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  1. Em City


    Savage was even more embarrassing than usual last night. BT becomes MUTV when United play.
  2. Em City

    Other Football 2021/22

    Anyone notice Savage having a swipe at Carragher and his 'Ronaldo was a better signing for the Premier League comment'. Haha, thick cunt.
  3. They're bottom of the group and no ones believes they're going to be contenders in the league. I would love him to stay but he's definitely a goner. Even Neville can barely defend him anymore.
  4. Em City

    Other Football 2021/22

    Can't remember who it was but some poster correctly predicted Atalanta would rip them apart. They can't deal with their wing backs at all.
  5. It was good while it lasted. So long Norwegian PE teacher.
  6. Hamman was a big critic of Klopp from early on. I'd say he's extra bitter because he's been made to look a right tit after the last few years.
  7. I remember being scorned left, right and centre by United fans saying Ronaldo was essentially nothing but an extremely good goal poacher these days and would throw off the balance of the team, or at least what balance remained. Anyone who had watched more than a couple of Juve games last season would have been able to see it for themselves. Of course, that would be too sobering for the fans of Hubris F.C and anyone who said it was a mistake were just jealous.
  8. Em City

    Other Football 2021/22

    Palace brought that on themselves, they were in control until they took Edouard off and went defensive. They're a decent side, Palace. Arsenal might come 8th if they're lucky.
  9. Em City

    Personal Responsibility

    I don't know if it is UK law, but the tortious liability standard in other common law jurisdictions for trespassers is that you don't deliberately set a trap for them.
  10. Why wouldn't they do it again? They got their way last time with absolutely no repercussions. They'll attempt it again with zero punishment and Neville will defend them to the last.
  11. My mate worked in a Wetherspoon's for a while and told me everything on the food menu bar one or two items are prepared by Chef Microwave.
  12. He's also there to stop the rest of the players eating sweets from the cantine.