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  1. lebron

    Roberto Firmino

    One of our players scores a hattrick and doesn't get as much as a threadbump? Harsh. I still think we look a lot better with Bobby upfront, leading the press and keeping our midfield and attack together.
  2. lebron

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    So out of the 30 teams in the MLB, they have again (at the minimum) ended the season among the top 4 teams? If one didn't know better, one would be tempted to think the owners of the Red Sox and us actually have some sort of desire to win and know-how on how to get it done. I'm sure it's just to keep things ticking over and increasing the value of their asset though, most Americans aren't concerned with winning anyway...
  3. lebron

    Virgil Van Dijk

    Seems like he's starting to get his speed back in terms of running, but he's definitely cautious when jumping, especially when jumping on his injured knee (two-footed and on that knee in particular). It will take time to get there, both physically and mentally.
  4. lebron

    Liverpool 2 Manchester City 2 (Oct 3 2021)

    He's the new Lucas it seems. We love ourselves a scapegoat, even if the performances aren't actually supporting it. Have to say I'm a bit puzzled by this one though, unless you equate forward play exclusively with goals. I think Bobby nullified one of the main problems in the 1st half (them playing easily into feet between the lines), by harassing Rodri and/or Silva much more than Jota did. Trouble was, by the end Fabinho and Henderson were completely out on their feet, so his increased pressure didn't tell as much as it should have. Him being blamed for Salah not controlling a 5 yard pass also seems a bit odd (Sakho to Gerrard anyone?).
  5. I'll clarify, was in a bit of a rush earlier... He obviously wanted both, as having someone like Kane would have been ideal when playing the dross of the competition. I very much doubt he would have wanted Kane over Grealish if given the choice, and when playing us, PSG or Chelsea away he would almost certainly play with the same 11 he did yesterday. I'll also add that my take on this had a lot less to do with you guys and much more to do with Neville bleating on about his mate Kane in the commentary. Just surprised as much is being said about it after witnessing the domination of us yesterday. It's the same stuff when everyone expects Bobby (or Jota now) to score lots of goals for us in that specific role in our team, fantasising about how many Haaland would score for us. What Jota adds to our team in terms of goals now means we're much weaker in the press (as evidenced yesterday) than we've been in the past. Didn't help that Henderson had a complete shocker of a performance in midfield like, with Fabinho and Curtis being only marginally better.
  6. I'll add a point... When people criticise Pep for not prioritising a striker, do they automativally think that that striker will do the sane off the ball movement, pressing etc that Pep's extra midfielder does? If so, that's a pretty thin list of strikers with the movement, work rate and tactical knowledge to make his system work... It was the same choice Spain had and made between 2008 and 2012 when everyone, especially in the media complained about them playing without a recognised striker. Thing is, both Pep's sides and that Spain side often gave up that deep threat/clinical finishing (say of an Aguero or Torres) in games they wanted to control. It might result in fewer clear cut chances off the bat, but you wear the other side down over time, as they spend so much energy chasing the ball while being outnumbered in midfield.
  7. Might be because some of our supporters are so occupied with having new shiny toys that they are not putting their efforts fully into supporting the world class team and squad we already have?
  8. I was waaaaay off with my team prediction for midweek. Having come unscathed from that I doubt we'll see any changes against City. I would personally put Gomez in for Milner and Bobby in for Jota, but I doubt Klopp changes what worked well against Porto. I still think our front three looks better when the original three are playing, but it might be too soon for Firmino to start. I worry a bit about Milner if he's up against Sterling or Grealish. Milner got loads of plaudits for his performance vs Zaha, but truth be told he hacked him down a couple of times and was lucky to escape without a caution. Him being physical against either Sterling or Grealish might work a treat (they will not be thrilled with him snapping at their heels), or be a disaster (red card). I don't really like Gomez at RB, but he is better equipped to deal with their pace and dribbling. Maybe play Gomez a bit more like a traditional RB in this one and let Robbo do the attacking (a bit like in midweek, where Milner was a lot more quiet than his Scottish counterpart)? Anyway, let's hope for a great game and clear win!
  9. lebron

    Other Football 2021/22

    He was definitely off, question is did he obstruct the goalie in any way. Just seemed a bit odd that noone talked about it. Looked a pretty lengthy check... https://twitter.com/primevideosport/status/1443322754313424901?s=20
  10. lebron

