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  1. Funny how people just vote for what got released while they were kids and the glorification of it. Marvel obviously.
  2. Code

    VAR Thoughts?

    Yes I agree.
  3. We have been up against some of the worst antifootball teams there is the last few weeks. Its a factor, but not an excuse.
  4. Code

    VAR Thoughts?

    I thought VAR would overturn the penalty.
  5. Some Manc mate of mine, obviously had to tell me that we are the team with most games without a goal this season in the PL, and the only team in the five top leagues in Europe to have gone four games without a goal. Boston, we have a problem.
  6. Lets start with getting rid of Origi, so we never have to play him again. That miss today was something special.
  7. Code

    Go fuck yourselves FSG

    Enough is enough, sign someone you greedy bastards.
  8. I assume its a horror movie, in what genre would you label it?
  9. Jaws is fuckin shite, a movie about a fuckin fish. Id rather watch a naked Donald Trump paint my kitchen. Horror movies are the most boring thing ever invented.
  10. Code

    US Election 2020 Thread

    Is this real life?
  11. Code

    Do you have your own space

    Hahahaha, seriously, I cant stop laughing Absolute gold.