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  1. whtwht

    Charie Hebdo

    Could not give a shit what a right winger/racist thinks tbh. Woke is probably one of the nicer things they could call me.They are beyond debating with.
  2. whtwht

    Beats and pieces

    That Jessie Ware tune has that Minnie Ripperton vibe. It would probably sound immense with a live orchestra.
  3. whtwht

    Beats and pieces

    assed, even though the tune is boss. They weren’t arsed, but I was. Makes sense that .I'm not into the WAP lyrics for these tunes but know her Mum plays it. I'd be embarrassed playing it even though its a top tune. My daughters got an old soul though .Her favorite song is Ain't nobody by Chaka Khan haha.
  4. whtwht

    Beats and pieces

    DJ WheelUp - Good Love ft Afronaut, Brint Story, Destiny Will Warren Harris aka HANNA - Cottage
  5. whtwht

    Beats and pieces

    Gregory Charles Royal - Take a ride to Heaven Close Encounters - Speak in truth ft Allysha Joy
  6. whtwht

    Beats and pieces

    Cody Currie - LS Anthem ft Andy K and Ally McMahon Jazmine Sullivan - Price Tags ft Anderson Paak
  7. whtwht

    Beats and pieces

    Patrick Paige ll - Whisper ft Steve Lacy, Allen Love, Durand Bernar & Syd Carmen Rodgers - Again and Again
  8. whtwht

    Other football - 2020/21

    Can someone kick Fernandes up in the air pls