    Other Football 2021/22

    Was there any mention of a VAR check for their winning goal? Surely Lingard interfered with the play there?
  11. I agree with most of the bolded part. I still don't think most posters on here appreciate the absolutely monstrous performances we produce week in and week out in terms of work-rate, pressing and off the ball movement, though. How many other sides go to Porto and absolutely shred them to pieces, or make Milan look like part-timers for 85 minutes? Every side has it's weaknesses. Ours has very few, rather insignifcant ones. We're a bit wasteful in the final third, and are still a bit susceptible to long ball, shit on a stick, time-wasting football. I'd rather focus on the positives though. I've seen enough football to appreciate having players sacrificing blood, sweat and tears to win the ball back high up the pitch for 90 mins. Apart from Guardiola's peak sides (Barca, Bayern and City) I have never seen a football team as good as this one in terms of team performance. There may have been more glamorous sides, and sides with better footballers relative to their era. I doubt many of them would have come out on top against us though. The only team I'd see us as clear underdogs against would be 09-11 Barca, as they probably would have been able to withstand our press the best, and the Xavi-Iniesta-Messi triangle was more than a bit special.
  12. lebron

    How good are we?

    I'm normally one of the more positive posters in terms of us producing performances and results these days. Still, even I'm surprised at the absolute ease with which we now dominate games domestically and abroad. I've just skimmed through the match thread, and much to my surprise (and amusement) some people seem desperate to downgrade our performance and make fun of the Portuguese keeper, claiming that Porto are shit/useless/not as good as Brentford etc. The other main topic seems to be Mane's lack of form/ability/passing etc. While I'm not shocked that there are negative vibes on an Internet football forum, I just thought I'd gauge an opinion on how highly you rate this current Liverpool team. I'm a 47 year old man from Norway, and while I have regrettably only been to Anfield on a few occasions, I have been able to watch just about every game we've played since the early 90's via various satellite services. Back in the mid-80's, when I became a Liverpool supporter we only occasionally got to watch our favourite club, but one of the few positive things to come out of the founding of the Premier League was easier access to our games on TV. Regarding the poll... I'm sure some of the ones even older than me (having seen our late 70s winning machine) visiting this site will correct me on this, but I have a hard time believing we've seen a Liverpool side this dominant before. The way money and players are now concentrated among a few elite clubs really only support this theory. We might not be THE best club in Europe (as our EC dominance 70's/80's suggests we were), but I for one have never seen a Liverpool side this good on and (in particular) off the ball. There may have been more aesthetically pleasing sides (like the 87-88 side), but do people really believe any of them could have taken this side on (modernising of the game and fitness issues notwithstanding). Do our (and FSG's) biggest critics really believe Porto (or Milan) are poor football teams from the get-go? These are sides with a clear identity and style of play that are near or at the top of their respective leagues. This was supposed to be the group of death, wasn't it? Sorry if my tone is a bit off, I'd be able to express myself a bit better in my native tongue. I just can't understand how anyone can spend energy on complaining about missed chances, poor opposition on a night we win 5-1 with absolute ease against what is undoubtedly one of the better sides in Europe. For me, this side (2018-21) is by far the best version of Liverpool I've seen. Our workrate, pressing, off-the-ball movement is out of this world, and a key component in why most European and domestic sides can't live with us. It shocks me then that not many people seem to understand that that comes at a price whenever our attackers (or midfielders) misplace a pass, mess up a touch or a dribble etc. If they weren't working so god-damn hard, we wouldn't create as many chances! If we had a goal-hanger like Kane or C. Ronaldo, we just wouldn't create the amount of transitions and chances we do with our current system and philosophy (a real bugbear of mine is people overlooking Firmino's role in this). Anyway, please answer before I digress any further...
  13. No, not sure at all! Just think City is the one game where we need to take the opposition into account as they play differently to any other team on the planet. Hence having our best 11 at pressing rested and ready is important. Dont't think Firmino will play the full game under any circumstance, but he might have to prove his fitness due to his prolonged absence. 60 mins today and 75 on Sunday perhaps?
  14. I think we'll see a lot of the fringe players in this one... -----------------Allison----------------------- Trent----Konate------Gomez-----Tsimikas ------------------Milner--------------------- --------Ox-----------------Keita------------ --Salah-------Firmino----------Origi------- ....to make sure he can bring all the big guns on Sunday.... In that case Mo shouldn't start, but I'm guessing he'll do so no matter what, both to win us the game and because he never gets injured anyway. Firmino also gets a start, I'm guessing to check if he's fully up to speed. On Sunday it'll most likely be; ----------------Allison-------------------- ---Trent---Matip----VvD-----Robbo-- --------------Fabinho------------------ -----Henderson----------Curtis------- Salah---------Firmino---------Mane With Jota being a bit unlucky to miss out. I still think Klopp will play his trusted three whenever the onus is on us to be at our absolute best pressing-wise. That was probably the idea on Saturday as well, that our front press was too loose, and Brentford had no trouble finding gaps all over the field. Bobby is much more effective from the front though, and I suspect he'll have a pivotal role to play on Sunday. One game at a time as Klopp and the players always tell us... not really, though, you have to plan for Man City...