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  1. Butch

    Smarmy faces made to punch

    Anna Richardson this cunt is on everything.
  2. I'd be more worried about the match Thursday as utd they're used to playing Thursday night footie than we are.
  3. About time someone taken a shot from outside the box.
  4. Every game now is fucking grim, can't pass the ball anymore and some shit decision making in dangerous situations.
  5. Another one of mo"s specials like this tonight please.
  6. Talking about this shit feast of a season I'm wondering if it's going to be any different next season? What's going to change, what can change?. I thought VAR would be a good idea and maybe cut out corruption but it's made corruption so much easier for the cunts. Everton away for me, what a kick in the bollocks that was for players and us.
  7. Butch

    Joe Gomez

    If they are spending more time on the treatment table then they actually play then let them go. Same with matip no point in keeping a great player if he's unreliable and not playing. Get rid.
  8. Butch

    Man Utd Fans

    Yes that is him. aB2LwX2_460svvp9.webm
  9. Butch

    Joe Gomez

    Get him fit and get rid of him. Was in great form before the Burnley game but hasn't been the same. We need to be more business like with injury prone players give up and move on.
  10. Butch

    Other football - 2020/21

    Prefer Chelsea to win the final as none of them isn't an option. Madrid are shite but they didn't have to be any good to beat us. Grim season.
  11. Butch

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Oh ffs I'm done with him.
  12. Butch

    Shit coat the new Roma manager.

    He's a cock, worst thing about him is that he spent a lot of time with Bobby Robson who he learnt from but unlike Bobby the big headed cunt never learnt any humility.
  13. Butch

    Other football - 2020/21

    I agree. Hate PSG but wanted them to knock city out. Unfortunately I think the cunts will win it, hopefully I'll be wrong. Cunts
  14. Butch


    I always turn down the sound especially when it's sky. Talking bollocks.
  15. Thing is that almost every decision goes their way and that has helped them massively, just look at last year. Without the help from officials would they have reached 4 place? Not a chance. Their confidence with the help is sky high whereas ours is rock bottom because everything seems to go against us. You make your own luck but being cheated against knocks the shit out of the team.
  16. Butch

    Line of Duty

    12 million people would disagree with this. The last episode was a bit shite, still watched it and will watch the next one's. While it is a bit "big bit" over the top and unrealistic it's twists and turns keep it interesting. Ted is class and a funny fucker.
  17. Butch

    Man Utd Fans

    What the fuck is it any of the fans business whether the club is in debt or not. They've done very well since the Americans took over. Would be different if they were a lower division club with debt that could actually destroy the club but those fuckers are only second to oil billionaire's in spending on players. That fanzine nob mentioned that they bought some shit players which is nothing to do with the owners. Unbelievable shite. Scumbag fans vandalised the club they are supposed to love, fuck them bastards.
  18. It was better when they were shit.
  19. Just imagine the scenes if this was Liverpool fans instead of noble cause utd fuckers.