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  1. Don't think you need to, as the show focuses just as much on the characters and their highs/struggles as they do the sport. A couple of batshit crazy trainers, and a few athletes that are pretty full of themselves make it pretty decent viewing. 7/10 for the four series overall...
  2. lebron

    Sadio Mane

    Not even close in my book. I love Sadio, and his athleticism and durability are great qualities. He's probably top 5 players in the league over the last 3-4 seasons, and has a claim to being best left winger in world football. Barnes was just something else though, a truly sublime footballer. With the pitches today no-one would have got near him. There's also zero chance the club would have him running around on asphalt in preseason in gym shoes, the 200 million pound baller that he would have been... Making his career with us even better if playing today.
  3. lebron

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    While Haaland is a really good finisher blessed with outstanding pace and strength, he is not even top 100 in the world in link up play. He's basically a better version of Lukaku with a better work ethic and much higher confidence. Wouldn't suit us (specifically Mo and Sadio) very well. I'd have him here in a heartbeat of course (not least to piss off my Manc mates that are SURE he's going to vhoose them next time he changes clubs...). I'd much rather have M'bappe though, or Ødegaard if we want a Norwegian in our midst. What I will say is that his father and advisors have plotted his path perfectly so far, giving him clubs/attacks that are THE absolute best at putting chances on a plate for him, which he duly scores. Going to the Mancs instead of Dortmund would have been career suicide in that respect. Ps! His movement in the box is top class as well. He'll score loads of goals for teams that have a bit of space to work in and focus on feeding him. Personally I'd prefer Firmino to him because of the way we set up, as well as the Brazilian's type of football being much easier on the eye. Haaland is an absolute flat track bully though, and plaing in front of de Bruyne or prime Gerrard would thrive.
  4. lebron

    Fantasy Football 19/20

    I'm in despite a shocking start. Removed Salah altogether to make space for Auba...
  5. lebron

    Fantasy Football 19/20

    I'm in as well if someone can pm me the code.
  6. lebron

    The Snooker

    First Norwegian to ever win a WC match in snooker, Maflin. Will probably be the last too, unless some Brits decide to come live in Norway and raise snooker players...
  7. lebron

    Other Football - 2019/20

    With Atkinson reffing Leicester-Utd, I'd say there's about 90-95 pct chance for a Utd pen to be given...
  8. Has our watering department been let go? Looks like there's glue on the ball. Can't get any tempo on our passing. Hopefully they water during the break.
  9. lebron

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    I think a lot of people are underestimating the cost of us being successful in terms of payout to the players and their agents. We've nearly doubled our wage bill over the last few years, and I believe only the Manc clubs pay as much as/more than us at the moment. If we want to keep the likes of Mane, Salah, Firmino, VVD, we will have to pay them close to the amount they would have gotten at Barca, Real, City etc. In doing so, we will attract new players, but we won't pay them as much as our stars until they have proven it on the field. I can see a lot of players interested in moving to us in the coming years, only to be knocked back when they understand they have to deliver first and be paid later. I think it's a sound strategy, and will help us avoid transfer disasters from previous years. There's a reason why rumours around our top players have died down lately, and it ain't all about sporting success and the relationship the players have with Klopp. There simply isn't as much of an incentive for the agents to start stirring shit when our players are paid according to their stature. In the case of Werner, I've the same impression as Dave U (and Hamann), he lacks the skills needed to play to the level of our front three. He might be an upgrade on Origi, but we're not going to be paying the sums mentioned for a squad player.
  10. Yeah, after the hamstring injury against Leeds he lost quite a bit of pace. Never went on to the level he should have reached after that. Rushed back one too many times, either by our manager or by himself to get ready for the next England games. Frightening potential, and even if he got us some vital (cup) wins, another tale of what could have been if managed better by himself and others.
  11. lebron

