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Liverpool 0 Manchester United 0 (Jan 17 2021)

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3 hours ago, Redlewie said:

I think we should drop both Bobby & Mo, play Shaq and Minamino up there for Burnley. Just to shake it up a bit and maybe it'll help liven up Mané.

I think this is a great idea. Unfortunately it won't happen. Even if it did, I'm not sure it'll make a great deal of difference. We're lacking two things (apart from fit defenders):


Team strategy plan B

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48 minutes ago, rhylerpudlian said:

our front three were that bad i got excited when i saw origi getting ready to come on


They will never be that bad. 

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I’m going to put my head on the block. I think this was an unfair match report. I pay to read them as you are a brilliant writer. The emotion and the stream of consciousness are fantastic. 
Loads of sycophants say every report is amazing. Does my head in.

Look, we have no centre backs fit against the most inform team in the country, we have altered our system. I actually think it was a much improved performance.

the whole incredibly angry and self aware that your being unreasonable is really good reading, but I thought someone would challenge you Dave. Nobody has. 
We’ve drew a few games. 
one additional thing, lockdown is making us all a bit unreasonable, so I totally get where you are coming from. It was a very honest assessment-which is why I pay to read it.

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I thought the performance was an improvement too. We controlled almost all that game. Until we got to the penalty area. 

I'd pick more or less the same team (Matip if fit and move Hendo to midfield) for Burnley and give them a chance to sort it out before we start dropping players. 

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Great points above.


A manc mate of mine asked me what I thought of the game.


I said I'd like to see a rematch, only with Fred and McTominay at centre half for the mancs, and whoever is left over plugging their midfield.


He said, "oh, you'd have won comfortably."


I said, "no shit, Einstein!"


What's happening with us is a bit like buying a Ferrari, getting 2 flat tyres in week, and replacing those with 2 bicycle wheels, only for someone to say: ooh, I think Ferrari are dropping their standards here.


It's not the Ferrari.


Its the cunt who's meant to be looking after it.

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