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  1. Code

    Frode - you gone into politics mate?

    Haha if this continues I might fall on the sword myself. Power seem to be a drug for some.
  2. Code

    Frode - you gone into politics mate?

    From this weekends national party conference. Almost a mutiny. https://alkhaleejtoday.co/international/5187058/Bergen-delegates-wanted-to-cut-the-FNB-leader’s-salary.html?fbclid=IwAR0trUq31i0opJwya-I3TnpWrZCb5Jw0ipmOtA_l3NiVkyTTeZfwv_JffBM
  3. My list was a list of artists I thought should be in the discussion, I tried to put forward names I had not seen mentioned before.
  4. Haha, if I did I would have nominated him, I did not.
  5. That list was a load of shite if Im honest.
  6. Beyonce Alicia Keys Eva Cassidy Angelina Jordan Annie Lennox Whitney Houston Aretha Franklin Miley Cyrus Erykah Badu Mary J Blige Changes might come.
  7. Haha I’ll put them 11th and 12th on my list.
  8. Now both George Michael and Michael Jackson are out, can we start the female tournament?
  9. Eminem and Black Thougt, its difficult to top that. For those who think rap is something everyone could do.