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  1. Lisa

    Liverpool 2 Monterrey 1 (Dec 18 2019)

    Regarding your question about twins having the same haircut, I have an identical twin sister and we have the same style. I have tried different styles over the years, but we always seem to go back to the same haircut. This can come in handy if you are having a sickie and happen to be spotted out and about. You just claim it must have been your twin and you were home all day! It isn't a deliberate decision to look the same, it just happens that way. We bought each other the same present for Christmas 3 years in a row! However, we are not telepathic, we just think the same.
  2. Yes, I totally agree, not once did he use the word sorry in his so called apology. What really pisses me off, is how every report calls it a bust-up or spat. It was an unprovoked assault and Joe is totally the innocent party, but the press are shifting the blame on anyone other than Sterling. It makes me sick, especially seeing his grinning face at training.
  3. Lisa

    2019/20 Fixtures

    Man City's last 3 games are easy: Bournemouth (H), Watford (A) and Norwich (H) Let's hope we have won the league by then!
  4. Lisa

    New TV camera angle

    I did not like it, I felt disconnected from the game, the players looked too far away. I enjoyed the match more in the second half, but I still prefer how it used to be look on tv. I don't like change.
  5. Lisa

    Euro 2016 Round Up (Final)

    I had Portugal in the office sweepstake, so I am quite happy! I was a little disappointed there was no mention of the moth on Ronaldo's face in the match report.
  6. Lisa

    Summer Transfers 2014

    I would like Balotelli as this would be an exciting signing. I won't get my hopes up though, as I think we will end up being stuck with Borini, and not get another striker in.
  7. Lisa

    10 Games

    I am fuming, but it is what I expected from such a corrupt organisation as the FA. If we appeal, they would most probably double it. Who wants to bet we have Man Utd, Arsenal, Everton and Chelsea in our first 6 games next year, so Luis misses these games, if he is still here.
  8. I have now signed it. As the story is now on the official site, hopefully, it will get more signatures.
  9. Lisa

    Typing speed test

    ha, ha....my paws are very quick. In fact, I have just beat my own record, and got 75 words per minute.....purr,purr
  10. Lisa

    Typing speed test

    71 words per minute You type 411 characters per minute You have 71 correct words and you have 1 wrong words
  11. Lisa

    Manc Rat

    My thoughts exactly
  12. Lisa

    Season ticket letters

    I got a letter yesterday, I have been on the list about 15 years. I won't be paying the £5, as I no longer want a season ticket. I can't afford to go to the matches anymore, I can't even afford the fiver!
  13. Lisa

    Torres mega-thread

    Surely we wouldn't sell him with only a couple of days left in the transfer window. We aren't going to be able to replace him in time. After some of his performances, he owes us, and should stay until summer at least. Yes we have been crap, but he is part of the team, and it is down to him as well.
  14. Lisa


    I have just walked a mile into work, and there is only 3 other people in, in about an office of 20 people. I have now been told I can go home! Yes! However, my feet are soaking, my legs are killing me from walking in the snow drifts. So another couple of minutes, then I am off home, before I get snowed in.
  15. Lisa

    Chelsea game thread

    It was the first time this season that I have screamed as a goal went in. We have been so poor, that I haven't felt anything watching the games, apart from boredom. The second half, that gut wrenching tension came back, and I found myself caring about the result again. I think it is a sign of things looking up.