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  1. The-Sir

    September Spiders

    Nah if I wanted to make the spider look bigger than it actually is I'd have got my willy in shot instead.
  2. The-Sir

    Lesser known delicious foreign food

    Debatable whether they're delicious or not but you've got to love the convenience of a fast food vending machine on the street in the Netherlands. Especially for times you've drank or smoked so much you can't speak.
  3. The-Sir

    Lesser known delicious foreign food

    Washed down with one of these.
  4. The-Sir

    Lesser known delicious foreign food

    Was a good few years back now so the memory is a little hazy but I seem to remember I had mine early afternoon and didn't need to eat anything until lunchtime the next day. Food of the gods. The sauce tasted a little bit like bean juice to me which I thought was a bit odd.
  5. The-Sir

    Lesser known delicious foreign food

    Seems I'm a sucker for food that puts hair on your chest; Hungarian Langos - a sort of deep fried pizza? Mostly use goat or sheep cheese if I recall. Portuguese (specifically Porto I think) Francesinha, when I ordered it a local said I'd be shitting like crazy for a few days afterwards and he wasn't wrong. Bloody nice though.
  6. The-Sir

    September Spiders

    Had to rescue this little guy tonight. When I took the lid off the tin I'd captured him in he wasn't there though...
  7. The-Sir


    Fascinating that the first mention of totalitarianism is midway through the video. Before that it ambles through a load of stuff to get people interested where there's no clearly identifiable agenda, half way through watching you're more committed to finish the video, the claws are more likely to pierce.
  8. The-Sir


    No sales pitch from me sir. Although I am by definition a salesperson. I just want people to know what they're watching. It's fascinating how it is structured, clever and really fucking dangerous actually.
  9. The-Sir


    You know why you feel it's therapeutic? The pace, the rhythm, the timbre.. If it helps you to wind down I know another name for that - these are all techniques I've seen before in hypnosis.
  10. The-Sir


    Digging a bit deeper this seems to be a Republican report, the Republicans who aren't currently in power, and of course wanting to be in power, and have a tendancy towards conspiratorial leanings for political gain.
  11. The-Sir

    Bitcoin and other Crypto...

    Things are looking very bullish right now. Get those last buys in!
  12. The-Sir

    2021 / 22 Season Tickets News

    Are you sure? Any time my mates try they have to pay.