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  1. rb14

    Led Zeppelin Thread

    Awesome album right there Mooky. Can't listen to any zep now. Even a few notes and I'm stuck with the fukka for days. Earworm bastards!
  2. Say again, The Vietnam War Gomorrah The Vietnam War Gomorrah The Vietnam War Gomorrah The Vietnam War Gomorrah The Vietnam War Gomorrah
  3. rb14

    Liverpool 4 Norwich City 1 (Aug 9 2019)

    Can I please continue reading, call you a miserable bastard and then log off? "We were dangerous in attack but they were able to play through us far too easily at times and there are definitely things we need to tighten up on pretty sharpish." - just like the Charity Shield then? City were doing the same to us at times in that game too. Third today. Fucking United. I just hope that's a VERY temporary blip.
  4. rb14

    Liverpool 1 Man City 1 (Aug 4 2019)

    Good stuff Dave. From where I was sitting though, the decision to award the free kick from which they scored, looked like a very poor decision from the ref (who otherwise did a pretty good job). Did i miss something obvious? I've not seen it on tv.
  5. Right dicko, page 3. And I quote... "the Edito(ludicrous squiggle thing)'s Column". What's with a font that comes up with that as an 'r'? The 's' is only marginally less stupid, but the 'r'? Fuck ¶ight off. Apart from that, great read. And by the way: lol, you suck. I know that for a fact. X
  6. If I order one, can I have a free fridge magnet?
  7. Likes: The report; fab. "... I don’t have a horse in this race." Never heard that before. I'm both unworldly-wise and easily impressed. Wimbledon... ...don't allow any riff raff in there". Absolutely right; we certainly don't. Dislikes: Typo - you spelt 56 wrong. You wrote "46". Dick.
  8. 46? Yeah right. Thought we were talking age, not something else.... Waist
  9. Absolutely the owners matter. We're a shadow of the club we used to be. "This means more" perfectly encapsulates the disconnect between owners and supporters. Fuck off with your pathetic strap lines. Our lot were going to put the ticket prices up AGAIN before we put up a fight. They backed down on that occasion and thank goodness they did. Yes, they're better than some. Yes, they're worse than others. The Liverpool FC I grew up with has long gone, but there's still enough remaining that my line in the sand hasn't yet been crossed. Success is largely measured in trophies; the premier league title being the one that has so painfully eluded us. Money might well buy us that trophy, but supporting a football club owned by a regime that - quite apart from their other abuses - would rejoice in chucking me off the top of a building or hanging me from a tank barrel? I'm out.
  10. Usher in "buy my t-shirts so I can fill up my private jet" shocker. Love the Benitez thang. That's SO fucking ace. More importantly. "...unlike those three he is genuinely funny, irrespective of whether he means to be." Did you accidentally or deliberately leave out the "or not" after "whether"? Proper bee in my bonnet over that. Everyone, and I mean everyone (usually including you), adds "or not" automatically when they've said "whether". And 99% it's unnecessary. This is the first time I've noticed you use "whether" properly. Yours, Tedious Pedant.
  11. rb14

    New site header...

    It's a RiS up. Usher in own goal shocker.