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  1. RJ Fan club

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Makes it sound like they put as many books as they could in the hand luggage or used Big Dunc’s baggage allowance.
  2. RJ Fan club


    I think half the anti vax lot are just scared of needles. Massive shithouses.
  3. RJ Fan club


    Who you calling a Grass?
  4. RJ Fan club

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Went Full retro tonight. Raiders of the Lost Ark 10/10 - Still a master piece Ace Ventura Pet detective - 7.5/10 a Enjoyable fayre
  5. RJ Fan club


    Even worse San Diego zoo doesn’t have conventional cages/bars. wait till that things starts farting and spreading Rona to the vultures
  6. RJ Fan club


    I think it needs a Dogcatcher* type scenario *assuming every cunt on here has read Alexei Sayle’s back catalogue
  7. RJ Fan club


    It’s been full of whack jobs since DennisTooth left
  8. RJ Fan club

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    I’m heading to the lakes/Langdale at 5am tomorrow! Will call in if i am around
  9. RJ Fan club

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    Is that a Rembrandt on your wall? you flash cunt
  10. Sometimes it’s just little moments, not the awesome sights. 1. Walking down a Tokyo Road heading to the botanical gardens, a and the looks on a load of school kids (6/7 yo) amazed by 2 x 6ft 3/4” western white blokes. While their teacher tried to stop them pointing us out. Or when two young workers walked on a bar, sat down undid their tie exhaled then look across to two westerners, immediately did up the ties again. Till we nodded and show we didn’t care. Just the moments behind the curtain of a polite society. Amazing place and people. 2. Pristina - seeing Pristina developing into a country over several visits, being reborn after the war. Just being welcomed, the hope and the humanity of the place. 3. Sarajevo An amazing city of culture, geography, history and the daily between ottoman and Europe empires, the sunlight dropping over the minarets and the call to prayer echoing around with a beer. Nothing like it
  11. RJ Fan club


    Sussex and Surrey schools getting twatted now too. The proposed approach just doesn’t make any sense, except for devolving responsibility from the government’s doorstep of course. You all go over there together and if you catch covid, get long covid or die it’s on you for not being careful Shower of cunts.
  12. RJ Fan club

    The Wire Thread

    How did you get on with the fifth this time? It’s felt wonkier each time I’ve watched, I’m concerned when I go back (maybe 3/4 years since last viewing) that it will ruin it for me. The kids and the various conclusions coming together, the old and the new will all be great, not sure I can live with the McNulty/fake investigations arc.
  13. RJ Fan club

    Terminator 2

    You get some ‘handy’ farmers daughters round there.
  14. RJ Fan club

    Terminator 2

    More young farmers dos in Devon that
  15. RJ Fan club

    Terminator 2

    At 17/18 I would have accepted Combine Harvester by the Wurzels as ‘our song’ so long as I could continue getting my end away 24/7.