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  1. Code

    Diogo Jota

    He’s been shit, but scored more and got as many assists as Diaz in the same period, Diaz who I guess has been superb? Second half of the season from Jota, I put in Diaz stats as well.
  2. Code

    Mohamed Salah

    For as bad as he’s been? He’ s scored 9 goals and got 6 assists in 19 starts (25 games) the second half of the season. Luis Diaz, who everyone rightly think has been brilliant, he has scored 6 goals and got 4 assists in 17 starts (25 games) in the same period. The different standard Salah is judge on compared with other players, both within our own fanbase and by journalists is frankly ridiculous. Salah has not been poor the second half of the season, he’s just not been on «the out of this world» level he was the first half of the season.
  3. Code

    Mohamed Salah

    What a player, absolute sensational.
  4. Code

    Takumi Minamino

    Smicer? He was too good for us, that was his problem.
  5. Code


    Any good?
  6. Code

    *Shakes head* Everton again.

    That was pretty good.
  7. Code

    Mohamed Salah

  8. Code

    Mohamed Salah

    Any update on his injury?
  9. Code

    Ibrahima Konaté

    I have nothing against Konate, I think he will be a superb player for us and he has had a good start. But as an argument, in Matip’s last three starts before the Spurs game we had conceded 0 goals, in Konate’s last three games before the Spurs game we had conceded 6. I certainly think it was tactical from Klopp, Konate also started in the 2-2 game away to Spurs, I just think it was the wrong call.
  10. Code

    Ibrahima Konaté

    I think we would have won that game with Matip.