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  1. He's our Greatest captain in my mind, no disrespect intended to the other greats to wear the armband.
  2. KMD7

    Google Maps Co-Ordinates

    Was going to say are you sure about that at first as all i could see was rocks, then I went 180° around the screen and yep it's beautiful.
  3. A couple of Manc mates on have put up a green and yellow scarf photo on Facebook tonight. Fucks sake.
  4. What a fucking shitshow.
  5. Like the way he avoids naming his buddy Ole so as not to put pressure on him there. Cunt
  6. It's actually impressive how nuts he is
  7. KMD7

    Jurgen Norbert Klopp

    Gary Neville is a rat faced fucking cunt
  8. KMD7

    Golf thread / my new project

    Even if it's eventually proved otherwise I'm still going to blame him.
  9. KMD7

    Nathaniel Phillips

    Just lacking a wee bit of this in defence tonight
  10. In fairness mate I don't think any Liverpool supporter ever thought this about them
  11. KMD7

    Dirk Kuyt

    Love Dirk
  12. That's because Gary Neville was, is and always will be a cunt
  13. I'm half an hour away. Always head over (pre-covid) for a visit a couple of times a year. Lovely spot and with Ashford Castle beside it as well.
  14. First film the came to mind mate, considering where it was filmed as well!
  15. KMD7


    The same cunts who then when they are nominating people in these stupid challenges suddenly decide to nominate you.
  16. The Quiet man The Searchers It's a Wonderful Life A Streetcar named Desire A Christmas Carol.
  17. KMD7

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Very true, you can never have enough money to not spend on players.
  18. Shit situation isn't it. I don't want it but don't want to be left out either. On the one hand the thought of playing European clubs every week sounds good but the match going fan is going to be screwed. It all sounds very soulless.
  19. KMD7

    Next Tournament Ideas

    Best Eurovision winner.