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  1. Don't think it's as clear cut as the Beatles tbh. Probably favourites tho, took my dad to see Brian Wilson's play Pet Sounds for his 65th birthday and its probably one of the greatest gigs I've ever been to. Maybe one of the upsides to excluding them might be it'll stop me posting that 5/6 times over the next month.
  2. At least three more John Reis bands you've had to leave off (repped for rocket though).
  3. E Street band is a band.
  4. Shite. Got to vote for The Clash, but it's a tough one.
  5. Not many bands write a riff like White Feathers (one of the most satisfying arpeggios to play for me). Not many bands then choose to screech and warble over it to completely undermine that riff, mind you... Worth revisiting the remasters as it gets rid of a lot of the issues that ultimately came down to them making most their music in a shed outside dial house. They have a set of songs that can hold up to most other punk bands of any era.
  6. I've voted Suede because I enjoy their music more.
  7. Pidge

    I am man: hear me roar!!!

    Can't find the rant thread because some fella's spamming the GF with threads about prog and MOR 80s dirge. One of my neighbours is clearly trying to drill through a wall with a non-masonry bit. Don't know if its the heat or the (related) three nights or poor/little sleep but I'd happily go and help demonstrate how different tools are better at different tasks. Would probably start with the bit they're currently using and show how much more effective it is at going through their cunt fucking eyeball.
  8. Pidge

    Favourite Sportsmen/women Of All Time

    Athletics - Bolt Basketball - Kobe Boxing - Lennox (hon mention for Nicola Adams 2012) Cricket - Trescothick Formula One - Senna Ice Hockey - Paul Newman Rugby - Gareth Steenson Snooker - Ronnie Tennis - Murray
  9. 30 members with the musical taste of a Quentin Wilson-era Top Gear fan.
  10. Surprised that it's even close. Pistols by an absolute mile. Not sure DS have a better song than Holidays, let alone the rest of the album.
  11. Pidge

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Caicedo? The dude who used to play for City? How the hell is he still playing?
  12. Prob not in whole, no. I like New Order though, was just kidding in reaction to that FT headline (good natured, honest). Doesn't help I associate that song with Alex James types for some reason (just looked it up, he named a fucking cheese after it...). Edit: giving PC&L a listen now, just finished Master of Reality (class) so why not. After that might skip from Hell's Bells to You Shook Me All Night Long before finding something else to do.