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  1. Ron B

    Georginio Wijnaldum

    We all know how the club would historically go into contract negotiations with a player and offer them something lousy. After a short while they’d leave, let the manager step in and offer something half-decent. The player would accept, the manager would have their loyalty, and the club would manage the finances in a sensible way. This just seems like an extension of the same. Klopp isn’t a mug and knows what the financial restrictions/realities are. He’ll have discussed this decision with the club, they’ll have made the decision as a collective, and ultimately the club/FSG will take the blame whilst Klopp ideally takes none of it. And quite right too. I don’t want a board which chases popularity. I want a board which backs the manager, doesn’t run the club into stupid amounts of debt, and learns from mistakes. thanks for the memories Wij. I shan’t put too much faith in your reading of events here.
  2. I thought this sounded suspect. And... it seems like it’s not true. Pre-war they had Ernest Mangall (no, me neither) for nine years, and Jack Robson lasted seven years albeit covering most of WWI in that period. They fannied about a lot after Busby, and again after Ferguson, but the managers who already had a decent CV were often given more than long enough to make it happen - even if, like Big Ron, it was never going to happen and they always self-combusted when the going got tough.
  3. Ben White is a decent player but I can’t see how he’s worth three times what Nat is. Would be sorry to see him go but would wish him all the best.
  4. Ron B

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Collymore. Most expensive player in British football. Came into a side who played expansive, attacking football, having just finished fourth. Evans is remembered as a nice guy, but it’s easy to forget how ruthless he was early on, binning big signings like Dicks and Stewart, cutting loose experienced pros who he’d known for more than a decade such as Nicol and Whelan, recognising that Hutchison had a lot in his locker but took the piss too often, etc. And yes, if you were only judging what happened on the pitch, Collymore’s story is ‘Started well, began to go missing when it mattered, tailed off quite badly at the end’. But factor in the other stuff and it’s a guy who was on a one-man mission to turn the entire changing room toxic. An employee whose behaviour was appalling in multiple ways. And who, when people wonder why that Evans side didn’t push on, is the individual who has to take centre stage in explaining all the things that were fundamentally dysfunctional at Anfield. We got £7million for Collymore in the end, but we’d have been better off selling him 12 months earlier for half of that.
  5. Ron B

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Eric Young was born in that headband and will die in that headband.
  6. Ron B

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Well they changed their way to accommodate Britain’s most expensive player when they smashed the transfer record in 1988 (three years after the European ban - but don’t mention that when they talk about how it handicapped them more than it did any other side). Sadly, Tony Cottee scored fewer goals and the team won fewer matches. Which is odd, because if it’s such a handicap having strikers who score goals you’d have imagined they would have been flying with Cottee, who never managed half as many goals in a single season as Lineker did in 85-86.
  7. Ron B

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    If it impacted on any side more than the others, it was Liverpool. Any claim that Everton would have gone on to dominate Europe is optimistic at best. Dynamo Kiev won the Cup Winners Cup the following season, but I don’t remember them going on a long spree of European title wins. The next season it was Ajax - historic European giants who nonetheless still didn’t pick up another continental trophy for another five years. And then it was Mechelen, whoever the hell Mechelen are. Liverpool actually used to win the European Cup on a regular basis. That very bunch of Liverpool players used to win the European Cup on a regular basis, and it’s not hard to see the next group of players - Barnes, Beardsley, Aldridge - being worthy winners too. Everton would have qualified for Europe in four out of five seasons during the ban. Liverpool would have qualified every season. But apparently Everton suffered the worst. Or maybe it’s the impact it had on the club? Was that what meant Everton suffered the most? In which case why not concentrate on how it meant that sides like Oxford, Coventry, Luton, Norwich and Wimbledon all missed out on a first-ever European campaign? Hell, why not talk about how Clough never got to lead Forest back into European competition after rebuilding the side, or how Derby missed out on the same? Spurs missed out three times, and are a club with a far greater European pedigree. Everton were the real victims? Absolute nonsense, as ever.
  8. Ron B

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Started well, got injured, never really pulled himself back into contention. Of that treble-winning side I’m not convinced he would be in anyone’s best XI as the midfield also had Gerrard, McAllister, Hamman and Murphy, whilst Berger and Smicer were in reserve.
  9. Ron B

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    As ever, who gives a fuck? We signed their best player (Barmby) and they still moan about it 20 years later, whereas we remember him as doing a job for a year or two before being binned off to Leeds and basically being done by age 30. Now they want to sign someone who we let go of when he was arguably our fourth-best forward, three years after tee sold him, and who would be one of the best players they’ve ever had... yet they’re deeply unhappy? If all they can accept is signing our one-time third choice goalies then they might as well save themselves a lot of hassle and spend the money they’ve set aside for Coutinho on Karius instead.
  10. Ron B

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Dave Watson, Alan Harper, David Burrows, Don Hutchison...
  11. Ron B

    Poll: Best managerial appointment

    Bloody hell, I hadn’t realised the new Wolves boss had made so little impression!
  12. Three big (well, you know) jobs opened up in the Prem over the summer, two of them expected one of them not so much. Which is the best appointment? Fair do’s to Wolves for seeming to get their vacancy sorted with mininal bother beyond some post-Brexit work permit nonsense. Whether Lage is necessarily up to the job is another matter, as he’s only ever been a Number One for 18 months. Nuno wasn’t first choice for Spurs... or second choice... or, well, you get the picture. He’s a good manager, but the club are a mess and their best player openly wants out. Ordinarily I’d say that makes him the guy who most needs to get off the a good start except for... Ah Rafa. He has the best CV on this list by miles. And he’ll get the least slack from his own side’s fans, whose expectations are already unrealistic. You’d say that Everton can’t afford to bring in an expensive manager on a long-term contract, then change their minds and get rid before they’ve had a chance to make their mark. But history would suggest otherwise.
  13. Ron B

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Haha, beat me to it! Joined Watford in May 2017; Everton started chasing him six months later; They failed to get him but he was sacked two months afterwards anyway; Another four months down the line he finally joins Everton (and yet the have to pay £4million compensation to sign an unemployed guy); And finally, after 19 months in the job, they bin him. Utterly clueless.
  14. Ron B


    Oooh, harsh. Spurs have managed the odd cup, and several deep runs in Europe, over the past quarter-century. Everton the same, minus the odd cup or deep run in Europe.
  15. Ron B

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Unfortunately there was a suitable resolution - for Shanks to stop turning up. Utterly understandable that he couldn’t let go though. Just painful for everyone. And mad to think that Paisley was reluctant to take the job himself.