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  1. Em City

    Danny Ings

    Every time Firmino v random No. 9 comes up.
  2. Em City


    He may be a but cringe and have a huge chip on his shoulder, but Adesanya is incredible. He did everything he said he would. I picked him to win but I didn't think it would be that comprehensive.
  3. Em City


    I made these pastries the other night and they turned out really well, especially for ever attempt at making pastry. Mushroom, swede, potato and onion along with some gravy powder, melted non dairy butter and a few scoops of nutritional yeast for that cheesy flavour.
  4. Em City


    Here's the one that turned me off meat and made eventually go vegan. Bring a sick bucket.
  5. Em City

    Leeds (H) Premier League - 12/09/20 - 17:30

    Carragher is such a gobshite. Great start.
  6. Em City

    Random cities you've always wanted to visit

    Was it the Paradise Hotel by any chance?
  7. Em City

    Random cities you've always wanted to visit

    No argument there. Most kids were there for four weeks but a good portion were there for 8 which is pretty mental when you consider most people would backpack for that amount of time. You would have to imagine there are a lot of abandonment issues.
  8. Em City

    Random cities you've always wanted to visit

    That's a real shame to hear about Hoi An, it was a lovely, charming place when I was there. My favourite place in Vietnam was outside Ninh Binh around the Lying Dragon Mountain. Stunning place.
  9. Em City

    Random cities you've always wanted to visit

    A summer camp predominantly populated by Jewish kids. Kosher meals, Shabbat services on Friday, a good deal of staff that were former IDF. It was an interesting experience.
  10. Em City

    Random cities you've always wanted to visit

    Same here. I took a career break a couple of years ago and got a job in a Jewish summer camp in Pennsylvania. I was lucky enough to land one a few miles away from a charming little town called Milford, PA. Old historical buildings, white pickets fences and a big waterfall within walking distance, I was totally enraptured. Fast forward a year later and my best mate met an American girl on a volunteer trip to Puerto Rico. They ended up going out and it turns out she grew up only about 20 km away from the same town. It's mad how small this world can be.
  11. Em City


    Holy shit.
  12. Em City

    Donald Trump

    Aye, he really is. I got a 'America: A Farewell Tour'with it as well. Frightening but very necessary reading.
  13. Em City

    Donald Trump

    If you want a good analysis of the Christian American Right, read 'American Fascists' by Chris Hedges. He's a Pulitzer Prize winning journalist with a degree in Divinity from Harvard so he's especially well placed to call them out as the charlatans they are. The model is basically parasitic mega pastors co-opting the Bible to extort money from their followers, most of whom find religion and dogma as a release from their past and current lives of trauma and poverty. These people are very influential and insidious and their stated aim is to turn the United States I to a far right Christian theocracy.
  14. Em City

    Donald Trump

    More projection from the Tangerine One. He's clearly huffed up on something constantly. He sniffs more than the lad at the house party who spends all night in the jacks.
  15. Em City

    Rot in Hell, Jerry Falwell

    I can almost hear Hitchens's ghost sipping on some whiskey. https://youtu.be/doKkOSMaTk4