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  1. clangers

    Should Corbyn remain as Labour leader?

    Hoey would definitely vote for the government if it meant her beloved Brexit at all cost could be delivered. There are a handful of Labour MP's who might vote the same way plus the former Labour MP's. I read somewhere last week that they'd need a minimum of 5-6 disaffected Tories and it could require anything up to a dozen or so Tories.
  2. clangers

    Other Football - 2019/20

    Says to me that he's not really in full control and is running scared of the likes of Pogba, given their wealth they've not really backed him in the market to any great extent. £70 million or so net spend is small change for them especially given the lack of quality in their squad.
  3. clangers

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    It's a great move, the 6th place trophy is really hotting up this year.
  4. clangers

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    Does seem to be that way, they've put the roster together now for a cycle. I think it's missing an opportunity to not take advantage of our position, football is an arms race and we need constant evolution. I find it difficult to believe with a record turnover last year and most likely next year we can't afford to buy a top flight forward to cover for our front three? It's a glaring risk and we've been hugely fortunate so far.
  5. clangers

    Napoli (Murrayfield - Friendly) 28.7.19

    Isn't it a tradition that we take a huge step back after every successful season? It might actually be a good move not to spend any money this summer and just get the next 12 months over with?
  6. clangers

    Top Gun

    He's 5ft 2" as well. Do they have booster seats for fighter pilots? It's a real pensioner remake season coming up, Rambo, the Terminator and Top Gun.
  7. clangers

    War with Iran is it imminent

    Just bring it on, we haven't had a good war for a while, what's not to love? Great TV. I know there will be thousands of innocent victims and it'll be an economic disaster but along with Brexit I welcome the coming apocalypse. This isn't real anyway is it, it's surely all reality TV? People keep telling me Donald Trump is the president, that's surely a wind up? Thank god we're in the capable hands of BJ now.
  8. clangers

    War with Iran is it imminent

    True and on the face it we're supposed to believe that Gibraltar acted entirely unilaterally rather than in response to a direct request from the US. If it was the latter then the ambition of the US to drag the UK into this is pretty obvious. Certainly the delighted mumblings of John Bolton would suggest the latter.
  9. clangers

    War with Iran is it imminent

    It's on the British government for choosing to be Trump's lacky and then failing to protect British vessels. They should have instructed Navy warships beyond the Montrose to the gulf as soon as they chose to move on the Iranian tanker. Equally given that the UK now has a tiny surface fleet which is wholly inadequate to police the oceans perhaps they should have stayed out of this altogether?
  10. clangers

    The ‘Buy Nabil Fekir’ Campaign

    That might be part of it but his dodgy knee with the cheap rebuild has put a lot of top clubs off. Shame as he's a quality player.
  11. clangers

    Donald Trump

    He's gone loco again, as you say, talk about thin skinned and fickle. This is the man we're pinning our hopes on for a generous trade deal.
  12. clangers

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Still clear as mud. Given that a GE election is possible later this year, what is Labour's position? Would they support remain or their own version of Brexit? If they won a GE would they put Labour's Brexit back to the country for a confirmatory referendum and if they did so which side would they support?
  13. clangers

    Women's World Cup

    Bottled it, Neville's a shoe in for the men's team next time around.
  14. clangers

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    BJ and the Brexiteer's are positioning themselves using GATT 24 as an excuse to blame the EU. Boris will present them with a single page trade agreement stating maintenance of existing zero % tariff's and then blame the EU for refusing their so called reasonable offer. The dishonesty on show from Johnson, Baker and the rest is astonishing. They know full well GATT 24 isn't applicable here.
  15. clangers

    The New Cricket Thread

    Just really stupid cricket from England as usual, they only seem to be able to play one way, hurl your bat at it and dig something out. No need for Bairstow to play that shot then.