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Missing it all....

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Am a long-life Red from Brunei. Spent five years in Liverpool for me studies and despite the odd incident here and there, will never forget my life in the city i consider my 'second' home. Was there during the Houllier era and at the parade when we won the treble, now i can only imagine the sheer bedlam and mental celebrations in the streets. In other words, congratulations to all fellow Reds and to the team for making us believe again. At the end of the day, my memories of watching the Mighty Reds and the atmosphere.....never will i forget the experience. ....ever... I just wish im still there to celebrate with u guys. :whoops: :whoops:


Thank you Reds. :inlove:


You'll Never Walk Alone




Ps: Touch wood ill get to return one day to watch my beloved team. ;)

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