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  1. clangers

    Other Football 2021/22

    It's very much like Fergusons dominant domestic era where the mancs intimidated the life out of the game as a whole, opposition players, officials and the FA. Teams are beaten before they step on the pitch. It's noticeable they're not as effective or dominant in Europe. What did we expect when we've allowed a state owned club with near limitless finances and complete contempt for the flimsiest of financial rules to take hold?
  2. clangers

    Other Football 2021/22

    Leicester supporters are pretty keen to see the back of him as I understand it. Exactly the same gripes as we had, arrogant, all too happy to throw players under the bus, unable to organise a defence, when form dips he's unable to turn it around and just randomly alternates between different formations/selections including his dreaded back three. All too familiar.
  3. clangers

    Other Football 2021/22

    Glazer protests to fire up again I assume? I didn't see many protests last summer when they thought this was their year.
  4. clangers

    Other Football 2021/22

    In fairness it's not that difficult to press a midfield of Mata and Matic. Here's hoping he throws on JLingz.
  5. clangers

    Abramovich reportedly puts chelsea up for sale

    Just goes to show how bent Chelsea have been over a couple of decades. Given that Clearlake appear to be investing the majority of funding they'll definitely be back to being a club run on a sustainable footing with their new owners reaping a return from an increasing asset value over time, at best. No more big handouts to cover overspending.
  6. clangers

    Other Football 2021/22

    Yep looks that way, Leeds and Burnley are really just too shit. Looking at Leeds next couple of games they're right in the mire. It's still all the mancs and Chelsea's fault. Just think where they'd be if they hadn't gained those extra six points?
  7. clangers

    Local elections 5th May

    It's a grim result outside of London where Labour is already strong. They've lost ground in the midlands and the north. Bottom line is that there are too many former Labour voters who switched in 2019 post Brexit and they aren't going to switch back as it'll mean admitting they were wrong. An awful lot of it would be worse under Labour views will continue to be spouted. Best outcome I can see at the next general election is that Labour manages to reduce a Tory majority.
  8. clangers


    I seem to recall Ancelotti has a good record against Klopp? We'll press the life out of Madrid and it'll be a question of whether we can capitalise on that. If they're still in the game 2nd half then we could end up with another dramatic ending? Interesting that Ancelotti substituted his midfield three yesterday for higher energy players late on.
  9. clangers

    Other Football 2021/22

    Hopefully they play like this in the cup final. Werner has to be one of the worst footballers going, no positional awareness or ball control or shot for that matter.