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  1. Brownie

    The New Cricket Thread

    In his latest County Championship game, Sibley got an unbeaten double century in the first innings and then followed it up with a century in the second innings. Definitely worth a look over the winter.
  2. Only Tories keep it in the fridge.
  3. Brownie

    VAR shit show 19/20

    In general I have always been for VAR but there has been a clear change in it since the World Cup (where I think it worked well). We can only speculate as to why it’s changed but i’m inclined to think it’s due to the moaning about it interrupting the game etc. So now we have a farcical situation where decisions will only be over-turned if the ref has made a catastrophic error as opposed to just a very bad one, like last night and the weekend (Matip). It’s completely pointless now so they should just get rid of it.
  4. Brownie

    The New Cricket Thread

    What a brilliant summer of cricket that was. Winning the Ashes would have been nice of course (to say the least) but we can’t complain with winning a World Cup and then drawing an Ashes series can we? On a personal level it’s been great, I went to 2 of England’s World Cup games and 5 days of the Ashes (including the final day at Headingley). Spending all day at the cricket is just the best, it’s something which just makes me feel so fucking happy. This was a summer i’ll never forget.
  5. Brownie

    The New Cricket Thread

    Just imagine if we hadn’t had that hours rain at Lords.
  6. Brownie

    The New Cricket Thread

    Root has out-bowled Leach today. He’s probably our best spinner!
  7. Brownie

    The New Cricket Thread

    There has been some absolute rubbish bowled by England in the last couple of hours.
  8. Brownie

    Your favourite old mobiles

    Pretty sure it was the k750i looking back.
  9. Brownie

    Your favourite old mobiles

    I absolutely loved my Sony Ericsson in the mid noughties. Can’t remember exactly what model it was but I loved it.
  10. Brownie

    The New Cricket Thread

    Yeah, we’ll win from here quite comfortably. Archer is bowling great, Curran can hoop it around corners and it’s started turning square. Smith will get plenty of runs but no way they’ll get 400 ish. I still care as well. 2-2 is miles better than 1-3.
  11. Brownie

    The New Cricket Thread

    Oh look, collapsing again (luckily we’re miles ahead).
  12. Brownie

    The New Cricket Thread

    He literally won one of the games single handedly, with a knock that you’re ignoring. Averages are averages mate, you can’t just cherry pick certain scores. He doesn’t consistently score heavily but that’s not really his job as an all rounder.
  13. Brownie

    The New Cricket Thread

    Really poor shot from Burns to get out to. Short and wide from Lyon, should have been smashing it for 4 but bottom edged it to Paine. He’ll be really frustrated about that dismissal. The Aussies were really starting to look ragged as well.
  14. Brownie

    The New Cricket Thread

    Stokes also got a ton at Lords mate. 2 centuries in an Ashes series batting at 5 is sound, especially when one of them wins you a match from nowhere. The only batsmen who have impressed have been Smith, Labuschagne, Stokes and Burns for me. We knew this going into the series though. Pretty much everyone said it would be a shootout between the bowlers, and losing Anderson was key.