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  1. rb14

    Rate the last film you watched...

    First Man. I rate it 9/10. Mr rb14 rates it 5/10.
  2. rb14

    Making A Murderer

    Guilty as sin? I despair. Steven Avery being found guilty is a disgraceful and massive miscarriage of justice.
  3. rb14

    Liverpool 0 Man City 0 (Oct 7 2018)

    Spot on report as always Knobby. But you missed out our fucking stonewall penno in the second half. Dunno which of them it was, but it was a nailed-on handball. That said, from where I was sat with my posh friends in the proper seats, thought Atkinson was an improvement over fucking disgraceful - for once.
  4. rb14

    Liverpool 0 Man City 0 (Oct 7 2018)

    'kinell. Bout time lazyarse.
  5. rb14

    Led Zeppelin Thread

    ..... ...... If you're goinnng to Saaa-an Francisco Be sure to wear some flowers in your hairrrr If you're goinnnnng in-tooo Saeaan Franciscoohohoh You're gonna meet aaaaa lotta gentle people there oheeeoh Everywhere everywhere e-very-where oheeeohoh
  6. Read through the last ten pages of this thread and can save others the trouble by saying there's fuck all out worth watching right now. Furthermore: Ace The Vietnam War (ten unimaginable episodes) - no accident that this tops my list. Making a Murderer (a close second) - those beneath are in no particular order... People v OJ Sicario Breaking Bad Fauda Sopranos Wire Narcos GOT House of cards (US - not done UK) True Detective Fargo American Vandal Dexter (early series) The Staircase Meh or worse Brothers and sisters Bloodline That shite thing with that terrorist and that fucking woman. Yeah, that's it, Homeland. What a load of shite. True Blood (started well) Ozark (started well) Madmen - stylised boredom I have missed some.
  7. rb14

    Liverpool 3 PSG 2 (Sep 18 2018)

    Fucking foul my arse. Nah not having it. Goal. Sturridge has to go for the ball; he does AND gets it. Yes the replays look like he followed in on the keeper, but they made it look far worse than it was. He got the fucking ball. Mo gets the touch. Goal. If that goal had been scored by Harry Kane in last season's Anfield debacle, he'd have been awarded two.
  8. rb14

    Funny GIFs

    This thread has dropped too far down the list.
  9. rb14

    Funny GIFs

    This thread has dropped too far.
  10. rb14

    Tottenham 1 Liverpool 2 (Sep 15 2018)

    "Lamela = boy band looking cunt" seriously Dave, get a grip. Neg of all negs. Hyper-neg. Nuclear neg. Negarama. Galaxian neg. Space invaders neg. Smegneg. NEGGGGGGGGGGGG. One look at him and I'm jizzing me knickers. Tell me you're not, go on, I dare you. Drop dead fucking gorgeous.
  11. rb14

    Premier League Round Up (Sep 1-2 2018)

    "I’m saying nothing negative about Spurs because we play them next, so don’t want to do my usual and tempt fate too much." "I feel sorry for Cech as he looks uncomfortable as fuck in every game...it’s only a matter of time before he’s seriously embarrassed by someone." Thanks for that Dave. I reckon he's now nailed-on for a blinder of a game, coinciding roughly with the first week of November.
  12. rb14

    Liverpool 1 Brighton 0 (Aug 25 2018)

    When I first read those words Dave, I wept. Tears of happiness. Rarely has such knowledge and insight made its way from pen to paper so succinctly, capturing the essence of your - nay, all of our - thoughts. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
  13. rb14

    New HBO Series: Game of Thrones

    Dee dee, de-de de dee, de de deeeeee.... Dee dee, de-de de dee, de de deeeeee.... etc.
  14. rb14

    World Cup 2018 Round Up (Days 4-6)

    Fab stuff Dave. I can't wait till England are knocked out. I turned on for the last few minutes of their first game and saw the ball go out for a corner. I knew they'd score as a direct result of me switching on the TV. That's easily resolved for today's game. Anyway it'll be far more enjoyable wrenching out my teeth with a pair of rusty pliers.
  15. rb14


    Possibly. But wait until you see his POCA face. Ouch.