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  1. Code


    They certainly have, on the whole the Norwegian public have never been healthier than right now and these numbers show it. The amount of deaths have dropped significally the last few months and weeks, we have to look at the age group 90+ to find normal numbers of deaths. Look to the right for the age groups included in the stats.
  2. Code


    145.000 people live in my city, we have 0 deaths from covid-19.
  3. When Salah scored that goal against the mancs. The whole stadium erupted in the we’re gonna win the league chant. That was the moment everyone knew it for certain, it was ours.
  4. Code

    Cunt XI

    No mentions for Pickford?
  5. If clubs dont want to play, they lose 3-0. should fix it.
  6. Code


    I have a feeling this question would be enough.
  7. Im amazed about the amount of our own fans who dont really understand football.
  8. Norway starting up again in June. There is simply no way this league campaign will not be finished.
  9. Code


    Last booking was the coming weekend. The reason I asked was because some might still be open, there have been a few over here, but most have been closed down.