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  1. Em City

    Elections 2021

    It's only going to get worse imo and not only in Britain but everywhere. Public discourse is now the realm of the algorithm and those who designed them. They figured out long ago there's profit to be had in provoking certain emotions - anger is more stimulating than hope and so outrage becomes the new currency of the age. We are each steered into our own echo chamber and conditioned to hate the other side because they're against what we are for and the feeling is mutual. Information is now consumed in easily digestible bite size nuggets that don't have the space for nuance, complex thought or rational debate. You can't set forth persuasive policy if people are less and less inclined to read past a catchy headline or Twitter post. *disclaimer: I am also becoming increasingly conditioned in this way and the post above should be in no way construed as a patronising attack on the unwashed, illiterate oiks of Hartlepool.
  2. Em City

    Elections 2021

    I'm not going to dig out the exact quotes because I'm too thick/lazy to learn how to properly work the search function, but I remember you having some pretty choice things to say about large swathes of the UK after the Brexit referendum result.
  3. Em City

    Elections 2021

    A second recession in 10 years, 150,000 dead via governmental negligence and incompetence, Brexit bungled beyond belief, a litany of scandals concerning huge swathes of public money going to political donors and it's still yet another Tory electoral wipe out. Worst thing is, it's not even surprising. I think most would have been shocked if Labour got anywhere near parity. Modern Britain is basically just Florida with shit weather.
  4. Em City

    THE Sopranos thread

    Me and the missus just finished watching all of it. My second time and her first. Now we just go around saying "whatcha gonna do" in our best New Jersey accent in every second conversation.
  5. Em City

    The Rugby Thread

    That's mostly fair. The midfield selection is baffling though. I really like Farrell but he's blown hot and cold at test level. Slade and Henshaw were nailed on starters in my view.
  6. Em City

    The Rugby Thread

    Sexton scored 22 points against England no more than a couple of weeks ago. Him and Farrell are still the best fly halves in Ireland and Britain by far. I have nothing against Aki and Farrell but no way should they be ahead of Ringrose based on ability, form or any other metric. Ryan has been hit by injury this year but he has to be getting in there ahead of Courtney Lawes who doesn't even start for England.
  7. Em City

    The Rugby Thread

    No Sexton, James Ryan, Garry Ringrose, Billy Vuinipola or Henry Slade. I have no idea what Aki is doing there. It's a weird squad.
  8. Em City

    Shit coat the new Roma manager.

    Great city, cunt fans, shit manager.
  9. Em City

    Boxing 2021

    Usually have no interest in the heavyweight division but this is pretty decent.
  10. Em City

    Boxing 2021

    Chisora's blood is basically just a mixture of lactic acid and ragoo now.
  11. Em City

    Boxing 2021

    Fuck, that was tight. Brilliant fight. Katie used that bit more nous in the last two rounds.
  12. Em City

    Boxing 2021

    G'wan Katie. She started to take control in that round. 3-1 to Taylor so far.
  13. Em City


    Good luck, lad. Be very conservative the first few miles. Take it from me, you do not want to hit a wall with 8 miles to go.
  14. Em City

    Leeds (A) Premier League - 19/4/21 - 20:00

    This game was ostensibly about us looking to qualify for a tournament our cunt owners have now signed us out of after 60 years of tradition and history. Couldn't give a fuck about the result as it obviously doesn't mean anything anymore.