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  1. Four years on and we have won all there is to win aside from the domestic cups. I like to think I played some small part in this.
  2. The-Sir

    Summer 2021 transfer thread.

    Still convinced we're signing the BAP.
  3. The-Sir


    Got my first jab yesterday. Feel very grateful to have got it so early.
  4. The-Sir

    Wanking into socks?

    Sorry to disappoint mate, I'm as bald as a Stouff now!
  5. The-Sir

    Wanking into socks?

    Think that was my last rendezvous with the TLW gang before I moved to Manchester and got lost in all the corporate bullshit. The sock stood the test of artillery fire and clearly worked well, as there is a baby The-Lady now. And to counter your point Rog, no of course not, socks are and shall always be the bastion of cleanliness.
  6. The-Sir

    Guitar Blerts -- Pedals/Pedal Board

    My current set up is RAT, Fuzz Factory, EHX Canyon, EXH LPB-1, Earthquaker Plumes and a custom build compressor by these guys https://www.twspedals.com Considering swapping out the Fuzz Factory for a Way Huge Swollen Pickle, or one of these Hungry Beavers, meant to be pretty wild sounding ; https://www.soundladliverpool.co.uk/
  7. Yeah gwed I'm fully on board with a Dave's ma's special next week!
  8. The-Sir

    Top Ten Conspiracy Theories

    Similar story here, my brother in law and sister in law are fully rabbit-holed and my sister seems to be going that way. They're basically brainwashed, as far as I'm concerned it's orchestrated and it's quite impressive when you think about it. I read something that said the only real intervention is to find the 'line' of their extreme beliefs. So start off by asking if they believe that the royal family are lizard people, for example, and work down from there with reasoned points when you get closer to the 'line'. You can slowly shift the line down over time but it will be slow because you're effectively having to un-brainwash them. Tackling the covid conspiracies head on won't work as they'll just dig their heels in and get aggressive. Find the line.
  9. The-Sir

    How long have you ben riding the

    Quite literally half my life. Not sure how I ended up here, think I started off buying the physical fanzines from WH Smith in Lime St during Rafa's first year, before moving onto the harder stuff on the GF with all of you bellends a couple of years later. Mostly a lurker these days, some say I was never the same after I came back from the dead.
  10. The-Sir

    Paul McCartney. Is he a tit?

    Paul Simon can go.