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  1. Butch

    Other Football - 2019/20

    This. Its glorious.
  2. Butch

    Other Football - 2019/20

    That Schmeichel cunt has a big mouth, cunt. ayoze is too. Wet spam are shit.
  3. Butch

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Dog enjoying the match.
  4. Butch

    Terry Jones

    It's sad news. He was brilliant. Rip. Hope he reads this.
  5. Butch

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Oh there are city fans there. Can hear them now
  6. Was a great player for us at that time but that time is gone. Klopp wouldn't have him here as his personality doesn't fit Klopps type of person. He should keep his mouth shut and fuck off.
  7. He's a cunt now so he can fuck the fuck off. Cunt
  8. Butch

    Alisson Becker

    What a fantastic top drawer keeper we have now. He's landed on his feet with the move to anfield. He's going to need a bigger trophy cabinet if he already has one. One of the saves yesterday he just pulled the ball out of the air and it stuck to his hands, easily the world's best keeper and he's ours.
  9. Our attacking now is unpredictable and great to see. We used it to great effect against the blues. It's a pity we didn't stuff those manc tramps.
  10. Butch

    Man Utd (H) Premier League - 19/1/20

    I find that very easy to masturbate too. Well done.