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  1. Qwikage

    The Ship and Mitre

    Thats a little unfair. There was almost half a pint of lager in that shandy.
  2. Qwikage

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    Klopp now knows what they are doing. Hopefully he will change things in the second half and we will get back into it.
  3. Qwikage

    Man City (a) 3/1/2019

    This is the sort of start i would have expected. The game will settle down.
  4. Qwikage

    Beans in your pie?

    I'll have you know I resemble that remark.
  5. Qwikage

    Beans in your pie?

    Fat wanks if you dont mind.
  6. Qwikage

    Beans in your pie?

    These are an actual thing and can still be bought from many family bakeries in Ayrshire (West coast of Scotland).
  7. Qwikage

    Arsenal (H) 29/12

    Looks like hes been bobbin for chips.
  8. Qwikage

    Arsenal (H) 29/12

    Sokratis just about shit himself in the tunnel. There was genuine fear in his eyes.
  9. Qwikage

    Arsenal (H) 29/12

    Anybody got 3 spare tickets for the Arseenal defence. Bobby sent them out the stadium for the second.
  10. Qwikage

    Arsenal (H) 29/12

    Ha ha big Virg giving Sokratis the "hey you ya cunt " for having a go at Mo.
  11. Qwikage

    Arsenal (H) 29/12

    How the fuck on earth can you buy someone of the quality of Robbo for £8m.
  12. Qwikage

    City Breaks

    Another vote for Lisbon here. If you do decide to go there then stay in a little place called Sintra. Just outside central Lisbon and absolutely dripping with History: castle on the hill, cobbled streets , horsedrawn carraiges still form the local transport, loads of little shops (some selling tat but you get them everywhere). It sits atop the city centre miles up a hill and they have a little train which takes you down to a very small beach with a cafe which serves delicious seafood. Taxi's to city centre take about 15mins. The Tivoli Sintra is the best hotel in the town and the room i stayed in had it's own blacony. The bar also had a great selection of port which i just had to try.
  13. Qwikage

    Virgil Van Dijk

    The way he is performing at the moment he has the potential to become one of those "once in a generation" players i.e. Beckenbauer , Baresi . He rarely puts a foot wrong, appears to always be a step ahead and is a born winner. He reads the game so well and has unfeasable amounts of talent. I would love him to play the remainder of his career here and eventually become our manger. A bit previous but fuck it, I think he is that good.
  14. Qwikage

    Wolves (A) 21/12.

    Yeh but can they do it on a wet miserable night in Wolverhampton? That'll be a yes then.
  15. Qwikage

    Wolves (A) 21/12.

    It is just fuckin ridiculous how good big sexy is.