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  1. lebron

    Other football - 2020/21

    Not seen any United games lately, I gather...
  2. lebron

    Other football - 2020/21

    Now I never liked Arsenal much, but every time I see this clip/montage my blood boils. Nice to know that this is the guy designating/instructing referees these days. How anyone can watch that video and say with a straight face that referees aren't biased/corrupt in this league is beyond me
  3. lebron

    Too nice?

    We need to be utter cunts on Sunday. Diving, playacting, harrassing the ref the entire game. It's the only way we're going to get any decisions going our way.
  4. lebron

    VAR Thoughts?

    Yep. See also the excellent "Too nice"-thread that I started...
  5. lebron

    Aston Villa 1 Liverpool 4 (Jan 8 2021)

    Yeah, needs to be using his body better there. Fabinho seems a bit too far away to me, as play was developing on Williams' side of the field. With the high line we're playing (and seriously slow CBs), I'd even question if Kelleher shouldn't be in the vicinity... As it is, we cannot really lose the football in midfield, and it seems to have crept into the minds of our midfielders, as they are playing even it even safer than usual against the "low block". Look at the difference when Thiago comes on and commits the defenders compared to the awkwardness Henderson and Wijnaldum (or Jones last time out) showed.
  6. lebron

    Rhys Williams

    Problem is, with our propensity to hold a high line and a lack of a quick partner, he's exposed more than he really should be. If he had a really quick partner (Gomez/Vvd), and a defensive-minded (and quick) fullback (someone like Wan-Bissaka), he would probably just about get by. It would be a clear weakness, but in most games it wouldn't be a problem. With our current set-up it's just an unmitigated disaster, and the same goes for Phillips (who isn't much quicker, if at all - watch him against Wilson vs Newcastle). Those that put Sami (or even Carra) in the discussion, only in one season did they play anything resembling a high line for us (08-09, a season which Sami was being phased out because of just the high line, I believe). That season coincided with Reina having probably his best season for us (as a sweeper-keeper at least). They also had the best midfield in the world in front of them, as well as at least one defensive-minded fullback. It's just not a comparable situation at all. Anyway, our current way of playing requires two quick CB's, with one of them (at least) being dominant in the air as well. We either keep plugging on with this way of playing (and risk some weird results), or change the way we play (probably negating some of our possession and counter-pressing opportunities). If by some miracle we buy a CB with those specific qualities in this window, we might watch something resembling our best form again. Up until then, I think we will sadly just be a shadow of the team we've seen these past two/three seasons. I really don't like Henderson as a CB (I personally think Wijnaldum would do a better job), but I think it's a better solution than continuing exposing Williams and Phillips the way we do now. Trent's poor form doesn't help either, maybe we could put Hendo at RB if we insist on continuing with a youngster at CB? It's getting pretty desperate at this point. Getting Matip back will obviously help, but if I'm really, really selfish, I wouldn't mind a month or two break from the league/CL and another postponement or cancellation of the Euros. A couple of months with VVD and Gomez back would help us immensely (like it did for the Mancs last year in their chase for CL football).
  7. If Matip is still out, I'd like to see; -----------Allison------------ Trent-Hendo-Fab-Robbo ---Shaq----Gini-----Thiago--- Salah-----Bobby------Mane If Matip's back, Hendo takes the 3rd spot in midfield.
  8. lebron

    LFC moments which live in your head rent free

    The whole Suarez v Evra affair with its aftermath still infuriates me. The current treatment of Sadio by every ref in the league (it seems) The Kompany tackle on Salah The Chelsea/Mourinho timewasting from the first minute in 13/14.
  9. lebron

    Villa (A) - FA Cup - 8/1/2021 - 19:45

    When Vvd is back we should consider benching him, or at least phasing him out. We need his leadership for now, but he really brings nothing in games where we dominate possession. His will, drive and determination will be sorely missed, his footballing abilities not so much...
  10. lebron

