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  1. I agree with this, the pace has definitely gone. You'd need to be behind the scenes as to why but I thought we'd steam into Palace yesterday. Just never happened.
  2. But surely people have been saying that to him for 2 seasons now. I actually think he would be more beneficial to us coming from the bench for those reasons. Games like yesterday, him coming on in 20 minute bursts, get the crowd going and his brand of football would potentially work better.
  3. The forward line needs a shake up and it's not just about missed chances either. I'd like to see Salah, Jota and Gakpo starting the remaining games, I doubt we will like but along with the missed chances it's just gone a bit scratchy, no cohesion.
  4. I still hold out some hope, simply because it should be completely gone but it isn't. We need a shake up though to get us out of this hole we've dug, starting at the top end, to try and freshen us up for these last 6 games.
  5. I mentioned earlier I'm not a person to blame one player for games like Atalanta, nor am I a guy who judges game by game but where there is some merit in what some posters are saying, is that goals change games. There is no denying that Nunez has missed big chances at big moments in recent games, as have others, Nunez though, whether you like it framed that way or not, is our no.9, with 2 seasons worth of bad misses, some really bad. It's not the same as Jones running through and missing a one on one, this is a repeated failure on his part over a long period of time now.
  6. From what I can gather, it's his performances in front of goal on the whole. Today and Thursday are just snapshots of what he's being doing his entire time here.
  7. Not sure what other people missing chances in the same game has got to do with Darwin missing chances regularly over 2 seasons. We are not, or at least I'm not, talking about today or Thursday, it's about him consistently missing chances, big chances.
  8. Be nice just to get the 3 best finishers, who also happen to be the 3 most intelligent forwards we have, starting for these final 6 games. Right now Nunez would be more useful for us coming from the bench.
  9. Today was a game where I was certain we'd fly straight into them.
  10. Fully agree with you, you don't blame individual players for bad losses. However there are elements of truth in what other people are saying. It's not just one game here or there, it's 2 seasons worth of terrible misses. Goals change games and we paid 65-80m for Nunez to change those games in our favour. He's been a massive disappointment and I cannot envisage any new manager banking on him to be his guy in the big moments.
  11. Arsenal were always going to throw in this type of performance. Wouldn't be surprised if Bayern knock them out as well. Makes today even more sickening.
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