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  1. Pidge

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Royalist blue Mersey.
  2. Pidge


    Now I've read into it more I don't think it's the case at all. The company is utterly tone deaf from what I've seen, literally talking about reaching "ethnics".
  3. Pidge

    Arsenal (H) 24/8/19 Premier League

    If we give up chances as we have been aubameyang and lacazette will punish us.
  4. Pidge


    Agreed (except mine, which is excellent)
  5. Pidge


    We had to call on him once before in pre-season He's tall and lithe and 35, it's Lon-ergan He's professional and competent and thanks to some stupid cunt We need Andy on again, he's Liverpool's number... umm... *gets out phone*
  6. Pidge

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Predicted this would happen. High profile player to appease the fans now Sane is out, but not the same kind of player so may well struggle to fit into a system that isn't going to adapt to his strengths. Will just make him all the cheaper next summer...
  7. Pidge


    Government worker stabbed outside Home Office in London https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-49360747
  8. Pidge


    Well that's why I want to know. He's been catching stick for it too and seems to be fairly silent on it. edit: also I've done the edit thing again... soz
  9. Pidge


    They are both pretty candid with their reactions, I couldn't say for sure that either would definitely have taken the time to check before tweeting. The Mayor's office operates pretty independently. Cross-party involvement, doesn't mean all MPs have been consulted. edit: I'm not denying the whole thing is on dodgy ground, but just saying that there is scope for this being based on evidence and I don't think publishing the evidence would help the situation in the country. It's a very difficult, complex issue that might need a range of approaches, so I'm not comfortable with assuming racism as a motivation.
  10. Pidge


    Which comes back to my main question, was the mayor's office involved? If it was a cross-party effort it would suggest being underpinned by evidence, unlike the other examples you cite (which were far more proactively tory ideological decisions, not reactions to an ongoing crisis).
  11. Pidge


    See my edit.
  12. Pidge


    It's hardly the only part of the strategy. There are adverts across all mediums driving the message. It's a broad outreach effort. It needs to be backed up with properly funded community and social work, which is what I doubt will happen. But it's much better (and much less discriminatory) than more authoritarian Tory standards like Stop and Search.
  13. Pidge


    If the decision was based on evidence and made on the basis that the evidence outweighs cultural association since kids are being killed, would you agree with it? Of course, you'd hope the evidence also took into account the impact of a potential backlash, some of these kids will only be harder to reach now. Also, not sure about Abbot asking for a population health approach. PH requires communication with the population, does she just want more of the same, or a multi-faceted approach?
  14. Pidge


    Shooter eats fried chicken with a knife and fork...
  15. Pidge


    It's a difficult one to comment on as the government may well have cohort studies that show correlation between the kids carrying knives and the shops in question. It's a tough one as releasing details of any such studies would genuinely run the risk of prejudicing people (even if they don't even mention race directly). I'd rather a practical solution be found to reach more of these kids than worry too much about treading softly around mainly-US stereotypes (I go Morleys all the time when staying in London, hardly a monocultural customer base). Interested to know whether the Mayor's office had a say in this. If they did, it might have been better for Abbot and Lammy to consult with him before increasing perception of demonisation at the heart of this issue. Feels dangerous to do so to me.