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  1. I think this is a great idea. Unfortunately it won't happen. Even if it did, I'm not sure it'll make a great deal of difference. We're lacking two things (apart from fit defenders): Confidence Team strategy plan B
  2. rb14


    I appreciate the PM, thanks. They've no idea what they missed out on. I mean, jeeeeeeeeesus.
  3. rb14

    FM 2021 Comp (Manager Poll & Team Name)

    Seeing as there's two of us, I think there needs to be something that clarifies which of us is being discussed APART from the obvious I'm younger, better-looking, a dearer friend of Dorothy and absolutely clueless at both drawing and FM. Can I suggest from here on in, we refer to me as phwoarrrrRog and @sir roger as, erm, suggestions gratefully received?
  4. rb14

    Manager Draft

    You might be right. I'm not against a bit of rough per se, but I tend to go for My Little Pony type, rather than the Giant Haystacks (whoever that is) type.
  5. rb14

    Attackers Draft.

    I thought it was just from UK leagues, nyet?
  6. rb14

    Attackers Draft.

    Kane @Alex_K
  7. I can hardly comment on a match I couldn't bring myself to watch. I googled the half-time whistle issue and saw nothing I didn't already expect. I recorded the game and have no intention of watching it. Lockdown is depressing enough without subjecting myself to more of the same misery I've had the misfortune to witness over the previous four games. I'd try Minnie in an attacking midfield role against Burnley.
  8. Jurgen in "continues to defend Keita" shocker. Like the problem is him being rushed back after an injury. The problem for Keita is that kicking a football gets in the way of stealing a huge wage for doing fuck all. Fixed that for you.
  9. rb14

    Phil Spector convicted of murder

    His melody is certainly unchained now. Farewell then genius, innovator, murderer.
  10. rb14

    FM 2021 Comp (Manager Poll & Team Name)

    Team name: "Rainbowl Aces"
  11. I lurve Project Farm. Todd ("Taard") is ace. Absolutely no sponsorship. And, by the way, that's one other thing I can't fucking do. Spell "absolutley". I always have to go back and correct it. Absotulely pisses me off. And asbolutley grinds my gears. Absotute cunt of a word.
  12. rb14

    Football Manager Comp.

    I'm not prepared to be in if I can't complain about something. So, I can't believe I'm the token hom in here. It's disgusting, etc. I have no idea how to sign up. I'm being excluded already.
  13. rb14

    Football Manager Comp.

    Can I be the token hom then?
  14. Complaints? They were commendations. I tend to use my mouth. Indeedy.