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    Saw this post below in that account. I have mutual connections with El Capitan and he turns up on my time line from time to time. It’s always laughable. He a tree surgeon/arborist. Nowt wrong with that. But as a house builder they pay someone between £800 (small project ) and about £4K (mega project he describes) to survey the trees. Then pay the lowest bidding contractor to do the work. Peanuts in a multi million quid scheme. They are not a part of the project team. Just an occasional necessity and paid the worst fee that they can be driven them down to.
  2. RJ Fan club

    Line of Duty

  3. RJ Fan club


    They do 500mg/30mg versions. I am prescribed them, but use sparingly with naproxen
  4. RJ Fan club

    Prince Philip...

    I think Ken Bruce is after a gong, so don’t count on it. he’s on radio 2 at the moment playing absolute shite. I mean even more than normal for him
  5. RJ Fan club

    Prince Philip...

    Did they drop Serious Jockin’ (no G) cos of this? If so it’s the last straw This country is going to hell in a handcart
  6. RJ Fan club

    Line of Duty

    Yeah you can
  7. RJ Fan club

    Line of Duty

    Good points. Fairly made I once met Burnside. Well the actor, he spoke at our planning committee. Dead posh, not one use of the word slag. Such a let down
  8. RJ Fan club

    Line of Duty

    do you reckon Eddie was knocking Polly Page off? Was always more of a DC Rod Skase fan myself. Skase is on the Case
  9. RJ Fan club

    How does your garden grow?

    Our Magnolia, looking boss at the moment. One frost or breath of wind and the petals will be all over the garden.
  10. RJ Fan club

    Munchy Box

    Yep a battered gravy barm. Alchemy Dave
  11. RJ Fan club

    Munchy Box

    Stouffer... we need to get some, get some, of deese https://fb.watch/4xZHg25gGI/
  12. RJ Fan club

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    Like Unbarred in Brighton everywhere, but don’t tend to bother. Doesn’t appeal. Funnily enough I also got 2l of their draft today. £10 for 2l, free local delivery. Cheers
  13. RJ Fan club

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    Haha, that would piss me off no end. I hardly ever drink their stuff. It’s really good, I just never seem to bother. But I had other stuff to do, so needed something lowish abv and chilled from the bottle shop. actually really enjoyed that bottle. I forgot how solid they are. Must get them more often
  14. RJ Fan club

    The Ultimate Beer Thread (No Carling allowed)

    Friday, 3rd week of beer on a bench on Hove seafront magic