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  1. Razoray

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Not a bad Spurs side. It's a bit defensive but there are still 4 attacking players to nick a goal or 2. Foyth at RWB is a bit scary
  2. Razoray

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Son is suspended for the 1st Ajax game so he might start. Lamela is injured I think
  3. Razoray

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    I can't imagine Klopp playing Pogba ahead of Henderson either
  4. Razoray

    Porto (A) Champions League 17/4/2019

    Mané right Salah up top imo
  5. Razoray

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Need Utd to beat Everton first or it's virtually over in their fight for top 4.
  6. Razoray

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    We went from having a diamond with Coutinho and Hendo at the sides to wee Joe and Lucas at the sides. Sturridge was injured for the Chelsea game so Coutinho went to the 10 position. With that we lost a lot of energy and quality ahead of Stevie.
  7. Razoray

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    Hazard starts as no.9. No Higuain. Hopefully it will be easier to keep him quiet up there
  8. Razoray

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    Fernandino not in the squad for City. Sané and de Bruyne back in. That city midfield 3 lacks pace which Palace have in abundance. Hopefully they can do something.
  9. Razoray

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    They'll probably have a flat back 4 with Azpiliqueta and Ederson as full backs. The best ways for us to get at them are to go longer to beat the press as we have done a few times this year but also for one of the 8s (Hendo off the leash) to press the shit out of Jorginho and break on them.
  10. Razoray

    Chelsea (H) Premier League 14/04/19

    Sarri made 7 changes last night. Luiz Emerson Kante Hudson-Odoi Loftus-Cheek Higuain and Hazard were all started v West Ham last weekend and may come in again although with it being an away game there is less pressure on him from his fans to start the younger players so maybe William or Pedro will play instead of Hudson-Odoi. Either way, there will not be as much of an impact on them that we hoped for because of Monday, Thursday, Sunday fixtures. They are on a good enough run at the moment and this will be difficult. A good start with the crowd up for it are vital here to replant the self-doubts that they have.
  11. From wiki: On 11 May 2011, the Supreme Court defined "miscarriage of justice" as evidence "so undermined that no conviction could possibly be based upon it". This decision cleared the way for George's solicitor, Nicholas Baird, to request that the Justice Secretary Ken Clarke "consider afresh" George's claim for compensation, applying the new test set out by the Court. The claim was heard in the High Court but in their summing up, judges Lord Justice Beatson and Mr Justice Irwin said: "There was indeed a case upon which a reasonable jury properly directed could have convicted the claimant of murder" and on the strength of this, denied George compensation for wrongful incarceration. He did win a few awards for damages again the S*# and Scum of the World but nothing for the incarceration
  12. I've seen him around town here as he lives with his sisters (or maybe step-sisters) in Ireland. He is a weird fucker but there is no way he committed that murder and that was a massive stitch-up. The only piece of evidence was a single firearm particle He spent a few years in prison and hasn't received a penny in compensation.
  13. Razoray

    Mohamed Salah

    The touch before the strike to take it out of his feet was excellent and where it has fallen down for Mo in the past few weeks. Hopefully the confidence is back.