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  1. Qwikage

    Best single line in a film

    "Now you listen here , he is not the messiah he is a very naughty boy. Now go away"
  2. Qwikage

    Pictures of Footballing Greats

    My hero when I was a boy as he was born in my home town od Saltcoats in Ayrshire. He was the only one of the Lisbon Lions who was not born within 30 Miles of Parkhead ( it's 37 miles). He finally got a statue in his home town last year. Still has his bar "Bobbys Bar" in the town.
  3. Qwikage

    Everton 2 Liverpool 2 (Oct 17 2020)

    What a great report Dave, especially given the fact that you must have had to edit it substantially to remove the fuckin fuckity, fuckin fuck fucker, fuckin bastardy, wankstain, dirty smelly cunty chops , bawbag , fuck pig , sheep shagging, whorebag, farmyard animal molesting, cunting arsehole that prefixed every mention of Coote.
  4. Qwikage


    Two of my team have had it. One was during lockdown and had relatively mild symptoms which lasted a week. The other one has what everyone is now referring to as "long covid" which he caught just before the lockdown. He is 50, an ex boxer who was previously strong as an ox and supremely fit. He finds it difficult to breathe, has very little energy and suffers from severe headaches. He is waiting for a full testing regime to see what other damage (if any) it has done to him.
  5. Qwikage

    Lincoln (A) League Cup 24/9/20 - 19:45

    Shit mate that's not good. Hope it's not as bad as a break.
  6. Qwikage

    Lincoln (A) League Cup 24/9/20 - 19:45

    It was until you got there.
  7. Qwikage


    My take would be that those who have tested positive but are asymptomatic have retested and have had it confirmed.
  8. Qwikage

    House fixy-uppy shit

    Thats great new mate.
  9. Qwikage

    House fixy-uppy shit

    That looks like cavity fill insulation? Did you ever get the cavity filled? Is it wet?
  10. Qwikage

    House fixy-uppy shit

    Yes mate.
  11. Qwikage

    House fixy-uppy shit

    Did the wardrobe back onto an external wall Mook? If so does it have a vent brick on the external brickwork/render of the wall where the wardrobe was? If it does it is possibly interstitial condensation which may stop now you have removed the wardrobe. First thing to do would be to wash it with a 1:1 solution of white vinegar and water (WEAR A MASK DO NOT TRY IT WITHOUT ONE). If the room can be ventilated leave it to dry thoroughly. Once dry if possible remove a small section say 4" x 4" of the plaster to see if it has permeated the structure behind. If it has give me a shout and I will talk you through the options.
  12. Qwikage


    So sorry to hear of your loss Stig. I lost my Mum many years ago when I was 17. I have no idea if this will help mate but when my mum passed I got what was my favourite picture of her and stuck it in my pocket. Whenever there was a time when I thought of something I wanted to say to her I took out the photograph and said it to that. It is not that I am religious, I am not. It simply helped me cope. I truly hope you find your way, I have a feeling you will. "In the garden of memory, in the palace of dreams ... that is where you and I shall meet" - Alice through the looking glass.
  13. Qwikage


    Had one of these to celebrate a 30 year anniversary event recently.
  14. Qwikage

    General Trivia and Miscellany

    If Barbie were life size , her measurements would be 39-23-33. She would be 7 feet 2 inches tall.