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  1. Razoray

    PSG (A) Champions League 28/11/2018

    same team as last year's final with Gomez and Allison for TAA and Karius
  2. Razoray

    Premier League Round Up (Oct 27-29 2018)

    The Doss gave the shittiest left back impression I've ever seen that evening. Worse than Konchesky. 2-0 down, back to 2-2 before ht but couldn't score in 2nd half. Fucking grim
  3. Razoray

    Shift work and Nights.

    3 week cycle: wk 1: 3 x 12 hour days, 7am - 7pm - Wed to Fri. Off until Monday night wk 2: 3 x 12 hour nights, 7pm - 7am - Mon to Wed (Thurs 7am). Off until Monday morning wk 3: 2 x 12 hour days (Mon - Tues) Off Wednesday, 2 x nights (1 x 12hr & 1x 9hr) in Thursday night and Friday night (9 hrs) until 4am. Off until Wednesday. No weekends and 25 days annual leave = 300 hours. If you can sleep and look after yourself when on nights, it's great. I'm in tonight and finished at 7am tomorrow. Monday is a bank holiday here and I've taken Tuesday off so I'm out until next Thursday at 7pm for the price of a days holiday.
  4. Razoray

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Presuming Mancs and Valencia both lose to Juve and beat Young Boys Valencia will need to beat them at home. Shocking result for them earlier
  5. Razoray

    Huddersfield(a) PL- match thread

    One of those games that you win take the 3 points and get the fuck out of town. Looks like I prefer those ones to lots on here.
  6. Sacked six of their last 7 managers and that'll be 7 of 8 soon. But they don't sack managers, no way.
  7. Razoray

    Away goal rule being reviewed.

    Great movement and pass by Sturridge from the free kick.
  8. Razoray

    Premier League Round Up (Aug 18-19 2018)

    West Ham buying 8 new players. Mark Noble trotting around the pitch with the captain's armband doing fuck all. Same as it ever was
  9. Razoray

    The case for the Defence - by John Brennan

    "Klopp is 108 League games in to his “reign”. In the first 54, we conceded 70. In the last 54? 50. In those first 54 games, we kept clean 14 sheets. In the last 54? 25. If we keep improving like this, who knows where we might end up…" If we keep up the stats of the last 54 games, and there is no reason to suggest that it wont even be better than that with Alison on board (and VVD would only have played in half of those) then we would keep 18 clean sheets this season. Bearing in mind we very rarely are involved in a 0-0 we could have 52-54 points from those 18 games. 36-38 points across the remaining 20 games is not that much of a push. I think if the team get 90 points we will challenge City. If it's not enough then you have to hold your hands up
  10. These players didn't start last night. The cunt has a very good squad and he is complaining. Romero Valencia jones Smalling young matic Herrera fellaini lingard lukaku martial mctominay rojo dalot Grant
  11. Razoray

    How confident do you feel for next season?

    City still have better 2nd 11 than ours so luck with injuries will mean a lot. And their spending probably isn't over. Bravo Danilo Laporte Stones Zinchenko Foden Gundagon Delph Mahrez Jesus B Silva Karius Clyne Matip Gomez Moreno Milner Wijnaldum Lallana Shaqiri Sturridge Solanke
  12. Razoray

    How confident do you feel for next season?

    I know it doesn't exactly work like that but surely VVD for a full season and Alisson on goal gives you at least 10 more points. That'd be 85 points at least. Need to hope that we can do even better than this and City drop a level.
  13. Razoray

    Hall of Fame - Class of 2018

    Same but with Hansen in for Hunt