If Jota plays, it's for Mane (on current form he probably should). Bobby's role has never been to finish our attacks, he's a provider, allowing Mane and Salah to shine. We also need to encourage one (or more) of our midfielders to get in behind him as well as our wingers. Until we get back some pace at the back that probably won't happen though.
  6. lebron

    Liverpool 0 Real Madrid 0 (Apr 14 2021)

    Can't agree with it being the most miserable season. I think you are about my age. In the early 90's we had a few under Souness that were far worse than this one. We were going nowhere fast in the league, and a league cup and fa cup win giving some false hope that we were on an upward trajectory. What really brought home that we were no longer a big club was losing in the UEFA cup to nomarks like Genoa. The team and club seemed rudderless, and I envisioned a life without trophies. This is still the best I've felt about the club's stature and future since the mid 80's (when I started supporting), and this clusterfuck of a season is just that, an amassment of freak injuries, VAR, no supporters and oil clubs being oil clubs. I still believe the team below wins the league this year (and next). Even if you're critical to our forward line and their their lack of clinical finishing, so much has been lost from our play with the absence of VVD/Gomez/Matip. Probably 3 of the best 6 CBs in the league. It has impcted our positional play, our pressing. You can complain that we've been slow to react etc. Would Chelsea have been dominant without Terry/Carvalho? Utd without Vidic/Ferdinand? It's impossible to establish a dominant team without a very good/elite CB partnership. We SHOULD have gotten replacements earlier in the January window, that might have saved us a few points in the league. I'm still very optimistic about next year, even if a CL quarter final exit is hard to take. ----------------------Allison------------------- --Trent------Gomez-----VVD--------Robbo ----------------Fabinho---------------------- -------Henderson-----Thiago/Gini---------- --Salah----------Firmino------------Mane--- Give these guys a proper pre-season and we're rolling again... 2nd team: -------------------Kelleher------------------- --Neco-----Matip--Kabak/Phillips--Tsimikas -----------------Milner------------------------ ----Oxlade/Shaq--------Jones-------------- ---Elliott-----------Origi----------Jota------- Players in bold with legitimate claims of being 1st teamers. Some upgrading needed in our other backups, with Tsimikas and Elliott relatively fresh faces with something to prove. We know what the others can and can't do. One would think a few of these might be shipped out, but with the pandemic affecting clubs all over the world, we might be "stuck" with them for another year. Anyway, I'm rambling now, but I really can't understand the doom and gloom from everyone. I'm normally a pessimistic or at least realistic character, but I don't see the obvious shake-up everyone else seem to be expecting. The want for new players when these have served us so well over the last few years really isn't in my blood I think. Would it be nice to get a super-striker in to compete with our front three (like Jota has done when fit)? Sure. Is it realistic? Probably not. We need a 4th CB with pace, as the questionmarks over the fitness of our main 3 is my only big worry in the season to come. Other than that, I think minor tweaks is needed, not major changes. This season ended with the assault on VVD and subsequently when Gomez did his patellar tendon. Avoid something major like that and we should be competing in both the league and CL (which is still realistic to get).
  7. The plan is obviously to close them down and harass them, which Mane, Firmino, Milner are better equipped to do than Thiago and Jota. Without our two fast CB's, pressing becomes more difficult. I fully expect Thiago to be much more effective once we've got some pace back in our backline.
  8. Danish cunt, you mean? Not a big fan... slightly better than Brych and Orsato though.
  9. lebron

    Other football - 2020/21

    Yeah, I'd throw nationality in just as much as player, and you could probably add team colour into it as well.
  10. lebron

    The Masters 2021

    Hopefully they will blast their sub-air system all night on the greens. Matsuyama thrives under conditions where he can hunt the flagstick. I was hoping for a big finish from Spieth, but he missed a ton of putts short after the rain delay, all leaking to the right. Typically he then pulled the best chance he had on the last hole left... At -6 I would have given him a chance if the conditions firm up. At -5 it'll be a tough task catching Hideki. Still expect him to climb the leaderboard given that there are a few fresh faces further up, and a couple of players with not nearly as solid form as him. It'll probably something like: 1. Matsuyama -11 2. Schauffele -9 3. Spieth - 8 3. Leishman -8 If the conditions stay as soft as they have been over the last two days, Hideki will run away with it. If we can get just a little bit of wind coupled with firmer conditions, 4-5 shots can disappear very quickly.
  11. Get the fuck in!!!! Much better from us! Our play fell apart a bit when Bobby went off, but we threw everything at them, and the introduction of Shaq seemed to give us an extra spark. What a moment for Trent, so happy for him!
  12. Good to see Bobby back in the side, guessing Thiago is rested for the CL game. Nice for Mane to get a breather as well. Would have liked one of Milner or Wijnaldum replaced by Ox or (dare I say) Keita, as we could use some dribbling/pace/shooting from distance. Let's go from the start this time, eh.
  13. I'm not condoning his poor play, but he must be more than a bit frustrated with the referees letting every defender in the world hack him to pieces without repercussion. If he watches other PL games and sees how he's treated contrasted by what other forwards get awarded I'd be pretty angry (just as I am). It doesn't take away the fact that he struggles mightily with his touch and finishing, but it has to impact him, and not positively. Atkinson clearly just hates him, and looked in midweek like we can add Brych to the list with a dislike of him as well.
  14. lebron

    Real Madrid 3 Liverpool 1 (Apr 6 2021)

    I still think this is a systemic issue with our fast CBs out more than anything else. We no longer win the ball high up the pitch, and all three suffer because of it. Bobby's the easy scapegoat because his numbers have dropped from an already lower level. Playing-wise, both Mane and Salah have been just as bad.