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  1. Em City

    Boxing 2022

    * remorseless
  2. Em City

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    Nice knowing you, Mo.
  3. Em City

    Boxing 2022

    Allegedly, it took Andre the Giant about 100 beers to get comatose. I love to think Fury wouldn't be far off. The pubs of Morecombe must be like the all you can eat seafood restaurants when Homer Simpson comes. "He's no man, he's a remorseful drinking machine, yargh!"
  4. Em City

    Russia v Ukraine

    The vague threats to Finland and Sweden over joining NATO are particularly laughable. The Red Army nearly broke its spine trying to take Finland in the 1940s what would they be able to do now? Reminds me of Tony yelling at Meadow to not go to Barcelona but with far less agency on Russia's part.
  5. Em City

    Divock Origi

    Moreno was worse. Make a mistake, smile like a gobshite, make another mistake, rinse and repeat. Abomination of a player. Edit: forgot about Konchesky. He was the worst.
  6. Em City

    American Politics

    The most tedious man alive. You would think all the women he entices with his money would give him the hug his father clearly never gave him.
  7. Em City

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    From what I've read and seen of him on YouTube, he's not the most refined player but he's been targeted to play as the right sided 8 to contain teams with power and athleticism. It looks like the plan is to revert more to the relentless pressure cooker style we had in the title winning teams where we were less flashy but didn't let teams in the game at all.
  8. Em City

    Martin Skrtel > Chuck Norris?

    That was Barney Ronay from the Guardian. Classic.
  9. I was out and couldn't find a decent stream so had to catch up on the highlights. I was following the game on the Manchester Guardian minute by minute and they made it seem like the 'alleged' foul on the lead up to their goal was debatable. Fuck me, he cleaned Jota out of it. The state of Tyler on the Minamino goal as well. A brilliant move and emphatic finish and the old goat sounded like his dog had been run over. That senile cunt being put on our games feels like a trolling job on Sky's part. All those changes and the lads still got it done. What a fucking team.
  10. Em City

    Piers Morgan

    "Let's have a civilised conversation". He literally bellows over everyone who disagrees with him, especially if they're a woman. Skidmark, indeed.
  11. Em City

    Boris Johnson

    Boris Johnson to finish what Michael Collins started and bring forth a united Ireland. This is some timeline.
  12. Em City

    Other Football 2021/22

    Leeds won't beat Brentford. The blueshite are staying up imo but like an tha said, their relegation is coming somewhere down the line.
  13. Em City

    Other Football 2021/22

    Palace took 4 points off them and Southampton got two draws to be fair and they were at their full compliment then. You would love to see more teams have a go at them but they're perfectly set up to control games, their goalkeeper is a better passer than most midfielders in the league ffs. If Ederson or Rodri were missing, then you would see real vulnerability. We won a few games last season with Fabinho and Henderson in central defence because we were good enough to get away with it, even if only for a little while.
  14. Em City

    Other Football 2021/22

    Ha, just send my dad this: "Coutinho to bang one in from 30 yards and Villa to hold on for a draw (I'm trying to talk myself into it)."
  15. Em City

    Other Football 2021/22

    Who cares? City have spent a gazillion quid, it's negligence on their part that they're so thin on the ground.