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  1. Brownie

    Rate the last film you watched...

    Sicario - 7/10. Bit of a bonkers movie this one. You assume that Emily Blunt will be the main character but the story revolves mainly around Benicio Del Toro's character (he's really good in it). I liked it but thought it was a bit muddled in parts.
  2. Brownie

    WiFi extenders / boosters

    My internet has been doing my head in for a few months now, with loads of drop outs and certain areas of the house with a crap signal. Did a bit of research and decided to try a mesh system. I've already got quite a few smart devices and use Google home to control them so went with the Google Nest Wifi. Only been using it for a couple of days now but it's spot on so far. Really easy to setup, you just put your ISP router into modem mode and then install the Google router and additional point somewhere else in the house. The point device doubles up as a speaker as well which is great. My lads room has gone from 7mb connection to over 100mb by setting the new system up and placing the point in there. I've also created a family wifi profile which allows me to group his devices and limit access if required. It also lets you setup a guest network which can limit access to devices if required. So far so good.
  3. Brownie

    The New Cricket Thread

    It’s more gamesmanship than cheating. Considering his past, he should be trying to be squeaky clean, the prick.
  4. Brownie


    It will always be there and we’ll have to regularly be vaccinated against different strains I think. As a race, we need to make sure that we avoid this happening again. There has to be a global strategy for killing off these things before we get to this point.
  5. Brownie


    The thing is though, if the new variants aren’t more contagious, the fact is that cases flew up and a lockdown was required to suppress them. So what’s the big deal?
  6. Brownie


    Another point on the Kent variant; other countries have closed their borders to stop it from reaching them. Logically it would make no sense for them to do that if they weren't concerned about how contagious it is.
  7. Brownie


    Which scientists mate?
  8. Brownie


    I wouldn't really know what to expect mate. If it was just the government talking about the variant then I'd be sceptical but the stuff I've read and watched from scientists is saying the same.
  9. I was just sat there thinking WTF? And not in a good way. Was a few years ago like so might give it another go at some point.
  10. Brownie


    Regardless of whether it's as quiet as March, I would fully expect a virus to be suppressed when hardly anything is open and the vast majority of people are just sitting at home.
  11. I tried that Six Feet Under; what a load of balls.
  12. Brownie


    I can only speak for myself and this local area but it’s lockdown round here. Had to get some milk yesterday, hadn’t been out for a few days, it was like a ghost town. I’d expect restrictions like this to suppress anything.
  13. Brownie


    Not sure a full lockdown is classed as easy suppression?
  14. Brownie

    The New Cricket Thread

    Feels like it’s ages since Root got a ton. Steve Smith gets no benefit of any doubt from me, the fidgety cunt.