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  1. RJ Fan club

    Perfectly Cast Movie Roles

    Robin Williams was fucking fantastic in Good Will Hunting
  2. RJ Fan club

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    I did a Verdant order on Friday. Haven’t bought owt in a while, except the new craft ales that landed in Tesco in the last week or so. Pressure Drop have released Understanding Whole Systems again. Had to use all my will power not to buy it all.
  3. RJ Fan club

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    Double Punk is tramp juice. Tastes like Full on headache.
  4. Yeah, fucking loved that on the mega drive. My mate borrowed a mega drive from another lad in his halls in first year and when I came round he thought he give me a working over as he chose EA All Stars and I asked if Holland or some shit are any good. Absolutely fucking battered him . The shite GCSE’s and A Levels were worth it for that moment of glory alone
  5. RJ Fan club

    What Country Would You Move To?

    Croatia. and I intend to for 6 months a year in retirement
  6. RJ Fan club

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Merro’s a crank. Albeit one who’s twisted self awareness makes me laugh almost daily
  7. RJ Fan club

    Walking / Hiking

    I hadn’t noticed you were planning to do east to west. I strongly agree with Matty on that score I can’t imagine east to west would make any difference to the daylight as it’s the longitude which affects that more
  8. RJ Fan club

    Walking / Hiking

    Depends on the terrain and the ability/fitness/health of the walkers. Also massively depends on digs and spacing of stops, it’s often driven by practicality 25 mile is achievable for a single day, but not day after day, specially if it’s hilly. When you plan a coast to coast and look at the well trodden paths and itineraries, you will see short days of 7-10mile and longer days of 15-17 mile, averaging in the middle. You also may want to factor in rest days
  9. RJ Fan club

    Walking / Hiking

    Any long walk (for me at least) is about comfort and preventing injury. Blisters, wet feet and being soaked through loses its appeal after a couple of days. Likewise, you don’t need emergency beacons and £500 gps system, it’s just about making sure you stay on track and safe (recoverable) Walking for a week or two has quite a bit of mental endurance to it. Even if you are accompanied by a Sherpa service and limit it to say 15 mile a day, there is a lot of time with your own mind and for little issues to feel like bigger ones. Boots are necessary (i think) to prevent turning your ankle. Prices on boots vary massively and really depends on what want. I would suggest water proof, but you needn’t go for gor-tex just to get waterproofing. There are good boots available for much less, just make sure you get them fitted (try in shop, even to buy online ) and wear them in a bit. New boots and a long walk will hurt, (I have a pair of berghaus gore-Tex I hate because i did a 100km 24 hour event in when they were new ), you don’t want to but nice boots to end up hating them due to painful memories. You can probably get a pair of leather boots for around £40 that you could treat with dubbing to proof them. But like anything, you get what you pay for. Good socks prevent blisters (to a degree) you don’t have to go Bridgedales, just find something that is seemless (prevent rubbing) and padded enough to add comfort. So long as your jacket is water proof and Jack Wolfskin are usually decent, Then you can layer up underneath. If you’re not sure it will hold up, then maybe take a few disposable plastic ponchos if it gets really wet. Map and Bag, I’m a map addict, I would see this as a good reason to buy every OS en route. On a practical point, not being familiar with the terrain, is it possible to follow the wall? I doubt it’s all open access land, so you’ll be following Footpaths. Are sections private?, no paths?, diverted? What if you need to divert to get lunch? Stop off, get to your digs? Even well trodden National Trails have anomalies. I live next to the South Downs Way and in places it splinters off in two or 3 directions, all of these are still the South Downs Way, but you’d need to know where to turn. OS do an app and it’s about £20 a year to have digital maps of the Uk. But the limitation of course is, what happens when you battery runs out, phone fails or get no signal and you haven’t downloaded the section you need? Phone can go it the map bag if that’s good enough. You just really don’t want to lose a phone due to it being soaked through or find it doesn’t work when you need it most. Compass you can download. Old tech is good for back up though and you can’t really set a bearing or fully navigate with a phone app, especially if no gps is available.
  10. RJ Fan club

    Walking / Hiking

    October in Northumberland? That may be wet Waterproof boots and treat them with Nikwax waterproofing Decent all weather jacket Waterproof trousers rucksack with a weather shield Waterproof phone protector Water bottles Map Bag Bridgedale socks gloves hat in addition I would take Pole(s) if your knees are dodgy Pain killers compass pen Knife powerbank/ mobile lead
  11. RJ Fan club

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    To be fair he’s pictured with said vodka, but not claiming he’s drinking them, opposite said he’s not he’s not bullshitting
  12. RJ Fan club

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Well yeah, today’s post has now been updated to 2 bottles of vodka. So think that’s likely his liver will to be honest
  13. RJ Fan club

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I’m actually finding his posts amusing. 5th Day, 5th shirt, 5 breakfast ‘beer’* *bottle of vodka this am