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    Other football - 2020/21

    Mate I work with really thinks they're going to win the league this season, had high hopes for tonight too. Bale being the final piece of the puzzle. All I've seen is a bunch of strangers trying to play together. The mancs are being well looked after, cunts.
  2. Yeah amazing that, 10,001 goals and over 200 own goals. Played shit and still won, top of the table. Nice
  3. Definitely, he's done bugger all since.
  4. Grim first half that. Fabinho out for a couple of weeks now too. Just what we don't need, hopefully rhys makes a good impression.
  5. Butch

    Other football - 2020/21

    Nice touch this
  6. Butch

    Other football - 2020/21

    Guess that's the league gone now.
  7. Butch

    VAR Thoughts?

    The lines they are using don't make any sense. Looks like they can manipulate them at will depending on what team they support.
  8. Butch

    VAR Thoughts?

    I agree. Instead of cutting out corruption its made it legal and above reproach, something has to be done about this shambolic shit show. Its destroyed the game.
  9. Butch

    VAR Thoughts?

    How is this not a pen and not even looked at? Most likely because it's in the wrong box. VAR is a disgrace.
  10. Absolutely. They're getting every second ball and packing our box and causing chaos. Klopp needs to sort it out otherwise we'll lose this. They could easily be 3 or 4 up. As for the var decision I'm fucking fuming, absolute cunts have it in for us.
  11. Butch


    I'm not in the slightest surprised at his performance at cb, he's going to cover for virg very well. He's an absolute fantastic player, love him, top quality player.
  12. Bloody hell Reece is taller than Klopp. This lad is going to be very good, very composed and cool defender, reminds me of a young Virgil.
  13. Fabinho was fantastic and immense at the back, I'd have him with Virgil everytime. Gomez was good in fact they all were brilliant, tough game that. Excellent result, love it.
  14. Butch

    Other football - 2020/21

    She's lovely, I'd like to sausage her senseless.
  15. Butch

    Bobby Robson

    Watched this last night on Netflix, what an amazing man. Its a documentary about his football life and dealing with cancer. Some of it is very sad but as football fans it's highly recommended. I know he's nothing to do with us but the similarly of his man management is so like Klopp. Another one to see is Gascoigne, he's an absolute nut but had a lot of tragedy in his life.
  16. Butch

    Bobby Robson

    Barca were horrible ungrateful cunts and treated him like shit. One season he won 3 major trophies and was voted uefa manager of the season and they still wanted him out. Another time they were 8 goals up and they're fans were booing them and he couldn't understand why. Cunts is why. He seemed to be a real gentleman, a lovely man. Some parts of the documentary were very moving and sad. Well worth a look.
  17. Butch

    Virgil Van Dijk

    We've got lots of options in midfield, matip "if he can stay fit" and fab would be my choice.
  18. Var decided by this nut today. Shocked?
  19. Butch


    Bloody hell