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  1. rb14

    Led Zeppelin Thread

    Can't wait for the forthcoming bio "Becoming Led Zeppelin" as mentioned above by @Sugar Ape. Loads of information on it, with its recent premiere in Venice. Here's a trailer... Also #LZ50 for the 50th anniversary sees a series of Led Zeppelin History shorts on YouTube. Here's the first...
  2. rb14

    Leeds 0 Liverpool 3 (Sep 12 2021)

    Negged. Disgraceful.
  3. rb14

    Leeds 0 Liverpool 3 (Sep 12 2021)

    I thought Pawson let play continue after the tackle on Harvey. It was only when he saw something going on that he brought play to a stop. Maybe I saw it wrong. I'm afraid I only got to see the MOTD coverage. Two tackles that you've not mentioned. One on Mo left him in a heap with no foul given. And later (I think it was) Mane had what seemed to be a clear penalty waved away. No replays for either incident, so I'm none the wiser as to whether Pawson is completely useless and biased, or completely utterly useless and biased.
  4. rb14


    Ahhhh Maida Vale. When I used to commute from Finchley Road to Notting Hill, the bus route was probably past yours. We have a place opposite the Barbican. We'll have to grab a mini tlw latte sometime. It's on me for getting me that euro win in the Draft Forum.
  5. rb14


    Didn't realise you were in London Brucey. Where?
  6. rb14

    Famous people you've met.

    I'm not sure that black blousey thing quite suits you.
  7. rb14

    How does your garden grow?

    To the best of my knowledge, yes. In fact I'm sure. Our next door neighbour's uncle did it a few years ago. He took his little doggy with him. Bless them both. I've had really mixed reactions about that. On the one hand of course, the "heartless/cruel/selfish" reaction, on the other, the "he went with his bezzy mate." The dog would have been utterly lost without him; they were inseparable. I think it's utterly amazing that people can be so totally down, see absolutely no alternative, but then have such courage to actually do it. There’s a permanent watch kept by - what we call the "Charlies" - the Beachy Head Chaplains (Charlie Chaplin, geddit?) who patrol 24/7. I don't think they are there to stop people, they are there to offer whatever help they can. Amazing job by amazing people.
  8. rb14

    How does your garden grow?

    We have incredible views over towards Beachy Head (averaging about three jumpers a month) and Birling Gap. In one of the pix you can just make out the Belle Toute lighthouse which was literally picked up and moved 20 metres inland to prevent it being lost to coastal erosion. Going back to lawns though, I've just spent three hours and nearly 50 litres of spraying in an attempt to deal with some creeping weeds that are strangling the grass. I'm knackered really, because I really don't want to use weedkiller, but nor do I want a lawn comprising 40% weeds. Just beyond the hedge boundary is about 20 metres of additional land which we leave to go wild. I regularly clear a path for the infrequent walkers to go down to the road. These little pathways are known locally as "twittens". Fab name like. I'll try and get a few pix of the twitten tomorrow. It's heavenly down there.
  9. @Paul and (and others) you've every right to make your case but come on love, you and I both know you're hardly a "straight bloke". It's about time you came clean and told everyone the truth and no way will I be offended. In fact I'm pretty good at not being offended. You say "Many LGBT+ people are hurt by shit like this" and according to KopOut and others that's true. I know plenty of people who aren't. I certainly wasn't consulted on the matter. I still struggle to understand where the irrational fear of homosexuality comes into this. I spend most of my time reading the output of most lobby groups, including Stonewall, and wondering where on earth they get their perspectives.
  10. I've said it elsewhere but it's maybe worth repeating, my first bf was a rent boy. He made very good money indeed. He used the term as did I. Insulting? Hardly. He would, as many did and do, quite happily take money for sex with a woman. He was however, believe me, very gay. In fact his brother was paid by women for having sex. He too was called himself a rent boy. I hear various gay organisations saying it's a homophobic term but I truly fail to see the irrational fear of homosexuality anywhere in the term "rent boy". Like others above in the thread, I've always thought it was to do with mercenary players.
  11. rb14

    How does your garden grow?

    There's a quick and a not-quick answer to lawns. The quick is expensive: have a professional come in to level and lay new turf. Very pricey, but quick and trouble-free. The not-quick. Look at the soil. Is it dry? Is it compacted? Is it exhausted? Is there much moss or weeds? Autumnal dethatching, aerating and scarifying will absolutely help. You need to fertilise. To level, yes of course a lute will help and there are hand-held jobbies that are a bit cheaper. But you can do just as well with a long bit of wood or even the back of a rake. Also consider whether you want some colour or a bowling green. Some people like the yellow of yarrow or purple of clover within the lawn. I have just bought a year's supply of fert from Boston Seeds, the first of which will soon be applied in the Autumn. Before that, I have to start scarifying and aerating. I'll definitely be adding a mix of sand and topsoil to the whole lawn, as I do every year. Another application in early spring will include some grass seed but you'll have to watch the pigeons who will peck their way through the whole lot if you're not careful. Our lawns were absolutely compacted and exhausted but with regular work, it's looking loads better. Still some way to go yet like. Just took these. As you can see, there's still a long way to go before it's right...
  12. rb14

    Living Remotely or Off Grid

    Negged. Disgraceful behaviour.
  13. rb14

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 21-23 2021)

    Kinnell Dave. Ideas above your station there.
  14. rb14

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    I'm suddenly finding this thread easy to masturbate to.
  15. rb14

    How do you pronounce Tsimikas?

    I usually had my mouth full. No, wait. Your mum had my mouth full. No, that's not right either. My dad had... Nah bollocks. Ahhh fuggeddaboudit.