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  1. RJ Fan club

    90's music.

    1971, David Hepworth was written a very good book about it. Check it out
  2. I test drive a Volvo last year, V60 not enough leg room. Couldn’t stretch to a v90 at the time and not interest in XC jobs Ergo shortarses motor.
  3. RJ Fan club

    Becoming a dad for the first time

    Cash on the hip. You missed that, the little fuckers are brilliant at doing your money in
  4. RJ Fan club

    Roxanne Pallett

    This thread has taken a downward turn. I have no idea who this Pallett woman is, I only came back to see if anyone had posted a Picture of Foxy Knoxy eating dog food while brandishing a meat cleaver and a rubber cock
  5. RJ Fan club


    May or may not be MILF, regardless of whether she’s is a mother or not, she is nailed on “Thinking Mans Crumpet”
  6. RJ Fan club

    how much do you drink?

    The Vit C from the cider is keeping you alive Col, just stay off the Natch
  7. RJ Fan club

    how much do you drink?

    11 at the moment, 36 back in my prime. I do love a pint like, but don’t think I abused it that bad back in my 20’s. Example back in the day I answered monthly for the drink in the morning, I never needed it, but on occasion did chuck a pint down first thing as I’d been hammered and slept through to opening and was out the on a Leo Sayer, i didn’t need the pint to function but had it anyway and it got me going. But would never have done that on a work day or if I’d woke up earlier Obviously it still wasn’t healthy like and it could have led to alcoholism, but the test is probably simplistic
  8. RJ Fan club

    Small pleasures?

    Actually I’m seething. What kind of heartless cow would take a lads PieMagic? Dos you ever make the cheeseburger and fries Pie Stouff?
  9. RJ Fan club

    Small pleasures?

    I had no idea things got that bad. He should given us a shout to go on the lash Rem. On second thoughts m, he’s suffered enough
  10. Don’t really mind it in Brighton, it’s part of the character. The Stag and Hen do get a bit shite, but to be honest I barley notice it anymore. Festival gets busy but not on Edinburgh proportions. As it’s a town (now city including Hove) that is largely based and grown around tourism you can hardly moan. The exceptions are Pride Weekend as it just becomes far too busy and over the top. I went along with the kids last weekend, it’s was sound, but was happy to get out before it turns into a drunken shitfest The other was when Eyjafjallajökull blew and grounded aircraft. The place was over ran with worse kind of Stag Dos as trips to Eastern Europe got grounded and the town filled with total wankers
  11. RJ Fan club

    Fit Birds Who Fly Under the Radar

    I was in the gym this morning and the had the European Championships on the telly in there. Mundane viewing till Zsuzsanna Jakabos popped on the box.
  12. RJ Fan club

    Alisson Becker

    I think he meant Xabi
  13. RJ Fan club

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Fuck off. We don’t want them