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*Shakes head* Everton again.


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Who next for the blooooos?


They’ve tried the established, bigger managers route with Benitez, Ancelotti and, to a lesser extent, Koeman. 

Do they try to go down that route again and get another now fading star or will they be too proud to admit to their status in the game by avoiding making a sensible, long term appointment who’s not necessarily an established name?


I think they’ll go for a name again, when they’d probably be better served by appointing a hungry, younger manager with a longer term outlook who wants to bring an identifiable style of play to their team.


If they went a bit left field, Scott Parker or Ryan Lowe could be worth a look. 

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9 minutes ago, KMD7 said:

Blue on Talksport just now begging for the Rooney Big Dunc team. Please make it so.

It's the obvious choice, brave Wayne trying to lead them back to the Premiership next season. I'm not giving up on the idea of their new stadium being the largest league one stadium in history.

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2 minutes ago, El Rojo said:

The second half of Rafa’s career makes pretty grim reading in terms of jobs taken and how things ended. 

Depends what he's after, from a financial standpoint it doesn't? He was on £7 million a season, no idea what the termination clause is but it'll cost them. £10 million seems to be the figure floated? 


From a football perspective it was a mad move taking on a completely broken club. Klopp coming to us and establishing us as one of the best sides in Europe whilst at the same time as them finally getting their billionaire owner spending £500 million to take them backwards has truly wrecked them.


Until they stop measuring themselves against us or other big European clubs and be realistic about where they are it'll just get worse for them. Thankfully that's just not going to happen.

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Go ‘ed Guillem, 



The minority that has abused me online (with regular racist, xenophobic, homophobic insults) has also created a toxicity in a historic admirable club like Everton that I have not seen anywhere else and that I never ever related to people from Liverpool
It would be fascinating to find out why they are so toxic and why they think that, by affecting negatively the mind of their own players, they are helping (and why I haven’t met a single one that talks and behaves like a bully in the street, pubs, etc in my decade in Merseyside)
BTW ‘Fat Spanish waiter’ is a racist xenophobic insult. And yet the police, the FA, the Premier League, the media, the FWA, the LMA, Kick it Out, the club haven’t done anything about it, even though it has been around for a while. Not sure why some battles are not fought
Given the chance to be on the side of a hardworking honest manager with experience and PERFECTLY placed to change the fortunes of a club like Everton instead of the side of the bullies, I know who I will choose. Always
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Surprised he lasted this long.  Put your feet up Rafa lad & enjoy that compensation.


As for the bloos, who the fuck is going to want to go into that toxic shit show??


I just wish the relegation spots were for bottom six this year. 

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I've no doubt that he is one of those that needs to keep working, hence why he keeps taking jobs he isn't suited for. I don't think he should take another PL job, but he also shouldn't back to China or some other moneyed hinterland like the Middle East. The other thing that probably needs to change is the removal of this entourage he has, because he has gone very stale through a lack of evolution in his and their working approach.


As for the blooshite, I've said it before but they should just give Big Dunc the job permanently instead of foisting him upon a succession of managers, the vast majority of whom I'm sure didn't want him around keeping the place Evertonised and derailing their hopes of genuinely taking the club forward.

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