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  1. Ron B

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    They keep saying that Lampard needs time and backing before he can be judged. I am sure they said the same about his predecessor.
  2. But the counterpoint to that is that you seem to be saying Rodgers has put together a squad that is as good as United’s despite their wildly outspending him? Again, just look at the numbers and it’s embarrassing that the two sides are even talked about in the same breath.
  3. Leicester have dipped somewhat, but it’s not really fair to expect them to outpunch even this terrible United side; the difference in financial terms is bonkers. Leicester’s five best-paid players barely get paid as much as Ronaldo between them. I know it’s fashionable to slate Rodgers, but just look at the numbers and it’s embarrassing that the two sides are even talked about in the same breath.
  4. Ron B

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Diouf El Hadji Diouf That Senegalese wanker The guy who spat at Celtic fans The only number 9 to fail to score for an entire season etc
  5. Ron B

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I’m confused by what being ‘embedded into every fibre of the media’ means. Are they just saying that most newspapers’ sports departments have upwards of one Liverpool fan?
  6. “Don’t do the re-sign Ronaldo thing again, our current trajectory is more MLS than PSG” would have been a more blunt way of saying the same thing.
  7. Ron B

    Target Man

    My mate used to date him. Not Greenwood levels of awfulness, but the kind of guy you’d have no problem declining to shake hands with.
  8. Ron B

    Target Man

    Ivan Toney is an absolute dog of a bloke.
  9. Nah. What’s really striking is how quickly everything has crumbled. Whatever he was building, it was built on sand - and after it collapsed there’s little you’d want to build back with. There are all sorts of reasons for that; sure, buying a 36-year-old Ronaldo, who meant the entire attacking strategy had to be junked, in exchange for a £13million per year salary, was the most striking part of it. The whole transfer strategy was wrong-headed from day one, in just about every part of the pitch. He spent £350million and so much of it was on complete junk - Maguire, Pellistri, Diallo, Wan-Bissaka, James, Ignalo and van de Beek cost £218million. Have any of those players made a positive impact? Would any of them get into any Top Six side? That’s not building, it’s just spending lots of money, badly. But above all, the team Solksjaer built peaked last season. Pretty much every player, bar de Gea, seems to have regressed, perhaps irreversibly. They’ve got three big players out of contract, whose last year with the club have been entirely wasted - Cavani as a massively-paid back-up, Pogba with his eye on the exit, and Lingard openly claiming the club lied to him. Last season was now or never, and all they managed was a distant second-place finish. Shame they didn’t stick with him.
  10. Have they even announced what his job title is going to be? They already have a football director, technical director, director of football negotiations, and a director of football operations, not to mention the CEO and board of directors.
  11. Ron B

    Our midfield

    Yes, but it’s £66m (or thereabouts) to Dortmund. The clib don’t get paid more just because the agent takes home such a ludicrous wedge.
  12. Ron B

    Our midfield

    My understanding was that Haaland’s release clause takes effect this summer? £66m or however much it is would be a tidy sum, but it’s not bonkers money.
  13. Ron B

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    If hiring him was a cynical but well-considered decision… And if they briefed him to slash the wage bill, bin the best-paid players whilst giving him buttons to buy replacements… And if they knew that the fans would all blame Rafa for the low quality of the new signings (meaning he was a human shield for the board who had let the finances go to pot)... Then he was a brilliant appointment. Except every other managerial appointment they’ve made seems to have been a shambles too. Even Allardyce and Ancelotti in their own ways we’re shambolic, despite the fact they’d take either back in a heartbeat now. So I just cannot compute what they were thinking. If they had the cojones to appoint Benitez, they really should have kept faith with him too.
  14. Ron B

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Lampard in the Guardian today: “I am not stupid, you take up a job as a manager in the Premier League, and maybe in the situation I came into here or at Chelsea where I go into it with a [transfer] ban, and half a team of kids who were playing in the Championship the year before, yet the expectation was we finish in the top four.” Does anyone know of any Chelsea games when five/six players had been on loan in the Championship the previous season? Smells a little bit like bullshit.
  15. Ron B

    Who stays up?

    Brentford have started to hit some form, and could dish out a serious hammering. The sort of beating that would hurt more than the Burnley defeat. Everton’s biggest weakness may be their lack of a defensive screen, and the absence of bite in central defence; Eriksen will pull them to shreds and Toney will bully them.