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  1. Solskjærs agent was at the game against Fulham with Woodward and Glazer. I'm pretty sure he will get offered the job fulltime. Norwegian press has been unreadable for months now, it really is pathetic.
  2. Code

    Other Football - 2018/19 Season

    When we beat the mancs away on the 24th we will be at least 3 points ahead going into every one of those weekends.
  3. Code


  4. Code


    The guy in his undies, whats that all about?
  5. Code


  6. Code

    Jordan henderson: Captain

    If Henderson had played we would have won tonight.
  7. Code

    Mohamed Salah

    Mo Salah, simply an amazing player, the best striker the PL have ever had surely. 58 PL games, 46 PL goals and 17 PL assists. Incredible, will beat every record there is to beat as long as he's here. I salute you Mo Salah. .
  8. Not watched it on TV, but thought we were denied a penalty at the end because of a handball. Did this happen or not? Not seen it mentioned much, but I had a great view to it.
  9. Code

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    Koeman is sound, himmand his sons were on the same flight as me on Saturday. He posed with pictures for everyone who asked at the gate.
  10. Yes thats true. Looking at that picture again though, that photoshop is actually terrible, how did I miss that?
  11. Haha, to be honest I did not know that, but he did grow up as a Liverpool supporter, thats not up for debate.
  12. He grew up as a Liverpool supporter.
  13. Pogba and Lingard used to have Solskjær as a coach for the U-21. Pogba and Solskjær have a good relationship. https://metro.co.uk/2018/12/18/ole-gunnar-solskjaer-said-paul-pogba-man-utd-line-replace-mourinho-8262016/