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  1. I’m absolutely buzzing off that. Get the podcast up! Proper fucking adversity with injuries, a goal down, and we come up with that second half. Fucking immense.
  2. Just have to believe in these lads. That second half was great.
  3. That’s really nice from Rob Edwards, making a point of praising Danns.
  4. Alastair Cook, Monty Panesar, Faye Carruthers, Nick Owen, Colin Salmon, David James and his Nintendo Switch, Eric Morcambe’s Ectoplasm, Margaret Thatcher’s Rotting Maggot-riddled Corpse, Creator Supreme - your boys took a hell of a beating! A HELL of a beating!
  5. Get in Harvey! So, all the wel strikers who would never score have *checks notes* scored.
  6. Dirty Everton cunt. Right on the knee and down his leg. Who is this gobshite on Co-commentary.
  7. Come on Reds. Still 45+ to go and we’ve been in worse positions and won.
  8. Klopp didn’t want more from the crowd, I think he was posted at the moaning about Elliot’s pass.
  9. Poor defending. That’s what happens when you don’t take your chances.
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