    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    Quoted myself instead of editing....
  11. lebron

    January 2021 Transfer Thread

    This was one of the few times I've questioned our transfer team over the last couple of years. Hoever looked miles better than Neco at RB to me, with the added bonus of being able to cover CB should that be an issue. I'm a bit surprised that he's had so little time on the pitch for Wolves, but when he played against the Mancs the talent was there for all to see again. He'd not be able to dominate at CB for us now (not physical enough), but he'd be a much better fit than Phillips/Williams (and even Lovren), as he's calm on the ball, has got good passing ability and is pretty quick. I understand that is probably was a financial decision to be able to bring in Jota, and for a few weeks it looked like a masterstroke. When both our starting CBs got long-term injuries, it became a bit of a bummer. I really like Jota, and we've needed someone like him for a couple of years, so great deal in that respect. I would have really liked to keep Hoever on though. PS! There's too many to quote, but I disagree massively with those saying our problems are just as much to do with our attackers as our main CBs being out. The reason our forwards are having issues is that the team pressing has taken a nosedive as we are no longer able to compress the field sufficiently. Even more importantly, our midfielders (and fullbacks) are being less inventive and more cautious with their passing too, as they know every counter is likely to result in a big chance against us with the slow CB's we're playing atm. We're going to see a lot more "hoofs" up the field in the coming weeks, even if it's detrimental to our attacking play, as our players are clearly instructed to take fewer risks in our build-up play.
  12. lebron

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 0 (Jan 4 2021)

    The "opinion piece" from Sky today on Klopp's statements removes any doubt that Murdoch and co have their mittens all over this campaign. The only thing missing from it was "fachts", as they try to imply that this is a Rafa-like rant from Klopp. What Rafa said was true back then, and Klopp is spot on now. The amount of money the TV companies put into this product, coupled with the comments made by Scudamore in the past, you'd be incredibly naive to think that a season like we had last, and City had 3 years ago would be well received by those forking out the cash. The one season in the middle they could sell, but what would be even better would be the awakening of Utd. With the amount of money involved, do we honestly believe that this big business is going to not be influenced by corruption (as any other big business is). I'm not going to imply that bags of money are finding its way into accounts of individual referees, but the shift in media coverage is palpable, both TV and written articles. The refs are having each others back, and so it continues. If you compare Oliver's refereeing of Utd-Villa with ours yesterday, it's like we're playing in another universe. It feels like the 90s all over again. Hop on the commercial moneymaking train that is Man Utd now that they've gotten a little wind in their sails. I'm so angry right now that it's not healthy. Watching the games with my boys is one of the highlights of the week, but it's turning into a proper strugggle atm. I can take us being shit, and we've been dubious for a while now. Outright cheating though, that's painful to watch.
  13. lebron

    Villa (A) - FA Cup - 8/1/2021 - 19:45

    Play the reserves. This competition is the least valuable and we need every 1st teamer ready for the Mancs. Would have liked us to have a proper go of it in all three major comps soon, but it won't be this year for a number of reasons. Might as well pull out early.
  14. I don't care if I sound Evertonian, we're being singled out for "special" treatment from the refs now. Hardly a touch, free-kick given which leads to a goal. Thiago then gets a yellow inside 10 mins (which almost never happens in the pl). Robbo is held and scissored so much that he retaliates. Card given in an instant. Keeper gets fouled by his own player. Whistle immediately.Salah wrestled to the ground on numerous occasions, play on. Lastly, the linesman flags even if the ball is not out. There's plenty of things to work on with our own play, but we're getting absolutely nothing from the refs atm.
  15. lebron

    Newcastle 0 Liverpool 0 (Dec 30 2020)

    Nah, it's just that the players are told to take fewer risks, as with our current defenders being exposed to pace on the counter will lead to goals. Whereas with Virgil/Joe we could afford to suffocate teams as their recovery pace would make it worthwhile taking that risk.