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  1. If you were playing ‘How to piss away a lot of time and effort for no good reason,’ one great option would be: Repeatedly leak stories about how you want to sign a hot young player; Fail to put in a bid for many weeks or even months; When you do put in a bid, make it ludicrously below the asking price; Get knocked back; Repeat until just before the end of the transfer window; Finally offer the full asking price, as you always seem to do; Get knocked back by the player anyway. It’s almost as though they’re run by complete clowns.
  2. Ron B

    Rival Players You Respect

    No way hombre! Bruce spent years moaning that he had never got an England cap. Then it emerged that he had been called up but turned it down. Twat.
  3. Agree 100%. Evans made the side far better; it needed a rebuild and he made us competitive again. He was prepared to fall out with big signings (Dicks was straight out the door and Wright was forced to train with the kids until he sorted his attitude out). He was even prepared to hold his hands up when he got it wrong, and binned Collymore who had been the most expensive signing in the country. He fell short of what we really wanted, but Houllier dismantled everything (at no little expense) and still couldn’t deliver a title. On balance both men did well but couldn’t quite get over the line before the side began to crumble.
  4. Another busy season, made shorter thanks to Covid (and who knows what other affects are yet to come?). Gini to stay, Thiago to largely absorb Big Games James’s minutes, James to leave next summer.
  5. Ron B

    Danny Ings

    I respectfully disagree, sir!
  6. I can’t speak for that, but he definitely had a soft spot for having a big lad or two up front after he left us in 91. Apart from the fact that he was an unproven player, who turned up to lack the fitness and dedication to justify his fee, Carroll’s issue was that we had to player a certain way to get the best out of him. He wasn’t actually a bad player, and there have been plenty of managers still willing to take a punt on him since. Compare him with, say, Charlie Adam, who was crap for us and nobody was really fussed about once he flopped at Anfield.
  7. Ron B

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    If he masturbates to the idea of only beating a staggeringly mediocre Crystal Palace side, managed by Owly McOwlface, thanks to one of their players cheating, it might be time for him to find a new hobby.
  8. Ron B

    Nat Phillips

    Not even on the bench tonight, so I guess that puts him at sixth-choice central defender and 23 years old. Seems like a decent lad, and must have something about him to have been prepared to go to Germany for a year. Hope he gets a move and that it works out for him.
  9. But Barca will be topping up (or, to put it another way, doubling) his salary during his first year so that he won’t take a pay cut until 2021. Nicely played, Mr Suarez. And nicely played Mr Womble. Suarez maintained for a long time that his goal was to go to Spain for his wife. If he completes his contract at Atletico then he’ll have played there for eight years so maybe he was being honest the whole time.
  10. Pochettino wants a job where he’s got a good chance of winning trophies. I understand he also wants to stay in England for family reasons (which frankly is the only reason I can imagine he wouldn’t have been falling over himself to get the Juve job - worst case scenario appears to be a 12-month spell where he finally garnished his CV with a league title before getting the sack for the sin of not winning the CL). Spurs are out. Arsenal I’d assume likewise. There’s no chance of a vacancy at Anfield any time soon. So that leaves Chelsea, Man Utd or Man City. He’d be an improvement for the first two, so much so that they’d be justified in binning Lampard/Solskjær just to get him in. City will only appoint someone new if Guardiola chooses to leave - he’s still bigger than the club. If he has any sense he’ll take some Italian or French lessons just in case, but at least one of those three English jobs is likely to come up in the next 12 months.
  11. I think they’ve done well to reach mid-September before suffering their first league defeat of the campaign. What? Oh. Anyway, they have a tricky run of fixtures ahead, which might not be alleviated any by having their very short pre-season compounded by still trying to rebuild their squad before the transfer market closes in October. In the Prem their next six are Brighton away, Spurs, Newcastle away, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Everton away. I’m not convinced they’ll have more than eight points on the board at the end of that.
  12. Ron B

    Nat Phillips

    Yeah, I’ve got no beef with that @dockers_strike. But Phillips is 23 years old and can’t even make the bench when we have one other fit central defender. That doesn’t bode well for him.
  13. Ron B

    Nat Phillips

    No complaints about today's game - it seems to have been a good performance once we got going, an excellent result, a clean sheet, and Lampard apparently went to Greggs after the match only to discover that they’d closed early. But... I was struck by the absence of a central defender on the bench. Personally I have no problem with Fabinho as fourth choice; he was primarily a defender before he came here, we’re stocked up with quality midfielders, we’ll dominate an awful lot of games this season anyway, he’s done well there for us previously, and a lot of excellent defenders might not fancy coming to Anfield and getting very little game time. So I’d expected that this would be an opportunity for Nat Phillips. I mean, if he’s not going to sit on the bench when we have literally one fit central defender, when is he going to get near the team? Is he not seen as an option? Is he injured? Is he just a bit rubbish? I’ve not seen enough of him to judge - opinions are welcome.
  14. Ron B

    Diogo Jota

    Some sides have a reputation for paying over the odds. Some sides have a reputation for making a big song and dance about wanting a particular player and then looking like dicks if they don’t get that player. Some sides bet their entire summer on one or two players arriving and being an immediate success. It’s awesome that we aren’t one of those clubs anymore.
  15. Ron B

    Diogo Jota

    A few extra million on the fee, plus a larger signing on fee, larger agents fees, a substantially larger salary... It all adds up. Brainier folks than I can speculate whether the value of the pound might also be significant, but paying in sterling might be preferable to Euros at the mo. I dunno. My thoughts? Fuck it - I’d prefer Jota and Thiago over Werner on his own. *I know Mendes is no pussy cat, but compared to certain clubs he doesn’t have a parasitic hold on a large proportion of our squad. I’m quite sure he’s capable of rinsing some clubs for all they’re worth, but he doesn’t have that bargaining power with us and we’ve got Michael Edwards.