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  1. Qwikage


    Had one of these to celebrate a 30 year anniversary event recently.
  2. Qwikage

    General Trivia and Miscellany

    If Barbie were life size , her measurements would be 39-23-33. She would be 7 feet 2 inches tall.
  3. Qwikage

    General Trivia and Miscellany

    Gary Oldman is younger than Gary Numan.
  4. Qwikage

    General Trivia and Miscellany

    A small percentage of the static you see on "dead" television channels is left over radiation from the big bang.
  5. Qwikage

    Rate the last film you watched...

    As good as it gets. 9.5/10. Nicholson at his versatile best and Helen Hunt being naturally beautiful.
  6. What your bird said she would marry you as well. Congratulations mate...
  7. She did the same with me. Surprised how much I enjoyed it.
  8. He is a product of Mourinho and Terry, therefore is a spiteful hateful individual and should be roundly ignored.
  9. Qwikage

    Russia Report

    Yes and don't forget, if your produce gets dirty, they have a fantastic laundry you can use.
  10. He went missing in 2016 and hasn't been seen since.
  11. Qwikage

    Piper Alpha Disaster

    I remember it well Stig. Was working onshore for BP exploration at the time at 25 years of age . I saw grown men twice my age ( some huge hardy construction types) visibly upset. I remember a lot of them were very very angry and saying something like this was inevitable.
  12. Qwikage

    Have a rant thread

    Didn't have enough money the first time so brought some more Doe.
  13. Qwikage

    Pubs Re-Opening

    He looks like hes been dunkin for chips.
  14. Qwikage

    Rate your local chippy

    Best chippy i have ever been to is the Dolphin in Peterhead. Right next door to the fish-market on the harbour.