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  1. Code

    Members sale 19/20

    Your best bet will be the late availability sale, look out for those when it’s closer to the game and you might get lucky.
  2. Code

    Members sale 19/20

    Haha. I've not been reading too much about the sale earlier, but find it strange that the Sheffield game is not for sale.
  3. Whats going on with the members sale? Very strange that the Sheffield Utd game is not up for sale now in July since the game on New Years day always has been. Any ideas why?
  4. Code

    Women's World Cup

    Norway are shite. Our best player (worlds beste player/striker) is not playing because she cant stand the Norwegian FA. We need to get rid of this Swedish coach as well, two failed tournaments in a row now.
  5. Code

    Frode - you gone into politics mate?

    With the right sauce its great.
  6. Code

    Frode - you gone into politics mate?

    Please do as I'm not sure my French from 9th grade will help me much.
  7. Code

    Frode - you gone into politics mate?

    From Le Monde. https://www.lemonde.fr/international/article/2019/06/19/des-gilets-jaunes-norvegiens-contre-les-peages-urbains_5478451_3210.html?fbclid=IwAR3K6vJUuxvyWZ2kF_gYv026qmB2Lsov7AaI0m0N7Yx9AIbzdneXRwAY638
  8. Code

    Frode - you gone into politics mate?

    Haha wtf was that?
  9. Code

    Frode - you gone into politics mate?

    Haha is that a thing? Deffo not in Norway though.
  10. Code

    Frode - you gone into politics mate?

    Hmm, not sure if I got this one if I'm honest.
  11. Code

    Frode - you gone into politics mate?

    From the latest local poll in my city. The parties with an x under them are all part of the Government, we are almost as big as three of them put together.
  12. Code

    Frode - you gone into politics mate?

    Massive development here since last time we talked about this. We have got 6% in the national polls already, without ever having stood for election in Parliment, its historic. We have got these numbers even if we just stand for election in 11 out of 356 municipalities and 4 out of 11 counties. We are taking the big cities by storm, latest poll in Bergen, Norways second biggest city we had more than 25% and were the biggest party. In our first poll in Oslo we got 9,1% and we had a poll in Stavanger, my hometown, two weeks ago where we had 14,5%. Its three months until the election, but as it stands I will deffo become deputy mayor if I can bother, but with this rise who knows. New poll coming on Tuesday, hopefullye we might get between 15-20%, its rising by the day, people are pissed off with the establishment and we have hit all the right buttons at the right time. Change will come. We are the red ones in the middle, bigger or as big as five of the nine parties in Parliment already.
  13. Code

    Women's World Cup

    Do you work for NFF lebron?
  14. Code

    Women's World Cup

    Best player in the world is not there.