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  1. Truered

    Digital tickets 21/22 season

    I am going match on Sunday and have a ST. A friend of mine has said my son can use his ticket to come with me, the ticket has been emailed to him. Does he have to download NFC app to use ticket or will pdf attachment with ticket on his phone work in scanner?
  2. Truered

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    woe [wəʊ] NOUN literary great sorrow or distress (often used hyperbolically). "the Everton tale of woe continued"
  3. Truered

    Digital tickets 21/22 season

    Has anyone had there Champions league ticket payment taken. They said 6th September, but after shambles of last game bit worried what they will do next, they normally take it really early, delay is concerning....
  4. Truered

    Messi leaving on a free

    Watch out Blueshite buying him haha
  5. Zoff Buffon Michel Preud'homme
  6. Truered

    2021 / 22 Season Tickets News

    Thanks Dave got it to work through that link....
  7. Some Brilliant places / events you all been to, makes me want to travel more again... Few of mine. 1. Twin Towers both before and after, amazing views and great restaurant up there. Going 18 months afterwards and not seeing them on Staton Island ferry was just weird, then going again 2 years ago and seeing the redevelopment and memorial, wow.. 2. Being in Sydney for Millennium celebrations, fireworks both at 9pm and midnight just amazing. Going to the beach on NYD something never done and probably never will again. 3. Sky-diving over Lake Taupo in New Zealand, 12,000Ft up was superb. 4. Hiroshima: Quite a city would advise anyone to visit peace museum really makes you think why/how did they let it happen. 5. Vancouver and Canadian Rockies, went for a wedding in Vancouver and did some sightseeing afterwards which was fantastic. Then got an overnight train to Calgary hired a car and travelled round for about a week, Lake Louise, Banff, Jasper. Recommend anyone to go..
  8. Truered

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    God they are completely utterly mad.... catcherintherye Player Valuation: £70m I have to be honest, from the converstions I have had with reds they fall into 2 categories on this; 1) Heartbroken/angry- wanting to kill Benitez for being a Judas 2) Convinced he is an actual agent sent in to send us down. The latter not in a sort of jokey/banter way either, like we might joke about how FSG love United/the Glaziers for having their statement on the board but deep down you know it's b/s but it's funny ammo. They genuinely believe Benitez is just here to wind us up for laughs for them. The 2nd category are going to get a pretty big shock, when they realise their precious "Rafa" actually really wants the job and is not going to call us a small club in the 1st press conference etc etc. This is not a particularly nuanced fanbase who can sort of look at it and go "well he did great for us, but he's with an opponent now so I am going to dislike him for that but admire what he did for us". They're not Evertonian's who can view things rationally and with a bit of perspective. I highly doubt they will be singing his name in the derby, and I would imagine the relationship will be long soured by then. This appointment is mutually assured destruction all around.
  9. Truered

    Fans back in stadiums

    Think they should offer tickets to locals to as someone else stated to keep those from other areas away for now. Already resigned myself to not going till next season anyway, mother out-law is 86 and health not great too much a risk...
  10. Truered

    Kirkby Training Complex

    So what will happen to Melwood now? Houses., community playing fields etc. Be nice to give to community and not to sell for developments
  11. Truered

    Favourite Sportsmen/women Of All Time

    Athletics - Ed Moses American Football - Marcus Allen Baseball - Orel Hershiser Basketball - Magic Johnson Boxing - Roberto Duran Cricket - Sanil Gavaskar Darts - John Lowe Formula One - Nikki Lauda Golf - John Daly Ice Hockey - Wayne Gretzy Rugby - Jona Lomu Snooker - Jimmy White Tennis - Jimmy Connors
  12. Truered

    Sky sports post match coverage

    Is there a link to that?