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  1. We are usually poor on return from a break. We were sluggish for the champions league final last year after 3 weeks without a game. Since the return from mid-season break this year these have been the results: Day 1 Norwich win Day 4 Atletico lose Day 10 West Ham win Day 15 Watford lose Day 18 Chelsea lose Day 22 Bournemouth ? Day 26 Atletico ? Last year Klopp took advantage of being knocked out of the FA cup early and brought them to the sun for a training trip. The results and performances were below par on their return. Day 1 Leicester draw Day 6 West Ham draw Day 11 Bournemouth win Day 21 Bayern draw Day 26 Man Utd draw Day 29 Watford win Day 33 Everton draw Day 40 Burnley win Day 43 Bayern win Hopefully this season replicates last and we start kicking in to form this week and go on a run of winning games in the league and hopefully win the champions league again
  2. To be fair the 86-88 (3 seasons) that team would only have got 10 points given Carra and Neville's criteria. Obviously no Europe hurts them. They could have put the Liverpool team of 79-81 in and they would have garnered 14 points. A few Manchester united teams that weren't included would have got high points also e.g. 94-96 team. I think they were just being selective so they could include the Leeds Forest Spurs teams in the discussion.
  3. Razoray

    Your Top 5 Television Theme Tunes of All Time

    Hawaii Five-0 Sports Stadium (Irish Grandstand) MOTD Greatest American Hero The West Wing
  4. Razoray

    Other Football - 2019/20

    As a lot have said already Batshuayi and Pedro were poor but at least they were noticeably shit. The great white hope, Mason Mount was fucking anonymous. Another overrated young English player. How Southgate gave him caps ahead of Grealish is beyond me
  5. They did for 10 minutes or so until Milner replaced Keita on Saturday. Unbelievable
  6. Razoray

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    I think English clubs were banned for 5 years. The 1st season back was 90/91 and the Mancs won the CWC, beating Barca in the final. Our first season back was the 91/92 season 10 years reduced down to 6.
  7. Razoray

    Man City - the new bitters?

    When Leicester won the league all the big team were transitioning, I doubt anyone here cares Quote Unabomber 10,375 Posted 1 hour ago Nah that’s bollocks. Liverpool are about 25 points clear in February - completely different scenario. Quote The Bear 2,292 Posted 1 hour ago We have them next week at home. Nailed on 5-0 trouncing................... 1 Quote twister 394 Posted 1 hour ago the league reminds of celtics domination they win every week never look great its a huge chasm of dominance, with city being in trouble I see a scottish league type dominance for a couple of years. Quote The Bear 2,292 Posted 1 hour ago Yeah must be awful being 25 points clear and winning every game. I'm amazed any of them turn up every home game. 2 Quote Facecloth 9,239 Posted 1 hour ago Must be terrible that they look like they'll win every game bar one, and their only dropped points will be against their biggest rivals 1 Quote Unabomber 10,375 Posted 1 hour ago Yeah just such a shit way to win it They won the league by 10 points with a total of 81. City will probably beat that this year. Yes I'm really hating this season because all the other teams are ordinary and we are fucking stupendous. Its making me so sad.
  8. Razoray

    L'pool '20 v Utd '99

    If it's about the performance of the players in the 1999 and 2020 seasons only then: Irwin was 33 years old and well beyond his prime. Paul Scholes was still battling with Butt to be Keane's partner in CM. Schmeichel was 35 and on his way to Lisbon. All 3 had very good careers with Manchester United but they were not at the peak of their powers in 1999.
  9. And Englands 4th best RB (and that's being generous) as TAA Walker Trippier and even the young lad James at Chelsea are all superior footballers than AWB.
  10. So Manchester United Football Club are more concerned with a scum newspaper not reporting the criminal activity of fans of Manchester United Football Club than the criminal activity of their fans. Fuck me.
  11. If Rush was happier and more successful in Turin he wouldn't have done "a Rushie" either to be fair. Different times but he didnt run down his contract though and we were able to replace him with Barnes Beardsley and Aldo rather than Morientes (6 months later) and Nunez.