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  1. He's a snidy bitter cunt him, Liverpool fan my arse. On the bias towards city over the season it would be strange to allow spurs to take 6 points off them by the officials?? Or is it just bais against Liverpool? Probably the latter.
  2. He got a well deserved send off today. Wish him all the best for the rest of his career.
  3. Butch

    Diogo Jota

    He's good on the left, doesn't suit him on the right. He's been out of form for a few months now. Hopefully him, mo and bobble will return next season.
  4. Thing is that we did our part and if we won 20 nil they'd have still won the league. Need to start beating them instead of taking only one point off them. We've got a date with big ears next week, they don't. Up the red's
  5. Sickening thing is it came down to one point again.
  6. Jota has been anonymous again. Either taki or mo on if he's ready.
  7. I've been the same all week but today is different. Seeing the trophy at anfield makes it a real possibility, imagine the scenes if it works out for us, absolutely nuts. Cmon the red men
  8. Butch


    I'll be there, can't wait. Hopefully big ears will be too.