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  1. Green Book - 8.5\10 Really enjoyed it. Reminded me of Planes, Trains and Automobiles...... with a social critique.
  2. M_B

    Theresa "MAY" not build a better Britain.

    Really? I really hope it isn't Gove. He is Himmler reincarnated. Gove Himmler
  3. M_B


    Fuck me. I'd only just managed to get my cunting language back to near normal and now they release a mother fucking film. Really fucking looking forward to it.
  4. Desperation is exactly what it is. And frustration. They are worried the country is about to go down the shitter and are expressing their fears in the only way they know how. It won't get anywhere but there is nothing wrong with it.
  5. Nothing, but the speaker didn't confirm the ruling, he merely indicated he may rule in that direction. If the will of the house was for a vote, which it will be, then he won't block it (in my opinion, could be wrong).
  6. So now that the deadline has been extended to April 12th, assuming she fails with MV3 next week, what is to stop her bringing back MV4 on April 9th?
  7. M_B

    Summer 2019 Transfer Thread

    His contract expires next summer. I'd be surprised if we weren't interested.
  8. Conservatives wouldn't support it. They'd much rather wait for her resignation next week.
  9. If they had been impressed, there would have been no need for tonight. Its her last throw of the dice.
  10. She's not going to step down though, at least not until MV3 is rejected. And they can't get rid of her. Edit: Part of me feels sorry for her - she's setting herself up to be the worst PM ever. Edit2: Actually no, fuck her.
  11. I think the point of tonight was because she knows she's fucked. She hasn't got support of the DUP, she hasnt got the Brexiteers, she hasn't got the rest of the house and Bercow may even put a wall in front of her. The only option she has is to spin it to the public to put pressure on MP's and Parliament.
  12. Good god its difficult to surpass my hatred of Thatcher but fucking hell she's testing it.
  13. if only he'd said "reduced to the status of a bum"
  14. Yeah difficult to imagine Corbyn acquiescing. Maybe it is an election.