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  1. Em City

    GB News

    She's a horrible, corrupt bigot so she'll fit right in.
  2. Em City

    The all-new Post-Brexit no-hard-border GAA thread

    Their defence is too weak for the Dubs imo. Con O' Callaghan will wreck that full back line.
  3. Em City

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    We've all seen these women. Out in six inch heels goading their fellas into fighting randomers in the queue at the chip shop with a bottle of luminescent piss in hand. Their biggest achievement in life is their 'degree' from a six month course in make up artistry.
  4. Em City

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    The state of those 'women'. Takes some posse of swamp creatures to make me feel sorry for Rooney.
  5. Em City

    Vaccine - Hands In The Bucket...

    I got the J & J shot on Tuesday and apart from a dead arm the next day, I was fine. I did drink tons of water and take paracetamol after food so that probably helped mitigate it.
  6. You're very mistaken if you think not quite recycling correctly is equivalent to eating meat. It takes 2,500 litres of water to produce a single hamburger after all. https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2019/02/this-is-how-much-water-is-in-your-burger/
  7. Em City

    The all-new Post-Brexit no-hard-border GAA thread

    Limerick were 10 points down to Tipperary at half time and ended up winning by 5. They're some machine.
  8. Em City

    Pepe Reina

    Yeah, I don't think speaking against Hicks and Gillet over a decade ago excuses dismissing a terrible virus that has killed millions of people and harmed countless more. I can't believe he's still playing and for Lazio at that. He looked like a pub footballer at Villa.
  9. Em City

    The all-new Post-Brexit no-hard-border GAA thread

    Fenton hit on my girlfriend once so fuck that guy.
  10. Em City


    Dana White is going to keep re-running it until McGregor wins by doctor stoppage after Poirier has a coronary. Funny how McGregor should get another shot after losing twice in his eyes but Aldo was deprived of his rematch after a decade long unbeaten run.
  11. Em City

    Joe Biden

    Social media companies are private platforms with their owner rules and regulations about user conduct. They have the same right to ban you from their platforms for certain types of rhetoric as your local shop does if you go in and shit on the floor. These companies are all amoral at best and way too influential, but them banning people is not a free speech issue and anyone saying it is are either disingenuous or too dim to figure it out. Also, fuck Glenn Greenwald.
  12. Em City

    The all-new Post-Brexit no-hard-border GAA thread

    Have to disagree, football is terrible. Nearly every team sits most of the team behind the ball, leave only two or three forwards up top and employ a 'possession-based game's which is nice speak for endless handpassing. My father who's watched football since the 1950s and has been to endless games won't even look at a game on the telly anymore. The only joy to get gotten from it these days is watching the likes of David Clifford and Conor McManus be geniuses.
  13. Em City

    The all-new Post-Brexit no-hard-border GAA thread

    I have no interest in football anymore and not just because Dublin are dominant and Meath are pure shite. Nigh on every game is unwatchable, like basketball played in a wet bog with no score clock. I watched a bit of Roscommon v Galway and turned it off after 5 mins. Hurling is still the best game going. I fully expect Limerick win it all again though. They're too big, too fast and too skilful for everyone else.