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  1. whtwht

    Beats and pieces

    Haha yep I heard it on Gilles too.That melody gets me everytime and been on repeat since.
  2. whtwht

    Beats and pieces

    Mtume - love lock Steve Arrington - The Joys of love feat Mndsgn & Devin Morrison
  3. whtwht

    Beats and pieces

    Snazzy Traxx - Dreams of Heaven (original mix) DKD - Getaway ft Lady Alma
  4. whtwht

    Beats and pieces

    YellowStraps - Goldress Tortured Soul - I might do something wrong (Ethan White raindrops remix) ft NDea Davenport
  5. whtwht

    Beats and pieces

    Yazmin Lacey - Not today mate Tom Misch & Yussef Dayes - Kyiv (feat. Rocco Palladino)
  6. whtwht

    Beats and pieces

    Drama - Let it go ( Original mix) Mpx project ft Mary dee- Love Embrace- (Original mix)
  7. whtwht

    Beats and pieces

    Agreed love the sample Paul.Gonna give it a few spins to make up my mind on it but as always the wordplay and lyrics a standout with Jay.