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  1. Halcyon Days

    Nike deal

    Anyone got any leaks for the next kit?
  2. Halcyon Days

    Man City - the new bitters?

    Part of me can’t help thinking what the Premier League / Press would be doing and saying regarding FFP if Man U where in our position. Maybe we’ll find out one day when these cheating cunts are going for 15 in a row in season 2035/36. Sorry results hitting me hard now, bastards.
  3. Halcyon Days

    Wolves (H) - Sun 22nd May 2022 (4:00pm)

    Early goal please redmen and see how the day unfolds!
  4. Halcyon Days

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Ah well was good while it lasted, until next season then. The spitty spiteful cunts can get back to what they know best now, putting all their hate filled bile and energy into watching us and hoping win don’t win trophies. Cunts.
  5. Halcyon Days

    Southampton (A) - Tue 17th May 2022 (7:45pm)

    Just heard the Tyler commentary, the man’s a disgrace. How’s he allowed to get away with it?
  6. Halcyon Days

    Southampton (A) - Tue 17th May 2022 (7:45pm)

    This team never fails to make you smile fucking love them!
  7. Halcyon Days

    Other Football 2021/22

    With the money, power and outright disrespect for any rules these state owned clubs can turn reality on it’s head. Be interesting to see how much they’re allowed to spend in the summer.