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  1. Qwikage

    Other Football 2021/22

    Like him or laothe him, Ronaldo is a born winner and will vastly improve any team he plays for. The impact he wil have in the Utd dresing room will far outweigh any incompetence gollum brings to the team. There is some real quality in that squad, which has to date, been mismanged by golloum. Their squad might well win in spite of gollum and not because of him. Anyone who is trying to convince themsleves that they will not challenge for the league needs to give their head a wobble.
  2. Qwikage

    Crappiest place you've been to in the UK

    Ferguslie Park in Paisley (around 30 years ago) was the most deprived place I have ever been. What few local shops there were, were boarded up but stiil open, one even had a bouncer on the door!! Burnt out cars all over the place, rubbish everywhere, absolutely nothing in the way of civic amenities. They spent an absolute fortune knocking down a load of the older housing stock but failed yet again to provide a focal point for the community. Everyone in faux shock that it failed again!
  3. Qwikage

    Crappiest place you've been to in the UK

    Had a lot of family who stayed in Tollcross. Whilst the residents could never be descibed as well heeled, I never felt threatened and people were mostly sound. Very little in the way of commnity facilties though.
  4. 1. Danny McGrain. 2. Cafu. 3. Lillian Thuram. In my humble opinion McGrain is streets ahead of the other 2, but he will never get the recognition he deserves because he did not play for a "big" continental team.
  5. This is ridiculous. Utterly effortless.
  6. Qwikage

    Argos Electrical Equipment Refund

    Under the Consumer rights act 2015 you have 30 days from purchase to reject the goods as not fit for purpose and you can demand a refund. This may be a pain in the arse, but if you are up for a scrap (I'm Scottish so it's genetic) take it back to the shop and tell them you wish to reject the laptop as not fit for puspose, listing the faults. Remind them they have a leagl obligation unedr the act I mentioned above to refund you as the goods are less than 30 days old. They will try and bullshit you with the excuse that she has activated windows so they are unable to accept it as a return. This is a common argument, and the law states that this is an acceptable action if it is required to establish the goods are in working order. If this does not work there are a number of other avenues but keep a note of the store, the time and the person you spoke to and I can let you know the next options. Do not go to Acer yet mate as this is this mobs modus operandi and they rely on people eventually giving up.
  7. Qwikage

    Argos Electrical Equipment Refund

    How long has she had it?
  8. Qwikage

    Argos Electrical Equipment Refund

    You've been drinking the same beers as me. Is it great minds think alike or fools seldom differ?
  9. Qwikage

    Argos Electrical Equipment Refund

    Lee, did she buy it online or in store? Don't go to Acer. Your contract is with Argos so don't allow theh to muddy the waters and pass the buck.
  10. Qwikage

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Man on internet says something. Other man on internet says something else. Another man on internet likes what man says but not what the other man says. Yet another man, who likes the man but not the other man, says that another man should not be saying such things about the man. Repeat the above ad infinitum. Stronts gets negged.
  11. Qwikage

    Miami Building Collapse

    The most liklely cause is unauthorised or insufficiently engineered alterations. If they were in or around the core, it would not take a great deal of change of loading to dramatically alter the stresses on the structure. Once one component fails, it trasfers the load to adjacent components and if these have not been engineered for such a load it also fails until such times as it reaches the catastrophic failure point which is when the whole lot comes down. There is a phrase oft used in modern building structures "add lightness". This is what happens when you get it wrong. As with the majority of these disasters, the people making wrong decisions are never the victims of these poor chioces.
  12. Qwikage

    Jennifer Lawrence NSFW

    She is very pretty. I would give her my shiny Charizard card if she let me touch her front bottom.
  13. Qwikage

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    How many potatoes can you grow in a window box?
  14. I am not from Liverpool so can only comment on what I see as an outsider. I remember the last time I visited the city with @Jennings. I bored him shitless wittering on about the architecture of the buildings in the city centre. There are some truly stunning buildings there and the whole of the city has an air of industry and purpose about it. Some cities have a feel of claustrophobia and an unwelcome aura (Manchester is one, Peterborough another) but I never feel anything other than relaxed and a little bit in awe of the scale of the docks when I am in Liverpool. There is a serious danger of the city going the way of Glasgow Clydeside in that it could be swallowed up by spreadsheet developers trading industrial heritage for Brise Soleil bedecked, glazed and powder coated aluminium clad monstrosities. I do hope it doesn't as I Love the city.