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  1. Thanks Dave, ordered. Going on holiday 1st August will it maybe be ready before that?
  2. Truered

    Saturday 3pm KO

    So out of are first 7 games 6 changed for TV at various times Friday/Saturday/Sunday. Only Southampton away still at 3pm on Saturday. Would have been nice to have a 3pm KO at Anfield August/September guess success means we are featured more but do miss the Saturday afternoon games....
  3. BBC going to show super bowl and all 3 London games live this year. Plus a highlights show, about time..
  4. Truered

    Lucas wants out? Good for him.

    Be sad to see him go, but I think Emre can do that job better
  5. Truered

    The Atomic bombing of Nagasaki

    Visited Japan this year and spend a few days in Hiroshima. Went to the peace museum and piece park, museum was graphic in its story telling of the consequences of the bomb the dead, injured (both then and in future years) and life afterwards. The devastation caused was horrific kids just burnt to a crisp other photos showing charred bodies both alive and dead. I had told my 10 year old about what happened before we went so he had an idea of what he was about to see, young people have such different perspectives on this, he wrote in comments book at end 'so why did you bomb pearl harbour'.. As part of trip also spoke to some survivors who told shocking stories about that day and the horrors, but none blamed USA for it. Even seeing what I saw there I still think it was the right thing to do, I have seen nothing that would convince me the Japanese would have surrendered quickly, the loss of life on both sides from an Invasion would be too costly
  6. Truered

    Best age to take your kid to first match?

    Took son when 6 to pre-season friendly Bayer Leverkuesen I think, my daughter when 6 plus him to Dortmund last season, best to start them off on friendlies and see how they get on. It worked as went To Leicester NYD 2-2 game we were right behind goal were Gerrard got both penalties so they liked that even if final score not exactly happy one. Are there no home pre season friendlies this year?
  7. Martin Scorsese - raging Bull Jack Nicholson - one flew over cuckoo nest Richard Attenborough - Gandhi
  8. Truered

    FAO men cohabiting with women

    Mine is off to New Orleans then Ohio for 8 days, what bliss............. Finally some piece and quiet and time for good food loads of booze and doing whatever I want, fantastic.
  9. Truered

    Everton v Liverpool

    What's this sky ad for derby keep hearing about?
  10. Truered

    Everton v Liverpool

    Was surprised Rodgers played Gerrard 700th game against Bolton mid-week, should have been saved for this one. But with tomorrow's game and Spurs Tuesday coming up cannot see him starting although hope I am so wrong..
  11. Yeah sorry I did, just posted it incase anyone going by train like me doesn't know about it..
  12. Last train is 9.15, no bus replacement service either. Great planning that is, how the fuck get back... Notice on LFC website
  13. Roberto Duran Franz Klammer Cliff Lazarenko Anatoly Karpov Wayne Gretzy
  14. Truered

    The Apprentice 2013

    When is next series on so can see more pretentious gobshites and hopefully fit women....