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  1. Butch

    Joker - Movie

    Very good movie. Dark and great acting, deserves an Oscar for it. Top notch actor.
  2. Butch

    Man City - the new bitters?

    He won't need to wear a cardi anymore where he's going in may.
  3. Butch

    Sterling / Gomez - 'clash'

    Imagine the media shit storm if gomez was a white dude. Every thunder cunt under the sun would up in arms and want points deducted.
  4. Definitely. Gives a great insight into behind the scenes. I look forward to seeing them as much as reading daves match reports. Lovely part this time with big hugs for Sean,fantastic gestures from the club.
  5. Thing is the we have goals all over team. We're not as dependent on the striker's as before Klopp came in. We always find a way. Klopps designed it.
  6. Butch

    Liverpool 3 Manchester City 1 (Nov 10 2019)

    Save folks going onto twatter. Enjoy. tps---t.co-gn5j5mihaf_1573508025070.mp4
  7. Butch

    Katy Perry

    Dark hair suits her best. Has anyone seen her tits yet?
  8. Can't beat roasties cut in half with a dab of butter and brown sauce on top. Lovely.
  9. Butch

    Liverpool 3 Manchester City 1 (Nov 10 2019)

    Really enjoyed reading your report dave. The fume about us and var is quite incredible, and it's only us that the media are obsessed with. Fuck them all.
  10. It's a lovely Monday. Hope you are all having a lovely day.