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    I posted on the dark side lately that I was diagnosed with tongue cancer before Christmas. I had surgery where two-thirds of the tongue was removed (replaced with graft from thigh) and had intensive chemo and radiotherapy which finished in March. Lost 3 stone in a rough 6 months but came off the morphine last month and went back to work on reduced hours 4 weeks ago. Work have been extremely supportive and everyone has been so genuinely nice but one colleague blew me away last week. I would deal with this guy intermittently but wouldn't know him that well. He sent me an €100 e-voucher for flights saying that I've had a tough time and will deserve a holiday when better and he just wanted to put something towards it. Some people are class.
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    Nicolas Pépé

    And me
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    Where are you watching the final?

    Delighted for you. I was diagnosed in November with a tumour in my tongue. Had surgery to take the bastard out within 18 days. Started radiotherapy and chemotherapy in March. The fucking pain in my mouth has been horrific. On morphine for last 6 months but trying to wean off now as the pain decreases but that is causing me to be so fucked tired. More than half my tongue is from a skin graft of my thigh - 29 stitches and is still a fair bit swollen resulting in it chafing against my teeth while asleep. Its improving all the time but it is fucking slow. Meeting my surgeon on 31st May. I'm hoping he gives me good news and I can have a double celebration on the 1st June. By the way, the season Liverpool have had has made a sick, tired and sore man very happy this past 6 months and I can't believe fans of any other club can laugh at us at the moment. We are the lucky ones. That being said, I'd be gutted if we don't win in Madrid.
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    Andrew Robertson

    Nicol was the 1st choice right back and back-up left back from 85-87 after Kennedy left and Beglin became 1st choice. Lawro (with Gillespie playing CB) or Venison would then cover RB. After Beglin broke his leg in early 87 Nicol moved over LB full time for 6 months until Lawro retired in late 87. Ablett then became 1st choice LB until then end of that season and Nicol played RB. Nicol only played a handful of games at LB after this as Staunton started 88-89 as 1st choice LB and Burrows was purchased half way through that season during an injury crisis. Nicol played in most outfield positions that season, winning player of the year. However he did play the 2nd half and extra time of 89 cup final as Venison came on for an injured Staunton at half time and Nicol went to LB, setting up our 2nd and Rush's 1st.
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    Barcelona (A) Champions League 1/5/19

    433 Mane right with Salah up front
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    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Not a bad Spurs side. It's a bit defensive but there are still 4 attacking players to nick a goal or 2. Foyth at RWB is a bit scary
  7. Razoray

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Son is suspended for the 1st Ajax game so he might start. Lamela is injured I think