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  1. lebron

    Roberto Firmino

    I hope we'll hold onto all our front three for a while yet, but Bobby would be the toughest loss to take.
  2. lebron

    Napoli (Murrayfield - Friendly) 28.7.19

    Seems like ox is a bit from his 2017/2018 form...
  3. lebron

    Napoli (Murrayfield - Friendly) 28.7.19

    Mignolet needs to leave. He just spreads uncertainty whenever he turns up. Add to that he stops nothing and ut's surely a no brainer to let him leave.
  4. lebron

    FSG are not shit

    Live within our means and comply with FFP - check Hire smart football guys and let them do what they do best - check Win a trophy and keep us competitive in the league - check Could be worse... I don't think everything has been rosy under FSG, far from it. I think they had some bad advice early on and a few of their appointments early on weren't too bright. Everything has changed with the hiring of Klopp though, and it seems at the moment we have a club in perfect harmony. I see lots of people complaining that they are just building our value before selling up. I honestly don't think they will do that, as much as I don't think they will be selling the Red Sox any time soon. I think both Henry/Werner are sufficiently invested in football now to keep us. Now tht we've finally won a trophy, that is not suddenly going to change. If there's one thing Americans love as much as money, it's being part of winning (in sports as much as anywhere else). I think they take immense pride in holding both the baseball and European trophies. Biggest challenges ahead? Keeping Klopp beyond his current deal and sorting out the ARE development.
  5. lebron

    Women's World Cup

    She's as worthy a Ballon d'or winner as C Ronaldo, ie not so much the best football player in the world, but a great goalscorer for the best women's team in the world (by far) as well as being (relatively) good-looking. I'd say there's up to 10 players that are better than her, but as long as she keeps scoring tap-ins and keeps her social media profile up, she'll get a couple more of those I reckon.
  6. Born in 1974, followed us from the age of 10, which influences a few of my choices. Can't say I've seen enough of Clemence, Lawrenson and Neal to put them in my team, otherwise they would probably ahaead of the choices I've made here... (Yeats, Liddell and co will have to forgive my non-inclusion of them as well). Before: ----------------Grobbelaar--------------- Babbel------Hansen--Hyypia--------Nicol Gerrard-----Alonso-----Souness----Barnes -----------Rush---------Dalglish----------- Now: -------------------Allison---------------- Nicol----Hansen----Vvd------Robertson Gerrard----Alonso---Souness----Barnes ------------Rush-----Dalglish---------- Might seem a bit premature on Robbo displacing Babbel, but Robbo is the ultimate modern fullback, so Neil switches sides.... Vvd is clearly better than Hyypia, so I think that's a fair call even if Vvd needs to stay for a few years to cement his position. I was never a big fan of Grobbelaar, so even if it might seem premature, I'm giving the nod to our big Brazilian.
  7. Get the f**k in you mighty reds!! Bar Istanbul that's my best ever experience watching or taking part in any football match ever. Exhausted, elated and adrenaline still pumping 1 hour after the game. Congrats to Klopp, the team and our unbelievable supporters!!
  8. lebron

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    The Mancs can't even keep Huddersfield out. I think Ole might not keep the job during summer even.
  9. lebron

    Barcelona (A) Champions League 1/5/19

    What? I thought we were on the wrong side of most of his calls. The VVD handball being the only decision that went for us. Vidal should have had about 3 yellows, and they constantly whined and moaned (and got their way), winning countless freekicks while our claims were similarly ignored. Not that I'm especially surprised, but the ref was definitely influenced by the crowd (and the occasion). If he gives the penalty to Mane, VAR doesn't overturn it, that's for sure. The counter-attacks we had were always stopped before we got going due to a sly foul (that went unpunished). We need to be more snide ourselves in these situations, especially when stopping counters ourselves. Can't believe no-one protested about the position of the free-kick that Messi scored from, it was about 10 yards further forward from where he was stopped. Rant over. We've made it extremely difficul for ourselves, mostly because of sloppy finishing. At 3-1 I would be very positive, now it's just an outside chance.
  10. lebron

    Premier League Round Up (Mar 2-3 2019)

    I think the reason Bournemouth decided to play like they did was the fact they have been taken apart by anyone decent when having a go. Howe's taken a bit of flak for it too. I just think he thought it was worth a shot trying to pack the defence like the other mid-table plodders do. Bournemouth aren't really as well suited to that style though (or trained to play that way), and therefore looked even worse than they intended.
  11. lebron

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    The refereeing at OT was as bad as anything I've seen all season, Southampton were literally playing against 12 men all day. Southampton players coming within a whisker of Utd players the ref couldn't wait to get his whistle out. The other way, hustle, hold and tackle all you want without consequence. Ridiculous really. The penalty they got in the end was just about the only decision he got right. The FA/Ferguson has clearly had a word, wanting the fallen giant to raise again with Mourinho out of the picture. VAR can't come quickly enough, even if it's the same incompetent/crooked fools making the decisions.
  12. lebron

    Trent Alexander-Arnold

    Annoyed me even more than Sturridge coming on for Bobby that we didn't bring Trent on for Milner against the Mancs. Under no circumstance should any other of our players be on set piece duty unless Trent is out injured.
  13. Pats self on back... Funny how when there's a ref finally doing his job they show just how overrated they are. Most hollow win streak in years. Can't believe the number of people harping on about Kimpembe, Pogba was even luckier to escape the red in the 1st half, young fortunate to stay on too.
  14. No doubt there are some great names there, and playing at their peak they would represent an almighty task. The three bolded ones are the only ones producing something resembling their best atm though, and are also the only ones I'd consider putting into our team (in a 4-3-3 at least). Robben and Ribery are still capable of magic moments, but no way I'd swap Mane/Salah for them. We actually did just that (I know it was a friendly, but still) a couple of years ago, and they never knew what hit them. Several of the same players were shellshocked by our tempo, and judging by their results in the BL this year, they're still capable of falling apart against teams that press them. What they've got going for them is an enthusiastic home crowd (much like us) which when they smell blood really make their team turn it on. Hopefully we'll have settled the tie before we get there, as our side has looked some way off the mean away machines they were last year.
  15. Looking increasingly likely Lovren will miss this (not attending the training camp). In that case: -------------------Allison------------- Trent------Matip-----Fabinho----Robbo --------------------Wijnaldum--------------- -----------Milner/Hendo-----Keita----------- Salah------------Firmino-------------Mane--- I actually think we'll beat them handsomely. They won't be able to tackle our energy and pace, as their CB's are way past their best (even Alaba has regressed imo). Crucial that we don't let Thiago pull the strings in midfield, and that we swarm all over them for the first 20-25 mins. Guessing they'll line up something like: -------------------Neuer------------------ Kimmich--Boateng--Hummels--Alaba ---------Goretzka-----Thiago---------- --Coman------James------Ribery--- ---------------Lewandowski----------- That's about the slowest side remaining in the competition, which is a huge advantage for us. They are used to having most of the ball, and are normally pretty daring in how high their line is. If (big if of course, as they are pretty good on the ball) we can get a couple of breaks early on I think they will shit their pants. Neuer's sweeper-keeping not as good as it used to be either (if he plays at all). Can't wait for this one, even if I agree that the league is the main course this year, this is a nice dessert. I think we can afford to take it seriously as well, seeing that we've got no other commitments (unlike City).