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  1. Steal the hotel robe for the full experience. And seriously get a pic of a proper beef sandwich up.
  2. Skip the brekkie there Stig - Lunch - Italian Beef sandwich (post picture) w a side hot dog all the way. Dinner - Deep dish
  3. They are fighting against middle aged women - literally.
  4. Agree that he should get a new offer, my point is that should be done and dusted before the summer window closes. And will be imo if he wants to stay. I don't think that Salah's on field contribution (say 25 golas, 12 assists) is worth 80 million and his wages. Any forward playing the lions share of minutes in our front line is going to put up some decent numbers - they already do. The individual difference would come down to single digit goals and a few assists. Not sure overall the teams goals scored would nosedive but that will be far more important. Personally I don't think the team is in a place where a new manager will walk in and compete for the title - Salah would have value in that scenario. Him scoring a few more while the team re builds, not value.
  5. Its Vision 2030 comrade From the article you just defintiely read: In spite of the sanctions, Russia remains one of world's largest oil exporter, and benefits from Saudi Arabia's last year's decision to cut down on crude oil exports. Until then, the kingdom was the world's first oil exporter.
  6. Was it the same post? You do have a few.
  7. @Code Do you think it is wise business to let Salah go into his final contract year?
  8. I've said, we haven't played very smart. The sanctions haven't worked, your bold bits just understate it. The bold parts do not confirm them though they may be understated. That is why I asked if you had read it. Please stop using "we" in this instance. Other G7 countries have not done similar and the state of the economy in the UK is very much to do with the UK.
  9. You seem to have instantly lost any focus when yo, lets just talk about the article you just posted. It will serve the same purpose. Here it is: An influential global body has forecast Russia's economy will grow faster than all of the world's advanced economies, including the US, this year. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) expects Russia to grow 3.2% this year, significantly more than the UK, France and Germany. Oil exports have "held steady" and government spending has "remained high" contributing to growth, the IMF said. Overall, it said the world economy had been "remarkably resilient" "Despite many gloomy predictions, the world avoided a recession, the banking system proved largely resilient, and major emerging market economies did not suffer sudden stops," the IMF said. The IMF is an international organisation with 190 member countries. They are used by businesses to help plan where to invest, and by central banks, such as the Bank of England to guide its decisions on interest rates. The group says that the forecasts it makes for growth the following year in most advanced economies, more often than not, have been within about 1.5 percentage points of what actually happens. Despite the Kremlin being sanctioned over its invasion of Ukraine, the IMF upgraded its January predictions for the Russian economy this year, and said while growth would be lower in 2025, it would be still be higher than previously expected at 1.8%. Investments from corporate and state owned enterprises and "robustness in private consumption" within Russia had promoted growth alongside strong exports of oil, according to Petya Koeva Brooks, deputy director at the IMF. Russia is one of the world's biggest oil exporters and in February, the BBC revealed millions of barrels of fuel made from Russian oil were still being imported to the UK despite sanctions. Away from Russia, the IMF downgraded its forecasts across Europe and for the UK this year, predicting 0.5% growth this year, making the UK the second weakest performer across the G7 group of advanced economies, behind Germany. The G7 also includes France, Italy, Japan, Canada and the US. Growth is set to improve to 1.5% in 2025, putting the UK among the top three best performers in the G7, according to the IMF. However, the IMF said that interest rates in the UK will remain higher than other advanced nations, close to 4% until 2029. The group expects the UK to have the highest inflation of any G7 economy in 2023 and 2024. Chancellor Jeremy Hunt said the IMF's figures showed that the UK economy was turning a corner. "Inflation in 2024 is predicted to be 1.2% lower than before, and over the next six years we are projected to grow faster than large European economies such as Germany or France - both of which have had significantly larger downgrades to short-term growth than the UK," he said. The last bit is an interesting take on the numbers for sure. We are assuming you are hip to how GDP works during wartime. I've bolded the bits of interest and italics are certainly a concern for other G7 countries. Keep in mind how expensive heating would have been in the UK (notice it is just the UK) if you had held to the sanctions. You can point out the part where you were right.
  10. It will soon be on the market if you are interested.
  11. This is going to be rough I know but did you read the BBC article you posted? That's not me being glib, it is an honest question. I say this because I can tell you definitely read the Twitter responses and certainly were fed the headline via social media but the article you posted does not attribute sanctions being ineffective and, small details, like the words in the article, do not really support what you are hoping they do.
  12. ^^^^^Just need to get the Joker makeup on that.^^^^^^ Soon after some 92 potential jurors filed into the courtroom and were sworn in, Justice Merchan read for the first time the more than 42 names on the witness list. Every prominent member of Trump's family will likely show up in court at some point in the next two months, including his sons Don Jr. and Eric, his daughter and son-in-law Ivanka and Jared Kushner, and even his wife Melania. Then there are the current and former MAGA associates, like Steve Bannon, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Cohen, and Kellyanne Conway. Media executives David Pecker and Dylan Howard might explain how they used their conservative National Enquirer to conduct catch-and-kill operations, silencing two women who sold their Trump affair stories, Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal. Jurors are also bound to hear from former Trump Organization accountants Allen Weisselberg and Jeff McConney, who keep getting punished in court for cooking the books. This time, they will be asked what they did to repay Cohen $420,000 for drafting a non-disclosure agreement.
  13. Aaron Rodgers just can't drop the stupid stick w his stupid schtick. Poor guy has gone from a bonafide NFL legend to a dyed in the wool crank complete with his own research. Jets QB Aaron Rodgers says U.S. Government created HIV back in the ’80s ‘And if you do even a smidge of research — and I know, I’m not an epidemiologist, I’m not a doctor, I’m not an immunologist, whatever – I can read, though. And I can learn and look things up just like any normal person. I can do my own research, which is so vilified, to even question authority.’
  14. I know you are trying to make a point here but given the way GDP and wartime works I am not sure what it is exactly - do you know what the point you are trying to make is?
  15. German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock says a number of European countries are taking another look at extending an existing EU sanctions regime against Iran that targets drone production. Baerbock had campaigned with France and other EU partners late last year to extend the European Union sanctions regime. “I hope that we can now finally take this step together as the EU,” said Baerbock.
  16. Another juror has been excused after saying that he does not think he can be impartial. "I don't think I can be as impartial and unbiased as I thought I could be," he said.
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