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  1. What a season, what a man, what a player and what a manager. Unbeaten in Bundesliga in 34 games, 28 wins, 6 draws and 0 losses, unbeaten in the DFB-Pokal win the final playing with 10 men all of the second half after getting a player sent off at the end of the first half, so basically an unbeaten domestic season. Reached the Europa League final, did not lose a single game in the group stage or the knockout stages, but lost the final, set a new record in Europe when it comes to going unbeaten games with 51 games unbeaten before that loss n the Europa League final. Put the loss behind them and win the German Cup final the next game. Xabi Alonso I salute you!
  2. But the great Mo Salah did.
  3. Fireworks going off everywhere in the stadium now, game stopped, haha.
  4. Let me play along. Point out just three examples of actual evidence then.
  5. I did not claim that at all, that is just your hypothesis, and its wrong. Just like in this case where a woman is found guilty on a hypothesis instead of actual evidence.
  6. Authority bias and confirmation bias working together, could there be a worse mix? Confirmation bias is one of the most usual mistake the Police during in investigation, looking at what they have failed to follow up and how they have worked with stats makes this a case where I suspect this is what has happend. There are no actual evidence in this case, just hypothesis. That should not be good enough in a court of law, but when you add a jury, confirmation bias and autohority bias to the mix, added with the fact premature babies happen to die quite a lot, this is sadly what you can get.
  7. I hope I will enjoy our games throughout the season, that’s kind of what it’s all about. I wanted the new season to start today if Im honest. August feels like a lifetime away.
  8. I would be watching the women CL final if it had started at the same time, it starts now though.
  9. Not all, I usually hold the majority of people from Liverpool to a different standard. But the evidence is overwhelming.
  10. Your authority bias is fascinating. Did the judge wear a nice wig as well?
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