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  1. clangers

    Prince Philip...

    Am I missing something, why has every major TV channel suspended it's broadcasting and appears to have moved to endless rolling and repeating coverage of his death? Is it 1951? What percentage of the population actually give a fuck? Over 65's who believe the British Empire will never end and a few younger headbanger royalists?
  2. clangers

    Prince Philip...

    He'll be fine, he'll be back behind the wheel in no time.
  3. clangers

    Prince Philip...

    Delay the lockdown relaxation, people out shopping and boozing next week is simply inappropriate given the news. A solid 6 months of mourning is appropriate. Cancel the season as a mark of respect and carry over last years final positions.
  4. clangers

    Prince Philip...

    Wall to wall sycophantic coverage for weeks on end. Do we get a day off?
  5. clangers

    An absolute fucking disaster of a season

    Two established recruits capable of regular first team appearances (Tiago, Jota) in four transfer windows since winning the CL when we've already been relying on a relatively small pool of first team players is the root cause. We're a textbook example of not building upon your success.
  6. We look like a good side again after our blip. A decent run in as well.
  7. clangers

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    I'm looking forward to FSG rolling out the expected statement of Covid and a lack of Champions League severely affecting our budget this summer probably alongside some exclusive revealing some upgrades to the yacht.
  8. clangers

    RB Leipzig (H) Champions League - 10/3/21

    Just play this starting eleven now week in week out.
  9. clangers

    RB Leipzig (H) Champions League - 10/3/21

    How on earth are we not in front?
  10. clangers

    RB Leipzig (H) Champions League - 10/3/21

    He's just fucking useless.
  11. clangers

    We can’t carry on like this.

    Despite the injuries we just haven't built on our success. We run with much too small a squad of 1st team regulars, we've been lucky with injuries for much of the last three years, our front three and VVD have been played relentlessly. It's almost like a 1980's team with 13 or 14 1st team regulars with a commensurate drop off in quality and reliability beyond that. The spend in 2018 led to 2019/20 with an increase in the quality of the 1st team right through the spine of the side. We've stalled since then, not taking advantage of being CL winners in the summer of 2019 was criminal.
  12. clangers

    We can’t carry on like this.

    As I recall he got Dortmund playing again after the winter break and they finished the 2nd half of the season strongly? I thought he left Dortmund because he needed a break and came to the conclusion that the squad needed a full rebuild. They'd been resigning older players rather than paying to bring in quality younger additions. We haven't seen a rebuild and a new generation from Klopp whilst at the same club yet have we? I suspect if the funding isn't there in the summer and it's all bargain basement piecemeal tinkering he'll walk away.
  13. clangers

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    We're not prepared to compromise our tactics irrespective of the players available. 3rd string CB's and fullback, lack of pressing in midfield but we're going to stick with a high line till hell freezes over.
  14. clangers

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    Roy might be available in the summer?
  15. clangers

    Fulham (H) PL - Sun 7th Mar 2021 at 14:00

    Quality save that. It's pretty disheartening this, feels like we're right back to square one, circa 2016.