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  1. Cracking game, hendo should be shooting more often, what a goal. Fab was everywhere and incredible .
  2. It's not the most popular show ever on amazon for no reason. Comedy gold without even trying.
  3. Butch


    I'd shag her for nostalgic reasons, she can leave the dress on though.
  4. Butch

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Well if he was being backed by fsg then maybe he'd think about staying longer.
  5. I know ever injury is different but would a dislocation be better than a break? He tried to get up but luckily he was sat down again, could have done more damage. What a shame he's already looking a top player. Good thing is he's so young and should heal very quickly.
  6. Butch

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Lack of funds from fsg will eventually drive Jurgen out, then it will be back to square one. It's the Liverpool way 1step forward and 2 back.
  7. Battling? Is that the new aggressively monitoring then fuck all happening. Supposed to build on the money success brings not do nothing and fall behind again. This season we are well behind utd, City and Chelsea now. Same old shit they improved and we stand still. If mo gets injured we'll be rightly fucked.
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    Rate the last film you watched...

    Watched this gem the other night, seen it many times but its an excellent movie. One of my favourite films.
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    Whats your current aftershave

    I like sausage myself
  11. Butch

    Whats your current aftershave

    This is lovely. Chicks love it.
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    Naby Keita

    Fuck him, leave him there as he's dead to me
  13. Butch

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Are we aggressively monitoring anyone yet..... Anyone ffs
  14. Maybe he could have sent him in Sadio"s position and left robbo on. He's better going forward than actually defending. He could offer something different. Great to see mo, elliot and trent combining so well yesterday, the right side was fantastic.
  15. Can't believe the negative comments about the match, I really enjoyed it although very frustrating that we didn't manage to win it. The boys gave everything and you couldn't ask for anything more from them. Probably the worst thing that could have happened was the "deserved red" because those cunts just shut the door and made the second half like the alamo. They are a top side now and definitely contenders. So for me most of the boys were magnificent. Poor Sadios confidence is shot,, but elliot what a player he's going to be.