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  1. rb14

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Hang on right. Leicester, 2016/17. Their only Euro appearance in that table. Knocked out in the quarters having played nobody. Yet for that, apparently they earned more than we did the following year as losing finalists. Really? Go on, how does that work?
  2. I loved him when he was ours. I rejoiced in his sheer brilliance. I adore Bobby but I'm not sure he's better than Suarez when he was here. And although I hated him for celebrating like he did in the first leg, for crocking Robbo and for generally being snide, I also know I'd have loved to see him doing that if the roles were reversed and he was playing for us having come from Barca. Didn't he even have a pic taken (with Messi?) in front of our trophy wall? I love Big Div, but if I had the choice I'd still prefer Suarez as a back up choice for Mo, Bobby and Sadio.
  3. One notable omission Dave. Matic. Dirty fucker or what? Between him and (was it?) Lindelöf, I swear there was more shirt-pulling or holding of (particularly) Mo than I've ever seen in a single game. Outrageous. Thought Matic should have had a second yellow late on in the game with one particularly outrageous foul.
  4. About time lazyarse. I was just going to bump me thread as well. Thank yoooooo. And can someone educate me? I thought there was a law about surrounding the ref pointing fingers and yelling at him. Has that died a death now? What those manc players did after Bobby's perfectly legitimate goal was a disgrace. And never mind Mo losing his shorts. I want his NB boxies off. Nice. And I too pissed myself when I heard them singing "Where's your famous atmosphere." Seriously. What are they on?
  5. rb14

    Man Utd (H) Premier League - 19/1/20

    9. Where's 8? 10. 8. 11. There it is.
  6. rb14


    Massive reps to @Trumo, @General Dryness, @cloggypop (I think) and double to Bernie. As for you @Stouffer, it's you. You're the fucker. Get out of my way, watch where you're going, have you any idea what you look like wearing that?, get off your mobile fucking phone, don't stand there, and stop walking three abreast you inconsiderate CUNT. xx Perhaps if you left the shop at home, the pavement would be easier to negotiate. Thank you. I'm here all week.
  7. rb14


    ...and walking thereon. I'm a horrible cunt me. I've got this constant monologue in my head the entire time. "Get out of the fucking way", "Get off that fucking mobile phone", "Watch where you're going you cunt", "You actually decided you'd look good in THAT", "Don't just stop you fucker", "Who put that fucking bus stop THERE", "Why are you just ignorant of everyone around you", "CUNT". "FUCK OFFFFFF". Mostly it's in my head, but occasionally it's muttered out loud. Do I need a psychiatrist? OK, forget that, I do. But, am I the only one who thinks like this?
  8. rb14

    Man Utd (H) Premier League - 19/1/20

    I really don't think they have anything to lose. We do - especially against these, on the run we're on, at home. It'd be the highlight of their poxy, shitty season and we'd never hear the end. This is a massive game. All the ingredients for a perfect storm. I don't worry it'll sink our magnificent, round-the-world, Americas Cup boat. I'm not even worried about shipping a bit of water in the short term. I can just imagine it returning to the pier head at the end of a victorious season. With a cock spray-painted down the side.
  9. rb14

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Yeah. Or for diamonds and emeralds when we were sponsored by Crown?
  10. rb14

    Great Music Photos

    Saw Page and Plant @ Montreux Jazz Festival in 01. It was weird being on the bank of the lake and thinking about THAT fire and "Funky Claude". Coincidentally that Festival was the only live performance of "Candy Store Rock" either by Page and Plant or indeed Zeppelin.
  11. rb14

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Chuck a science book at the fukka.