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  1. Em City

    Other football - 2020/21

    Raphinha = top player
  2. Em City

    Other football - 2020/21

    There could be 5 goals on this United v Soceidad game already. Rashford has missed two massive chances. Soceidad are playing a high line that make us look like Burnley.
  3. Em City

    Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

    He's been exactly what most people said he would be when he first signed - a perennially injured, jack of all trades master of none, bog average footballer. He seems a nice lad but he's nowhere near the level of the majority of the squad.
  4. Em City

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Yeah, he's equally shite on both wings. He can't even get into a dogshit Arsenal side ffs.
  5. Em City


    That's fair enough. Usman's striking is far better than Khabib's but I think Khabib has dominated completely because strikers have gone into fights with him thinking they can negate his grappling game with one punch or kick but can't get past his ungainly, unorthodox but effective head movement before he starts to impose his grappling pedigree.
  6. Em City


    "Isn't running bad for you knees?" Invariably, it is fat people who ask this question.
  7. Em City


    Their cardio seems equal and Usman only seems to be getting better as a striker. With Trevor Wittman as his coach, he'll keep on improving. Colby is a very basic, volume based puncher with no power. I think Usman beats him easily in a rematch.
  8. Em City


    Usman is welterweight Khabib with hands. Unless he retires early or his knees blow up, no one is taking the belt off him.
  9. Em City

    Roberto Firmino

    I was wondering how long it would take before aDdja would be advocating for us to sign Bamford. To be honest, it took longer than expected.
  10. Em City

    Other football - 2020/21

    Raphinha is a really classy player.
  11. No no, Thiago is shite don't you know?
  12. No overwhelming need for an actual centre half against the best attacking outfit in the league? Christ, I hope you're right.
  13. Em City


    Wrong, wrong, wrong If short runs with burst was the optimal way to train, every elite runner would be doing 10 miles a week instead of 120 miles. Anaerobic running, interval training, fartlek, etc have their place but they should only be 10-20% of a proper programme. Proper endurance is built through medium to long distance running at a slow to moderate pace. Anaerobic sessions will improve fitness quickly but will lead to a plateau and the acidosis induced from repeated anaerobic work will eventually erode the mitochondria needed to process oxygen. Unfortunately, you'll find loads of articles advocating for intense work all the time, primarily because people look for a quick fix and wants results now when the reality is it takes a lot of time, patience and perseverance to build true cardiovascular fitness. A good quality way to build fitness in a relatively say way is Aerobic Threshold/Lactate Threshold running. It refers to the point at which your body starts to accumulate a level lactate that it is not capable of clearing. By running at this threshold for extended periods of time, you will teach your body to buffer the lactate and your increased ability to do so will increase your capabilies. Basically, it is the pace you can maintain for an hour and is routinely described as "comfortably hard." Training at Lactate Threshold typically takes place in two forms: "tempo runs" at LT pace for 20-40 mins; or L.T paced intervals e.g 6 x 1km with 90 seconds.
  14. Em City

    Another US Shooting

    Can't be having swear words on a video prelude to a double homicide.
  15. Em City

    Spurs (A) 28/1/21 - Premier League - 20:00

    We look much more fluent. Trent playing well has helped massively.