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  1. Yeah it seems like the Supreme Court is going to rule against the government if you believe other leading QC's.
  2. M_B

    War with Iran is it imminent

    What about the Saudis trying to drag the US into a war against Iran by trying to captilize on a Houthi rebel attack? I'm not defending Iran. I just want evidence it was direct military action by them before we start killing people and have terrorism return to our streets with the accompanying headlines of "why us"? I don't think that is too much to ask for really.
  3. M_B

    War with Iran is it imminent

    Is there? I havent seen any actual evidence yet. Only heresay. You would think they would have radar tracking of the missiles and could show it? Or is technology really not that good? Or at least release the evidence that allowed them to conclude from which direction the missiles came from? Edit: As it happens, it looks like Trump has opted for more sanctions rather than a war.
  4. M_B

    War with Iran is it imminent

    Well if they are behind it then they fired them obviously. If they arent then the Houthis in Yemen. Or if we want to get conspiracy theoretical about it, someone else in Iraq or someone else that got hold of the weapons in an effort to implicate Iran. Edit: And we're assuming that the weapon remains displayed as evidence by the Saudi's are the real remains. Edit2: The same Saudi's that stated to the world they didnt kill Jamal Khashoggi, when in fact they did. My feeling is Iran did it, but I'd like some definitive evidence before we kill anyone and suffer reprisal terrorist attacks in London and around the UK as a result of Boris jumping into bed with Trump.
  5. M_B

    Boris Johnson

    He wasn't wearing a mic. Just feral right wing journalists being massive cunts as usual.
  6. M_B

    War with Iran is it imminent

    It's very likely Iran is behind this for sure and Iran certainly made the weapons, but it doesn't mean they fired them. After the Iraq war and the fake chemical weapons saga in Syria, the proof has to be conclusive. That being said Boris will do whatever Trump asks him to do, particularly with us bending over a table with our knickers around our ankles for a trade deal. Can see us being dragged into this.
  7. So Liz Truss is looking to secure a trade deal with Australia post brexit that includes freedom of movement https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-freedom-movement-australia-immigration-uk-eu-citizens-boris-johnson-liz-truss-a9110076.html https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/sep/18/britain-will-aim-for-freedom-of-movement-deal-with-australia https://www.news.com.au/travel/travel-updates/uk-flags-possibility-of-freedom-of-movement-deal-with-australia/news-story/4140009fa7ac20bb4a10e5fe67ee710a So we'll have our cheap seasonal labour afterall. With BBQ's.
  8. They don't have any proposals. They are fully intent on leaving with no deal. The idea there are secret proposals being held back to a later date is to keep the gullible in tow.
  9. M_B

    War with Iran is it imminent

    He'll need hard evidence to kick off a war before the election. If he gets another term, then I suspect Iran is toast.
  10. M_B

    Boris Johnson

    As Shooter says, the Scottish court ruled that the PM's advice to the Queen was justiciable (whereas the other courts didn't) and there was sufficient evidence which showed that the true reason for prorogation was interfering with parliamentary scrutiny of the executive rather than what he told the Queen. The Supreme Court will probably disagree though. Which is a shame, because if they agreed then we'd be rid of Boris.
  11. Christ This is from the Daily Mail. The Government has published its Operation Yellowhammer 'reasonable worst case planning assumptions' in the event of a no-deal Brexit, and they reveal there will NOT be food shortages. Redacted versions of the document released this evening outline how the country might be affected by a sudden departure from the EU, and when they were leaked earlier this year faced accusations of 'scaremongering'. But the document released today show that there will not be food shortages in the event of a no deal exit from the European Union, but instead simply reduction in 'availability and choice of products'. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7453605/Operation-Yellowhammer-documents-released-Downing-Street.html
  12. Well no it isn't. There are rules for a State of Emergency and as yet they haven't been met. Johnson wants an election to prorogue Parliament again. Corbyn thankfully isn't that stupid.
  13. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-no-deal-food-fuel-medicine-shortage-operation-yellowhammer-latest-a9100736.html Documents warning of food, fuel and medicine shortages after a no-deal Brexit should be kept secret because they will scare people, a government minister says. Andrea Leadsom, the business secretary, signalled Boris Johnson will defy parliament’s order to release the Operation Yellowhammer dossier – arguing the public was better left in the dark. “I actually do not think that it serves people well to see what is the absolutely worst thing that can happen,” Ms Leadsom said.
  14. The government would have to declare a State of Emergency, but yes there is a lot more crap to come.
  15. Or a giant Trebuchet with a net on the other side.