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  1. https://x.com/OwenJones84/status/1802347809590464668 "As Hitler said, 'I cannot live if one Jew is left,' we can't live here if one 'Islamo-nazi' remains in Gaza." Taking Hitler as their teacher
  2. Plenty of people from the general public (majority?), overwhelming majority of mass media and establishment support the IDF though, so racist ric isn't entirely alone. Even the above despite being critical displays the inherent biases in favour of IDF, relatively speaking.
  3. Netanyahus predecessor...let's not pretend it's just the IDF perpetrating the crimes like they are some autonomous group. It is the entire criminal state of Israel.
  4. Looks like Racist Ric not only been licking their feet, but gagging on their cocks
  5. It has no bearing on the outcome except to perpetuate the zionist genocide whoever gets in, as succeeding in doing so is contingent on how much they are willing to bend for them. You know the above but will choose to vote for them because...? But the opposite i.e. not voting doesn't make sense? That's the height of gammon thinking there
  6. Cool story, but was Labour or any of its members held accountable for it, or was it just brushed off in netanyahu fashion as "oops tragic mistake"? In fact Blair got repeatedly voted in so, so much for the 'millions' in the labour movement. They must've really loved what he did to those Iraqis Not sure where you're getting the anti semitism from too, unless not supporting and ignoring genocide equates to that in your little colonial mindset.
  7. Gammons are so full of shit. Reform it is then. At least they haven't murdered anyone. Yet.
  8. Lifetime fanny acting his name the absolute fanny
  9. Nah that's just the gammon overload fucking with your brains. 1 million dead Iraqis must be a good thing for you though, being a flag carrying labour supporter. Thought you had me on ignore Jack the rat.
  10. Thanks for taking time to explain your reasoning but it doesn't quite cut it with me. I'm sure the nazi party did some good for Germany if you conveniently overlook the holocaust. But thankfully it wasn't overlooked and they rightly got banned, which is what Labour deserved for criming on that level.
  11. In the absence of any suitable independent candidates, not voting is the best option. After all, the majority don't vote in this illusionary democracy. Why endorse war criminals if you have a choice?
  12. Voting Labour after they killed over a million Iraqis is like giving the Nazi party another chance
  13. Anyone voting Labour is a bad racist liberal extremist cunt
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