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  1. Em City

    Harvey Elliott

    Where does Adam Morgan fit into this?
  2. Em City

    Donald Trump

    Yeah, but Hillary's emails and Hunter's laptop.
  3. Also, it's hilarious how Neville turned up his nose at Conte who's completely turned around Spurs at a fraction of the cost United have incurred.
  4. "No good business would take dividends out of the business at a time like this" is his new refrain. Apart from being patently out of touch of reality, I think he just says it because saying "dividends" makes him sound savvy when he's actually quite dim. He clearly he has a very high, and unwarranted, opinion of himself.
  5. Em City

    Joe Biden

    https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/08/07/politics/senate-democrats-climate-health-care-bill-vote/index.html Projected 40% reduction in emissions by 2030. No matter how you spin it, that is a big win.
  6. Em City

    How old are you shitbirds?

    I remember getting stiffed on my communion money. I just turned 30 so I think Stacksy in the only one younger than me. Oh, and Gnasher.
  7. Em City

    Fuck UEFA And Fuck The French Lying Cunts

    I thought from day one it was rife for a massive class action suit. Hope they sue UEFA for a squillion quid and completely embarrass them in court.
  8. Em City

    Pre-season 2022

    Steaming hot take.
  9. Em City

    The Athletics Thread

    McLaughlin smashed her own world record of 51.41 by running 50.68 last night. She's still only 22. Incredible
  10. Em City

    The Vietnam War Thread

    It did give us some great music, least of al this.
  11. Em City

    Summer 2022 Transfer Thread

    He's a good player, but he might struggle in England. He's a bit of a unit so I think he'll be okay. Absolutely terrible tattoos though.
  12. Em City

    The Athletics Thread

    Incredible athlete and gorgeous but she's a proper jesus freak. Dina Asher-Smith is proper wife material.
  13. Em City

    The Athletics Thread

    I thought Dos Santos would win. He's been in great form all year and looked great in the previous rounds. He's still very young as well, could be a world record holder in the making.
  14. Em City

    The Athletics Thread

    Jake Wightman beat Jakob Ingebrigtsen in the 1,500 metres, Britain's first gold in that event since Steve Cram won it at the inaugural championships in 1983.
  15. Em City

    Tory Cunt Leadership Race.

    Do the Tories use Single Transferable Vote to choose their leader and the PM? Funny how First Past The Post is kept for the plebs but STV, a far more equitable system, is employed by the party for their internal elections.
  16. Em City


    I was in the Hill. Thousands of people looked like dogs that had been left in the car. Some day out though.
  17. Em City

    Boris Johnson

    https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2022/jul/16/carole-cadwalladr-boris-johnson-lebedevs-prime-ministers-defining-scandal 'The British media and political establishment has never looked so ineffectual and incestuous. The Lebedev scandal isn’t even Profumo – it’s more serious than that. John Profumo slept with an escort, he didn’t hotfoot it out of the country with a possible stash of Nato documents to the mountain lair of an ex-KGB officer whose son he later ennobled.'
  18. Em City

    The Athletics Thread

    Yes, you're right. Good memory, I had forgot he set it in London 2012. Best Olympics ever. I'm a Mahuchikh man myself.
  19. Em City

    The Athletics Thread

    Grant Holloway might just be the finest athletic specimen on the planet. World record holder in the 60m hurdles, 0.01 shy of Colin Jackson's 110m hurdles record, sub 45 for 400 metres and a brilliant long jumper too. Ridiculous range.
  20. Em City

    The Rugby Thread

    Ireland win the series against the All Blacks in Wellington. Brilliant!
  21. Em City

    Other Football 22/23

    Arteta getting the band back together with all these City rejects. He hasn't a clue.
  22. Em City

    Joe Biden

    Janet Yellen is a big step up on Glen Greenwald so I'll give you that one.
  23. Em City

    Joe Biden

    Lessened it how? What policies could they have enacted to prevent the near uniform inflation afflicting every major nation across the world? I'm genuinely curious. It's almost as bizarre as you linking the Biden admin to the rise in gas prices which was a rather strange line to take for a supposed Green Party supporter. Those same prices have steadily fallen but I'm guessing there'll be nothing said about that.