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  1. 1. Joe Allen (Impressive performance by the welshman. On his home debut too! Loved the way he kept it simple yet kept us moving. Shades of Alonso/Xavi);) 2. Raheem Sterling (The lad done good. How refreshing to see new blood within the team) 3. Luis Suarez (Left his shooting boots again but without him we're still predictable up-front.) Special mention to Skrtel whose mistakes aside was again a massive presence. Keep your chin up Martin! Onwards and upwards.
  2. Redvaee

    Carra's outburst

    I've been lurking in these forums for a long time and probably only posted once my entire time here since registering but i have to say something this time around bout our carra In an era where people are being a bit touchy about `homegrown` players and lack of loyalty, honesty, class or even someone the fans can relate to and all that we should be lucky to have one of our own in Jamie Carragher. We're talking about a someone here who would run through brick walls and bleed RED for the cause of Liverpool FC! Our Jamie's come through leaps and bounds since the Spiceboys era and no matter what's been thrown at him he'll always come back better than ever. People tend to take him for granted and i'd bet the same Reds will be praying for his return should he be unavailable for the team for a lengthy period of time. Did i mention he's also a decent player? World class even? At least to me anyway. These comparisons of him with Maldini might be slightly off in terms of ability but i'd like to think that to LiverpoolFC, Carragher is a legend in his own right. So what if he's not rampaging up the field on a mazy dribble or surging down the wing a la Daniel Alves. As long as Carra goes on a bout his own business doing what he does best for us every week like he's done all his career we should all be supporting and giving him our very best in return. Maldini he may not be but for all those performances these last few years culminating in our recent successes like winning the treble and Istanbul, i think he's deserved it. We all sing that we dream for a team of Carraghers! I'd like to think the football world would benefit more from having characters like our Jamie playing the game. Jamie Carragher is a worldclass player who plays for the Mighty Reds. And as MLB pointed out correctly, he's also a Leg! Here's to Carra.
  3. Redvaee

    Missing it all....

    Am a long-life Red from Brunei. Spent five years in Liverpool for me studies and despite the odd incident here and there, will never forget my life in the city i consider my 'second' home. Was there during the Houllier era and at the parade when we won the treble, now i can only imagine the sheer bedlam and mental celebrations in the streets. In other words, congratulations to all fellow Reds and to the team for making us believe again. At the end of the day, my memories of watching the Mighty Reds and the atmosphere.....never will i forget the experience. ....ever... I just wish im still there to celebrate with u guys. :whoops: :whoops: Thank you Reds. :inlove: You'll Never Walk Alone Ps: Touch wood ill get to return one day to watch my beloved team. ;)