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    I'd like to agree, but it'll be years before the next election and folks will have forgotten about it by then. Cummings will just sit it out. This government is proving that it can do and will do whatever it likes. I think only widespread strikes could make them think again, but even then he'll just resign to come back later under some other guise.
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    Worked for Reagan
  3. M_B


    Brave of them because if he doesn't go, they'll be for the firing squad. Has the potential to be a second purge.
  4. M_B


    Its a good test actually. If Cummings can get past such blatant wummery, then surely the govt can do whatever it wants. The opposition may as well call it a day.
  5. M_B


    The government will bend over backwards to defend Cummings. At the very most he'll resign but will then return in some other capacity. If Patel can resign over her Israeli meetings and now be Home Secretary, this should be child's play.
  6. Bosch S1 - (A generous) 5\10 - Not for me Clive.
  7. M_B

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Wasn't a problem for Milner to join us.
  8. M_B

    Summer 2020 Transfer Thread

    Well I'm sold. Get him in. ......if we have a pot to piss in.
  9. I wonder if Karren Brady will want to finish the season now.
  10. Agreed, but there isn't going to be an official asterisk. The PL couldn't give a shit. Rival fans will of course always put an asterisk, but honestly who cares. It'll just mean we're extra special, cause we are and they know it. It'll be nice in fact that they finally all acknowledge it.
  11. Thanks. I'll stick with it to the end of the first season.
  12. I am up to Episode 5 of Season 1 of Bosch. It's like a sore tooth that you keep prodding. Some awful acting, a script that makes you wince and some terrible 80's style directing. I want to like it, but it's not easy. For folks who have watched it, did you feel like that at the beginning and it got better or is it just not for me?
  13. M_B


    I really identify with that line of thinking. At one point I had a facebook cull and reduced my friends list from 100 odd people to just 14. It didn't help me though, because the resentment was inside my head, not theirs and the only person my anger was hurting was myself. Ultimately I'd end up drinking or looking at porn or finding some other way to medicate these kind of resentments. Negative fantasy played a part too. In reality I had no idea why folks weren't communicating with me, but I created volumes of false narratives in my head that I started to believe.That really did me no good at all. And of course it all fed into my fears which all sat on top of the biggest fear that everyone struggles with in life; fear of being alone. It was only when I started working a 12 step programme that I could see the real problem was my way of thinking; my life was all about me, my fantasies, my resentments, my expectations, my demands. It was only when I started changing my way of thinking on a daily basis that things got better. I still only have 14 facebook friends, which is ok because I barely use it these days anyway, but I have a bunch of new friends who I speak with on a daily basis.
  14. M_B

    This VE Day thing.

    Well I appreciate your view Section_31. Always enjoy a war porn chat. You implied that the Royal Navy failed to adopt tactics we 'gave' the Japanese. That is not correct. We had plenty of carrier groups, one of which sank the Bismark. But we didn't have carrier groups in the Pacific. Both the British and Americans quickly realized the significance of carriers. Agreed that we adopted guerilla warfare. My point is that the British defeated Rommel at El Alamein, Tobruk and in the North African theatre using normal warfare. The Churchill wasn't a bad tank at all and in fact remained in service into the 50's. But I agree we lacked numbers and a larger gun, which is why they bought Shermans and the Firefly from the States. Well the important bit is that they were decent, but yes I will give you this one. The Germans had a superlative mmg, the Soviets had a fantastic smg and the americans had a great semi automatic rifle and a range of support weapons. That being said, British platoons gave as good as they got on the battlefield - the Lee Enfield was arguably better than the Mauser and the Sterling was absolutely lethal in close quarters. They were certainly outmatched by the Stug 44, but it was too late and in too little numbers to make a difference. Battle of Britain Battle of the Atlantic and entirely destroying the German navy. El Alamein, Tobruk and victory in North Africa Italy Bomber command destroying the ruhr Normandy Market Garden (Overall the Operation was a success) Defeating the counter attack at the Battle of the Bulge. The Intelligence War. There was certainly far more victory than defeat. You are right about the Far East although the Brits put up a fight in Burma, but that's largely because focus and assets were entirely on the Med and the UK. I think ultimately we'll have to agree to disagree. I don't share your perception of Britain's operations during WW2.