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  1. Code


    I’m a man of the people, I would never jump the queue. Got my vaccine pass as well now, pretty nice.
  2. The bacon and sausages were tasty, the eggs not so much, I took away the beans obviously, and did not eat more than one of the toasts and no chips. Yesterdays effort was a lot better. I’ll give this a 3 out of 6 myself.
  3. Another effort today, too much bread and chips for my diet this.
  4. I listen to this pretty much every day at the moment.
  5. Code

    Greatest 90's Movie - QF Group 1

    LA Confidential and Heat, could have picked another one than Heat, close call.
  6. Code


    Got my second dose of the vaccine today, happy days.
  7. Code

    Greatest 90s Movie Ever - Group H

    Stalingrad was a great film. Cant believe its got as few votes in this competition.
  8. Code

    Greatest 90s Movie Ever - Group G

    LA Confidential obviously, it should piss this group.
  9. Code

    Greatest 90s Movie Ever - Group A

    Home alone? Is this a kids forum?
  10. Code

    Greatest 80's Movie - The Semis

    Its always difficult to pick just five. But I would mention these in no particular order. The Killing Fields Rainman Missisippi Burning The Last Emperor Platoon