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  1. Brownie

    Corporate bellendary at work.

    That’s exactly how it is in my work. I’m lucky that i’m surrounded by mostly like-minded people who realise that it’s all just a big game. I work in the financial sector and it’s exactly as you say; the senior leadership preach about values yet their decision making is entirely based on profitability over anything else. They preach about personal development, to the point where senior managers who are on around £75k a year sit at their desks organising raffles and cake stalls as opposed to actually doing anything tangible to justify their salary, just so that they are placed higher on the performance curve that you described. It’s farcical but it pays the bills.
  2. Brownie

    Corporate bellendary at work.

    Couldn’t agree more mate, it’s complete and utter horseshit. At the end of every year I have to tell my line manager how boss I am and what my rating should be against my peers (most of whom work in different countries, so how the fuck am I expected to do that?) It’s just complete nonsense. End of year appraisal should be your boss telling you what you’re doing well and what you can do better, it’s completely the wrong way round in my industry. We get rated against “our values” which are all noble ventures but the problem is we’re always getting fined by various regulators for fucking people over. You couldn’t write it really, it’s corporate bellendary at its finest.
  3. Brownie

    Boxing 2018

    I’ve never been to a fight, doesn’t really appeal to me despite being a big boxing fan. That would tempt me though.
  4. Brownie

    Boxing 2018

  5. Brownie


    Ah, I added it to the URL link icon rather than just pasting it into the body of the post.
  6. Brownie


  7. Brownie

    Boxing 2018

    To be fair we all chat a fair bit of shit about some boxers. When you take a step back and think about it, it’s an unbelievably tough way to earn a living. I’ve said a few derogatory things about some fighters and will do so again but deep down I have nothing but respect for anyone who steps into the ring for a fight.
  8. Brownie

    Boxing 2018

    I was a bit torn during the fight if i’m being totally honest. Half of me wanted Bellew to get KO’d by a left hook (just like he did) and the other half wanted him to get sparked out by an uppercut.
  9. Brownie

    Boxing 2018

  10. Brownie

    Boxing 2018

    Usyk comfortable now. Will probably stop him.
  11. Brownie

    Boxing 2018

    Yeah, Crolla vs Lomachenko would be a massive waste of time.
  12. Brownie

    Boxing 2018

    It wasn’t a snooze fest but not particularly exciting either for me.
  13. Brownie

    Boxing 2018

    Crolla’s fights are usually boring, hopefully this will buck the trend a bit.
  14. Brownie

    US Midterm Elections 2018