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  1. I really hope Kane plays on Saturday, he's a complete shadow of himself at the moment, he's running on fumes and has been at least since March. Either he's carrying an injury of some sorts or he's just completely knackered. I fancy both vvd and Gomez to handle him easily on Saturday. I'd be more concerned if both Son and Moura starts.
  2. So wrong on so many levels, have you seen Kane play lately? He looks like he's running in treacle. He'd set up the other two about once å season as well, the selfish dope.
  3. Messi in any of the front 5 postions is automatically the best player in the world in that position. --------Alisson------ -------Back four----- --------Fabinho(Gini)-- ------Naby------Messi--- -------Front three----- would win the league by 10 pts
  4. Modric or David Silva if you want to avoid the obvious answer...
  5. Yeah, maybe the first bit could apply. The second though, did you see him play? I doubt you could find a better/quicker passer of the ball to feet than xabi over the last couple of decades (his near-namesake and fellow Spaniard would rival him over the shorter distances of course) Anyway, while I loved Suarez while he was there, the improvement Xabi would bring to out midfield is greater than what Suarez would bring to out attack imo...
  6. lebron


  7. Voted 2nd (to City), but I think Dell run them close.
  8. lebron

    2018 Pre-Season Match Thread

    Like someone else said earlier, Salah is the back-up for Firmino, with Shaqiri coming in to play on the right. Only if both/all three are unavailable will Sturridge or Solanke see game time (in the league and CL). Might be a different story in the cups... I'm OK with that, as getting another "starter quality" striker/forward would be extremely difficult (and expensive), and could be disruptive to out brilliantly working forward line. If Fekir could still be done I'd go for that, as be can play in a number of positions. Got to feel for Karius though, he's under the same sort of pressure and ridicule as Trump/May...
  9. lebron

    Russia World Cup 18

    Croatia are gonna be in a world cup final... ...far worse sides have been there.
  10. lebron

    Summer 2018 Transfer Thread

    Zaha is a pace merchant who is strong and creative in the dribble. He struggles immensely with the team aspect of the game, and generally makes really poor choices both with and without the ball. The moaning when Garcia lost the ball 50 pct of the time with us would reach unprecedented heights when Zaha dribbles the ball into a blind alley for the umpteenth time during a match. If Zaha was 19-20 you would think there was something to work with. Now, I'd be astonished if Klopp thought it was a good idea. I'd reckon he would flunk the initial meeting with Klopp as well.
  11. lebron

    Stoke Home - Sat 28/4

    That c**t ref better not show up at Anfield anytime soon. How are you supposed to play football when the rules aren't implemented at all?
  12. Xabi. We sometimes need to manage games better, and he'd help us immensely in that respect. Souness and Gerrard would be other prime candidates massively improving our CM. It's probably the first time since 1993 that the answer to this question isn't John Barnes (for me, anyway), which to me speaks volumes about our wing/forward play.
  13. lebron

    Champion League Draw - 13/04/2018

    Nah... think you're underestimating our following. We're still a huge name throughout the world, it's just not been fashionable to follow us as wholeheartedly when we've been (relatively) shit. Add Klopp in the mix, and a lot of people are intrigued.
  14. lebron

    city at home

    What a great night! Credit to an outstanding effort from Klopp, the players and the supporters (minus the bus incident)!