    Robbie Fowler

    As with a couple of our later strikers (Owen, Torres) and despite his incredible goal-scoring early on, the story of Robbie will always be a bit of what could have been for me. He was by far the Liverpool player I've taken to the most, and he's still perhaps my all-time favourite player (might have been coincidental with my LFC interest at it's peak during late teenage years). Can't help thinking that he would have overtaken Shearer/Henry etc as the best PL goalscorer of all time if he had been managed better or had taken better care of himself. I still get teary whenever thinking about all the times when his name appeared on the screen in the 90's (when not all our games were televised here in Norway), you just knew if Liverpool needed a goal late on that his name would pop up on the goal-service back then. He was just absolutely lethal from every which angle and with either foot (and head) as well. He had that trademark burst of speed that all great strikers have too (even if not as rapid as Owen later on). That period from getting the 5 goals against Fulham until he was injured against a select Norway XI in Oslo is probably the best, most consistent source of goals we've had at the club from one player (since I started watching us). After that injury he was never quite the same, picking up a series of other knocks as well as never really recovering that yard of pace he needed to get away from the defenders. One of the few players I've really watched and hoped would do well for other clubs even after he left us, it was one of the best and most emotional moments of my football-supporting life when he re-entered Anfield in February 2006. Got a real lump in my throat watching that again, as I do when I watch Anfield erupt at him making his 2nd home debut. Suarez might have been a better all-round player, both Owen and Torres (and Mane/Salah) were quicker, but the sheer genius involved in every Fowler goal means I still think he'll stack up favourably against all of them when comparing peak performance. Still, as with Owen/Torres, his powers waned considerably, and instead of topping all goalscoring records for us, he ended up as one of the greats instead of the greatest.
  12. We've moved on a bit from the times where most players would come back from vacation to preseason several pounds overweight, don't you think? I guarantee that every single top club across Europe have their players on strict training/eating regimes, as well as having them wear activity vests/trackers to make sure they stay in shape. Even my local tier 2 club here in Norway are doing this, and their athletes surely ain't worth a fraction of what LFC players are worth. Anyway, Tottenham and Burnley have been having full training sessions during this affair, Arsenal are starting training together Monday. Most PL clubs will follow suit. For the PL, I think mid-may behind closed doors is a realistic scenario. It will surely be a money-driven affair, as ideally you would want to wait longer. Tough to say what happens in Italy, but I'm guessing their NEXT season will be affected more than the NEXT PL season. And to those arguing that ALL the leagues in Europe must be synchronised, that's not the case now, so surely there'll be exceptions made during this crisis. Norway, Russia and other Northern European countries have seasons from March-November, and still manage to take part in European competition. It's not unfeasible for the big leagues to follow suit for a year or two until things are back to a relatively "normal" level. Edit: As for comparing tennis (and golf etc) with a football league, that's just nonsense. Those are stand-alone events in the future that require sponsors and fans to commit to an event that isn't already underway. The PL has completed 3/4 of a season.
  13. Have to agree with this. Blackadder is pretty lonesome at the top of my list, but that is mostly a testament to the brilliance of series 2-4. I've tried to rewatch series 1, but it's just excruciatingly bad.
  14. 1.Seinfeld A gigantic chasm 2.Friends (the first few seasons were funny, tailed off REALLY badly towards the end) 3. Curb your enthisiasm (got a bit bored with this as well) 4. Arrested development 5. A lot of other nonsensical shows American sit-coms are really poor compared to their British siblings. If I hadn't grown up with Seinfeld and later Friends I doubt I would hold them as highly
  15. lebron

    Hating our own players

    I agree that hate is a strong word, but let's say that my blood has been absolutely boiling with the players mentioned below during their Liverpool careers. Nicky Tanner - I even winced when I saw he was leading the Fantasy Football league earlier this season. He was to me the embodiment that our period of dominance was over. Ruddock and Dicks - too fat to play professional football. Shameful managment letting them get to that has to be said. Bjornebye, Leonhardsen, Kvarme and Kippe. For destroying the illusion (for us Norwegians) that you had to be a good/great footballer to make it to the top level (Liverpool), and for being pretty shit at football. Diouf - for his personality (or lack of it) As I've grown older, not many have been able to usurp these stand-out candidates, but honourable mentions to; Simon Mignolet (for making 1 save for each goal he let in over an entire season) Dejan Lovren (who is nowhere near as bad as Tanner, Ruddock and Kvarme in sporting level), but still sticks out like a sore thumb whenever he plays.