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  1. Sterling's really easy to dislike isn't he? Although it seems he has a decent head on his shoulders judging from his views and actions (speaking out against racism and injustice), everytime I see him play on tv I hope he fails miserably. It's not really the leaving us for Man City/money thing either, as I've cheered both Suarez and even Torres after their betrayals towards us. Sterling and Owen (even before leaving for the Mancs) though, they rub me the wrong way. He's a fantastic footballer, and he's obviously super keen for everyone at Anfield to notice, he puts the most effort all season into these games every year. So far, he's not gotten his way, even if we struggled to contain him towards the end yesterday. Loved the sly little digs from both Trent and Joe on him, and as others have said, both the fans, players and the club in general seems to have gotten the better of him.
  2. lebron

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    As expected, Norwegian newspaper VG couldn't resist following up on the Berge story, and promptly asked Klopp about his supposed comments in an interview this week. Klopp reiterated that he thought Berge was "a good player, a very good player. He's interesting for sure"*. He wasn't as happy that what he had said to Berge had been caught in the media though. "What I say to players after games should stay private. That's how I look at it. I can't change how other people relate to it"* *Loosely translated from Norwegian to English Genk's sporting director has also been approached. Although he declined that there had been any serious interest in Berge, he stressed that the club had a job on their hands to keep the player. In summary, a transfer to Liverpool now is unlikely despite the media-driven bollocks, but I think it's fair to say that we will be keeping tabs on the player.
  3. lebron

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    There has definitely been more hype surrounding the two former than any Norwegian players in my liefetime (even more than Solskjaer/Flo in the mid-90s). Add Joshua King and Kristoffer Ajer (Bournemouth) into the mix, and we have a potentially very good spine and attacking midfield/strikeforce. Unfortunately we have the most boring international coach (Lagerbäck) in the history of the world, playing-wise. The Norwegian FA are keen to extend his current contract, hopefully they'll finally go for Solbakken (FC Copenhagen) instead. If not Solbakken, hopefully we can get a really attack-minded coach in, there's potential there for some really good, entertaining, possession-orientated football. I'm guessing we'll still waste the talents of Berge and Odegaard and play 4-5-1 low block counter-attacking football for a while yet, though. The ghosts of Drillo Olsen's past still haunt us imo.
  4. lebron

    January 2020 Transfer Thread

    The Norwegian media has been in overdrive for the last year (since Solskjaer's appointment at Utd). They are now present with several reporters at every single game both us and the Mancs are playing. Norwegian TV2's female reporter is particularly active, and often gets access to both clubs managers/pressers. Near every single question the Norwegian media poses also has a Norwegian "angle" to it, it's super tedious. When Klopp retorted with Origi as a Liverpool legend, the Norwegian reporter was really just fishing to get Berge's name mentioned. It was the same when we were playing Salzburg and they wanted Klopp's endorsement of him. Berge seems like a level-headed and well-spoken lad, so it's a bit out of character for him to drop information like this to the media, unless he was really flattered (which he probably was). He called us the best team in the world both prior to the game and in the aftermath. If true, I agree with Klopps comments, though. Berge is indeed interesting. He's a lot quicker than you'd think for a player his size (1.95m), he's pretty calm on the ball and has a good range of passing. Early in his career he would take people on more often than he does at the moment, but I think that's something that he could redevelop (I guess he's just been told to play it a bit more safely at both Genk and Norway than he was for Vaalerenga). There's a lot of hype surrounding Haaland at Salzburg atm, I personally think Berge will have the better career (at a more prestiguous club). Haaland has the benefit of playing at a club completely dominating its league, as well as having some really talented attacking players playing him in. He's a bit of a beast physically at 19, but I think he's pretty limited in terms of general play. He'll score goals with his left foot if set up in the box, though. Watching him play for Norway will give a better impression of his overall ability than for Salzburg. Anyway, along with Odegaard, he's someone I wouldn't be adverse to seeing at Liverpool. That's a pretty big compliment from me, as Bjornebye and the subsequent influx of Norwegians into our great club was always a bit of a moodkiller for me (Heggem being the lone exception, but he was made of glass). I remember swearing and shouting much of the day Bjornebye signed for us, back in 1992, and going absolutely ballistic when we signed Kvarme, Kippe and Leonhardsen (shudder). F**k I'm getting old., remember reading about Bjornebye's debut like it was yesterday, 5-1 we lost to Coventry. Truly dark times. Back to Berge, he rejected an offer from Sheffield Utd this summer, I'm guessing he'll leave Genk either in January or in the summer. Not saying we should be all out trying to buy him, but he's definitely someone we should keep an eye on.
  5. lebron

