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    Brilliant this. VID-20200331-WA0024.mp4
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    Let's not forget these shower of cunts.
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    Interesting this. https://mailchi.mp/03cd1f14777f/covid19-2671493?e=f8676efa5e
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    This is a text from an NHS worker As of tomorrow, do not leave home for bread for anything! Because the worst begins tomorrow as the incubation date is met and many people that are positive with the virus start to peak!! It’s at this time other people are most vulnerable! so it is very important to stay home and not to be in contact with anybody, even members of your family if possible!! Being very careful is very important and very crucial at this time!! As from tomorrow we are going to see the start of the peak of those that are positive, then there will be two weeks of calm and then two weeks where it decreases. * What happened in Italy is that they neglected the contagion period and that is why all the cases turned out together and so badly, plus they didn’t know what they were dealing with *. * And finally, please do not receive visits from anyone, not even from the same family. This is all for the good of all. * WE WILL BE IN THE MAXIMUM STAGE OF INFECTION.
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    It's fillet steak when you are younger and scragends when you get older. Unless you are mick jagger.
  7. Finished the third season of the crown. I'm no royalist but no expense spared in this excellent sumptuous, top notch photography show. Great acting all round and gives you an insight into they're lives,which nobody would want.
  8. We are undoubtedly champions, award the title and figure out how to deal with the Relagation situation and promotion. Don't know how to do it but I want that title. Rival cunts are loving this.
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    I may be second guessing here but I think you think she's a bit of a cunt. Please clarify.