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  1. M_B

    World War 1

    Ended at 11am, 100 years ago today basically because Germany ran out of manpower. Thanks to the Treaty of Versailles, Germany then spent the next 20 years restocking its human resources to have another go.
  2. M_B

    January 2019 Transfer Thread

    I thought the rule change was brought in because Coutinho couldn't play for Barcelona. So it would apply for players changing teams in the CL. Could be wrong.
  3. M_B

    Donald Trump

    Will no one rid us of this turbulent twat?
  4. M_B


    Here is what I do to help me with my addiction, but I have found it helps me with depression too. If it helps anyone out there then great. 1: I take life one day at a time. If I think beyond one day, I get overwhelmed. I'll deal with tomorrow, tomorrow. 2: Each morning I get up, get clean, put on clean clothes and eat breakfast. Then I get on my knees and I pray to god*. After that I look through my gratitude list, which is a list of things in my life I am grateful for. Then I read at least a page from a book about my addiction. I do that every morning before I go to work. 3: At some point during the day I'll phone one or two fellow sufferers. I find chatting helps enormously especially with someone who can empathise and it helps to avoid any feelings of isolation and loneliness. I'll also chat with my sponsor. 4: If at any point during the day I find myself sucuumbing to fear, anxiety, loneliness or depression then I take action - phone someone, do some exercise, go to a familiar social place. 5: At night I look back on my day. What caused me to have negative feelings? Why did I react the way I did? 6: Lastly I re-examine and add to my gratitude list. * I don't believe in God. However I have taken to Buddhism which is more a philosphy than a religion. Buddha was not a god, nor did he ever claim to be. He was simply a person who came to understand that life is suffering and how to overcome it. I find the practise of Buddhism very calming to my spirit. When I pray each morning I don't really know who or what I am talking to and all I ask for is help to get through the day. I have no idea really why this works, but oddly for me it does. My daily routine is enormously helpful to me and I notice that when I don't do it then depression returns together with the urge to act out. In addition to the daily routine I get myself to a group twice a week of likeminded folks. That fellowship is just fantastic. Fellow addicts out there will recognise this as the blue card and the 12 step programme. It literally is a life saver. However I guess what I am saying is that it also helps me with depression. For me companionship and a daily discipline get me through the day. Anyway, hope that helps.
  5. M_B

    Mohamed Salah

    It is, but they or Barcelona will come at some point if he continues banging them in. Which he will.
  6. M_B

    Glenn Hoddle

    I wish him well, both in body and mind.
  7. Stranger Things 2 - 10\10 - Not even Winona Ryders painful acting could lower the score.
  8. M_B

    Saudi Arabia

    They clearly murdered him on orders of the head of state. Everything now is a shitshow cover up. The Turks decided to release the info, probably as revenge for the US interfering inTurkish politics. I wouldn't be surprised if the Russians supplied the Turks with the recording because someone was bugging the consulate and the Israelis, British and US wouldnt have passed them the info. It'll be interesting to see how the Trump machine handles this. My guess is that they'll try to paint Khashoggi as an Al Qaeda sympathizer....
  9. It'll be cheap. Plenty will buy it. Then our producers will lower their standards to compete.
  10. M_B

    Saudi Arabia

    He was a writer for the Washington Post. He probably phoned the Saudi's to congratulate them.
  11. M_B

    IPCC Report

    The chances of convincing China and now the US to curb their emissions is zero. Trump will laugh off the report.
  12. M_B

    Better Call Saul

    Brilliant. I was wondering how they would make us hate Mike and I suspected that was how they would do it after the last episode, but wow can they make tv. The Saul ending was the icing on the cake. Can't wait for the next series.
  13. As much as I'd like it to be Fat Sam taking over, it's going to be Zidane isn't it. At least it's not Simeone.
  14. Ok I didn't know that. Should read more. He's in trouble. I wonder if that had anything to do with him leaving Madrid?
  15. I wonder if that document could be used as evidence? Under Attorney-Client privilege it should not have been leaked. Without the document however there is no real evidence.