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  1. Look what the bitters are selling on their official site... Everton Local/Norwegian T-Shirt - White I'm sure these fellas will be delighted with the new t-shirt... ESCNB - Evertonfc.no
  2. Fugitive

    Song title game

    Think of a Song Title with the word 'love' in it and then change that word to Knob For example: Bleeding Love becomes Bleeding Knob All you need is Love Becomes All you need is knob Endless Love Becomes Endless Knob It has kept me entertained all day.
  3. Fugitive

    Gerry Cinnamon

    He’s Doing a gig at Hampden. He will be raking it in.
  4. Fugitive

    Scenes- Alex Woo has opened a chippy

    A vegan fucking chippy!!!! Those dark damp days and nights in Dave’s cellar have fucked the lads head up.
  5. Fugitive

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    He’s defo got Maddie in his onesie.
  6. Fugitive

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Look at the state of Brown...
  7. Fugitive

    Other Football - 2019/20

    What a twat
  8. Fugitive

    Nike deal

    New Balance currently make our kits in the Philippines. I’m guessing they will not be on great money and working short days.
  9. Jackson’s bread is fucking amazing, you napalm cooking loon
  10. The toast was defo cooked in the depths of hell. More burn than Simon fucking Weston
  11. Fugitive

    General Election 2019

    I’ll be voting labour. Jimmy Krankie is my local MP so the SNP are nailed on to win around here.
  12. Fugitive

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    The SNP will win more seats and then use that to push for a new independence referendum as they will claim it’s what the people of Scotland want and the reason the SNP won more seats.
  13. Fugitive

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    Oh yeah, Rugby. shite
  14. Fugitive

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    Sectarian wronguns
  15. Fugitive

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    Are they Scottish?
  16. Fugitive

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    A family of bigots.
  17. Fugitive

    Rugby Union World Cup - Japan - 2019

    Why do they support Celtic?
  18. Fugitive

    Miscellaneous fine alcohol

    This stuff is wonderful.