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  1. Razoray

    The 30 Year Wait

    I'm from Ireland and since I was 4 years old I have been a huge fan. My father used to wake me and my brother when he came in from the pub to come down and watch MOTD and share his chicken supper. We kicked him out on my 5th birthday. He was a die-hard Spurs follower (probably 61 double influence) and my brother was a Gooner (big Irish contingent in the 70s) but it was always the Reds for me. Maybe it was just the glory initally but I've always felt that it was more than that. I've felt a real affinity with the club. The winning of the trophies obviously helped but I've said on here before, Heysel was my 10th birthday and it increased the attachment. I've been over to the city a fair few times in the past 15 years and it's just feels so comfortable now. The current team has given me so much pleasure in the past few years. When I was sick with cancer last year, the joy in watching the football and even just looking forward to the games got me through some rough times. I was on a Caribbean holiday for the Barca home game last year with the whole family. We organised it for our mum for her retirement as a thank you for raising us on her own. I shouldn't have gone. I was sick as a dog but didn't want to let her down. Eating was like chewing glass. I could barely speak but that game was a real pick-me-up. My brothers were genuinely delighted for me. I was happy in a sea of shit. The improvement started that night IMO. I was back in work 2 weeks later - on reduced hours and duties but I was on the road. I would have never believed that I would get to that stage so quickly. All is good with me now, touch wood. I am really chuffed for that squad of players and management team. They made a sick man very happy when it was needed. The thing is they play like they know there are thousands of me out there when they pull on the jersey. They really get what Shankly insisted the club was about 60 years ago.
  2. Razoray

    Annoying Americanisms

    Passedy McPassederson surely
  3. Razoray


    I bet there were very fewer excess deaths of men in their early 20s in Britain in the late 1940s. That doesn't make it ok that there was a world war.
  4. Razoray

    Everton (A) 21/6/2020

    That'll be 3 of us
  5. Razoray

    Racism in Southern America..

    Is it because their pussys smells like Chinese food maybe?
  6. Razoray

    Racism in Southern America..

    That's the thing. I genuinely don't think he was bullshitting. I think he heard/read/saw it somewhere and believed it. That is one of the biggest contributory factors in the divisiveness in modern day politics. Too many bullshitters have a voice on the internet and we as a society haven't sorted the filtering of said bullshit yet.
  7. Razoray

    Racism in Southern America..

    Grinch, do you think POC perform less well in education in the UK because they are naturally less intelligent or lazier? Or is there something inherent in society inhibiting their progress in relation to white students?
  8. Razoray

    Boris Johnson

    I find it amusing that the likes of John the van driver can tell Lineker/RATM etc. to stick to football/music but 95% of their posts, followers and Twitter handles are political. Fucking morons
  9. Razoray

    Heysel 35 years

    My 10th birthday. Can remember as if it was yesterday. Rotten night and probaby representative of how football was at that time.
  10. Razoray


    https://www.parathyroid.com/low-vitamin-d.htm I had a benign tumour in my parathyroid for the past 12 months and it's a cause of low vitamin D and high calcium levels in the blood. No point in taking vitamin D supplements as it drives the calcium levels higher. Got the tumour and one of the parathyroid glands removed in February and feel great now. Just off topic a bit but just pointing out that there are sometimes other reasons for deficiencies in Vitamin D
  11. We are usually poor on return from a break. We were sluggish for the champions league final last year after 3 weeks without a game. Since the return from mid-season break this year these have been the results: Day 1 Norwich win Day 4 Atletico lose Day 10 West Ham win Day 15 Watford lose Day 18 Chelsea lose Day 22 Bournemouth ? Day 26 Atletico ? Last year Klopp took advantage of being knocked out of the FA cup early and brought them to the sun for a training trip. The results and performances were below par on their return. Day 1 Leicester draw Day 6 West Ham draw Day 11 Bournemouth win Day 21 Bayern draw Day 26 Man Utd draw Day 29 Watford win Day 33 Everton draw Day 40 Burnley win Day 43 Bayern win Hopefully this season replicates last and we start kicking in to form this week and go on a run of winning games in the league and hopefully win the champions league again
  12. To be fair the 86-88 (3 seasons) that team would only have got 10 points given Carra and Neville's criteria. Obviously no Europe hurts them. They could have put the Liverpool team of 79-81 in and they would have garnered 14 points. A few Manchester united teams that weren't included would have got high points also e.g. 94-96 team. I think they were just being selective so they could include the Leeds Forest Spurs teams in the discussion.
  13. Razoray

    Your Top 5 Television Theme Tunes of All Time

    Hawaii Five-0 Sports Stadium (Irish Grandstand) MOTD Greatest American Hero The West Wing
  14. Razoray

    Other Football - 2019/20

    As a lot have said already Batshuayi and Pedro were poor but at least they were noticeably shit. The great white hope, Mason Mount was fucking anonymous. Another overrated young English player. How Southgate gave him caps ahead of Grealish is beyond me