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  1. He wasn't the greatest of boxers but he won the WBC title and from McCall who beat Lewis for it. Hardly Mickey Mouse.
  2. skend04

    Upcoming Games

    The leaked Elden Ring trailer. Looks like another rage inducing From Software game I'll be trying.
  3. skend04

    Keir Starmer

    Labour have to present an opposition but fucking hell, people are happy with Boris doing fuck all to prevent the deaths of a majority of the 100k recorded deaths? There's something seriously amiss here.
  4. skend04

    Should the UK remain a member of the EU

    Put him on ignore. It's genuinely refreshing. I can now generally lurk and not feel the need to call him an idiot.
  5. skend04

    The New Cricket Thread

    Much like me on Stick Cricket, the English players are like rabbits in headlights against even average spinners. Been this way for a long time.
  6. skend04

    Boris Johnson

    Ah I was talking about Bull. We'll pull Sarah out of the firing line, she seems sensible too.
  7. skend04

    Boris Johnson

    Even the doctor on Vine was a MEP for Farage. Genuinely, would do a huge service to the country if you got that Storm bird to ring in sick, to keep her alive, and then nuked that show. It's a hive of scum most mornings.
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    Rate the last film you watched...

    AK Vs AK - on Netflix, quite a meta movie where actor Anil Kapoor and director Anurag Kashyap play themselves. An incident in a Q&A leads one to kidnap the daughter of the other. Really fun, funny and dark and highly recommended. 8/10
  9. skend04

    Everton (H) PL - Sat 20th Feb 2021 at 17:30

    Decided to watch the match and that "penalty" just sums up why I decided to stop watching football this season. How can you foul someone who's already on the way down and then blatantly not check the replay? Surely it's time someone sued the PGMOL for corruption?
  10. 1) A lot are thinking Mephisto will be the big bad. 2) Could be a Macguffin or could be Mephisto. Lots of theories doing the rounds. 3) I read it could be Blue Marvel, I think Monica and him had a relationship in the comics.
  11. Watched White Tiger last night as well, definitely a film.
  12. skend04

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    Yep, £1300 is still a decent wedge.
  13. skend04

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    Ah you've done 2200 X 60 instead of multiplying by .6
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    Apparently the Chesterfield football team, or a large number of them got vaccinated early because vaccines would have been binned at the end of that particular day had they not been used. If there are a load of appointments showing on the site, and groups of people, even though entitled to, are reticent in getting the jab, then are you really jumping any queue?
  15. skend04


    There are stories of the BMA claiming that unused vaccines are being thrown away. Is it worse that vaccines are binned or that people might take up opportunities that are there because others just aren't booking in? Difficult one. I've got the website address too, no doubt it's circling quite a bit now.
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    Even broken clocks are right twice a day but Boris blustering about opening up being "cautious but irreversible" just is the mockering that was needed to see another wave happen.
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    Rate the last film you watched...

    Going to sound like Vlad here but the French original is good. Probably cause I can't understand French and so you can't pick up on the wooden performances.
  18. skend04

    I am fucking done. FUCK VAR

    I've not watched any football for several weeks and along with putting Gnasher on ignore it's been really good for my nerves. The way VAR is applied with no consistency, especially in our matches, is just mind boggling. Really does highlight how the officiating isn't fit for purpose. Referees are making decisions that affect results and the most that happens is "they get taken out of the firing line" for a weekend.
  19. Ultron killed Wanda's brother in Age of Ultron and devasted her home city of Sokovia fighting the Avengers.
  20. skend04

    The Mandalorian

    She's been "uncancelled" by Ben Shapiro. Now Gina is going to show us how shit an actor and producer she is.
  21. skend04

    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    Is it me or do her breasts get larger as you move down through the pictures?
  22. skend04

    Israel - A Rant

  23. skend04

    The Mandalorian

    At least you'd know if she was faking it. She can't act for toffee
  24. skend04

    The Mandalorian

    Apparently she's getting beaten up by her neighbours, in the street, or something like that.