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  1. Pidge


    Hospital Episode Statistics will provide the data in the long-run, but there may be multiple codes used depending on the final cause and possibly underlying issues. There are two codes, one for proven and one for suspected. We are only seeing numbers for people who have been tested with a positive result, so - I assume - only one of those codes.
  2. Pidge

    Insects and Bugs etc

    Repped. Mainly for the way the ants fling their legs out when they jump. Little D'Lo Brown dickheads.
  3. Pidge


    We don't know that yet. Doesn't make his modelling "bollocks".
  4. Pidge


    As more people are tested that number will rise and the modelling will reflect that, probably with a higher total. At some point the rate of testing will catch up with the rate of new cases and the model will level out with a final answer.
  5. Pidge


    That isn't his hypothesis. His hypothesis is that, if the trend in other countries follows the reported trends from elsewhere (primarily China) - on the assumption of observed social distancing, that would be the total. He is not claiming that to be the only possible scenario, or necessarily what will happen in reality. Based on the information I've read, I have seen nothing to suggest the maths is wrong. But I haven't dug through it in detail, nor will I.
  6. Pidge


    Because it's based on a time series updated daily and the data from China and other countries are still emerging. The methodology, including the limitations and the clear acceptance that it's a limited model to track progress against, is right there in the thread.
  7. Pidge


    Knew that would come back to bite me on the arse...
  8. I think it can be used to press in the middle (especially when Bobby is one of the 2), but yeah, probably not enough players to press high. Not such a huge issue when the other side doesn't even want the ball though.
  9. Pidge


    Ashworth speaking well, raising a lot of important points.
  10. Pidge

    Online food shopping

    Sticking with my local grocers as long as I can. Taking precautions to protect those around me (elderly neighbours mainly - I'm away from family), but feels better for me to make do with what's available (shouldn't need anything until the weekend at least at the moment) rather than burden delivery services. Also using this as an excuse to knock a wasteful takeaway habit on the head as well. Fucking pain the arse not having contactless mind you... might order a new card.
  11. Pidge

    What Monopoly Piece Do You Go?

    Car, boat, hat, cat or boot. Depending on the whim of the day. Sister would always have the dog. Conversely, always wanted to be green for Ludo/Frustration/Coppit/whatever else.
  12. If the season was seen out normally - and relatively quickly - I would have liked to see us try a 3-5-2 in anticipation of bringing in another striker and centre back, showing that other systems would be looked at which could see appearances spread further and possibly giving us a different approach for when teams try to hammer us from deep as Watford did (more cover for the defender wrestling Deeney and another forward ensuring we keep someone between the posts at all times). I think Gomez gives us good flexibility there and it could also mean other players could help cover the full backs at times.
  13. Pidge


    18 confirmed cases in Liverpool. 20 in Cornwall. 28 in Manchester. 42 in Devon. But yeah, all inbred farmers without a care in the world. Ta. source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-51768274