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  1. lebron

    Southampton 1 Liverpool 2 (May 17 2022)

    One of the (many) great things about this season has been seeing our "reserve" line-ups for the cups (and some league games). Everyone and his dog are expecting us to get beat, yet we still play (and win) like Liverpool. No matter how many wins we've got with our weakened line-ups, I'm still genuinely surprised and excited with what I see. Some of these games have been even more pleasing than with our best line-up, for two reasons: 1. There's less feeling of pressure, and you (and those around you) haven't already stipulated a sure-fire win (as one tends to do when we're full strength). 2. The other team fancy their chances a bit and play a lot more open football than if we line up with a full compliment of stars. Some of these games have also been among the most enjoyable experiences of the season. They also, as Dave states, tells us what a tremendous job is being done by the coaching staff and the fringe players. PS! The reason Tyler was so excited for Collymore to score was because it meant his beloved Mancs would almost surely win the title. PS!! Loving that Klopp hung Atkinson (and the VAR team) out to dry with his comments post-match.
  2. Yeah, this is the biggest elephant in any room in any sports in the world, and not a single thing is said about it (in the mainstream media at least). The more I think about it the more I regret the a form of the Super League not coming to fruition. Probably not in its original secluded form, but it wouldn't have had to change much for it to be an improvement on the current system. Fuck UEFA, fuck Ceferin, fuck Gary Neville and the Sky wankers trying to keep their monopoly on broadcasting and fuck all the small club wankers whipping up a frenzy over something that with a few adjustments might have kept a lid on the ridiculous money chase that footy in its current version is. Without Klopp and LFC being so brilliant I would have gotten the perfect excuse for not following it anymore. I've got boys at 13 and 15 watching with me now, so I try to keep relatively still for fear of ruining the magical ride for them that we're on. The whole thing is a shambles though, from the top of the pyramid to the bottom. I'd say it's among the top 5 corrupted businesses in the world, with the agents being an integral part in them earning that status. What makes it even worse is the way people trip over themselves to tell us how fantastic everything is. An tha has already covered this a few times over the last few weeks, but the absolute balls on Carra, Neville and co for telling us what amazing competition we're facing, when they surely can't be blind enough to not notice the blatant cheating going on.
  3. Great report, what a club, team and manager we have! I'll add myself on the list of those who hate Azpilicueta. I've done ever since the game when we lost the league in 2014. He was THE absolute worst in terms of carrying out Mourinho's timewasting tactics, as well as kicking every LFC player and getting away with it. He's the biggest moaner in the PL too, and is always the first to surround/shout at the ref whenever he feels hard done by, which is all the time. For no reason, I might add, as he should definitely be up there with the players making the most fouls in the league (not sure if he is, he gets away with bloody murder everytime he plays us, at least).
  4. lebron

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    He'll get his fair share of goals for City, as he's pretty lethal with his left foot, and has great movement in the box. I actually don't really see him improving them much, if at all. Teams will sit even deeper against City, and his link-up play can be downright clumsy (I'm copyrighting "White Lukaku") at times. Their pressing game will suffer as well, much as it did with Barca/Zlatan.
  5. Think we'll do something like this: ------------------Allison--------------- Gomez---Matip---Van Dijk------Tsimikas Keita-------Henderson-----Milner/Jones --Salah--------Firmino---------Jota--- If Bobby isn't ready, maybe Jota in the middle and Sadio on the left? Think Diaz will be rested, Thiago and Fabinho need a break too. Both Trent and Robbo SHOULD be rested Think that team will be able to beat Villa, but not rack up a big score (which we might need).
  6. lebron

    Liverpool 1 Tottenham Hotspur 1 (May 7 2022)

    Thought Mo and Trent were probably our two of our worst performers, and I love both, particularly Trent. Salah's insistence on ignoring the better option towards the end was extremely annoying, and Trent's hopeful punts from deep were equally frustrating, desperate and low-percentage as they were. A quick word on the subs, though, as I agreed with them at the time. We clearly needed someone to go past people or make passes between the lines, Keita in for Henderson was my preferred choice from the start of the match, so can't say I objected to that. If anything, he should have been brought on sooner. Thinking of it, Curtis could have done the same, but he normally favours playing on the left, and you're not subbing Thiago, are you? If we were going to put balls into the box, Jota was a logical sub as well, as he's probably the best header of the ball we have. I can understand him getting on before Origi in that respect. I think Klopp and his team have done an incredible job of keeping the players fresh, but have to admit I think the one position he/they could have done better is the left back role. There's absolutely no need to have Robbo gasping for air three matches in succession when you have a back-up the caliber of Kostas. Robbo was poor against Villareal, and not much better here. For all his other qualities, his incredible stamina and energy is his biggest asset. That asset becomes a bit murkier with the amount of footy he's played recently. I hope Kostas starts tonight, he deserves to, and we need Robbo back to his energetic best on Saturday.
  7. lebron

    Golf - 2022

    Sooooo.... Anyone as annoyed as I am with the reportedly massive number of players on the DP World and PGA tour reportedly jumping ship to the Saudi money league?
  8. lebron

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    The 375 000 mentioned is probably a good estimate of half his actual salary. Klopp already mentioned the sums they were talking about were completely unrealistic for us (and most on here think Mo's asking for something similar to what Haaland is reportedly getting). There's just no way De Bruyne (or Guardiola) are on what they post in their books either. There's not a single link from any of their best players to any of the bigger, historical clubs around (nor their Parisian equivalent). Reason for that? They keep their players (and their agents) extremely happy! Football is fucked. Big time. By far the best Liverpool in my lifetime, and we have to deal with shit like this. I'm fairly pessimistic for the future of our society as a whole, but the football business is probably top 5 of all rotten businesses around. Crooks and vultures everywhere, and people looking the other way as long as they get their share of the wealth. Over to the GF golf thread to discuss the Saudi league (shudder...)
  9. We were trying to win the game? Shouldn't have started. Facing deep-lying sides, his inability to go past people and reluctance of trying to thread balls between the lines is really frustrating to watch. I'd probably start both of Keita and Jones ahead of him in games like yesterday, especially with Matip not starting.
  10. lebron

    Youth Team/Cup

  11. With my Colts not entering before pick no 42, I can't be bothered with staying up for day 1... I'll follow tomorrow with interest though.
  12. lebron

    Other Football 2021/22

    Going to be interesting to see who Pep picks for the Leeds game. Fair to say that Marsh has Leeds playing both more defensively and physically. Let's hope whoever refs that game lets the challenges fly in without repercussion.
  13. lebron

    Other Football 2021/22

    Just my opinion. I have near zero belief in any of the other teams. Wolves being our only other microscopic chance.
  14. lebron

    Other Football 2021/22

    I reckon tonight's our best chance of them dropping points actually. Brighton are athletic and disciplined enough to keep them at bay, as well as confident enough to keep the ball for (admittedly) short spells of the game.