    Genk (H) Champions League 5/11 - 20:00

    That's Sander Berge from Norway. Been linked to a host of top clubs around Europe. He's only 21. Along with Odegaard should be able to make the Norwegian national side a bit better (and more aesthetically pleasing) in the coming years.
  6. Wesley will have a field day with Lovren, I'm afraid. He's hopeless against big, physical strikers. Hopefully Mo, Sadio and Bobby score enough to get us the 3 points. Come on you reds!!
  7. lebron

    Fixture Pile up

    If, and it's a huge if, we buy someone in January, they won't be ready to play in Klopp's system for a while anyway.
  8. lebron

    Spurs (H) Premier League 27/10/19 - 16:30

    Very worried about Lovren being targeted by Spurs (again). Would have much preferred Gomez in this one.
  9. lebron

    Genk 1 Liverpool 4 (Oct 24 2019)

    The midfield in most games of this season and next should be; ---------------Fabinho----------------- Hendo/Keita/Ox--------Wijnaldum With Hendo playing the difficult away games in Europe/top 4 opposition, Keita and Ox to share the games where we've got to take the initiative. Fabinho and Wijnaldum are locks for two of the three positions in my eyes. I'm actually OK with phasing Milner out, despite his enormous contributions over the last couple of years. I'll support a 1-year extension to his contract, as his versatility saves us from having potential FB issues, but I think we're stocked in midfield. If we brought in a LB I'd be fine with him doing a Leeds swansong next year. With the new VAR-rules I doubt we'll get any more penalties as well!! Great servant though, and wish he was here a bit earlier in his career. I would have really liked Grujic to kick on, as his playing style, shooting and heading ability would have helped us immensely when trying to attack the "low block" sides. As Ox showed yesterday, having a player to strike the ball cleanly from distance is sometimes necessary against these teams, and we really only have Trent as a genuine goal threat from distance at the moment. From what I gather, he's not getting as good reviews this season as last in the BL.
  10. Haven' seen any media outlet or referee touch upon the fact that Lindelof climbed Mane's back through that whole sequence. I was sure he was going to give a foul and a card, as all this happened before the ball fell onto Mane's hand. As implemented now, the whole VAR thing (especially in the PL) has further complicated football as well as often destroying the viewer experience.
  11. lebron

    Genk (A) Champions League - 23/10

    Think he'll rest both Wijnaldum and Henderson tomorrow, they both had full 180 mins in the international break too. If Matip and Trent are out I think we'll see; -------------------Adrian------------------- Gomez----Lovren-----Virgil------Milner -----Ox-----Fabinho------Keita------ -----Lallana------Mane------Origi-------- Doubt we'll risk Salah unless we're losing. That team should be enough to see off the Belgians anyway. Perhaps we'll get a curveball or two? Robbo needs a rest, so Milner or Gomez play LB unless he throws in Larouci?
  12. I've supported us since the mid-80s, so no, I don't support Rafa Benitez FC, but Liverpool FC. I think a lot of the stuff that went on in his time here was sad, he certainly divided the fanbase in his latter years. I think it's fair to say that a large element of our British fanbase never really took to him (possibly influenced by the British media narrative at the time). He's certainly more popular with our overseas fanbase from what I've gathered over the years. All managers care for themselves, and Rafa was no different. I just think some of the players (and board) shafted him just as much as he shafted the club at the time. No doubt you were on the "anyone but Rafa"-bandwagon, and got your just desserts when we appointed Hodgson (a popular choice among our British players at the time). If supporting us through thick and think for 30+years makes me gloryhunting, I'll leave to others to decide. You may be correct on the cunt part, but I'm 6'5 and 260 Ibs, so that part's not true at least.
  13. What a shock that he wanted to leave a club that didn't support him properly through that period. I have no sympathy with the biting, but that whole story was a complete stitch-up and the lack of balls we as a club showed then still grates me.
  14. Carragher is a xenophobe, his comments and actions towards Rafa and the other Spanish-speaking players at the time and later leaves little doubt about that. Him selling out now to stay on the Sky payroll is just a continuation of this. If it were up to Carra we would have Alan Curbishley, Hodgson or Eddie Howe managing us with a team of 11 British players.
  15. lebron

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Thought about that, was thinking more along the lines of leaving your foot in... He was always pretty arrogant, but can't remember many other episodes where he caused a stir because of bad behaviour.