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  1. Pidge


    Mary Wakefield's wiki entry (was just checking to find out a bit more about her - very interesting family line) was edited a minute or two before I went on to say she was granted "special dispensation" by the UK government to travel. No citation It's been taken off already by another user, calling out the lie. So, at least that system works.
  2. Pidge

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Surely City will go down the sex-doll route, since they're used to having a bunch of synthetic cunts associated with the club.
  3. Pidge

    Rate the last game you've played...

    Can't go wrong with DS3 or Bloodborne. Both have the awesome detailed world and atmosphere to make up for slightly older (but damn great) mechanics. Dark Souls worth a play as well, especially to have a better understanding of DS3 - but it's a bit jankier.
  4. Pidge

    The NBA thread

    Would prob be Bucks if it was just on the look. Although a classic Bogues jersey... Edit: anyway looking forward to the episode when they ask Jordan if he regrets not being in NBA Jam.
  5. Pidge

    The NBA thread

    Was thinking of picking up a nice purple Bryant -24 earlier in the year. Doubt I'd be wearing it out much, mind.
  6. Pidge

    The NBA thread

    Finally started watching it. Love it. Also, 3 Stacks, West and Goodrich did the GSW thing before the 3 point line was even a thing. I mean they didn't have Durant, but they did have Wilt and Baylor giving defences other things to think about.
  7. Pidge

    Transgender stuff - what's going on?

    "Demands and Carnivals"
  8. Google Stadia is offering a free two month trial. There are a handful of free games on there if you want to take a look, including Destiny 2 and a game that looks like Left for Dead with Nazi Zombies.
  9. Pidge

    GF music review club

    Ike and Tina's 'I wish it would rain'. One for the greatest covers thread. I'm listening to the Levellers. Haven't in years. What a band.
  10. Pidge

    Instant cunt identifiers

    "Common sense" The mating call of judgemental, contemptuous wankers everywhere. Long time signifier of aimless conceit and self-righteousness, currently also a great way to mark yourself out as an utter fucking shill for the decline of public office. Thoughtless, heartless and dangerously stupid fucking cunts.