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  1. No shit. AND they're blocking a red route, who do they think they are? Just Stop Oil?
  2. I'll never understand the crusader thing. Richard the lionheart wasn't so much "Britain first" as he was "Britain, as little as I can get away with".
  3. I think that's beyond doubt, to be honest. A few shouts for Mac Allister, aside.
  4. I think we should prioritise scoring some goals, Thursday seems a good place to start. I think at the start of the season there was a thread/discussion on expectations and I said top 4, Europa and good run in the cups. I'd still be delighted with that.
  5. Btw, if I just inadvertently suggested that having gravy with fish and potato-based sides would be absurd, I apologise for letting my southerness show. You weirdos.
  6. burgers? Are you sure? Might be chicken cutlets or something. But looks breaded to me. Surely fish is a step too far in this situation even for CD...
  7. Israelis are not all jews and not all jews are Israeli. Not sure how Israeli voting patterns can be used to excuse comments about the "victimhood" of people over the course of hundreds of years. Riley's a fucking idiot by the way. "I wasn't using prejudice to assign blame for an unfolding tragedy before knowing all the facts, I was just deflecting attention from said tragedy to fearmonger about potential tragedies that I actually would (potentially) care about". Great, that's all absolutely fine and perfectly normal then... edit: and totally believable, of course.
  8. Sarri, quit his job after the announcement to sort things out and prepare. He's going to scare some performances out of them.
  9. When it matters? I guess it's not mattered in the last 29 years then.
  10. Our season fucked, another year for the cheat and chiefs fail to keep up in the second half. If the Lakers give up home court advantage against the pelicans later I'll have a full house...
  11. Maybe if I hadn't watched those performances and the ones before where we threw away the fa cup and barely scraped passed SU I'd be convinced but I did so I know that's bollocks.
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