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    Be part of LFC history

    1. Bear, no question. Unless the monkey is Leonardo DiCaprio. 2. One in every four fry ups can be with beans. No more. 3. Yeah, but not to the point where it's rubbery/plastic. Hope that helps. And thanks for your support. Means a lot.
  2. Alan McDougall

    Be part of LFC history

    Sure, I can look at your rash, mate - diagnosis comes with a free fifty-minute lecture on the history of STDs in the post-industrial West.
  3. Alan McDougall

    Be part of LFC history

    I'm a historian looking for Liverpool fans to interview or share memorabilia, photos, diaries, and letters to/from the club. The research will go into a book about LFC supporters, both in Liverpool and elsewhere around the world. Interested? Please contact Dr Alan McDougall: amcdouga@uoguelph.ca