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    Keir Starmer

    Was at the count in Derby last night and there were just truly pathetic turn outs in all the wards. It's been the case for years, the majority of the country isn't Tory but the majority who do vote are. Starmer hasn't enthused anyone to go out and vote. Even in Hartlepool the Tories have got in because around 20% of those registered to vote, voted for them. Yet it's going to be seen as a huge endorsement of Boris. Labour really need to wake up about this, they're seemingly not wanting to offend those who in dwindling numbers, vote but aren't offering anything to those who don't feel compelled to vote. McDonnell was right in his tweet earlier, they went into these elections with no policy.
  2. https://www.thegrocer.co.uk/alcohol/guinness-spin-off-hop-house-13-to-be-axed-in-britain/655599.article They're stopping sales of Hop House in Britain.
  3. skend04

    Keir Starmer

    That's a Pakistani track so I think you'll find it's Lollywood.
  4. Breaking news that former Villa striker has died after getting tasered by the police this morning. Only 48 years old too. Didn't see a thread that I could use so started a new'un.
  5. skend04

    Three times where LFC won against all odds

    What's it coming to when the rule makers become the rule breakers.
  6. Shadow and Bone - Netflix T'was okay. Enjoyable, with a lot of scene setting and character building taking up a chunk of the 8 episodes. It's a bit Young Adulty but hopefully Netflix allows a second season and not another part told story which it seems to be doing a bit too regularly at the minute. 7/10 Invincible - Prime A really great voice cast. Some of the storylines could have been ditched making it a bit more punchy and fast paced. If they can improve as they did towards the end of the season then this could be great going into S2 and S3 which have been greenlit by Amazon. 7/10
  7. skend04

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    It's mad. When is this gamble going to end? 50% up the last day. 345,000% up since it was created. As a meme.
  8. skend04

    Keir Starmer

    25% of the Hartlepool voters in 2019 voted for the Brexit Party. Without them the Tories would have taken that seat at the GE. It's not really a huge surprise that they're going to take it now.
  9. skend04

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Love and Monsters - Netflix The trailer made this look pretty bad but it's anything but. It's a pretty fun little monster movie with heart. 7/10
  10. Have we been given the 3 points yet?
  11. skend04

    Smarmy faces made to punch

    Alioski. I don't know why I've got a thing against him, he shouldn't even register, but he's got a boat race you wouldn't tire of smashing with a paddle.
  12. skend04

    Rate the last film you watched...

    The Mitchell's Vs The Machines - Netflix This was bloomin' great, made especially more poignant as I watched it with my daughter. The animation is top notch, very much in the style of Spiderverse. Watch it with your kids if you can. Or just borrow some. 8.5/10
  13. skend04

    Upcoming TV Shows

    Not sure if I'm the only one here who watches Castlevania on Netflix but the 4th and final season is on next month and it's a great animation.
  14. skend04

    Keir Starmer

    Yep. I'm sure I've seen reports say this exact thing about voter intentions. The right-wingers don't solely vote for a Trump or a Johnson, they vote to make 'lefties' angry. Bizarre. Would watch their countries burn as long as they could revel in more sane-minded people being aghast at it.
  15. skend04

    Keir Starmer

    Exactly this. People here are wondering why Labour aren't performing better, maybe the party has to do more but when the public has a huge satisfaction rating for a person that has allowed 150k deaths as a starter then you've got to question the moral compass of that 40%. I think there'd be less anger or dissatisfaction with Labour if you just took the position that the majority of English voters are cunts.
  16. skend04


    https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2021/apr/28/california-alameda-mario-gonzalez-police-video The American police just aren't interested in learning any lessons.
  17. skend04

    Women in Sport - The Hottest - prob NSFW

    They don't appear to have that bulge that suggests a boob job. But I've got a bulge looking for evidence.
  18. Seen the first couple of episodes. A couple of hammy extras apart it's decent so far.
  19. skend04


    The real tragedy is that a child is dead it appears after she called the police for help as she was the one in fear of her safety. America! Watched a short movie this morning, Two Distant Strangers which about sums this all up in 30 minutes.
  20. skend04

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Reminds me, need to watch final season of Legion
  21. skend04

    New Super League to Rival CL - 11 Clubs Sign Up

    Ex-players have every right to voice an opinion but did any of these pricks turn down a contract offer because they were getting paid too much and it was going to come from the pockets of ordinary working class fans through ticket prices, more merchandise and ever increasing Sky subs? Did. They. Fuck. This reaction of ex-pros and politicians is nauseating, more so than businesses trying to business.
  22. skend04

    Rate the last game you've played...

    Yeah. Took an age, especially as the Knights in that area are bastards too if not good at parrying or slow on the block.
  23. skend04

    Rate the last game you've played...

    I've got past the second boss and now in the Undead Village. The bosses seem to be easier than some of the NPCs which are tough. Great game so far though, really into the Souls formula now. Not sure how a more open world Elden Ring will work in comparison to the tighter maps in previous games.